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Meet the Shockingly Skinny Eddy Curry

Somehow, Eddy now looks like half the man he used to be, literally. And this is a good thing: “Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni said Eddy Curry had been working out at a grueling pace for over a month. The results, however, would still shock just about anybody. Curry looked slim, ripped and like a player on a mission when he practiced with his team Tuesday for the first time since tearing a calf muscle on the opening day of training camp. His two-a-day conditioning program with Knicks’ trainers over the last month seems to have worked to perfection so far. ‘I didn’t want any more setbacks so while I was out rehabbing from the injury I wanted to get in the best shape as possible,’ Curry said. ‘This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I feel real good now. Just walking around I feel real light on my feet. Everything feels better, I think.”‘

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  • http://Vikturus Vikturus


  • heartlandG

    Kikturus sucks as much as curry!

  • http://www.mynameinblue.blogspot.com Hisham

    It’s like looking at eddy’s reflection in one of those funny mirrors.

  • Forrest Crunk

    If the Knicks could get 1/4 of a return on their in investment on Eddy this year, I’d say that would be a rousing success…

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers


  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Good for Curry. I’ve always liked him.

  • RickyRude

    I feel bad for this dude. Everybody made fun of him, think about his self-esteem that reflects anything else, from professional to personal life. All BS aside, he’s still a human being that decided to get his mind right and achieve something so valuable for his career and himself, big ups to my man. Much respect Eddy, and also to Mike D’Antoni for helping eachother, shows true class of a great coach.

  • CDub23KB24

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa…. Does this mean Eddy Curry isnt going to be fat anymore? :*(

  • davidR

    maybe he can use workout balls now

  • tavoris

    Let’s see what excuse the Knicks give NOW for not playing him.

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    Wow, look at the video in the link, he looks like is his younger brother

  • knock knock

    First off, eddy curry is not below 250. So he’s still fat as hell. Whats the excuse to not playin him?? He still can’t run fast for more than 10 minutes. guarantee it.

  • Michael

    for all the jokes, he is still one of the best post players in the league.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Walsh hopes he can stay skinny long enough to trade him.

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  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Knock Knock
    Tim Duncan weight roughly 270. Is he fat?

  • iheartcoffee

    With all that this dude’s been through I hope he can turn it around and finish out his career better than how he started it. And I hope he learns how to grab a rebound.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    I hope all the people who made fat jokes about dude feel like A Holes now. Remember what happened to his baby’s mama and everything. Good to see he’s back and has proven that he wants to work hard. Good luck Eddy.

  • http://dsfjkl.com Jukai

    I’ve made tons of fat jokes and I don’t feel like an a-hole. Well, I do, but not more than normal. get a sense of humor, doyouwantmore.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I don’t think you have to feel sorry for making fat jokes. He was fat, and people make fun of fat people. I don’t see why you should feel sorry for that now that he’s lost weight, unless you feel like it’s wrong to tease fat people in general.
    Somebody needs to get Jerome James hooked up Eddy’s trainer. Dude looks like an offensive lineman. Did anybody notice him on Chicago’s bench last night?

  • tavoris

    Even when he was fat(ter), he was/is a player that commands a double-team on the block. That would help the Knicks with their team full of mediocre PG’s, mediocre swingmen, and mediocre shooters (except Danilo).

  • d.j.

    hell b fat again by the end of the season bet me… but for now in who’s direction do we turn our fat jokes too ? is greg ostertag still in the L ?

  • riggs

    two-a-days doesnt do that to people. hoses that suck the fat out of people do.

  • Fat Lever

    Speaking of putting on lbs, did anyone see Dennis Scott last night on nbatv? Wow.

  • tavoris

    Fat Lever, that’s that good millionaire eating…lol
    but then again, he was always a lil chunky too-even back at Ga Tech

  • tavoris

    for fun, you should throw some Maze feat Frankie Beverly in the beginning

  • tavoris

    so mad my freakinf facebook posts are cross-posting on slam

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Dennis Scott was fat in Orlando.

  • tavoris

    Allenp, r u a disgruntled early-90′s Orlando fan?

  • BK All Day

    That was stupid to say that he is still fat because he’s not under 250 do you know how much a person will weigh if they are like 6 foot 11? That’s a big person and a lot of weight it doesnt matter how fat you are or not.

  • la huey

    they will try to get him in the court by jan so they can trade him before the deadline.

  • cramzy

    I’m officially rooting for the dude. It’s easy to make jokes about him and he’s brought that on himself, but this has the potential to be a great story if he can get it together.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Nah, I’m just making an observation. Dude got quite portly in Orlando which is why he disappeared from the league so quickly once he stopped getting all those open looks with Shaq.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    He was scoring a lot before they stopped letting him play. Hopefully he can get back to being that player.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Liposuction works!

  • Brown14

    Was that Eddy Curry or one of Shawn Kemps kids?

  • http://none The Philosopher

    I respect a man who sees his career slipping away, doing the things needed to be done to maintain his career. He may have finally gotten over himself. Probably done taking this for granted.

  • jrb

    did u see his f#ckin beard????

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dave

    That’s Eddy Curry?! Holy crapola. I want his trainer.

  • http://www.basketballnonsense.com Melvin

    omg.. man the strength in his game is in his bulk and now that part is gone..

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    so we can expect an increase to 7 rebounds per game?

  • kev

    about time you lazy bastard. So sick of nba players who dont work hard. Is it too much to ask to keep yourself in shape when getting paid millions? The nba needs to go the way of the nfl and be able to cut players anytime they want. Teams and fans get saddled with these horrible contracts year after year and can never improve.

  • iLL wiLL


  • tavoris

    Melvin…that just might be the new excuse D’Antoni gives for not playing the man…meanwhile everybody but Wilson Chandler, Larry Hughes, and Danilo are playing like crap.

  • marc

    it would be funny if he jumps super high now since he lost all that weight.lol

  • Seven Duece

    Hopefully he can get his game to work with the style that the Knicks are running. I’m not a NY fan, but anything that decreases Al Harrington’s time on any court is bonus for me.

  • http://www.slamonline.com 360vue

    I genuinely came here to laugh at the article title, but its true. For him,he is shockingly skinny… still a way to go though fitness wise I imagine, cardiovascular fitness takes the best part of a year to improve and dude could barely run anyway… still, hopin he gets serious playin time now!