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Lakers Lock Up Gasol With Contract Extension

Since acquiring Pau Gasol during the 2007-2008 season, the Los Angeles Lakers have never suffered through a three game losing streak. If they never go through one of those during his tenure in L.A., as of today, that means that they won’t suffer three Ls in a row through the 2013-2014 season, when Gasol would again be a free agent.

As the Los Angeles Times first reported earlier today:

The Lakers will announce today that Pau Gasol has signed a three-year contract extension.

The sides agreed to terms late last week, but Gasol had to return home with the team and pass a physical exam before signing an extension worth up to $64.7 million, depending on NBA salary-cap figures to be determined in 2011.

The press conference was held earlier this afternoon.

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  • http://myspace.com/weezyleezy337 GametimeWeezy

    smart move…some teams just make being good look so easy.

  • http://myspace kenneth chavis

    the lakers are spending a LOT of money with all these players including Kobe, Odom, Artest, Bynum and now Pau. Honestly, if Kobe wants to make a positive impression on everyone in the world then he should take a salary cut to keep this team together

  • Michael Scorn

    Lets see how much of a salary cut LeBron is willing to take to win.

  • hellyea

    @kenneth: Yeah f*cking right.

  • Michael Scorn

    Kobe will only think about taking a pay cut if he starts seeing other players busting their a$$ like he is trying to get better.

  • JLP

    They are playing 82 regular season games, practise every day, have a bunch of medical and conditioning staff…. and Pau has to take a physical exam?

  • Omnixyience (Philippines)

    @Kenneth, your absolutely 100% IDIOT!
    Kobe’s the best player in league, how can any agent or management even came to their mind that kind of talent and a player would want to cut of his salary, and his not the one negotiating it, it’s his agent! If you want to talk cutting salary find a player who’s paid to much by his team and not showing his rightfully earned dollar, say Mr.111 Hibachi?

  • http://www.acb.com Alan

    love this move. the Lakers wil be strong for years to come. sweet for the haters of Kobe and LA. the league is purple and yellow baby.

  • SWIFTboy

    @kenneth et. al: Also realize the team will stay together no matter how much money Kobe makes. They’re obviously not worried about going over the cap.

  • kobesbestfriend

    Thank god 4 Kwame Brown!

  • Fat Lever

    Chris Wallace approves of this. Lakers fans should be stuffing his mailbox with gifts for the next 5 years.

  • derrick

    good move for the lake show. it makes me hate them that much more. the nba’s yankees.

  • JD

    T-Mac’s only 30? what a waste

  • nastierthanu

    Kobe will have a chance to go after jordans legacy. The lakers are giving him the opportunity. That game winner against the bucks looked si much like mike it was sick. Love em or hate em kobe is epic.