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Win Nets Tickets!

Two seats to the season opener could be yours.

by Ryne NelsonFanRates

Two lower-level seats to the New Jersey Nets home opener — who ever said SLAMonline would only deliver season previews before the ’09-10 campaign tips-off?

Now… if you’re interested in getting great seats to see Vince Carter return to the Meadowlands on October 30, you only have two choices: 1) Spend at least $100 per ticket, or 2) Listen up carefully.

The rules for this contest are as simple as they are easy. You need to complete the following steps in order to win:

1) Sign up for a FanRates account.

2) Tell us your favorite Nets moment in the comments section.

For those who don’t live in proximity to IZOD, no need to worry. FanRates will bless fans of a particular Western Conference team (wait ’til Wednesday to find out which team’s next) with another pair of similarly valued, lower-level tickets. It’s never too early to sign-up for a FanRates account, though. So get that first requirement out of the way so you can focus on framing that memory for later in the week!


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  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Watching them live when Kenny Anderson and Derrick Coleman were in their all-too-short primes.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Logues

    any alley oop from jason kidd to vince carter

  • Mike M.

    It was 1974, and we had just suffered the pain and heartache of another losing season. That’s when the greatest move in the history of the franchise was made when we picked up Julius Erving from the Virginia Squires. That season we won 55 games(franchise record), Dr. J won league MVP and we finally got our ABA title. My favourite moments that season were sitting in Long Island watching this new kid on the block take over games with a style that brought more excitement and atonishment to the game than anyone else to that point. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a Nets game in awhile, but I’d love to go. If Devin Harris can shock and amaze me half as much as the Doctor, I’ll be a very happy man on October 30th.

  • Peter

    Most recently, that impossible half court buzzer beater by Devin Harris against the Sixers.

    Video here:

    FanRates name: peteypockets3

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  • MBE18

    On January 2nd, I went to the Nets game vs. the Hawks. The Nets were down by over 20 points in the 1st half, but they chipped away at the lead. At the end of regulation, the game was tied, forcing overtime. The Hawks were leading by 1 with about 5 seconds left and then Vince hit the 3 pointer to give the Nets the victory.


  • Peter

    This is bizarre…my name is also Peter (different from Peter above) and I was going to post the exact same memory as Peter above. Eerie

  • Mike M.

    I’m not sure if we had to include this or not, but in case I’m the lucky winner, my fanrates name is jhawk1212.

  • Taranvir

    MY favorite Net moment had to be the moment where Harris made the brilliant buzzer beater last year against the Sixers. The Nets have always been one of my favoruite teams because of Vince Carter. But Devin Harris was one of the most improved players last year. That shot was a beauty to watch. He shot and got rejected, but shot right after that to make a half court buzzer beater. It was a really epic shot. Great Net Moment!

  • DDB

    My favorite Nets memory was watching the promising young team in the 92-93 season. They looked good with Kenny Anderson, DC, and Drazen Petrovic. They had a strong showing against Cleveland in the playoffs. Then sadly, Petrovic was killed that offseason.

    For that season (and the one before it) they were great to watch!

  • DDB

    Here is a highlight clip to go with my above post. G. Rap provides the soundtrack and I forgot how vicious the second verse was!


  • Jer Boi

    I’ve been a Nets fan since the day Kidd came over, and I watched him play once, and fell in love with the guys game, modeled my own game after it, which kind of explains why I suck at shooting but play the point on teams I play on. It may not be a Nets Moment for most people, but my most memorable Nets moment has to be the first time I ever saw Kidd play for the Nets live, it was a Bucks game and I think it was during the second year the made it to the Finals in a row. They won by 20 something but that wasn’t what wowed me, it was how how Kidd played. He turned around a whole team, and I truly thought he deserved MVP the year before. That’s my Nets moment.

  • Lee

    Vince Carter’s OT game winning 3pt shot against the Hawks from like 5 ft behind the 3

  • Jared Schain

    the harris buzza beata against phile 2 win it it was nasty

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    It was 2000 when VC stole every Canadian basketball fans heart. The between the legs dunk had me jumping and I know then and there that VC was my favorite player. The years went by and Vince Carter was the face of Canadian basketball. This man made you not want to miss any Raptors games. In local sports stores all you saw were Nike Shox and VC jerseys. I had bought all of them. But the Raptors kept losing and VC was frustrated he quit on the Raptors but he did something worse he quit on every Canadian who loved basketball on Dec.17,2004 VC was traded to the Nets. The hate had begun. The jerseys and shoes emptyed out of stores. VC was enemy number 1 for every Canadian basketball fan. Except me. For a year every game VC played in Toronto he dropped over 30. Than on January 6,2006 I finally get to see Vince play in a Nets uniform. VC gets booed and cussed at by almost every person in the arena except for me. I rocked my Carter Raptors jersey that game. It was such a hostile environment for VC. The Nets were down 2 and Calderon missed a freethrow with 8 seconds left J-Kidd grabbed the board gave it to Vince behind the three point line. Vince splashed it stared at the crowd and there was complete silence. Except for me I was jumping and screaming. That was my favorite Nets moment when VC came back and torched these haters. Basketball here has never been the same since Vince left.

  • Baller.3:16

    In 2002 when my New Jersey Nets made the Finals it was my favorite Nets moment. J-Kidd was phenomenal all year long and the city loved him. He was my favorite player. They were such a fun team to watch. All those dunks by a young K-Mart and those flashy passes by J-Kidd. Nets basketball had a bright future that time and things were looking up for us. The seats never used to be empty we used have National TV games. Byron Scott was an amazing coach and knew what to do. This team never was themost talented but it just had amazing chemistry and when we made the Finals the city was going nuts. The second the final buzzer rang in that ECF against Boston me and my friends rushed the streets. We knew we would get whooped in the Finals and we did. We got swept but just getting there and being able to know how it feels to have your team in the promise land was an amazing feeling. I hope Devin Harris can do something special for us.

  • http://www.fvsports.com Peter Nygaard

    Ironically enough, for someone who’s been going to Nets games for over a decade (and half my life at this point), my favorite Nets memory would have to be this past year. I could rattle off Reggie’s half-court prayer in the playoffs among other notable incidents such as Chris Gatling almost fighting the fan three rows ahead of me, or even being there for Sheed’s only Hawks game ever, but this one has to be it for me for some strange reason…

    January 2, 2009. I’m home from school for winter break and decide to go see a Nets game. As it turns out, it was ticket trade-in night, so my dad and I traded in our unused upper deck seats for what turned out to be seats that were 6 rows behind the Hawks bench. I ended up spending most of the first half yelling at Zaza to sit down because not much else better was going on on the court for the Nets. By the halftime buzzer, the Nets trailed by 20. The fans rained down boos on the team (moreso on Frank, to be honest), and my dad contemplated us leaving early (which I have still never done for any sporting event, so that wasn’t happening…). The Nets came out on fire to start the second half, cutting the deficit to 3 at the halfway mark of the 3rd quarter. Atlanta got it back up to 10 and led by 8 at the start of the 4th. The Nets started draining treys from the corner, and after both teams missed chances in under the final seconds (including a Devin Harris block on Joe Johnson), we headed to OT. The Nets looked like they had it solidly in hand, up 1 with the ball with less than a shot clock’s worth left on the game clock when Mo Evans (who I had been vocally deriding all game for sitting behind a guy who didn’t even start for his college team) stripped Harris of the ball and dished it to Josh Smith for an easy bucket. 11 seconds left, Nets down 1. Hawks used their final foul to cut it to a 1-point game. Inbounds pass to Carter is tipped well into the backcourt. Vince chases it down, takes a dribble or two, and launches a shot from the “I” in “Izod Center”. I could tell it was good from his release. The sound of ball meeting net was a mere formality. Ballgame.

  • http://www.fvsports.com Peter Nygaard

    Honestly, give it to Mike M.

  • Mike M.

    I am very embarassed to say, that for personal reasons that came up just yesterday, there is no possible way I could attend this game. With that said, I will make sure I get to go see my team about 2-3 times this year. Thank you Slam for the contest, and thank you Peter for the compliment, I am rooting for you.

  • Jufu

    it was the very first nets game i ever watched. i was nine years old then and the nets had gotten jason kidd that past year from the suns. i wasn’t even a fan of basketball then, and didn’t know who the hell the nets were, and i had lived just 20 miles from the arena. they were playing the new york knicks, and j-kidd had another one of those triple double nights. watching him play like that, watching the nets function perfectly. i suddenly had become a nets fan then. i had become a j-kidd fan then. i had become a basketball fan then. right after the game, my dad took me to one of those souvenir booths and bought me a white replica kidd jersey. i have a red swingman now too, but that white jersey still hangs in my closet. it’s small and seven years old now, the screen printed graphics are peeling off. but i still have it. and every time i see it i look back at that first game of basketball of any form that i had ever seen. i’m still a nets fan, living in d.c., and i go to all the wiz/nets games. i hound the tv listings, praying to see one time that nets vs. whoever on the list. that one game made me a fan. and i’m still going.

  • http://www.yahoo.com logues

    honestly, give it to me

  • Jay.S

    2006 Cavs v.s. Nets is when my favorite Nets moments took place. It was the only NBA game I ever went to see I went to see LeBron and Vince play but my eyes were not on the court that game. Why? You see I had a maaajor crush on Beyonce she was my favorite and I loved her. I envyed Jay-Z I hated Jay-Z simply because he had the hottest girl in the world with him. So at this game both Beyonce and Jay-Z walk in. I went crazy. Started sweating, heart was beating fast. I was in 5th row and could see Beyonce clearly I just stared at her the whole game. All those ooh’s and aww’s after Vince’s dunks were going through one ear and out the other. I did not even look at the game too much except for one dunk by Vince. I chanted Beyonce’s name and she waved back at the end of the game and so did Jay-Z. I was excited as ever I got to see Beyonce live! Who cares about LeBron and Vince I got to see Beyonce! The Nets won that game and I have not gone to a game since. But one thing is for sure I deserve these tickets because it would be amazing to see my favorite player Vince Carter back in the IZOD playing for a contender. I missed him last time but Im over Beyonce now and this would be the best thing ever.

  • Pat Jones

    When the entirety of the Nets organization including its roster was replaced with Russians. Oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet. It will… it will.

  • Stickz

    That Dern Ball!

    My best Nets moment was actually as a fan of the Wizards. I had bought 4 tickets really close to the action at a great price, so I decided to take my girlfriend(now wife), and my best friend and his girlfriend too. Now me and my friend are big Wiz fans, and my wife knew this, so she started pulling for the Nets the whole game. And she knows basketball, so she is acting like an avid fan, complete with the In Your Faces, no D, etc. The game was actually all Nets until the 4th, when the Wiz started making major noise, so I start exacting payback to my wife. I’m feeling good even when the Nets storm back and get to within 3 with like 14 seconds left. They get the ball in to Carter, who takes a shot that hits the back of the rim, then flatly falls in. Remember those synthetic balls the NBA tried to introduce, well this was during that era, and I had actually bought one. Well, the Wiz lost in OT, and I had to hear it from my wife the rest of the week. That ball brought me so much agony that I gave mine away to a neighborhood kid. Then the Commish later got rid of the ball. He still owes the Wiz a W. We’ll take it in the playoffs, if you will.

  • Joben

    I love how “team” is emboldened…
    Anyway, throughout their two finals runs, one particular moment that uniquely sticks out happened in their rematch with the Celtics.
    The previous year, Boston owned them during the regular season, and in the Eastern Conference Finals, their fans taunted Jason Kidd with “wife-beater” chants and the Celtics succeeded in coming back from a 21-point deficit in the final 12 minutes of game 3. However, the Nets bounced back determinedly, winning the next 3 games.
    In 2003, the intensity between the teams was relived, but the parity in competition was gone, as the Nets went up 3-0 easily. Game 4 was by far the closest, as it went into a 2nd overtime. The game and the series would end there but not without a capper/final stomping: as the Nets had the ball and a 6-point lead, Kidd, the team’s MVP and superstar, whom the Boston fans had continued to ridicule for his domestic disputes, held onto the ball with the clock running down. As the clock approached zeroes, instead of giving the ball to the ref or putting it down, he set himself and launched a 3 from well beyond the line that hit nothing but net as the final buzzer sounded (“Take that, Boston fans!”). Sure, the shot clock was going to expire, but still…

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Manny

    I remember when I was younger, when it all began. I remember my reactions to those amazing dunks and those unbelievable scoring nights, those game winners and I remember how at one point the most explosive athlete in the world changed my life. I was obsessed with him. He made the Raptors my fav team. I bought every jersey of his and made sure I purchased each pair of his sneakers. All I wanted to see was Vince succeed because if he succeded I did. All those haters I had to argue at school with when Vince was being bashed for his heart and defence would fail and I would win if Vince was succesful. Than the Winter of 04 it happened. Vince Carter is traded to New Jersey. I remember I was at school when this was announced. I damn near shed a tear of joy. J-Kidd and R-Jefferson with Vince!. I could see the fear in the haters eyes and I could see the jelousy people were scared. NJ Nets 05 Champs!! I screamed through the halls at school that day. That feeling I got when my English teacher told me your player just got shipped to Jersey cant be described in words. I felt victorious I felt good I felt like the biggest Nets fan in the world. Vince played well in Jersey and showed everyone hes still got it. 5 years later Vince is being called washed up failure. The Nets experiment was great on paper but it was not right. Now how do I defend him. Draft Day 09 VC got traded to Orlando! For some reason I did not get the feeling I did when he was shipped to Jersey. That feeling was amazing but this time I felt right. Orlando gets a go-to guy. I have been praying for Vince to get a ring for so long and this is it I know Orlando can win it this time. They got the right guy I know it. Season opener against his old team eh. The Iorny!. How great would it be that me the biggest VC fanatic in the world(believe me) gets too see his boy play for once in the right situation for once on a team that realastically has a shot at winning it all. I want to be there for the night Vince returns to play my beloved Nets. But most of all I want to be there for the first night of Vinces quest to the 2010 Championship.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Manny

    ps: my favorite Nets moment was when I found out they got Vince. As I described it up top it was an amazing feeling.

  • Suga Ray

    My favorite Nets moment was on May 18 2003. Nets v.s. Pistons Game 1 2003 Eastern Conference Finals. The Nets were my team back than. I loved them they were well coached, well lead by J-Kidd and had a bunch of young athletic guys who could excite the crowd. This was an exciting team to watch and I was lucky enough to go to this game. I was probably one of the very very few Nets fans in the arena and I was the only one rocking a Kidd jersey. This game was amazing and such good defensive game it was a very low scoring game. This whole game the Pistons crowd was into it and the guy sitting next to me was a die hard Piston fan talking trash all game. It was tied at like 74 with about 20 seconds left and the Nets had a timeout at this point the crowd was so into the game every Piston fan was screaming it was the loudest place I was ever in. The Nets gave it to Kidd at half court and he dribbled past Chauncey and hit a fadeaway baseline jumper with 1.2 seconds left. The crowd went so silent you could probably here a pen drop. Except for me I was the one talking trash now. It was an amazing moment and I will never forget it. What would be even better though is to see Vince Carter back facing his old team in the season opener.

  • Ryan.N

    LOL!! at Jay.S moment. By the way when does this contest end?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    When does this contest end!