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Eddie Jordan Cools Iverson Chatter

The Sixers’ head coach doesn’t want anyone to get too excited these so-called talks between Phillly and Allen: “Jordan made it clear Iverson, while clearly ‘intriguing’ was just one of a handful of potential free-agents the team is considering. Jordan said the team has also talked about Antonio Daniels, as previously reported, and Jerry Stackhouse. ‘He’s intriguing to talk about in the media, with friends, with fans, with your mom, with your sister. Right now we’re concentrating on playing tonight. I have not been oversaturated with Allen Iverson in my mind or in conversation with our front office. It’s like any other free agent out there, we’ve talked about a number of people. I know he’s the most intriguing one. But there’s equal responsibility and doing your due diligence with anybody that’s out there — if we feel fit to bring someone in. Right now there hasn’t been a button that we’ve pushed to bring someone in.”‘

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  • gtk1189


  • cramzy

    Antonio Daniels and Jerry Stackhouse?!!!! Word!!!??….

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    I don’t like Eddie Jordan.

  • http://slamonline.com NUPE

    I’m sure a lot of teams are talking about taking a chance on AI. Jordan is doing the right thing by not making too much hype over it. I wonder what the Vegas odds makers are coming up with about will he play this season and for who.

  • Pic

    Stack and AI in the same backcourt would bring back some memories!

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    AI-saturation. Sounds like Stackhouse and Daniels ain’t real considerations and they better bleeding not be. Stackhouse is a complete waste of decent playing time, Daniels is respectable but we don’t need another role player thank you very much. Not even too keen on the AI idea, it seems a folly, but if its AI or retirement, its obviously the former. Not as if we’re going near a chip any time soon anyway

    @niQ i second you there, not as a coach anyway

  • underdog

    Antonio Daniels would be a good fit. And there’s no coach who wants a superstar player, who’s demanding a starting position based on his past greatness. AI should go to NJ, he couldn’t ruin nothing there…

  • Brian

    AI seems like he’d be a great fit in the Princeton offense they run.

  • Illydiva

    Eddie Jordan ain’t running nothing in Philly but his mouth. If mgmt wants AI, they will have AI. Right or wrong move, I can’t say; but it’s not up to EJ…and I don’t like him as a coach either.

  • MoNiQuE

    imagine that

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE
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  • tavoris

    so, Eddie Jordan is yet another coach that has been caught lying about the direction of the team. Go figure…