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Raptors to Honor Vince Carter?

It sure would seem strange, but T.O.’s grudge has to be lifted at some point, right? “Raptors fans with long memories didn’t get the chance to boo Magic SG Vince Carter, who was scratched with an injury on Sunday. But that opportunity might come Nov. 22 at Air Canada Centre when the player who demanded out of Toronto after six-plus seasons will be … honored by the franchise as part of their 15th anniversary celebration. The Raptors say they will first ask Carter if he wants to go through with a ceremony, realizing the back-story. ‘Everybody wants to know how we can do it, but Vince is part of the history here,’ Raptors General Manager Bryan Colangelo told the Sentinel. ‘Most of the people that he had problems with here are gone.’ But it’s the fans who have booed Carter each time he has returned since the Raptors dealt him to the New Jersey Nets in 2004.”

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  • JRay

    He was a dick in Toronto. he deserves it he was/is lazy

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  • JRay

    He was a dick in Toronto. he doesnt deserve this at all he was and is so lazy and whines

  • riggs

    lmao i still laugh to this day when any raptor fan boo vince, like they werent all on his jockstrap before.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    I have a feeling he’ll get booed at the ceremony.

  • Garett

    Raptor fans worshipped him, until he started mailing it in to a degree never before seen and demanded a trade. Canadians value effort to a great degree, and he gave next to none at the end, while collecting major $. A nice guy, sure, but he was paid to play ball, and he bailed outwhen things got rough. They are justified, and Wince will get booed if they try this.

  • Mike

    Im the biggest VC fan out there but me thinks this would end up pretty badly. He would get booed the entire ceremony and it would end up being one of the most awkward “celebrations” of a player ever.

  • Hightz

    ohh boy this might get ugly…..

  • reef

    “Most of the people he had a problem with are gone.” – B. Colangelo

    No we’re not!!!! We still here!!! Vince set us back 2 seasons by demanding a trade and proceeding to slack off, ruining his trade value – not to mention the “I don’t dunk anymore” faze.

  • http://nicekicks.com MeloMan2.0

    VC definetely deserves this… no matter what happened b4 and what angry fans (i used to be one of them) say…. without vince, the Raptors would probably reside in Vegas or something, and ball in canada would not be the same

  • Vince5

    He’s part of the Raptors History, but he still deserves being booed at every game he comes. I still hate him.

  • luis quezada

    poor vince, has accomplished so much. it must be embarrasing to be salute by the worst team ever. he deserves more, like not to be salute by these craptors

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    this will be uglier than Amy Winehouse. Don’t do it VC!

  • Vince5

    @MeloMan Not really, if it wasn’t for Vince, T-Mac would have stayed and I’m pretty sure the Raps would still be in Toronto.

  • vic21

    I think the Raptors didn’t deserve VC to be honest.

  • matt

    youre right luis quezada, he deserves something more. maybe his high school schould put up a statue of him. oh wait – his mom paid for that statue. awkward.

    (funniest part is that thats not a joke. it actually happened)

  • don

    ungrateful ex VC fans will boo him for sure.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    about time. totally deserves it for his play even if his attitude wasnt always right. raps history is paper thin anyway, dont get how their fans can be so picky.

  • JoeMaMa

    Vince is a great player. But he stopped trying in Toronto. He gave away game changing plays. He said he was done dunking?!? And we end with Aaron/Eric Williams.
    No one can judge a raptors fan for booing…wouldn’t you boo if it was your team??

  • Orlando Green

    The whole Vince thing has been blown way out of proportion by Canadian fans. Geeze, players ask to be moved all the time. Take a chill pill. He is part of the history, he should be honoured.


    Along with,

    Damon Stoudamire
    Tracy McGrady
    Doug Christie
    Alvin Williams
    Morris Peterson
    Dell Curry
    Antonio Davis
    Jerome Williams
    Chris Bosh

    They have had other good players but not during their primes (they should be left out)

    Chris Childs
    Marcus Camby
    Mugsy Bogues
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Jalen Rose
    Chauncey Billups
    Kevin Willis
    Marc Jackson
    Jermaine O’neal
    Shawn Marion

  • wassup

    raptors fans realize its stupid to still boo vince this long after he demanded to be outta toronto, they just like to have somebody to boo and a reason to get louder at the arena.

  • http://nicekicks.com MeloMan2.0

    i doubt t-ma wud have stayed…I really don see why jalen rose shud be left out… he was the man wen he was here…. and also, vashon leonard and keyon clark shud be appreciated

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Vince Carter is definitely the best and first superstar to ever play in Toronto–meaning, he was a superstar when he played here. T-Mac was sort of kept from growing under his cousin until he went to Orlando and had an even better individual career.
    Good list Orlando, but why in the world would the Raptors “honour” every all-star who played for them? Marion stayed for like half a season and Billups wasn’t even given a chance in Toronto…

  • Teddy-the-Bear


  • Steve

    and in other news Salmon all over Canada will honor Grizzly Bears today

  • la huey

    please do it, vince. think of the lolz!

  • Money D

    Imma Raptor fan
    we boo him cuz his last season in T.O
    He complained bout how much he hated dunking and how overrated it was
    He was always injured last couple of years and stuff like that but with out him

    there would be no team in CANADA

    Van-City had no real great player like the Raps had
    and they aint even around

    Congrats to him but Bosh and Mo Pete the 2 best raptors of alltime

  • Money D

    Imma Raptor fan
    we boo him cuz his last season in T.O
    He complained bout how much he hated dunking and how overrated it was
    He was always injured last couple of years and stuff like that but with out him

    there would be no team in CANADA

    Van-City had no real great player like the Raps had
    and they aint even around

    Congrats to him but Bosh and Mo Pete the 2 best raptors of alltime

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    Oh whatever, right? Let it be.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    Alvin Williams. Heck of a point guard that nobody outside of Toronto really knew about, somehow.

  • Michael Scorn

    They should just play it safe and honor Michael Jordan, like the Miami Heat did.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    Quitters get rejected.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Sigh, living at the other end of Canada, I gotta say you Raptor fans don’t know how good you had it. The best we had was Shareef.
    Anyways, the booing is ridiculous. Forget the fact that what he did isn’t entirely uncommon (the only thing that was unique, was him admitting to it), or that it was how many years ago…. Just stop the booing for the simple reason that every time y’all do it, he absolutely murders your team. It’s happened over and over. So just pipe down and enjoy the memories! Or keep booing and suffer new memories!

  • ablaze

    he put toronto basketball on the map. people (me included) loved the then-unseen black-purple raptors unis. he captured the world’s imagination in the dunk contest wearing tai-chis. like it or not he was raptors basketball, he was the biggest star.
    hell, even chris bosh complained last season when they struggled throughout that the toronto fans would boo them off the court. way to support your team. do i see a pattern here?
    i know i’m gonna receive a lotta hate for this, but when toronto decides to retire their first number to the rafters, vince should be that guy. he took em to one win shy of the ECF, losing to AI’s 01 philly team.

  • I am the walrus


  • Exile

    @riggs: We hated him because we loved the dude. He was NBA Basketball in Canada. I am over it now, but that does not mean I blame others for keeping the tourch lit. I realize Vince left for reasons transparant to the average fan, but what the average fan saw that last year was someone almost going out of their way to be less than they really were.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Kevin “smoke ya back side” Willis!

  • SWIFTboy

    Even those that still hold the grudge can suck it up for one night. To me it’s like not being able to get over a girlfriend who cheated on you…just let it go or you’ll never be able to move on. Raptors fans are so used to getting dumped they just expect it, and neediness is a turn off.

  • matt

    if you say he kills toronto when they boo him, you need to actually, you know, look at the stats and see hes 50% on both wins, and good and terrible nights in Toronto. Also its not that he ‘asked for a trade’, many do that. Its that he had a TERRIBLE season for Toronto, and as soon as he was traded, came back with his BEST season. I dont know of any other athlete, Brett Favre included, he did such nonsense, and many get booed. So let the boos rain, Toronto.

  • http://N/A Dan

    People have really short memories and if you weren’t a fan of the raptors when vince played for us, your opinion has no real merit. It’s really conveniant to also forget that he REVELLED in sucking it up, pretended to be hurt at the drop of the hat, heck, he even went so far as to tip off the opposing team with the plays we’d be running. Look it up if you don’t believe me… Those are things a real fan of a team can NEVER forgive, not should they. Vince was a nice guy when he started, but quickly became a huge jerk as he rose to fame. The way he would suck up to everyone on the opposing teams, and never have any real fight in him was especially annoying. I was extremely happy when he was traded. Addition by subtraction in my opinion. It’s no wonder he never came close to being a champion. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t quit in the playoffs this year. When the going gets tough, Vince gets going…

  • http://n/a Jorden

    I have a feeling Vince won’t accept the invitation.

  • steez

    i still love him but hate him at the same time,
    shame vince we all loved you until you became a big jerk.He could have easily become the new micheal jordan,sighh

  • JiggSaw

    how come no one is mad at CB for not re signing with us, and saying that he might play some where else…i mean we boo tmac…but he was a free agent as well??

    Fact is…a team makes a promise to aplayer when they negotiate a contract…teams pitch to players sayign we will surround you with talent, we will make a contender and all that jazz….Toronto was nto building a contender, heck we wern’t even close…so he stopped trying…human nature