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LeBron: No More 2010 Talk

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Frankly, it’s a decision that he should have made a long time ago. But, perhaps, he was having too much fun watching everyone speculate about his future plans.

For some reason now, LeBron James doesn’t want anyone to ask him about next summer. The media has to actually discuss basketball with him going forward. The horror!

The NY Times has the money quote from LBJ:

On Wednesday in Orlando, James abruptly shut down the discussion.

“You know, this free-agent talk is getting old,’’ he said testily, adding, “I think tonight will probably be the last time I answer any more free-agent questions until the off-season.’’

What’s interesting is that during the same pre-game session with the media, LeBron said that being asked about free agency in every city doesn’t really bother him. It wasn’t until someone asked about it again after the chat was supposed to be over that James made his declaration.

It’ll be fascinating to see how reporters deal with this new rule from James, assuming he’s serious about it. My guess is that media folk will find a way to slip in questions about 2010 when talking to King James, and judging by the way he’s handled the issue in the past, LeBron won’t be able to help himself. This circus is far from over.

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  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I’ll promise to not say anything if you promise to stay put.

  • neaorin


  • LeoneL


  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    This “accidentally” is going to add more fuel to the fire that is the 2010 Hype Machine.

  • http://dsfjkl.com Jukai

    I think a reporter just about asked the identical question.
    “What are the chances of you teaming up with Wade in 2010?”
    “Okay, I have a question. How do you feel about teaming up with Wade in 2010?”

  • Yesse

    Im glad somebody said it and the man of the attention himself.

  • Hoodsnake

    Yeah now he can focus on more important things like the cavs

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Unless Ryan Jones asks.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Watch him get fined for not talking.

  • NUPE

    It’s unusual that he loses his cool around media. He’s answered the same questions over and over again it was bound to get on his nerves sooner or later. It will be interesting to see how he responds next time he asked what his plans are for next year.

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    Nicely put Marcel. LeBron doesn’t want to talk about free agency on a night when the Cavs are playing quality competition. I can’t blame him. Before he leaves Cleveland he wants to give the city a championship and he has to focus on the opponent if the Cavs are playing an Orlando, Boston, LA.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kaz1 Forrest Crunk

    Hey LeBron: Perhaps you should have shut the f*ck up about it in the first place? Why don’t you make a commitment to a team and city that has obviously made a huge financial and emotional commitment to you?

  • Dagomar

    This loyalty business really pisses me off.

    Sports is a cut-throat business and I think we as fans often get seduced into thinking that stuff like “team spirit” or whatever actually means something to those who participate in this business. Well, it doesn’t. It’s a way of getting us to buy into the product.

    The Cavs are not “loyal” to Lebron. Lebron makes them an insane amount of money, of which a tiny percentage (still a huge and unfair amount considering how much others make) goes to Lebron. Without Lebron the Cavs would not be relevant; with him this is a top-5 franchise in terms of revenue. That is why the Cavs are desperate to keep Lebron. However, if he broke his back tomorrow and there was a way for the Cavs to waive him and pay him nothing for the rest of his life, they would do so in a flash. That is the sort of loyalty that exists in big business.

    As for the fans . . . yes, Cleveland fans love him now. But if he was traded to another team – let alone if he decided he would like to try living somewhere else – they would hate him (less if he got traded, much more if he left). That’s loyalty to a fan, and it’s fun because it’s a game and it’s not that serious to most of us. But let’s not get it twisted: fans support the team first and foremost, not Lebron as a person.

    All I demand from my athletes is that they play hard when they’re on the court, because they get an insane amount of money for doing relatively little. But this whole crap about Lebron making a commitment to the Cavs out of loyalty or even not answering questions about 2010 out of loyalty is nonsense to me.

  • http://www.theonion.com/content/news/staten_island_historians_piece Lee

    He never said he wouldn’t talk about 2011. Get on that, reporters!

  • http://realcavsfans.com Anton

    Promise? Shake on it?

  • BostonBaller

    You can always tell who is on Lebrons jock and who wants to hang him by his jock. lol. I’m glad he made the statement but we have to admit that he himself generated a lot of the talk AND wearing those “special” NY sneakers didn’t help. We have to expect a bit of hypocrisy when he says no more ?’s and will continue to wear NY gear. I know he can wear what he wants but if he wants to stop the media don’t tease them. I love the 2 different views from Dagomar: 1) Lebron gets a “tiny percentage” (2) “they get an insane amount of money for doing relatively little. hahaha… that was funny.

  • http://www.teflinprague.com SAB

    @ Jukai, those questions are different, the clue is in the different words used. “what are the chances of something happening?” is not the same as “how do you feel about something happening?”
    while we’re into semantics, the most important word in LeBron’s statement is “probably”. however – maybe this means he’s MADE his decision! he probably has anyway. i hope he goes to the Clippers, that’d be awesome…

  • jumpman3224

    then he goes out and rocks SE Knicks 27 makeups…

  • jumpman3224

    then he goes out and rocks SE Yankees 27 makeups…

  • jumpman3224

    Damn if his kicks were Knick themed that would cause quite a stir.

  • Doug

    Who would like to see James play with Wade and the Heat? That would be a tag team comparable to Pippen and Jordan.