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Win A Year of League Pass Broadband!

Time is your currency.

by Ryne Nelson

We have a full year subscription of NBA League Pass Broadband for you. Well, for just one of you, that is.

We’ve got the bill covered, but the winner certainly will be paying a price — a personal one. No doubt about it: Unlimited access to every NBA game* can become a social disaster! Of course, we’re not giving this subscription to anyone. The person who’s willing to watch the most games will win.

So tell us what you’ll cut back on (friends, hoops, work, etc.) if you had League Pass Broadband. (Keep it clean, fellas.) Whoever will be making most significant cut-backs on life gets the subscription.

The comments section will soon uncover the most dedicated NBA ‘viewer.’ So let’s get to it!

* Nationally and locally televised games are subject to blackout and are therefore not available via NBA League Pass Broadband (regardless of whether team is home or away).

** This contest is for U.S. participants only. By entering the sweepstakes you agree to release Sponsor, the NBA Entities, SLAMonline and their respective affiliates and agencies from any and all liabilities for injuries, damages or losses of any kind to in connection with the sweepstakes, prize or any prize-related activity.

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  • OfficialEdgar

    Hook me up with this please! I need all the NBA games this year! I cant miss Melo droping 45 everynight, Kobe being Kobe, Lebron being Lebron and Wade carrying the young Heat! oh yeah those Celtics r really good to! lol

  • NAS

    Sleep – I will never sleep again because NBA games are on in Egypt at 3:00am so after finishing a 12 hour work day I will come home sit with wifey for a couple of hours and then watch the games and then get dressed and go to work – FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR!

  • http://www.slamonline.com kh

    I would gladly tell you how hardcore I am and how much ish I would ditch to watch more games, but it would be a waste of everyone’s time because NBA Broadband isn’t avaiable in Canada!?!?!? W.T.F?
    F’n BullSH*T!!!

  • holger part

    I´d be sacrificing sleep to watch the NBA, since i live in Estonia and the games are usually at night. Also i would cut back on going out to watch a few games on demand. I couldn´t watch them all like that because of school though, can´t sacrifice that:p.

  • http://Www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    For U.S. participants only? Awwwww, man….!

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    I’m absolutely addicted to almost every orginal show on FX network. I fiend like an addict each week as I scratch and fidget while waiting to watch the next episode of Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy, Always Sunny, and now, my latest vice, The League. NBA Broadband would be like the rehab for me, while relegating the shows I live for to a season on the DVR. I’ll also stop shaving for as long as wifey will allow. I need this.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    Wow, Ryne a brother really needs league pass in his life right because this is going to be my last year big year watching any type of NBA on a regular basis because I’m off to college next year. If you guys blessed me with league pass I would first cut back off all my internet bullcrap. This includes facebooking, twittering, downloading lil wayne mixtapes,blogging, going to see my 3-7 football team play, and having an obession with the kobe IV’s. I need league pass so that I can keep up with my fantasy team and so I can see Brandon Jennings every night. I feel like I’m missing the ROY and future scoring champ of this league. I will also cut back on the females…..just a little. Can’t really cut off hoops because I do play for the school team but I only play 2 times a week so I still have plenty of time to watch league pass every night. There is nothing more I can really say but if I win this I will increase my activity in school and I will make better grades. stuff like this gets me hyped up. play wit it.

  • http://themeparktees.com Will

    Fellas, I gotta tell you, one phrase will describe my lifestyle changes if I win this NBA League Pass Broadband package: “Hand Down, Man Down.” I’ll guess that after I have my hand on that mouse all night, after 5 days or so, my significant other will take matters into her own hands. Man Down. I’m willing to give up quality time with wifey, PLUS with this special offer, I’ll throw in a lack of social interaction, athletic activity, and personal hygene ALL for the low, low price of one NBA League Pass Broadband package!

  • http://nicekicks.com MeloMan2.0

    Canadaaa gets no love??

  • http://www.btylermargison.com B. Tyler Margison

    “We’ll always be fairweather friends, to the end.”

    Yeh, that’s what that sounds like. I don’t have to worry about dodging out on my friends, because they’ll dodge out on me first. But that’s cool, because while they’re watching football, that abomination of a sport, I’m searching the internet and TV for available basketball games to watch.

    To be honest, this past week which League Pass was free was one of the greatest weeks of my life.

    I’ve made plenty of sacrifices for basketball, and I’m not going to stop now. My girlfriend understands the importance of the sport, and knows that, between approximately 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and midnight (taking overtime into consideration), she has to play second-string to basketball.

    Did I mention I’m in college? If I have League Pass Broadband, I’ll cut back severely on my homework, because as long as I have basketball, who needs a degree?!

    As a college student, the shower and I already become long-lost pals. However, if the prime time to shower is between that seven-to-midnight window, it looks like I’m bathing in deodorant again, because this is the NBA, where persistence happens.

    One thing I love about being in college is the internet speed. And if there’s another thing I love about college, it’s the huge proximity of wireless connectivity. And if there’s one thing I love about, well, anything, it’s being able to watch basketball, from the comfort of my dorm’s bathroom. That’s right, I can watch LeBron hit a two, while I drop a 2. I’m not really cutting back on time spent in the bathroom, because I’ll probably be in there more often, for longer. I’m really just cutting back on the amount of friends I’ll have after they hear me cheering for the Bulls from stall number three.

    These are more like adaptations than cut-backs. But what college student doesn’t have a microwave? Well, apparently my neighbor and four other guys on my floor. Nonetheless, what college student doesn’t have a stash of easily-microwavable foods (Chef Boyardee, Top Ramen, etc.) hiding in their closet since last semester? Keep that stuff nearby! Move the desk next to the fridge, microwave, and closet, and keep the season going!

    Is there anything else I can give up? This feels like Lent, except I’m doing it for Kobe instead of Jesus. Not the first time I’ve looked to Kobe for guidance in my everyday life, though. So what about those Saturday and Sunday games that are on in the early afternoon? Looks like I’m going to have to skip church again, but don’t worry Father O’Malley, I’ll be reading the Bible while I’m watching Ray Allen drop ANOTHER three in a defender’s face. Or, well, maybe I won’t. Wouldn’t want to miss any bit of the action, now, would we?

    So between church and school, bathroom breaks and dinner breaks, I don’t think there’s any spot in my schedule I wouldn’t replace with watching an unlimited* amount of NBA games on a regular basis. So give me the League Pass! I really need it more than I need a lot of other things in my life, obviously.

    * Yeh, I know that an “unlimited” amount of games is unrealistic, and that blackout stuff. But hey, you know what’s better than three games on your computer screen? Three games on your computer screen, and one on ESPN on your TV.

  • Renato

    I just want to tell you guys this: I live in Italy, nba games here start at 1 am (7pm ET games) and end at about 6 am in the morning.
    We only have one payment channel that aires NBA games (2/3 times a week) and I don’t have any other opportunity to watch them .
    What will I cut on ? Simply as it is, all my sleep hours!!!!
    I would probably end up like a zombie in the office in case of wining, but I’d love to have a League Pass!!
    Make another Italian apart from Bargnani, Beli and Gallo Happy!!!!!

  • http://andrewamcneill.wordpress.com Andrrew A McNeill

    I’d gladly cut down on my quest to drink every beer in the United States for a chance to watch as many NBA games as possible. At least, until the offseason that is.

  • http://www.ineedabluefont.com Hisham

    now THIS is a good prize/contest. And that’s why it f’ing sucks that i can’t enter. I’d cut back on MY SLEEP, and with it, my sanity and dashing good looks! but since i can’t enter, i won’t. which is probably a good thing.

  • neaorin

    I’ll give up trolling on slamonline during the season. (Actually, this might work better for some of the other posters.)

  • Victor Arana

    I Will Watch Every F*cken Game That I CAN!

  • Gabe

    I would stop watching all tv other than broadband.
    I would give up music for the entire season.
    I would stop doing my homework
    I would give up discussing Basketball with my friends.

  • truce

    I really need the League Pass on the IPhone so I can watch at work where I work 10 hour days and sometimes till midnight.

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    This is balls!!! We can’t get any love up in the North???

  • iamse7en

    truce: jailbreak your phone and download the nba league pass app from appulo.us – it works great

  • Pic

    I would give up my part-time job at the mall since I took that so that I could get a league pass in the first place. Last night was rough since the free league pass preview was taken away and I was looking forward to seeing the undefeated Suns go up against Matt Barnes and the defending East champs, and I had the Iverson-Morrow matchup marked down on my calendar. I’m that guy who watched two complete games every night and then the reruns of those that I missed on the following morning. I haven’t been to the gym since the start of the season but now that they took the free league pass preview, that’s gonna change today. I spent Halloween watching the Clips try to get their first win against Dirk.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Man, as someone with out cable, I don’t get to watch that many games. If I had NBA League pass, I’d give up my sleep, NBA 2k, watching pretty much any other sports, my nightly workout routine, and time with my friends and family. I’d also use up all my time-off at work to get home early enough to watch the Detroit games (I live on teh West Coast). I’ll give up alot, I need this!

  • JDH21

    This is quite the prize you are giving away Slam. Having a year long subscription would make me give up time spent on other sports. The NBA has always and will always be my favorite league, but I also love almost every other sport. If I had access to every game and could actually see a Thunder game or many other teams that don’t get national attention it would be unbelievable. I will always love the Bulls first and foremost, but I also love seeing teams and players that go unnoticed when compared the the lakers and the rest of the elite teams. Slam help turn my obsession with the NBA into a full blown addiction please!

  • Yesse

    Oh great and only for people in USA?Well im still gonna tell you what i would leave from my life.I would stay up all night for my fav games.

  • Luqman Lundy

    I will sacrifice watching any other channel beside NBA TV

  • Jarrett Imamura

    I’ve already watched the free preview of League Pass during the last week. As someone who is self-employed in Hawaii, I spent a lot of my afternoons watching League Pass during the free preview. I’m sure it would get worse as the season went along.
    I’m a Lakers fan so I would watch their games, also as a fan of North Carolina I enjoy watching their former players on Sacramento, Denver, Indiana, Washington, Orlando, etc. I’m pretty sure League Pass would take me away from work and probably my friends too.

  • http://www.ineedabluefont.com Hisham

    Mr Margison wins. long ass comment but funny

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/nba/overdribbling/index276.html chiqo

    well, i’m already unemployed and i did this for a website last year. so i have the experience and the time. i’d spend time trying to make a more convincing argument, but i can’t. i’m too broke to be funny.

  • celtsfan88

    I will never go to class again. Afterall, if you can watch basketball every day? whats the point? pick me!

  • 6marjons

    I’ll quite smoking, you’ll extend my life expentancy and give me the best year of my basketball watching life.

  • Diego Giraldo

    Listen! I need this more than anyone. I live in Canada and we barely get coverage of my nuggets. So what will I do to watch my nuggets? Anything. First of all if I gotta work that night League pass has the awesome feature of watching games on demand so I will watch them when I get home sacrifising sleep time. Movie with friends or nuggets game-wont even think about it. They can come over if they want. Plus my friends tell me I can see the games free online but I think that’s wrong and plus It probably doesn’t work well either-so I’ve already made that sacrifice. Anything else that comes up-sacrificed. I want this that bad. Lastly I would gladly give my time to write to SLAM! about my sweet experiance after winning the NBA League Pass Broadband. Thanks.

  • j4zzm4n

    I’ll cut back on mundanity in my life as league pass would gift me with the one thing that will raise a smile on my face because I can no longer play for the rest of this year due to injury.

  • ampd

    i am a senior in high school right now. currently, i rank among the top 3 in my class. this ranking plays a significant role in scholarships, etc for college. with free nba league pass, i would be willing to sacrifice all this for the ability to watch whatever games i want. who needs any of that “further education” when i can see some of the greatest games this season? if i win i’ll cut back on my future

  • Jason

    I absolutely love the interwebs and basketball. So basically this is a match made in heaven. I will cut back on talking to anybody about anything other then what they are missing not having the league pass boradband and about that sweet double-ot game between 2 teams nobody cares about other then people who actually get to watch them every night on nba broadband and their fantasy implications. The NBA is the only real sport, so i will gladly give away watching Sunday afternoon football to catch the sunday nba matinee. I need this for my own sanity.

  • Juan

    Time is money. I’m willing to give the most time/money of all. I have no actual money to pay for the srvice so you guys have given me thje perfect cahnce. To pay with my time. I’ll buy time from being with my friends doing homework, whatever it takes. I would also forget anything else on the internet, The League Pass would be all I would need.
    I will now also sacrifice my dignity and beg—- PLEASE give me the league pass I beg you….have mercy on me…Please…my time will be well wasted…please.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Sleep and sex, obviously.

  • andrew

    all you guys are phony. any real nba fan would ALREADY have nba league pass broadband, and would ALREADY have shirked numerous responsibilities and relationships to watch the games. as i have.

    with that said, i’m pretty pissed they increased the price from $85 to $135 this season . . .

  • Kamari

    I love basketball, first and foremost. With that being said I will cut back my time on college. I might even move down to a half-time student which will push my graduation date from 2011 to 2013 just to be able to take advantage of this great opportunity. I will also have to quit my job, which will subsequently make me lose my cell phone which will kill my social life, but I’m willing to sacrifice that for the sake of a NBA League Pass

  • Heals

    Y’all are crazy, cut back!?!? Naw you gotta push it, Hoop everyday, call the friends over for every big game. League Pass is killin it this year, with every game archived, DVR capabilities for each live game and 3 games at once there is no need to sacrifice. Ya’ll got it all backwards, but don’t worry I already got my League Pass up and runnin so you hook up some other head.

  • Bob

    I’ll stop smoking dope. Now can you really pass on a chance to help a drug addict? Now, by giving me the league pass you won’t only help me in terms of the obvious health and money benefits. BUT — my school work will shine as well. So why not make the logical choice? Help me. Help the world, and all you have to do is give me the league pass. <3

  • kerem

    Just in the one-week preview period, I’ve compromised my life significantly. I’ve broken up with my girlfriend, quit my band, abandoned my senior thesis, missed work twice (probably getting fired), stopped showering and missed the rent.

    That’s not all though. I’m giving up consumerism if I get this. No more buying things. It’s time we all went back to the simple life.

  • Thisiscrazy

    This is crazy but I have wanted league pass for… well ever. IF I won I would be forced to give up the majority of my life. Productivity at work, boy scout meetings with my son, soccer with my other son, parent teacher conferences, and depending on the game schedule the birth of my daughter. This is the worst/best contest ever.

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  • Jerry Moore

    I’ll keep it nice and short! For my wife, my younger brother who lives with me, my 3 month old daughter and I, the NBA is our religon, and the NBA League Pass is our heaven. I’m fortunate to have a beautiful wife who loves watching NBA games as much as I, but the best part about my household is that my daughter sits on my lap and watches the games with me, like an angel, she was never fussy or crying when my wife and I had the NBA games on the tube, during that free trial of NBA League Pass. It was so important, in our new days of parenthood, so I thank all partys for that free trial, and would love to thank you guys for this wonderful gift of a free full season of NBA League Pass! Thank you for helping us as new parents, To have an outlet to enjoy the NBA as a family!

  • Samue Akaeme

    I love watching NBA games all the time guys. My family isn’t really that wealthy and most of the channels that play the NBA games we cant afford. So i try to search for many sites on the computer that allow live NBA game streaming for free. When i do find it its normally very unclear or its not consistent at streaming and will constantly freeze. So as a true NBA fan (of all teams…… and yes including Thunder, Kings and Knicks) i would really appreciate if i win this contest. Especially when I’m done my homework i would always have something to tune into. Thank you

  • http://www.detroit4lyfe.com Rob

    My college degree. I’m 12 credits away from graduation. I will stop going to class or doing any studying whatsoever if I can watch the NBA 24/7. Yeah, the League Pass Broadband subscription will really cost me about $50,000, but it’s soooo worth it. Oh, and my girlfriend of 2 years will probably dump me too if I’m sitting at home watching the Thunder/Clippers game instead of taking her to the movies. Basically, this could be the worst thing that ever happened to me.

  • Daniel

    if i win this pass i will probably never sleep, i live in florida and my favorite team is the nuggets so A. i never get to see them and B. there games are normally on late so my sleep would be pretty much gone! PLEASE SLAM HOOK A LOYAL NUGGETS FAN WHO NEVER GETS TO WATCH THE GAMES UP!

  • Matt

    Fried chicken. Love the stuff. Love to stop off on my way home from work to pick up a bucket from a local joint. Local joint doesn’t deliver. East coast games start at 4. West coast Matt leaves work at 5. No time to stop for chicken with all those games on!

  • thafanatic

    I wont swear anymore
    I will stop drinking alcohol
    I will call my parents everyday to tell them I love them
    I will give up lying
    I will give up cheating in school
    And I will renew my subscription of SLAM.(im going to do that anyways)

  • Mid Bear

    If i get this pass, i will never shower with warm water ever again. Ice cold every time! Over n out
    A Swede needs to be able see his first countryman ever in the NBA play right? Ive actually played against him(Jonas Jerebko) when i was 12 or so, we lost 103 – 2…

  • Rusty

    f*ck this contest

  • YoYoYoYo

    I will give up stealing NBA games online in frustratingly laggy, low quality, illegal, and virus riddled streams from China that usually don’t even show my team anyway. Real talk.

  • http://theacdrinkinggame.com Dave

    Since I already get all the Cavs games locally, I will give up playing the Austin Carr Drinking Game for the entire season if I win this contest. Think about this. It’s a wildly addicting drinking game that I have been doing for going on 3 years now. I will break tradition to be able to stay sober enough to enjoy all the games I’ll be able to watch.

  • Juwan Angel

    Man, to tell you the truth I would give up on my friends and going outside. Nothing happens where I live at any way. Then I would give up on playing my games and watching TV.

  • http://www.howtowatchsports.com Roger Pimentel

    Let’s be honest—once I get home from work, my day is already full with watching as many games as possible, whether live or Tivoed.

    League Pass, however, lets us realize that there are, in fact, other teams in the league besides the Lakers and Celtics.

    With League Pass, I’d be cutting back on the Worldwide Leader-sanctioned games, and watching the more interesting ones instead.

  • BK24

    I would cut back a lot on hanging with friends. I usually have a lot of homework and I would stay up to mostly watch Laker games since I’m in Central time. My social life would take a hit but the love of the game and rush of watching the elite teams play every night would prevail.

  • Justin

    I won’t win. I never win contests. I am the absolute opposite of lucky. I am the worst at leaving comment and drawing blanks at critical situation.


    IF I WIN? I will cut back on eating JUNK FOOD! I WILL sacrifice JUNK FOOD for a year for the League Pass Broadband. JUNK FOOD IS LIKE MY BEST FRIEND! WINGS, CHIPS, BEER-CANDY, CANDY…ERRRRR

    YOU WON’T REALIZE HOW PAINFUL for me to give that up for winning this BUT I WILL!

  • Justin Richard

    I have not had a tv for years, and as much fun as it is listening to Cedric Maxwell call the Celtic games on the radio, and catching bits/highlights here online, it would be more fun to actually watch some games.

  • lol

    I will make an actul promise that i would try to keep, im gonna make all A’s in school promote Slam as mch as possible, stop going on Facebook for a whole year, and be the biggest lakers hater of all time sides rich ppl who can actually be known for it also my parents are really cheap so i cant get cable so i cant watch any games, ID WATCH ANY NBA GAMES IDC WAT THE TEAM!!!!

  • Adam

    I live in New Zealand, where we get the Australian version of espn, and nba games are played live around midday only two days a week. And since we get Aussie espn they play a disproportionate amount of Bucks games (Bogut), which obviously sucks as they should be in the D-League. So for one, with nba broadband i will never watch another Bucks game, I’ll skip my afternoon uni classes to watch, and i’ll never watch Australian espn again or flick mindlessly through the other 80 mediocre cable television channels we get here.

  • durf

    no more class, no more ass, all i want is nba league pass

  • runngun22

    Homework. You know what that means? Giving up on school. You know what that means? Giving up on my future. Yes, I’m willing to give up my future to watch NBA games.

  • Nique

    If I get the NBA League Pass plain and simple. Here are the things I would give up SLEEP, I would stop coaching my high school basketball team and yes my family my wife and kids as well as immediate family would suffer cause I’ve got the league pass and that’s all that matters til the final whistle blows

  • peyton adams

    i wlove basketball sooo much that i will cut back by not chillin wit my female. srry babey.

  • http://facebook.com/pokedigi Ryan

    I am such a fan that I have been streaming crappy quality online games for the past 3 years, about 4-5 games on the most busiest nights at the same time. I am a Laker fan yet I go to school in San Francisco. While I enjoy watching the Warriors play, im gonna miss 90% of all the laker games. I am prepared to give up video games(nba2k10 AND call of duty modern warfare 2!!!) to watch these games, every tv show I follow(house, family guy etc.), fixing my computer, chatting on AIM, studying, probably dinner since I’ll be so focused on the games to only be able to eat small meals and most important to my life; talking to my girlfriend everynight on the phone cause ill be yelling at the computer rooting for all my different favorite teams. I will be cutting everything short of breathing and bathing( i will bathe after the games are done) I do out of my nightlife to watch these NBA games.

    On top of those, as a college sophomore living in one of the biggest party houses near SF state university, i will give up all parties/drinking/smoking/clubbing because thurs-saturday nights are usually the best match ups for basketball. i would probably also give up watching certain laker games(this is huge ive been a laker fan for 14 years, I am 19 years old) because I need to follow stats for my fantasty teams and i really would love to watch the out of state teams that I love like the Heat, Trailblazers, Timberwolves, and Wizards. I am a huge life-long laker fan. but i also love the game of basketball. I would devote atleast 3-5 hours a night to watch games, watch early afternoon games in class, and probably ignore my roommates to watch as many NBA games as possible.

    I think the most significant cutbacks for me however, are the lack of phone calls to my girlfriend, cutbacks on partying, and even giving up some laker games to appreciate the entirety of NBA league pass. I’m just a basketball fan who wants to be able to watch as much professional basketball as I possibly can. I’ve never ever had a league pass for any sport and i’d take this opportunity to put basketball above everything else in my life. If I got this, i’d gotta admit that my job hunting would end too, since ive been looking for a job to be able to afford either league pass or ESPN insider to follow live game stats. My entire life would change and adapt so I don’t miss a single NBA game. Even if I was sick, in the hospital, or on an airplane, all these places I can get Wifi and watch the games. I am giving up my nightlife and am willing to devote myself to viewing and watching NBA basketball. Praying for a 2k10 finals matchup between Lakers and Celtics.. classic!

  • James Flint

    I’ll give up porn.

  • albie1kenobi

    It would be hilarious to see Russ or Ryan or Holly or Ben in this comment section, saying “pick me pick me!”

  • Mazdak

    I am currently an unemployed geologist(oil companies don’t want to hire right now) so I have enough time to watch pretty much every game. But since you asked what I would cut out to make more time. Well, I could cut down on the amount of time spent eating, or spend less time with my girlfriend, or shower less. Wait, hmm, maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea if I got this, oh well, its more fun doing the wrong thing anyways. So please hook me up.

  • Bomberharris

    As I’m from the UK, I would now make my social time the night time. Which would mean my social time would consist of me myself and I. My girlfriend would get fed up with me gazing at a flickering screen into the early hours of the morning, so we’d have to break up. I’d loose my job, after I crawl under my desk to go to sleep. Because of this, I’d no longer be able to pay my rent, and would be kicked out, which would pi*s off my flat mates who would then no longer be my friends. I would then roam around town with my laptop, looking for a wifi connection, and living in a smelly bin. After a while I would become feral,and start growling at people who interrupt my NBA viewing, and I would only speak in the language of Ball, so instead of ‘hello’ I’d start saying ‘For three!’ loudly to the people passing by from my dank home. Eventually the madness will take hold completely, and I’ll be placed in a secure unit, hopefully with my league pass (although it may have run out by then). I’d also be very ill, through lack of regular clean food and water. So that is what I am prepared to do, to get this pass.

  • http://dewjazz.webs.com DWeidlein

    School. I’ll drop out of college if that’s what it takes to win this thing. I love me my Nuggets man.

  • Michael

    this prize is only worth $150, you guys know this right?

  • Daniel

    Let me preface this by stating that I’m a PhD student and therefore have already cut all family and friends out of my life to work incessantly on that degree. But now let me address how I’m going to sacrifice all of my PhD work for the NBA League Pass. On average and without exaggerating, I read about 900 pages a week (if you don’t believe me, check out Diego de Torres Relacion del origen y sucesos de los Xarifes). Factor in that I’m doing it in a second language and you can imagine the amount of time it takes me. But alas! If you provide me with league pass everything changes. Pages read turns into pages skimmed. Whole books become brief on-line summaries and horrible reenactments on Youtube. Which then in turn leads me to risk all credibility and intelligence while discussing them in class amongst my professor and peers. I love the NBA so much that I’m compromising my future career.

  • http://joelim@umail.ucsb.edu Joe Lim

    I am a student, so all of my classes will take a hit (so to speak). Homework will be inadequately done, relationships will suffer, reputation will be non-existance, addiction will occur, rudimentary skills will be forgotten. In fact, by dreaming about the NBA broadband, I forgotten what my name is haha. It’s Joe right? Yes, Joe…

  • Richard

    I live in Canada so I guess I’m automatically exempt. I would like to enter nevertheless and offer this response. If I won your contest, I would give up having to sit all the nights that The Boston Celtics are playing trying to tune into NBA Audio League Pass as I would get access to the Broadband feed. It is hard for me to understand how the NBA can usher out such an inferior product as the Audio League Pass. There are many of us out here who still enjoy a good radio broadcast. We just don’t like the frustration of not being able to access it online through this promised service or anywhere else as the NBA has blocked online streaming from local stations. Maybe I will spend the time building that Crystal Radio set again as the NBA has put communications back about 100 years.

  • Brian O’Malley

    Stay up til all hours in the night coz we here in Ireland cant watch nba at all. barely ny1 plays so theres nevr matches on the tv. would really love to get to catch some games this year

  • Randy

    This would be an awesome gift because I would be able to follow as many NBA games that I wanted and still keep my new wife happy. She is from Brazil and would think that I was studying and learning Portuguese on the computer late into the evening when I was really watching the games on NBA LP Broadband.
    I guess, that I might have a problem later in the season when she starts talking to me in Portuguese and I look like a dumb-ass… but who cares… I could always hit the ESP button and converse with her in Espanol.

  • Michele

    We are in the process of adopting 2 little boys so, yeah, life is pretty much over the way we know it. Might as well get them hooked on the NBA at an early age. BTW, we are Cavs fans who live in CA.

  • Simon

    I wish I could say I’d be making a lot of cutbacks, but the honest truth is I’ve already made them. I’ve already had lots of sleepless nights, undone homework, classes missed relationships dissolved due to obsessing over the NBA and its intricacies. I read as many blog posts, articles, and recaps as I can sink my teeth into, listen to any podcasts I can find, watch nightly highlight reels, update my fantasy rosters daily. So if anything, getting a league pass would actually take away from all the other time I spend enjoying the NBA.

  • kev

    I already watch the few games I get at home on my phone through slingbox in class. With league pass I’ll be watching games even when doing homework! I’ll even make my girlfriend watch with me so we never have to go out anywhere!!!

  • Nicholas

    I will give up my late night partying to watch some NBA broadband. No JOKE!!!!!! The NBA makes you stronger. Late night attempts you to get high and drunk. I need some real partying in my life with some NBA broadband. Thanks for the proper contest. Will not make you dissapointed.

  • http://www.jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    OK-first off, the job has to go. With all the West coast games (I live on East coast), I’ll never be able to get up on time. To earn money, I plan on standing outside the Celtics’ players’ parking lot and harrassing Rondo for some of that $55 mil. He seems like a giving guy. AnyHOO.. I will also be getting an IV drip placed in my arm by my doctor. It will provide me with all the nutrients, vitamins and fluids I will need. Because I will obviously be giving up grocery shopping and eating solid food-just no time for that malarky. While at the doctor’s office, I will also be getting a catheter put in. No time for the bathroom folks! I hear they have these new NBA-themed ones with your team’s logo on the tip! I also will not shave, and will take sponge baths once a week (on days when there are no games) so I don’t miss any NBA action. Sex I am not sure about yet-there may be ways to incorporate that during a game. Laundry is out of the question as my washer & dryer are in the other room-I will just wear the cleanest dirty clothes I have every day. And finally, this is the tough one…I will not go to anymore Celtics home games. If I am going to have LeaguePass, I want to catch every minute possible of the NBA. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice! Ok, now bring on the LeaguePass man!!!!

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  • josh_guelda

    So i live in atlanta but im a bulls fan and wgn puts only 6 bulls games on a year. i need to watch that rookie of the year do his thing on a nightly basis. all i do is school ball and listen to the games all the games i am a HUGE oj mayo guy and painfully listened to the grizz blow an 8 point lead to the clipps last night. heard rudy went off tho but i would much rather watch all this then use the radio so do me that favor fellas. im out like kevin martin for 6-8 weeks.. damn. holla

  • josh_guelda

    So i live in atlanta but im a bulls fan and wgn puts only 6 bulls games on a year. i need to watch that rookie of the year do his thing on a nightly basis. all i do is school, ball, and listen to the games all the games. if i had league pass i would watch every game bc im a basketball fan always have been. nba season is hyped to be a great one and i have direct tv so of course i got the first week of games for freee but that only leaves me wanting more!!! its a tease man, but i stayed up till 2 every night eastern time. i watched kmart drop his 48 against my 2nd team da grizz. i am a HUGE oj mayo guy and painfully listened to the grizz blow an 8 point lead to the clipps last night. i listened as rudy went off for 33 but i would much rather watch all this then use the radio so do me that favor fellas. im out like kevin martin for 6-8 weeks.. damn. holla

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2009/11/win-a-year-of-league-pass-broadband/ Noah

    As a die hard Knicks fan going to school in Wisconsin, I have been unable to watch the team I love so dearly. Even though I am aware of their record and expectations, I still love this team and unfortunately do not have the privilege of watching every game since I no longer get the MSG channel and since seeing them play on national TV is just as likely as seeing big foot. If rewarded with this gift, I will cut down on my socializing in order to watch every Knick’s game, among many many others. However, I believe that this will help me study more. By knowing that I will be watching the Knick’s game that night, it will cause me to get my homework and studying done hours or even days before they are due so that I can remain undistracted while watching these NBA games. Please award me League Pass so my grades can improve.

  • docrostov

    Dear Slam,

    If I get a league pass, I will give up settling for a hella-patchy Justin.tv connection that feels like I’m reading a Tijuana bible with my girl flipping the pages. Fact is, I love this sport so much I’ll be watching all the games I possibly can anyway, so I don’t got much else to give up but that. I’m not a guy who lies to win a thing.

    Maybe you’ll help an honest guy out, tho.

    - Aaron