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Does Brandon Roy Hate America?

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

That, more or less, is the question being asked by one columnist in Portland. You see, for whatever reason, Roy doesn’t stand with the rest of the team during “The Star-Spangled Banner” prior to every game, and this clearly means he’s a communist!

Well, that or he’s a selfish person. Either way, he’s a bad guy.

The floor is yours, John Canzano:

It is not a political statement. It is not a protest. He said it is not intended as a slap on patriotism, or the ongoing war but Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy has long been absent from the Rose Garden Arena floor during the national anthem. For two seasons now, Roy leaves the court before “The Star Spangled Banner” is performed. He waits out of sight, in the arena tunnel, and has a quiet moment of prayer while his teammates stand and honor America together.

Something about that feels troubling. Roy is the Blazers captain, and leader, and two-time All Star. And while I understand his desire to have a personal moment to gather his thoughts, I think there is ample time for a meditative moment in the hours leading to the game and I worry that the statement he’s making is one of individualism.

Brandon Roy’s political or religious leanings are unknown; he says that he uses this time as an opportunity to pray and gather his thoughts. Something one would think he’s totally entitled to.

Roy says that if this rubs enough people the wrong way, he’ll stop doing it. It’s a shame that this type of thing is even up for discussion.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf must be rolling over in his grave.

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  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Commendable. I wonder if Brandon Roy is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses? They endeavour to remain completely neutral from political/national/patriotic activities. Interesting.

  • rikson

    God bless america…. geeezz. Wouldnt wanna live in that country!

  • Michael

    yeah it doesnt look good and he should probably stand with the team…the bigger question is why have the anthem before every single match?

  • Michael

    yeah it doesnt look good and he should probably stand with the team…the bigger question is why have the anthem before every single game?

  • http://www.twitter.com/notebooknick thesubwayconnection

    If it doesn’t bother his teammates, leave it alone.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    And no he doesn’t hate America – Standing to face the flag is actually a form of flag/idol worship and interestingly THAT runs contrary to true/original Christian beliefs, so essentially based on this course of action, he is actually endeavouring to hold to a rather accurate course for ‘Christian faith’.

  • rikson

    @Dacre: Not only, people in their right state of mind do the same!

  • http://slamonline.com Coach Balfour

    Thx Dacre

  • http://www.twitter.com/notebooknick thesubwayconnection

    … and if it’s been going on this long, I think the league would’ve said *something* if it bothered them that much.

  • Ken

    “Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf must be rolling over in his grave.” Beat me to it.

  • Hoodsnake

    I think he went through the right channels to excuse himself. Maybe one day i will be able to go stateside to stand for the anthem…

  • somedude

    Ahh America, the land of the free.

  • http://www.slamonline.com A-Money

    The NBA is a joke. Watch the Commish come down on Roy and show who’s in control. Before this article nobody knew about this “situation” and now it’ll be bgi “news” around the league. John Canzano is just looking to spark his weak career.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Why doesn’t dude go ask him about it before he goes writing about it…what a D-bag. B-Roy probably has a legit reason to be doing that.

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    Oh who gives a f*ck?

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Shia took the words out of my mouth.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I don’t think Sternbot would do anything per say. It’s not a contractual obligation. But is there a very strong “national-pride” obligation still in the USA? Does every team play the national anthem prior to tip off?

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    I know what will be headlining FoxNews for the next seven weeks!

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    Glenn Beck thinks Roy should be deported.

  • ab_40

    stop complaining… the song is mostly sung by bad singers anyway. In toronto they have to play two… it’s not a national team game. But hey that’s america

  • Chazz Michael Michaels

    Long Live Fidel Castro!

  • Kas

    I wouldn’t blame him if he did

  • pennydunk_1

    Some really healthy comments here, well done people

  • RedRum

    This is ridiculous…

  • Exile

    Whatever. Unless its against League policy. The guy has not spouted off against anyone as far as I know… obviously has cleared it with his team… so why is anyone bothering him?

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Well you know, if it bothers you that much, just trade him to Toronto. We’ll take him =)

  • UnRel

    i’ve always wondered what would happen if someone in the crowd (tourist, different religion, etc) didn’t stand.. if that would cause some riot..

  • Airswade


  • Joe A

    I really dislike this attitude that professional athletes aren’t allowed to express themselves.Regardless of his reason for not being present for the national anthem, it should be respected.

  • barry melrose

    I have never understood why we need the national anthem before every freaking sports game. It is not special if you do it every time. We should save it for special occasions like playoff games.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Chris O’Leary

    Niq, that was my first thought. He could always play in Toronto…though he’d still have to hear the anthem every game. I don’t think they play anthems in Europe before games. Jose Calderon said that he had to get used to the anthems in the NBA because he got all jacked up and ready to play then had to calm himself down again for the two songs. Anyway, it’s not like he’s standing or sitting there with his finger up in the air while the song plays. He isn’t hurting anyone so let it be.


    The amount of anti American sentiment on here is interesting. As an American veteran who’s country is at war, I strongly believe in standing in silence to honor those who died for our freedom. You have the right to do as you wish. Of course, any organization, team, store, etc. that allows it’s employees to disrespect my country will immediately lose my dollars and my business. I would hope that a goodly number of Oregon citizens would feel the same. Freedom isn’t free, folks, and those who won’t pay – lose it.

  • Syk

    If Brandon Roy hates America then he wouldn’t be talking about how he wants to play on the olympic team…wait, yeah he has talked about that…

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    Canzano is a f%cking deuche bag!

  • http://www.bluefont.com Hisham

    The All-NBA American flag haters team needs a point guard and a power forward. Cause they already got Josh Howard, Brandon Roy and….. Hamed Haddadi! (kidding everyone)

  • Darrell

    I AGREE WITH WOODY . is nothing sacred anymore ? i kinda feel since people like Brandon Roy as a person an player, people find nothing wrong with this. If it was RAJON RONDO i bet these comments would be directed otherwise. Everyone has the right to do what they want, but damn, have some respect. It might just be a song to people, but what it stands for and represents. If Brandon Roy wants to make a statement or mentally prepare himself somehow, he should choose otherwise, because this def will get bad press and rub many people the wrong way

  • Taisen

    God bless america…. geeezz. Wouldnt wanna live in that country either!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I like how the columnist said that “something” about Roy’s actions was troubling. He never actually defined that “something.” The closest he came was saying that it was “individualism.”
    The columnist doesn’t explain why Roy refusing to say the anthem is individualism, nor does he connect Roy’s assumed individualism to any specific problems on the Blazers squad. He admits that Roy has declined to make the move about any sort of political statement.
    So, where that leaves us is with a columnist who doesn’t like the actions of an NBA player, who cannot prove that those actions are affecting said player’s team, but has decided to use his media platform to foment anger towards the player.
    That’s what we have here, and it pisses me off.

  • hot like fiyah

    @ Woody; died for whos freedom? killing innocent iraqis ,afghanis and palestinians, vietnamees etc, who never once threatened america in any realistc way……..as a veteran u should know more about the government’s hidden agendas than to play that card.

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Co-sign Allenp.

  • Taisen

    nice post Allenp

  • rikson

    Freedom has to be free -> its in the word, man! Every freedom (like the american) that is based on war and violence is just an illusion…. With that in mind – how free are you, if youre not even allowed to not honor the flag and the country?!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Woody and Darrell
    Woody, you’re entitled to spend your dollars how you please. But, to use that quotation about freedom, while at the same time wishing that Roy’s company would deny him the freedom to refuse to stay on the court for the anthem, is interesting.
    Darrell, nothing about the anthem is sacred to me. It’s a song written during the time when America displayed hypocrisy regarding many of its ideals. Nothing about that says “sacred” or “holy” to me. The man says he’s praying and gathering his thoughts, prayer is sacred to me.
    And I’m not a Roy fan. I think he’s overrated, and I think he recently shafted Andre Miller who is clearly better than Steve Blake and should be starting, but won’t because Roy refuses to change his game up.

  • rikson

    Just one more thing: There is a HUGE difference between “defending” your freedom (what a dump phrase) and invading other countries for your advantage…

  • http://slamonline.com NUPE

    There is such a thing as ‘tradition’ or ‘standard protocol’ and from that perspective I think Roy should stand for the national anthem. If he had some kind of rationale for not doing so (something more than he ‘just wants some time to himself’) then I’d respect his decision more. I don’t think players should be mandated to stand or be on the floor for the anthem, but this does question how much respect and judgement they are showing for the country in which they are playing in etc. As Darce said earlier, conservative christian beliefs could be interpreted in such a way that one may choose not to stand for the national anthem. If Roy used this argument then I’d be o.k., but this “I just want time to myself” position that he’s taken shows a lack of good judgment and respect – in my opinion.

  • rikson

    Some really nice comments on here! You guys made my day and (eventually) changed my view of the USA and its people – thanks from europe!

  • http://dyalekt.blogspot.com d.Y.

    Mr Mutoni, why would you write this piece? You must know that many in our country trip out in a xenophobic rage over anything seen or misconstrued as “anti-American.” I assume the headline is meant to be snarky, and is designed to get hits, but Roy is a public person. Why lambaste him in this manner on the internet? This is very disappointing.

  • a_whiteman

    If he hated america why would he be going to team usa camp and being touted for the national team the next olympics?

  • Earl

    rikson is a moron.

  • MikeC.

    If America is the “land of the free”, then why isn’t Mr. Roy being given the freedom to make his own choices? Being forced to stand in neat little rows and idolize a flag sounds an awful lot like Soviet Russia. A major part of having choices and freedom means that other people will choose to do things that you might not agree with. However, you have have the choice to continue to do the things that you feel are right. That’s the beauty of freedom. As long as he’s not flinging flaming sh!tbags at the flag, let the man have his moment before the game. It’s his choice in a free nation.

  • underdog

    Can’t blame him if he does.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    What an utterly tragic ‘journalist’. The flag is just a symbol, and therefore as a symbol it represents something else by association. The flag is not the USA, it merely symbolises that. A symbol is not a currency that can be precisely measured, a symbol holds different weight, meaning and interpretation to every individual and therefore it cannot be juxtaposed against other peoples. Just because he isn’t paying homage to a symbol doesn’t mean he disregards his country, he’s paying reverance to something he deems in higher regard, his lord. America is not defined by any one thing in particular, instead, it is made up of a myriad of cultural, religious, and political idiosyncracies (One of which is religious freedom, and this muppet lambasts him for his religious beliefs) and the flag is an ideal representation of all them. However, it isn’t America and the constant homage to the flag degrades the signifigance with its repetiitve nature and ultimately such actions are nothing more than mere symbolism themselves. It’s not showing real love for your country, I mean some media-tards (Fox News) use it as an rallying call to gather support, whilst promoting hatred and filth, all in the name of a “love for my country”. There are people who love the flag but are willing to take this country backwards by a couple centuries with their ignorance. Is that really loving your country?! There’s patriotism and then there is being a overbearing zealot! Give the man the right to make his own decisions; just because he isn’t forming to a national social convention doesn’t mean anyone can instantly judge him when they know nothing of his thoughts.

  • jbas

    isnt rauf still alive?? im confused.

  • MikeC.

    I agree with the comments above regarding the continual playing of anthems at sporting events. National anthems should be used to evoke feelings of national pride and glory. If we hear some local radio-show winner, or hotdog-eating contest winner singing it before every sporting event, it diminishes the value. I used to get tingles hearing anthems, now I just change the channel until the game starts.

  • MikeC.

    @jbas Abdul-Rauf is still alive. There was an article on this site a few weeks ago about how he was still balling overseas. I think. He’s still alive for sure. Just an expression. Kinda like how all the soft little babies playing the game now make Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason roll over in their graves.

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    d.Y.: Mutoni didn’t write it. A douchebag sports columnist named John Canzano did.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    John Canzano is a tool.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    For me, I work serving and protecting my country every day, yeah, I stand for the anthem and I love my country, but saying “If you don’t stand for the anthem you should be punished” or something along those lines, that goes against the very escence of both the 1st amendment and for the freedom that you supposedly stand for. As long he’s not a danger to our country who cares if he likes it? You’re not required to like America if you live here for goodness sakes. That’s assuming that this is even his reasoning. He may have a very legit reason to not be out there, but this reporter decided to open his big mouth instead of looking into the issue a little more. Let the guy be, this is a non-issue.

  • jbas

    @mikeC. Haha. soft babies. like e.curry and z-bo. i get it….@TADOne. fully agree. who writes a story like this without stating any facts whatsoever. better question is who employs someone who writes this junk. just sayn.

  • Mike

    For everyone reading this. Im sure that BROY does not hate America, it would be childish to think so. Brandon Roy can do as he pleases, i love having the right to not stand for my national anthem, it makes me proud to have such freedom. The national anthem may mean a lot to people, but to me, its just a song , i feel no obligations to stand for it, and Im teaching my kids that too. I told him he does not have to stand for it in his school, and its his right to choose so, i tip my hat off to BROY for sticking to his beliefs and being a free thinker. And don’t get it twisted , i love our president , i love this country, this is what freedom is all about.


    I note that the foreigners posting on this site congratulate the majority of you for your anti-American posts. Keep placating those folks, they have done so much to preserve our freedom. Oh, wait….

  • truce
  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    You can choose to make it about foreigners, but it’s not.
    I wish our forefathers had been as concerned as you are with honoring the folks who fought for freedom.
    But, considering their willingness to uphold slavery despite the fact that blacks fought in the Revolutionary War, given their unwillingness to protect black Union soldiers in the South after the Civil War, and the twin affronts of segregation and discrimination that flourished despite black soldiers fighting in every war since this countries inception, I’m going to say it hasn’t been that important to honor those who preserve our freedoms.
    It’s cool to talk about “supporting the troops” or “protecting freedoms” but to often the rhetoric falls far short of the reality.
    But, I’m glad you fought in the military and I appreciate your personal sacrifice. Doesn’t mean I’m going to blindly worship at the false altar of American patriotism, but since I have family members who are decorated veterans, I respect what they had to do, and why the did it. I respect the person, but I don’t have much love for the symbols because they respresent far more than the person.

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    @Allenp, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Teddy-the-Bear


  • boy sanchez

    Much respect to Allenp. And all the others with the same opinions.

  • tavoris

    I guess since all the NBA players (currently playing) are making nice, that this “journalist” has to try to manufacture a problem. He said he’ll stop if it becomes an issue to the team, so it’s not a protest on his part. Plus, he’s been doing this for TWO YEARS without complaint by ANYONE. Why is this a problem.

  • Old man

    Why do they even play the national anthem before the game? It´s not like it´s an international game or anything….

    Keep doing your thing, Brandon.

  • bakers’ dozen

    When Chris Jackson, aka Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf did this, it was a big thing because at the time it was mandatory that all players stand for the anthem/s being played. I don’t know if that’s still the case, but if it is mandatory, then he should stand for the anthem. If not, then it’s not a big deal. If he doesnt’ like it he could always play in Turkey like Mahmoud did.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    WOODY: Right, because toppling democracies all over the world and establishing military dictatorships in their place as allies is TOTALLY protecting America’s freedom. Since, you know, that’s only what’s been happening for the LAST FIFTY YEARS.

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    Woody ill be looking for you on the O’Reilly factor tonight.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I understand showing respect for your NATION, but quit acting like the flag itself represents everyone’s freedoms. It doesn’t. And to say that America’s endeavours have always been about commending those that fought for its freedom is way off. To say that America has always been about fighting for freedom is also ludicrous. That being said, America has had plenty of advancements and honours worth mentioning and standing for.
    But all of that has nothing to do with Brandon Roy.

  • tavoris

    @bakersdozen-Roy is not PROTESTING like Abdul-Rauf was (and I had no problem with that either).

  • Statik

    Great points mentioned here, Canzano doesn’t ask BRoy anything, states his opinion of him and creates his own conclusion of who or what he’s trying to paint him as and passes this off as real journalism. Also, if you go to any sporting event, you will notice the same thing done by plenty of people either by not standing or taking their leave when the anthem is sung. And lest we forget that a man posing as a soldier for this country was able to fake his way into the armed forces and commit an outright act of terror under the guise of being patriotic…what are the chances that he saluted the flag and stood for the anthem in front of people while his loyalties lied elsewhere? Loyalty and respect for anyone’s country and the freedoms fought for arent determined by some routine action toward a symbol but who the person is and what they actually stand for by the deeds they perform in life

  • tavoris

    Teddy, that argument has everything to do with why Crsig Hodges was blacklisted.

  • tavoris

    @wayno-all ur comments in the Detroit brawl article make sense now.

  • bakers’ dozen

    Tavoris, I never said Roy was protesting. I was simply stating that if it’s mandatory for NBA players to stand, then he should stand. It’s contingent to employment by the NBA. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but if my boss has rule ‘A’ in place, and I don’t do it, I lose my job. It’s pretty clear cut.

  • tavoris

    @bakers dozen-it isn’t, wasn’t, and will never be a rule in the US to require anybody to salute the flag. At any rate, I wasn’t disagreeing with you-I was pointing out that he isn’t blatantly disrespecting the anthem, nor is he doing something that is out of the ordinary.

  • joseph

    Yes, Brandon Roy hates America. Isn’t it obvious?

    Quit trying to make something out of nothing. I don’t stand during the national anthem. Does that mean I hate America, too? Or is that because my legs don’t work anymore? Oh well. Kill ‘em all and let God sort it out, eh?

  • LW

    Portland is DONE with Canzano, HE is a HACK, always has, always will be…

    BRoy is probably the most REAL person and NBA player in the league…what you see is what you get on and off the court.

  • Lebron >Kobe

    @Dacre when u stand for the flag ur RESPECTING it not worshipping it u stand because ppl died to uphold what we now have as America

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    I don’t stand for the anthem either, when at games. Not sure why arenas play it before games anyway. Brandon loves his country precisely because it gives him the right to NOT stand for the anthem if he so chooses.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Cheryl, are you drunk even before tip-off?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    not sure if that was meant to be a backhanded compliment or just an insult tavoris, but thanks nonetheless…

  • buddy

    That’d be hilarious if he changed his stance, started honoring the flag each game, and his production dropped to 10 ppg. Pre game rituals are crucial.

  • tavoris

    wayno, it is neither. just acknowledging that ur perspective is now understood.

  • LA Huey

    Canzano owes Roy an apology.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    this is stupid. he’s been doing it for 2 years…nobody ever said a thing. why does it matter now?

  • Esco


    This dude is a hypocrite. One day he’s applauding him, next day, this crap. This in an article he wrote in Jan of this year.

  • tom

    its a free country, let the man practice one of the last basic rights the government will give you

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Canzano is just bored because he has no other pro sports team to cover in Portland.

  • rav

    like others on here, i really dont get why the anthems are played before EVERY game, fair enough for ASG and the finals but every game is a bit excessive – over here its only major events at wembley (i.e. cup finals) where the anthem is played (then again we arent as patriotic a country as the USA is)

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Rasheed Wallace is not walking thru that door!

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    good ish esco

  • Mack

    Pathetic news to write about. That’s just filler for the newspaper or website.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    Let’s move past Canzano here. Sure, he may be a crappy writer, but let’s talk about the issue at hand, not what a hypocrite or idiot he is. First off, all you foreigners who commented on here about respecting the flag (or disrespecting it, as most of you seem to like), you have no right to talk about this issue when you don’t live in America. It doesn’t concern you, you’re just venting your anti-America feelings through disrespect to the flag. Second, Woody is right. Whether you respect America and the ideals it stands for or not, you should at least stand for the flag. Don’t listen to the words, heck listen to your iPod for all I care, but at least stand, because like Woody said, thousands of people died to keep America a country. They didn’t let their own personal agenda get in the way of their service. It’s called SACRIFICE people, and it’s something that’s very rare now and something that no one respects anymore. Reading these comments really made me sad today. As much as I agree with the fact that I disagree with most of our governments choices and directions, it’s wrong to dishonor the flag like that.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    And for those who say it’s wrong to punish him for it, I completely agree with you. As wrong as I find his actions, there should be no punishment here because he isn’t hurting anyone, he’s just expressnig his own personal opinion. Just like I did in my above post. It’s all the same.

  • boy sanchez

    @nbk…: No, it matters even now. I’m pretty sure that within these 2 years there were people that noticed Brandon do this. And I’m sure too that some of these thought what Canzano says now. So this has to come to an end. Brandon Roy, like all the other Americans, has rights. He has the right not to participate when the anthem is playing just because he wants some time for himself. He has the right not to participate even if he doesn’t agree with that anthem thing! It is absolutely nobody’s business what he’s doing. And if anyone really believes that Brandon Roy, and other players doing the same thing, disrespect America and its history than he should check the dictionary in the word “chauvinist” to see if his picture is there…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Holy Baller
    How is standing for the flag honoring the people who died to keep America a country?
    Who decided that’s honoring them? Who decided that’s the only acceptable and justified way of showing respect?
    First and foremost, Brandon Roy is standing. He’s standing in a hallway saying a quiet prayer and gathering his thoughts. Exactly what is he doing that’s disrespectful to the sacrifice of American soldiers? Better yet, how could it be respectful to stand for the anthem and listen to your Ipod? What type of sacrifice would that be?
    Saying the anthem has nothing to do with the sacrifices of the people who have died in wars. The song wasn’t even initially created for that purpose. But, somebody told people this s important, and now you all think it’s important. That’s it.

  • http://slamonline.com Big D

    For all of you that “don’t blame BRoy for not standing up” to respect our country and those that served, should move out of the country. You do have a freedom to move to wherever you want in the world, if your so upset at America.

  • boy sanchez

    Again much respect to Allenp!! MUCH RESPECT!!

  • http://fdjsklf.com Jukai

    Woody is WRONG and he is a disagrace to America AND our soldiers. I feel VERY strongly about this. I have DOZENS of friends in Iraq mostly because of my placement in the ROTC dorms back in my college days, and they would be disgusted to hear Woody’s sentiments.
    Holy Baller is a hypocrite. If Roy listened to his iPod during the salute, he’d lambaste them for listening to music instead of listening to that fake patriotic BS.
    Soldiers fight for our FREEDOM. -FREEDOM-
    Learn what that word truly means and how Brandon Roy is exercising it.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    @boy sanchez – its a free country, it doesn’t matter. THe only reason we are talking about it is because some hypocrit wrote the exact opposite story from one he wrote in january just too get readers. what we should be talking about is how pathetic people are too try and change the personal customs of an individual. If you fill your fat belly with popcorn at 11:00 to watch the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon but change the channel during a televised national anthem does that put you in the same position as Roy? Or are you independent of “right” and “wrong” because your not famous?

  • http://nba.com Reflex

    Allenp writes too much truth. Someone give him a job

  • BM JR

    Right what freedom is being threatened . Other countries have experiencend terrorist attacks before but u dont see them attacking two innocent countries huh. stop acting like a whole religion or country is out to get yall, it was only ten people. americans are so gullible in believing everything the government says. Oh yeah i forgot, fu** America with a aids di** , freedom and justice for all my A**

  • http://all33sports.blogspot.com 3Wade4MVP

    It is really stupid that they suddenly decide to bring this up now. Roy has a right do do whatever he wants. Maybe he likes to pray when people are singing the anthem, or maybe he does hate America, but that shouldn’t matter. He is a basketball player, and we love him because he is good at what he is paid to do. Stop the hatin’!

  • Heals

    This has no bearing on anything, just live and let be y’all…

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    and for the record, i know quite a few people that are enlisted right now. None care what you do during the national anthem. And none joined purely out of patriotism. They saw a way out, and a chance for an education and career training. Its just ridiculous to scrutinize Roy for this. It would be completely different if he publicly objected to the National Anthem, but he is following his beliefs in the most respectful and quiet way possible. Woody – wouldn’t it be better to worry about how veterans are treated after their service or something relevant instead of what a professional athlete does during the anthem

  • tavoris

    wonders how many people even remember when Craig Hodges was blacklisted by the NBA for exercising the same freedoms. I don’t think anything Roy’s doing is a big deal, but do you think Ron Artest would get a pass on this?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    tavoris – he would definately be scrutinized a lot more.. heII roy prolly would too if he didn’t play in Portland. ultimately it would just be a bunch of people complaining same as now

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Big D
    It’s interesting that you believe that if you have a problem with something the solution is running away. Hope you never get married with that attitude.
    BM JR
    I think your comment was ridiculous. Americans are no more gullible or xenophobic than anywhere else. We weren’t the country confining Muslims to ghettos and preventing them from wearing head scarfs, that was France. The list of countries in Europe and other places who practice xenophobia is long and extensive. American catches flak because we have achieved wold dominance in the shortest possible time and many other countires resent that.
    I appreciate the freedoms I have in this country, and having traveled out of the country briefly, I’m perfectly content to live in America until I die. That said, the country is not perfect and people are often more concerned with conformity than what’s right.
    The same cats mad at Brandon Roy for not saying the anthem probably didn’t get too upset with the Governor of Texas for floating the idea of secession from the union. That’s the problem in my mind. Selective outrage.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    allens smart

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    If you are going to write about an athlete, don’t passionately vent for him to make the all star team, and then lambaste him when you need something to talk about. I would’ve partially respected Canzano if he would’ve spoken to all of the team, including Roy and gotten some feedback. This is a page right out of Mike Lupica’s book. Seriously, these reporters should think twice before writing expose articles about the home teams star player. I would love to see the next time Canzano asks Roy for a quote. Roy being the classy guy will probably oblige, but most people wouldn’t.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    Zee: How does his skills have anything to do with his political opinions? They don’t. Basketball is a workplace. You may be the boss of a huge corporation and have an awesome worker, but if the guy is a complete dick all the time, are you gonna like him? But can you recommend him to your clients? Work and personality are two completely seperate things, and should be kept seperate.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Holy Baller
    Which political opinions are we discussing?
    The non-existent ones mentioned in the article or the ones you’ve created in your mind?

  • Retrobat

    Um, I don’t stand for the flag when I watch the games at home. Does Woody or Holy Baler? Are we all being disrespectful if we do not stand and salute at home? What’s the difference if I’m at a game?

  • JD

    1. God or America? Tough Choice
    2. Have any of you stopped to think whats so bad about Communism?
    3. Americans are way too Patriotic, if you live in GB,hardly anyone is Patriotic,most people r really pessmistic about the country(In spite of the fact its a much better off country than others)and no one ever sings the national anthem except National Sport games, and even then it’s only the players, and everyone about the weather

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    did i really just read someone who is in support of pessimism

  • JD

    Wouldn’t wanna live in the US……

  • Johnson

    If anything he should just be glad he plays in Oregon, because if he played in one of the red states this would probably have been brought to light far earlier and would have been a much bigger incident, i have a hard time believing that many other blazer fans give a dam i know i don’t.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    Allenp: You know what I’m saying, don’t try and mock me. He’s obviously making a statement, whether he says it out loud or not. Actions speak.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    wouldn’t wanna be in your family

  • http://IJustWantMyNameToLookBig.com Chukaz

    Yo, if Roy don’t wanna stand during the national anthem he shouldn’t. This is f*ckin America. He don’t gotta stand if he doesn’t want to. This ain’t russia, or china. Let the man do whatever the f*ck he wants

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Holy Baller
    So you’re saying that despite the fact that you don’t know Roy, you’ve determined him to be a liar. When he says that he uses that time to gather his thoughts and say a prayer, he’s lying. In fact, he has ulterior political motives.
    Most people in the world had no idea Brandon Roy didn’t come out for the pledge until John Canzano told them. If people are ignorant of your actions, how can you possibly be making a statement with your actins? Who are you making a statement to?
    However, I apologize for my mocking tone. That was unnecessry.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    And to all you idiots who keep saying the same “Let Roy do what he wants, this is f*cking America, he has his rights, freedom means he doesn’t have to, etc etc etc…..”: We all agree with this. No one has said he should be punished for this, so there’s no point in saying that he should be able to do what he wants, because he does and is and will continue to be. No one can or should be able to take that right away, because patriotism is not required by law.

  • boogster

    quote; WOODY Posted: Nov.25 at 12:03 pm
    I note that the foreigners posting on this site congratulate the majority of you for your anti-American posts. Keep placating those folks, they have done so much to preserve our freedom. Oh, wait….
    Woody, this site is designed for basketball lovers from all over the world. So i don`t understand who are you calling `foreigners` because everybody is foreigner to each other in this site.
    Secondly, none of the people commented any Anti-american sentiment up until you turned up and said very moronic statement like fought for our freedom, or died for that cause…

  • matt

    OK!!! THIS IS MESSED UP!!!he is saying a prayer!!! its not like he is back there taking a swig of beer or something!!! give the guy a break! hates america?!?! seriously way to just write stuff for the sake of writing!!! screw you slam

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I think it’s a mistake to assume that Roy is not patriotic.
    Why is that assumption valid? Who sits on the committee that decides what defines patriotism?
    There were MILLIONS of people who argued that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an unpatriotic communist when he marched for Civil Rights and when he spoke against the Vietnam War?
    Were they right?

  • Rome

    @Dacre: You dont know what you’re talking about..stop it..

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    @Holy Baller – What you wrote about my comment sums it up, politics and sports should be kept SEPARATE!!!! You missed the whole point of what I was trying to say. I was noting how one minute he is so complementary and supportive of Roy, and then he flips the switch and berates him for not standing with the team for the national anthem.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    It’s ok, and I want it to be known that I respect you and your opinions. Too many arguments these days end in “Well you’re a f*cking idiot” and “Go to hell” and stupid crap like that. I respect you for not throwing insults at me like most people do. Now to the issue. I don’t consider him a liar, but I do agree that I went too far on the “he has ulterior political movives” idea. You’re right, he probably doesn’t. But like the article mentioned, he has ample time to get his mind focused. I don’t understand why he feels the need to do more during the song. And again you are right, he probably isn’t making a statement. I just don’t think it’s respectful to leave during that time, and maybe it’s the way I was raised, maybe it’s because of the very conservative region I live in, but I just lost a lot of respect that I had for Roy when I read that. And mine in just one man’s opinion, which is useless and meaningless by itself.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    The bigger flagpost in the yard, the bigger ignorant sitiing on the porch.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    @ Holy Baller, if I got your last post (4:05) correctly then get off your high horse please. Patriotism? You’re the judge are you? You figured this how? Because some on here aren’t
    getting fanatical over a small issue? Because we don’t condemn a grown man for making his own decisions and when we nothing of his thoughts?
    Anyway, what is sincere about revering the flag when everyone else does? Thats just conformity. How about considering the fallen and those who have sacrificed their lives in your own time, when you don’t have it thrust into your thoughts? Don’t percieve judgement on something you know nothing about, no-one hear knows anything of BRoys reasonings, except that he apparently prays, being athiest I can’t really say, but isn’t God above America? There is more than one way to be patriotic, and just as there are is more than one way to have fun, its down to the individual to do what they prefer.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Holy Baller
    You can’t have a name like Holy Baller and think that one man’s opinion is useless. Opinions matter, it all depends on how you support them.
    That said, I can see your point that Roy has other times to gather his thoughts. I will admit that I wondered if perhaps he was making some sort of statement but didn’t want to discuss it with Canzano. Then again, if he was making a statement, why would he say he’d have no problems coming out for the anthem if people really had a problem with his absence.
    I don’t think it’s impossible that he’s gathering his thoughts one last time. The more I learn about the NBA, the more I’m amazed at the amazing focus and dedication it takes to be a star or superstar in the league. Maybe for Roy that means having that one last time to center himself and talk to the Lord. I really don’t know whether he’s lying or not.
    The problem for me was that Canzano pretty much branded Roy a liar. And he tried to do it while also attempting to praise him and make it seem like he has no problem with Roy. Then you have people on this site who have labeled him a traitor to his country. All of that bothers me because it feels unreasonable in my opinion.
    But, that’s just my opinion.

  • Johnson

    only lazy people need symbolism to be patriotic

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    I second Boogster. I’ve read almost every comment and I can’t see what WOODY is onabout, till after his post?! Seems like you prompted such comments when you got all nationalist on us

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Woody et Al.; Ever wondered how the ‘Freedom loving’ America by far has been the country most involved in war and other ruckus since WWII? I’m sorry but America has absolutely no credit as a ‘freedom loving nation’ left, Guantanamo removed the tiny bit that was leftover after 50+ years of bullying the world with military muscle. And don’t come here all proud with that ‘veteran’ stuff, for all we know you could have been napalming Vietnamese children – the world’s real freedom fighters never pick up a gun.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    @ 360vue: You make good points, but I don’t understand what I said on my 4:05 post that offended you are made me the judge of patriotism, but I guess you took offense with something. I don’t claim to be. Like I said in my above post, I am just one man’s opinion, which amounts to nothing, just like your opinion. And I do not condemn Roy for his actions, I just don’t respect him for it. In this case, at least to me, his thoughts and motives are somewhat irrelivant, it’s his action that offends me and his reasons will never justify it to me. And just because everyone else is doing it does not make it conformity. If you agree with the reasons for saluting or standing up for the flag, then it’s not conformity. Conformity is blind following without thought to WHY you’re following.

  • Exile

    Wow…. This is generating a whole lot of non basketball related hostility.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    I believed your ‘patriotism isn’t required by law’ comment was a sling at all of us who weren’t condemning BRoy’s actions. And your last post where you stated it was all just your opinion hadn’t been brought up when I came on this topic so hand’t read it. My bad if I got the wrong end of the stick but this issue just frustrates me, that article and its pious tone is sort of depressing

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I disagree. I think there are some values worth fighting for, and while I think America has a horrible track record in many ways, I seriously object to the idea that it’s truly worse than other nations.
    America wasn’t a major player in colonialism, but most other major nations were and the list of atrocities committed in the name of colonialism is long and horrible.
    America has flaws, but this new push to brand my country as the worst bully on the block is crap. France, Britian and Spain all took turns being the world’s ultimate superpower. The past few decades have been America’s turn, but that’s mainly because we haven’t had to wage a serious war on our own soil in more than a century. World War II was devastating for many of the world’s other superpowers, but ultimately turned out to be a major benefit for this country.
    I can understand why cats like Wayno are so sensitive because too often people from other countries like to pretend that they are so advanced when it comes to peace and freedom and even racism. But when you take a closer look, it’s all a big sham.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    And yes, saluting the flag isn’t conformity. But if I gather your views on Roy correct, then you think he isn’t patriotic, but if he feels has betters ways to express his gratitude and emotions to this country then it would be a false show of conformity on BRoys part, that was what I was getting at or trying to

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    And I also apologize because I’m just throwing words around today and mixing all the issues. Allenp, you are right, who is to define patriotism? That’s one issue that has never been clearly defined. I can’t bash Roy for being “unpatriotic”. My only beef with Roy is that in my opinion, he’s disrespecting veterans and those who have lost their lives for American citizens. My school holds a veterans day program every year, and I can guarantee you that if one year someone stood up and walked out right before the nation anthem, every single one of those veterans would have a talk with that person. It’s just disrespect to me.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Sorry, not Wayno, Woody.

  • Phil B

    ugh… thanks canzano.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    @ Holy Baller. Dude, you’re right on the school thing. However, you need to seperate HS and Veterans Day from the NBA. Roy has the anthem at least 82 times a year? Basically, there comes a point where its just for sakes sake, rather than the genuine reasons that the average citizens have when they hear the anthem… However, thats not Roy’s point, he isn’t sitting out because its overplayed or anything. I’m sure this trend he has has being going on throughout his life, i.e. before games he has being going away to a quiet spot and preparing mentally for the game however he does that. But labelling him unpatriotic or those who don’t condemn his actions seems unfair to me.

  • http://fdjsklf.com Jukai

    LZ: I forgot, where do you live buddy? Because I’ll research your countries history and bring to light every miserable thing your countries ever done.
    What’s sad is this thread brings out bot the fanatical crazies who want to punish Roy (Woody) and the ignorants from other countries who look at America on the ouside while they do nothing to help the world from their own home (LZ)

  • http://fdjsklf.com Jukai

    The Vietnam stuff really offends me. Why do the actual Vietnamese and Chinese never get any flak for the atrocities they were committing during those times? Why is Europe scotch from for supporting and ignoring it? Should we ignore all of Europes blunders in the middle east during that time? Very disgusting. All of this.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    @Jukai I get your point but lets be like for like and sling mud; an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. no country on this planet hasn’t done shameful, cringe-worthy acts. It’s human nature mate, for all our intelligence and awareness we are intrinsically flawed animals

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    A very politically savvy group of debaters we have here. Very nice.

  • Duncan21

    Commie!!! ha j/k. Man c’mon leave the kid alone. He just wants to play basketball and he’s damn good at it. If he has his own personal business then so be it. When my friend played college ball he would do his own thing during the Spangled Banned. It was in memory of his friend that died in Afghanistan a few yrs ago and he makes a prayer when the song is playing. Never bothered anyone and no one ever questioned him

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    What I don’t understand is that alot of people are glossing over the simple fact that Roy himself said that if he knew that it offended anyone that he would stop doing it. The hate or disrespect is really not warranted.

  • http://slam liam

    ima canadian but USA is way better and i admit it. I just stopped being a Roy fan

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    People are really going to stop being a fan of his game because of this? I know of a ton of NBA stars who have done much worse. Good gracious.

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    Hey I’m singing the star bangled banner right now everyone stop what you’re doing and put your hand over your heart or be deported. F*ckers.

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    Spangled !!! Let this be a lesson to you : typo when telling a joke become the joke.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore


  • Prophecy_projectz

    No Iverson retirement post?

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    Seriously though I’m as patriotic as it gets I mean I get a little salty on 4th of july celebrations when I think about how other countries may not allow such things and I’m very grateful. I’m also the first to say if you hate our country then get the f*ck out but that’s the thing he didn’t say anything negative like he hates america etc. Even talking sh*t about american is fine we have problems but that’s not what this is about we don’t know what dude is doing or praying about. Maybe he wants to be alone to shed some tears of joy or wants to pray that america gets it sh*t together so he can be really proud to say the pledge or national anthem who knows? Get off this dudes sack. If someone says ” I hate america I wish I never lived here’ I’m all for telling to leave but not even angrily just because why live somewhere you hate you know? No one wants to hear people b*tch all the time. I rambled but its because of the sheer idiocy of it all. Do I agree with him ? Not exactly I can’t know that unless I know the what and the why meaning I can’t disagree either. I’ll continue to stand and say it because I feel like it, but if my back hurts or I’ve said it 700 times in one day because apparently you have to stand and join in everytime its said now I’ll probably sit one out. The point is who gives a f*ck? Don’t get all pissed when you don’t know what its about. The level of disrespect here won’t be justified unless we find out he was funnelling his millions to some terrorist front that’s how ridiculous you ignorant f*cks were being today. Get real and get over it.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Leave it to Jukai to spout a bunch of random nonsense other countries have done (which are much lesser in scale than what’s been done by the US) to justify what America has done. LOL. I’m not talking about Europe, either.

  • http://twitter.com/wealwayswin Hersey

    This is lame BUT if the league has a rule he better follow it. I used to root for Abdul-Rauf and I remember that firestorm. The league has to avoid a double standard, ie fines for trade comments- SJax fined, Kobe not.

  • g

    o well if he doesnt like America leavee!!!…go play overseas or something

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    @Rome? I don’t know what I’m talking about? How would you know whether I’m educated on 1st century christianity or not? Next you going to tell me that Jesus was born ‘Christmas Day?’
    Work it out.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Canzano is a hypocrite. Check out this earlier story where he talks about Roy and the anthem.


  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Double R

    America!! F**k yeah!!

  • dekko

    Last year Canzano wrote an article jocking Roy for the All-star game which included…you guessed it… defending Roy’s private moment during the anthem showed what a good guy he is…


    A private guy who should be in the public’s eye

    (After pointing out how hard it is to get a private moment)

    Roy retreats to the tunnel before games. He bows his head. He listens to the anthem. And Roy said: “I say a little prayer and have a little time to myself.” And maybe that doesn’t strike you as a team leader thinking team, and being part of a team, but his teammates don’t mind.

    He’s always there for his team when the lights go up, isn’t he?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    No offense Jukai, but I remember that time you tried to convince me that there was institutional slavery in China by pointing out some underground scandal that had nothing to do with the common person or the government… To counter my condemnation of slavery in the United States. I understand you get offended when people denounce your nation, just as we all do, but come on now. Is America worse than the former European powers? OBVIOUSLY NOT. But as people living in North America–I’m a New York/Toronto guy–we have the right to speak out against what’s wrong in America, in hopes that it gets better.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Anyways, this whole issue is stupid to begin with. Brandon Roy is doing something he finds important, that really shouldn’t have to come under questioning.
    Here’s some food for thought: If it turns out Brandon Roy is Muslim, he is going to get creamed for not standing courtside for the anthem. If he is indeed Christian, people will call his acts “patriotic in their own way.”
    Anyways, isn’t praying honoring the nation in its own way?

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    People are stupid. Bye.

  • http://ameblo.jp/kurino44 Kurino

    Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf is here in Japan chillin’. He’s probably reading about this, feeling appalled.

  • Yo

    Why don’t Chinese and Vietnamese people get flak for what they did during the war? Because they didn’t invade the United States, they didn’t shoot American women and children, they didn’t spray napalm all over American towns and villages and cities, they didn’t kill hundreds of innocent American civilians, they didn’t pit Northern Americans against Southern Americans in a civil war, and they didn’t enter someone else’s country to fight a war that wasn’t even theirs to begin with.
    All casualties of war are a tragedy, however, and you have a right to be offended in some regard. The whole Vietnam War was a nightmare that should the entire world should never, ever let happen again.

  • don

    as long as ROY continues to lead my blazers, i won’t care, and if they win championship this year, i won’t care if he spends his the flag time in the tunnel, or on the bench, either ways, as long as he’s not disrespecting the flag verbally or in any sort of physical actions (like raising the middle finger), i DON’T and Won’t care.

  • chintao

    No one else found it ironic that Canzano attacks Roys “individualism” when that is one of the basic ideas behind the American way of life? Yeah, let’s all integrate with the Borg, John. I would like to individually beat Canzano’s a$$.

  • Joe King

    shouldnt be made a big deal out of when he’s playing so well

  • roybot

    canzano is a hater. end of story

  • http://slamonline.com Dave

    Good to see right-wing trolls have worked out how to do RSS searches for “hate america”.
    Thanks for your awesome generic posts, Woody.

  • rikson

    @WOODY: Its not about beeing anti-american, its about beeing anti-propaganda, youll find that out soon enough! But I understand that the time you spend with the army makes it hard for you to accept the facts! Only really strong people are able to change their believes, especially if they spend some time or base some actions upon them. Subliminal seduction 4 ever!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/san-dova-speak-easy/ San Dova

    Here’s the thing–there aren’t any patriots anymore, this isn’t 1776, so personally, I don’t get it. Patriotism these days seems more like a South Park scenario in the vein of the show’s poor white population getting on a high horse and yelling, “He/they took our JOOOOOOOOBS!” It seems sort of like that.
    Also, the anthem wasn’t mandated to be used in sports or in schools until after World War II, when the gov’t encouraged its use to boost national pride.
    And third, as the son of a Gulf War veteran, I’m well aware of the fact that the military is a necessary entity in a country really securing its strongholds. It’s nice and good to pay tribute to the military, but reciting an anthem in and of itself means nothing without conviction. Americans are about rituals, and though the symbols and continued actions in reference to America’s glorified roots are cute, history says that we probably spend too much time worrying about the small stuff (i.e. the anthem).
    In America, people are continually dying from hunger, disease and suffering generational socioeconomic depravity, and here we are, talking about an anthem and a flag–both of which are actually solving any real problems. My question is why in the world does anyone care about what Brandon Roy does? I like him as a player and everything, but I’m certainly not going to let him make me feel bad. I could care less about him standing. It doesn’t mean that I’m less caring about being an American–what it does mean is that I have bigger fish to fry…and so should the rest of those people who care one iota about him and him choices. This is asinine to judge someone based on ambiguous absence and implication.

  • J

    prayer is completely more important than any national anthem. no big deal here.

  • JoeMaMa

    Freedom isn’t free. It takes folks like you and me. And if you don’t put in your Buck Oh five who will? mmmmm buck oh five….freedom costs a buck ohhhh fiiiiiive…..

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    San Dova said all there needs to be said on this BRoy “story.” Props.

  • FoCo

    Canzano is the man. Never read a piece of his I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. The guy used to have to walk around watching for Sheed to step out and sucker punch him…dudes got Blazers journalism cred. Other than that just really saddening to see so many peoples views on the US and having pride in that ideal…

  • tavoris

    +1 for San Dova

  • sheedfan

    Let’s just leave Roy alone,he’s a good dude. Canzano even said he didn’t mean for this to go all “politics and patriotism”-it was more about team unity than anything else. This is his team. Can o’ worms.

  • OneStep

    National anthems have no place at sporting events. The sooner that political nonsense is removed from sports the better. I understand their presence perhaps at international level but at club level it’s ridiculous. Let’s face it, every NBA organisation has several non-American players representing it for whom the US anthem has absolutely no relevance. Are Americans that insecure that they cannot tolerate people not wanting to sing their damned anthem? Isn’t the US the land of the free? Does it not represent the very essence of free-speech? Or is free-speech only allowed if it toes the party-line? Get over it America. It’s just a song. And not a very good one either. And I should know, our English anthem is down there with the worst in the world!

  • Roy Eckelman

    Just another media fool trying to stir the pot just for the sake of putting frogskins in his pocket. Pathetic!!! If there is complaining to be done, leave it to a veteran!

  • Roy Eckelman

    Just another media fool trying to stir the pot just for the sake of putting frogskins in his pocket. Pathetic!!! If there is complaining to be done, leave it to a veteran!

  • Ree,p

    Here were are talkin bout the anthem…
    Not flag burning
    Not terrorism
    Not hate mongering
    The anthem……

  • Blaze

    Is this a political thing or a personal thing? I understand the dislike people have for others who disrespect the national anthem. Coming from a military famliy even they have their issues with America jus like everyone else but I dont see the disrespect standing for it or sitting for u can acknowledge the anthem anywhere. How bout the people at home to they have 2 stand? I think not its a sign of respect to stand but is it disrespectful for those who cant stand during the anthem? Looking too much into nothing. Prayer is everything to some

  • Ngoie Kafita

    AllenP and San Dova are ooh so right!
    As a reporter you should at least have an idea about the stuff you write.
    I mean the article is just B A N A N A S!
    Nowhere does he mention something about a vague idea or sources he might have used to come to such a conclusion, just a i quote: “Something about that feels troubling”
    Because you don’t believe Roy?
    Because it looks like he is planning something?
    Or because he is a athlete and they should lead by example?
    I don’t care how much i get paid but if i believe in something and without showing any disrespect to anyone or anything i have the right to express me and most def if it’s about a simple prayer during the national anthem!
    That bein said, i m not an American citizen but as some guys already posted: all over the globe you can find xenophobia and not to sugarcoat the land of the free and brave but me bein from a mixed family, things aren’t easier here.
    A lot more hypocrits on a even bigger level.
    Just saying