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Corey Maggette Wants the Boos to Stop

Corey isn’t feeling any love from the hometown fans, and he says it’s tough for him to deal with: “Hurt. Confused. A bit angry. That’s how Warriors forward Corey Maggette said he feels about his home fans booing him, which has been the case of late at Oracle Arena. ‘It’s not pleasant at all,’ Maggette said. ‘I remember the time when Al Harrington was here, and he was getting booed and he was asking to be traded. And I saw it when (Stephen Jackson) was here, and he was asking to be traded. And now, I’m getting booed for wanting to be part of this team through all this nonsense.”‘

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  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Why do people pay go to their home games to boo their home team?

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Why do people pay to go their home games to boo their home team?

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Sorry for repost.

  • CDub23KB24

    Thats lame. As a Sonics fan in Seattle i knew all about losing post Kemp/Payton. But never did our fans boo the players for coming out to entertain. The warriors are entertaining to watch despite all the garbage we hear so why the fans are such dorks i’ll never know… Go Sonics lol

  • rav

    he’s probably getting booed because he’s a selfish git who doesnt do anything apart from pick up stats and earn $10m of the fans money every year

  • Clark

    I dunno. Normally I would say fans should not boo their home team, but as a Bay Area resident, I think it’s time the warriors did a little to earn our support. 1 playoff appearance in 15 years? I know it was a spectacular one, but still, we need a little more to cheer about.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/nba/overdribbling/index276.html chiqo

    if you don’t like being booed, play better. but if i paid money to watch you played and you’re not playing well, i’m going to boo you. that’s just the way it is. being a fan doesn’t mean you can’t voice your displeasure when the team plays poorly.

  • http://dsfjkl.com Jukai

    nIQ: As a guy who lives in New York and has been to New York games, I can give you 500 reasons. You boo because you’re unhappy with the organization you’re giving money to. If the fans could say to Corey, “Hey we’re not booing you, we’re booing Don Nelson and Chris Mullin for continuously putting together teams that just don’t gel,” they would, but they can’t exactly elaborate in a crowd, so boos it is.

  • The D Train

    we should start booing at the movies if the movie sucks. we do it to guys who are much bigger and stronger than us, yet we won’t do it to a giant movie screen? or maybe at the local restaurant if the food sucks. i’m all for implementing nationwide booing anytime we pay for something and are not pleased. you wouldn’t even need critics anymore…if you walk by the local rib joint and you hear boos coming from within, just pass on by.

  • Kent Kanada

    Why does a SanFran person step up and say why? Or is it just all Canadians and New Yorkers?

    Obviously Corey Maggette is over paid, most players are. But fine boo him, he will just then want to be traded. But piece of shit fans that have no life skills does understand that the fans have a big effect on how their team plays. I’m not saying you have to cheer for him but booing, in your own hometown…kinda sounds like wiener Toronto fans..

  • Fat Lever

    Maggette has, by far, the best nickname in the league: Bad Porn, so at least he has that going for him.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Lol, Juks you should make a 2-row “Hey we’re not booing you, we’re booing Don Nelson and Chris Mullin for continuously putting together teams that just don’t gel” sign.

  • http://dfinney0415@yahoo.com KR

    This is logical, because the people who go to Golden State games are SO used to winning, the team having lackluster seasons are inexcusable. It’s never happened before.

  • wilz

    always thought the same D Train. ive already started myself

  • LA Huey

    quit crying you big baby

  • Anton

    I am from San Francisco and i know for a fact that he is getting booed because he clanks jumpers WAY too much. Take it into the paint muscle-man!

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    donald sterling said you were a player of the future…
    weight lifting small fowards who cant stop anybody
    are not much in demand….plus the clipper curse is following you.. lose the headband spell: corey maggate…there aint no d in it

  • http://kicksoncard.tumblr.com zack

    booing the home team is lame! i thought only Cleveland Crabs fans did that.

  • vtrobot

    the knicks definitely need to be booed. jukai, i would love to hear thousands all trying to exclaim that statement in unison. that’s funny. the knicks fans prolly have a much longer statement that they all need to work on saying simultaneously.

  • a_whiteman

    I say once u pay for your ticket u can cheer for whoever u want regardless especially with them high ass prices

  • jdn41

    well that’s what you get for giving them false hope with all this “We Believe” non sense, i remember when i fist found out santa clase, the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny were all make belief just like the warriors playoffs hope this year i was a misfit. It’s just a defensive mechanism that you guys left us fans to adapt to, instead of wondering what happened to barnes, baron davis, jason richardson, al harrington,jackson, being traded for nothing and wondering why the biggest hope of the season is randolph but he gets no minutes and biedrins is injured… excuse us for the booing we will cheer on soley based on the fact that RADMANOVIC played over 30 minutes 23 times from 2006-2008 and u guys already have him played 7 times in one month…go warriors

  • Sam Z

    at least they have a team to cheer for after the grizz moved we had nothing and booing ur team for no good reason isnt right i say the bay area should enjoy the ball the have and be thankful even if they lose they still get to see world class talent night and night out

  • Robb

    People in Oakland are used to boo. I mean, the have the Raiders and the Warriors. Poor people.

  • davidR

    ever since the we believe team, there’s been a lot of bandwagon warrior fans. they’ll boo anything: chris mullin, stephen jackson, baron davis, al harrington. it’s pretty sad really. i used to frequent GSOM, but since that playoff run, the quality of posts has gone WAY down all thanks to supposed warrior know-it-all’s posting a bunch of non-sense. times are tough for bay area sports

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    That’s stupid. No wonder Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson wanted out of Golden State. Look at these two now. Maggette is actually a very good player.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Send them to Baltimore. We haven’t had a winning or losing franchise since the Bullets left and changed their name to the Wizards. At least you have a hometown team/player to root for or against.

  • JoeMaMa

    D-Train is a genius. But we should Boo the same way that old hag in The Princess Bride did.

  • OneStep

    Fans in all sports don’t boo losing teams. They boo losing teams who don’t play with the same heart, passion and desire that they have for their club. Remember it is the fans that make a club. The people who commit their time and money and life to supporting their team through thick and thin are the lifeblood of sports. There will always be winners and losers. Fans accept this. The vast majority of fans support a club that will not end the season as champion and still they support that club. I’ve caught some of the Warriors “efforts” this season and they don’t deserve that moniker. Warriors do not whine about the boos, they knuckle down and give their blood, sweat and tears to the cause. Time to face the truth Mr. Maggette.

  • Yesse

    If a fan would boo on his own team’s player, i think he could be called somewhat a sell out in the fan culture.

  • ClydeSays

    You buy a ticket, you expect some effort out of your team. Corey should be able to grasp that simple concept.

  • OneStep

    Yesse: The player is the sellout. If you’re getting paid to play for my team then the least I expect is that you give your all every night. If you do that then you can bank on my cheers whether you have a good night or a bad one.

  • vtrobot

    if your hometown team, who you’ve long supported and paid thousands of dollars (over the years) to see, is consistently giving a horrible effort and isn’t making an attempt to play well as a cohesive unit, i think you have the right to voice your displeasure by booing and you will still be considered a fan. if you weren’t a fan, it wouldn’t bother you as much. no booing, ever? give me a f’ing break.

  • http://google Foshofigs

    Those that boo Maggette are morons. The man is shooting 46 percent from the field not to mention he gets to the foul line often. He is also playing out of position and guarding players he has no business guarding. He has agreed to come off the bench despite the fact that he is clearly the second best player on the team. The booing might come from unreal expectations – he is a good player and not a great player. Yeah he is probably overpaid but that is on management. Defenders dare him to shoot the J, so he shoots it. He comes off the bench to score. Sometimes he makes it and sometimes not, he just needs to stop shooting threes (even then he is only shooting a little over one a game). He usually guards the other teams best player. His D is good at times but inconsistent, but know what so is everyone else on the damn team and that includes you Monta. Everyone is taking plays off. I do not see boos for Monta’s nearly 5 turnovers a game, or when Morrow tries to dribble and kicks it off his foot, or when Randolph is so out of control he looks like he is the D league, or when Steph Curry does one of those damned one handed passes that get stolen so often – my point is players have strengths and no one is perfect. The man is trying and doing all right – so wake up. Or if you boo him boo the rest of the team, everyone’s sh-t got a little stank to it

  • http://www.euroleagueadventures.com Nick Gibson

    Boo Stephen Jackson when he comes back…boo Al Harrington when he comes back…but don’t boo the 7-man rotation that has Monta Ellis playing nearly 48 minutes per game over the past few weeks and demands a rookie (Curry) and undrafted soph (Morrow) to play about 35 per. Don’t boo the guys that are showing up and playing hard. And honestly, anybody who uses the term “overpaid” probably would be better off just swearing off pro sports for a while.

  • Gym Rat

    Maggette’s mistaking the “Boo’s” for “No’s”…
    I’ve watched almost every game this season (granted– on TV only– as I refuse to support the team financially until they get their act together).
    I know Maggette is working hard out there– but he takes really really bad shots and his jumper has been off the whole season. So yeah– I find myself screaming NOOOOO to the TV everytime Maggette’s thinking of shooting a jumper. I would much rather him drive to the basket and get to the line. Or drive to the basket, draw two defenders and kick it out to Morrow or another shooter. Defensively, he needs to stop flopping! Just play defense! He’s made too many poor decisions in the game (i.e. getting ejected last week against OKC when the team was already short-handed and we were in the middle of making a run). If he were on any other team, he’d be riding the bench.

  • davidR

    nick Gibson, you’re prolly one of those new warrior fans if you support booing Jackson when he gets back. even while unhappy he played hard. He carried the team last year while monta was injured, guarded pfs and the other teams best wing player, AND played point. how can you boo him?

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  • Kyle

    Stephen Jackson may have played hard, but after Don Nelson resurrected his career(no matter how insane, senile, and evil genius when it comes to matchups)Nelson put his neck out on the line for him.

    Then he cries? Sorry that Baron Davis was traded, but when you’re a gun-toting wannabe thug who thinks he’s the best player in the game, screw him. Davis is now shooting about 38 percent since leaving Golden State. I bet he wishes he were playing for Nellie now. Jackson has always thought he was better than he is.

    6’8 with hops but only shoots .417 from the field for his career, hits 3′s in the low 30′s, and doesn’t even shoot 80 percent from the line. How can you be 6’8 and not even grab 4 boards a game for your career?

    Gerald Wallace is a far better player but takes almost 6 shots less than Jackson. He’s only playing great defense and actually grabbing 12 boards a game.