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Hawks Filing Protest Over Shot Clock Error

For once, the shot clock wasn‘t in the Hawks‘ favor (they were on the road), and now they‘re planning on filing a protest with the League: “As you might imagine, Mike Woodson was pretty steamed. ‘Q: What happened with the apparent shot clock malfunction? A: I’m not going to comment on it at this time. We’re just going to file a protest without a doubt, let the league review it at the two-minute mark and then see what they think. Q: What role did that play in the game? A: We’ve got a one-point lead with the ball going the other way and we’re rushing to get a shot because the clock is not in our favor. You figure it out.”‘

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  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    Karma, deal with it.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    What an egregious mistake at a critical point in the game. What exactly do we have instant replay for?

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    Good luck with that.

  • no id

    I’m not da one to really complain about calls and non calls but that had a game changing effect…If it was the Cavs they would b protesting too..And plz don’t give me that “they shouldve never gave up the lead stuff”..All good teams make runs and to that point in the game the Hawks withstood everytime the Cavs made a run. The Hawks led basically the WHOLE game..but it is what is..it was Bron’s B Day and there was NO way they was gonna let him be 0-5 on his birthday.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    I guess the instant replay is only used when it doesn’t involve the Hawks.

  • BostonBaller


  • Myung

    Karma? Psh. Yes, we’ve had clock issues at Philips Arena (2 or 3 instances in the past few years), but it’s not like the Hawks have been the beneficiary of those instances. It’s an embarrassment, yes, but again, we didn’t benefit from them. Last night, the Cavs clearly benefited, especially since it was at such a crucial juncture of the game. It may not have been why we lost (there has to be personal accountability as a team when you choke up a 17 point lead), but it certainly played a pivotal role. We had a portion of a Hawks-Heat game re-played about 3 years ago because a stat keeper at Philips Arena messed up. I don’t see why we can’t replay the last few minutes of this game, the next time we’re in CLE (April 2nd).

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    @Myung, The Hawks didnt benifit from starting the clock early before anyone touched the ball on a last second ally oop play to TJ Ford that went in and would have won the game if the clock didnt start early?
    The worst part is that the Raps and Hawks sucked balls that year so it dosnt really matter but that play would have been the highlight of TJ’s career to date.

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty
  • Myung

    My bad. I don’t remember that play, Boing. If the Raps protested that call, I would’ve had no problem with it.

  • http://realcavsfans.com Anton

    I thought they were going to protest that the shotclock be reset to “0″ after Andy’s 3 ripped apart the fibers of the time-space continuum.

  • Myung

    Hmm. My last comment didn’t show up. Boing, my bad. I don’t remember that play. I’ll take your word on it. If the Raps filed a protest after said play, I would’ve been OK with it. I don’t like cheap wins or losses.

  • Tim

    Karma is a bitch

  • Davis

    Instead of rushing the shot let the clock run out, the dead ball would have made the play instantly reviewable, be smart about it and then complain. As much as we blast them the refs would have made the right call in the situation. The game clock and shot clock would have been reset and the possesion replayed.

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    Its cool, i see both your comments. I posted a link to it but it didnt get moderated yet.


    As I understand it, Woodson knew the clock was wrong as the Hawks attacked but said nothing. Then, when the Hawks turned it over and the Cavs scored – then Woodson protested. Too late, said the refs, too much has happened since. Refs decision. Shot clock violations happen fairly often, due to human error, not evil intent. Refs routinely reset the clock when nothing has happened, but not when the game has progressed. Woodson just waited too long in hopes the Hawks would score on that possession. Oops. Refs decision. Protests cost $10,000 BTW.

  • Myung

    To address your point, Davis, while it is completely valid, it’s asking a lot for a team to be aware that there was a clock malfunction in the heat of the moment. While in theory, what you’re saying is correct (that they should’ve just let the clock expire instead of trying to score), I’m not sure you’ll find many NBA players, with under 2 minutes to go in a 1 point game, who would be that on top of things. We were pretty much out of time out’s, which made matters worse. The Hawks got a board and pushed the ball up court within seconds in a hostile environment… you can’t really blame them for trying to score once they saw that the shot clock was down to 3 seconds, can you?

  • Myung

    Woody, if that’s true, then the blame falls on Coach Woodson. Just wondering though…what evidence is there to show that this was in fact the case? Where did you read/see/hear this?


    The events unfurled as I described them. I was there last night. What happened in Woodson’s mind is pure speculation, but reasonable. He was running up and down like a crazy man. We never knew why till later. Cavs were on a roll though. Smothering defense, good offense. It seems to me that the Hawks waited too long to protest, since other, unrelated things had happened. The refs considered Woodson’s protest and ruled against him on the floor. We were still clueless. And the game continued. Ref’s decision. I think it was right, but, in any case, game over. Cavs won by five, not one or two. Move on.

  • Myung

    Some in other words, complete speculation on your part. I respect that you’re a Cavs fan who has your biases, and I am a Hawks fan who has mine. Let me ask you though; if the situation were reversed, would you just move on? OR would you want your team to protest the ending so you could have a fair shake at a hard fought win? If we lose fair and square, so be it. I can live with that. We lost Tuesday night, not because Cleveland played well but because we absolutely stunk up Philips Arena with the worst offensive display I’ve seen in a long time (scoreless for the 1st 9 minutes of the 4th). That pill was hard enough to swallow. But we lost last night under completely different circumstances. Not only did we blow a 17 point lead, but the refs impacted TWO critical plays within the last two minutes (1. The shot clock 2. Changing Varejao’s 2 to a 3). The 3 pointer, what can you do? The tape doesn’t lie. It was impactful because Woodson drew up a play thinking we were trailing by 2, only to have to change it at the last minute… but again, the refs got it right. It WAS a 3, so that’s fine. But the right thing for the League to do is let the teams play the last two minutes the next time these two meet in CLE (early April).

  • Myung

    You experience things at a game that you don’t see on TV, and vice versa. I’ve been to enough games at Philips Arena and the Omni (our old arena) to know that you see things on the floor and without the benefit of replay or the announcers explaining the call, you end with a bunch of ?????’s until you get home and see what happened. I wasn’t at the Q like you were, but I refuse to believe Woodson just kept quiet if he knew the clock malfunctioned, even if that’s what you remember seeing. What you’re saying is that he treated it like a free play in football (once a penalty flag is thrown). Again, sorry … we might have to agree to disagree but as someone who saw the game last night on TV, considering how livid coach was after the fact, I can’t believe he just kept things to himself UNTIL we turned the ball over. I’ve been a big critic of Woodson over the years, but I don’t think any coach would be that stupid at that juncture of a game. BTW, your team swept my team and has dominated us for the better part of a decade now. It’s easy for you to say, “Move on” when you’re used to winning. I’m coming from a different perspective, as a fan of a team that’s turning a corner (similar to how you guys probably felt at this point in 2003). A win vs. the team that knocked you out of the Playoffs would be extremely meaningful for the team and its fan base, especially considering there’s a decent chance we’ll meet again in Round 2. Last night’s game is 1 out of 82, yes, but games vs. CLE, ORL, and BOS carry a lot more weight for the Hawks, since we’re a team that’s trying to break through the proverbial glass ceiling.

  • Winston7732

    As I understand it, Mike Brown knew the clock was wrong as the Hawks attacked but said nothing. Then, when the Hawks turned it over and the Cavs scored – Mike Woodson protested. Too late, said the refs, too much has happened since because the Cavs scored and the Hawks didn’t. Refs cheating decision. Shot clock violations happen fairly often, due to human error, & evil intent(See Bucks vs Cavs game 12/18/09). Refs routinely reset the clock when nothing has happened, but not when the game has progressed and the game progressed because the Cavs scored and the Hawks missed their shot. The game wouldn’t have progressed if the Hawks scored, because then the clock would have stopped and LeBron would complain that the shot clock was wrong and the basket would not have counted. The refs just waited too long in hopes the Hawks would miss on that possession. Had they scored, time would have stopped, the clock reset, and the basket waived off. Oops. Refs cheating decision. Protests cost $10,000 BTW.

  • kudos

    Winston- You sir, are not that bright. It doesn’t matter if the coach knew it or not, because the players didn’t. Second, if your playing in a game and you look at the clock winding down to 4 seconds your going to make a move or pass to someone in position to do something right away. It’s common sense. It’s not (stop playing and put the ball on the floor like a lil kid) or anything else going on in your mind. Fact is, just like always, the refs will give the cavs (lebron in particular) the benefit of doubt 10/10 times. Don’t like it doesn’t happen every playoffs.

  • Winston7732

    I know that. Reread what I posted.


    I understand Hawks fans frustration at losing – but they lost. If they had had the benefit of a full shot clock and a perfect play, (although Hawk offense, trying to be both nice and truthful, was often absent in the last few minutes of that game), if they had had full time and scored a three, they still would have lost. The error was not that of the Cavs organization or team but of some nameless official who screwed up. Screwing the Hawks out of a full possession was wrong, so give them three useless points. Screwing the Cavs out of a strong comeback win that put them on top in the East, I believe, would be unconscionable, considering their total lack of responsibility for any error. Besides, we both know the likelihood of the league overturning a ref decision when discretion was involved – zero.

  • chaps

    Incopetent refs- they might as well have homer and peter griffen suit, in a animated world of course hehe

    Can someone explain what the benefit of a protest is? What’s the point?

  • Winston7732

    The Hawks didn’t lose, the Cavs cheated. They shouldn’t even replay the game. It should be a forfeit loss for the Cavs for getting caught cheating.