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Nate Robinson Trade Watch Intensifying

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Nate Robinson hasn’t seen the court in nine games. The Knicks have gone 6-3 in that period of time. And things are getting awkward in Gotham.

Robinson’s agent went on the offensive on Saturday, basically demanding a trade for his client. According to Nate’s rep, Aaron Goodwin, head coach Mike D’Antoni has something of a personal vendetta against the diminutive guard.

From the NY Post:

“I have asked the Knicks to move Nate,” Goodwin told The Post “At this point it’s personal. I don’t think Mike [D'Antoni] has [ever] done anything to show it’s basketball-related. I felt that way talking to Walsh during the Chicago game when they went 4-of-23 in the third quarter and the gentleman didn’t look for Nate to help out. They had a 39-point second half and for whatever reason he didn’t consider Nate.”

Oddly enough, Nate came out and told the media yesterday that he wants to remain in New York, assuming of course that he’s no longer glued to the bench.

According to some, if a trade were to be worked out (something Nate has the right to veto), Robinson would prefer to land in Boston. A buyout also sounds like a plausible option for the Knicks and their embattled point guard.

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  • riggs

    i feel for nate but he got himself into this predicament, best way to get himself out? change his mentality, and im actually a huge fan of his.

  • LB

    Nate needs to grow up. His reckless play is why he is on the bench. Being the team cheerleader will only get you so far. He jacks up shots he has no business taking..not just ones in the wrong hoop..and makes stupid decisions time after time. Love the guy but this is business. Contribute or GET OUT. I am sick of the Knicks being the laughing stock of the NBA. Thankfully, the Nets have helped out this year..but hey!

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    I really think mike D is kind of an assh*le he seems like he’s bought into his own hype a little.

  • Coach Walt

    What did he do exactly to get him self into this situation where he isnt playing?

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    Wow that last paragraph totally askewed space-time and drifted us all back to 2008.

  • Ghost (of Xavier McDaniel)

    That last paragraph could have applied to Marbury last year. That whole immature, uncontrollable schtick is getting old.. and so is Nate..about 26 years old. At some point you have to play the game and contribute and not be a hindrance. To be a taking shots at your own net shows you lack professionalism and perspective. By the way, I wanna play in Boston too!. No way that lack of discipline is flying with the big ticket.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Do you guys even know WHY he is benched? You guys are all saying how he needs to change his mentality or he needs to grow up. Do you know even know why D’Antoni benched him? It’s cause he was talking to Dwight Howard before a game. THAT’S IT. They were facing Orlando and D’Antoni felt Nate wasn’t helping the team because he was simply having a chitchat with Dwight. That’s some rediculous sh!t. Obviously it’s personal.

  • tavoris

    I guess Mike D doesn’t realize that Robinson is one of a handful of players that people WANT to see. Sure, the whole winning thing is important, but didn’t they trade away EVERYBODY and tank last season for this summer?

  • Ghost (Of Xavier McDaniel)

    I feel you Niq. D’Antoni definitely is a pr!ck but that’s the point. He’s the coach and if he feels that Nate is not helping the team because he’s having a chat with the opposing team than that’s enough to bench him. Knowing he’s a pr!ck Nate shouldn’t give him excuses . It was personal with Marbury too…

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    give him to LA. we will drop Farmar or Sasha in a new york minute. play wit it.

  • cb 34

    @ niq: Don’t blame Mike D entirely for the benching, Nate had a lot to do with it. He would give you energy yes, points sometimes but the turnovers and bad decision making are a constant. His shooting at their own hoop against the nets didn’t help matters much. Nate is a special player but he’s a bit militant too. The knicks are playing ok right now so why mess it up? Mike thinks he just takes everything lightly which he does.

  • kboogie201

    Nate having a pre game covo with Dwight is not the only reason why he’s in the doghouse. Nate is the only person to blame for being benched. I’m a Nat fan, and I think it’s a good move by D’antoni to bench him. He’s on a one year contract, and at the very least he should be on his best behavior for the best interest of his own future. He def does not take the game serious, he’s took a shot at the opposing team’s basket at the buzzer, he’s celebrated with fans on the sidelines after he scores (while getting blown out), and has gotten into it with the coach during games. I’ve watched every Knick game this year, and to be honest I cringe when Nate is in the game. If not getting any offers this season wasn’t a wake up call for him, then he obviously doesn’t get it. I would love to keep him on the team, but he has to learn how to play the game the right way(Team first).

  • riggs

    @niq: thats not the main reason (having watched most of the knicks games since dan’s reign as coach) but that and taking that shot on the wrong rim were one of the last straws that broke the camels back so to say.

  • Dfrance

    I don’t know why he’s benched, but i will say that he’s handling it well from what i can see. He’s always cheering his teammates on and is the first off the bench to greet them during timeouts. I’m glad he’s not taking the AI approach to the benching.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Did Nate Robinson really play that much worse than Duhon? Or Gallo? Or most of the Knicks roster outside of Al Harrington and David Lee?
    Seriously, Nate has issues, but it’s not like he’s worthless. Mike D just decided to make an example out of Nate. He did the same thing to Marbury in case y’all forgot.

  • ConeyIslander

    Nate needs a hug, then a slap! Grow up!

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    ENJOY DP!!!!

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    Also, don’t know why you guys are surprised. D’Antoni has a rich history of doing this.
    I don’t know why there isn’t more interesting in Nate. He’s taken the benching like a champ. Isn’t that what people are always worried about, character? Dude seems to have a lot of it.

  • Yesse

    I hope Nate goes to a championship team.Maybe will not see as much playing time as in Knicks, but i would really like to see him in a good team.

  • mad max

    Boy CAN’T guard anyone. Bad shots. Attitude. Not professional. Does he bring energy, yes. But everything else he brings overshadows. He’d be an asset to a championship team as 7th dude off bench. Splinters baby, splinters.

  • http://www.teflinprague.com SAB

    these two statements are contradictory, aren’t they? “At this point it’s personal. I don’t think Mike [D'Antoni] has [ever] done anything to show it’s basketball-related” —- “Nate Robinson hasn’t seen the court in nine games. The Knicks have gone 6-3 in that period of time”

  • JD

    Is it me, or is this starting to sound like the Marbury saga all over again?

  • Loqui

    This is nothing like the Marbury saga, the other dude was a pain and whose situation got out of hand. The knicks didn’t handle it well but he certainly didn’t either – talking to the rags and such. However, with Nate, Mike D has been open about the benching. It has nothing to do with the Dwight convo, that ish was made up by the worst “journalist” in NYC (Berman). Nate was playing for himself, looking for that contract. Now, Nate hasn’t worked his way up into the rotation, so rookie Douglas gets his minutes. Besides, the Knicks are playing much better with a shorter rotation. During the off-season nobody wanted Nate so Knicks signed him but right now his value aint up, we’ll see where he gets traded.
    Another thing, Larry Hughes was benched early in the season but then worked his way into the rotation and has been really good for the Knicks. My point there is that Mike does gives second chances but Nate hasn’t been able to prove his worth.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    People think the shorter rotation is because D’Antoni figured who wanted to play.
    That’s bogus.
    If it’s about defense or taking smart shots than Gallo should be riding the bench, period. All dude does is shoot threes all damn game long. Long threes. Quick threes. Bad threes. The other night against Chicago he took like 15 threes in one game. And recently he had ZERO rebounds in a game. Did I mention that dude is like 6’11″?
    Come on now, that’s unacceptable. It’s personal.

  • http://www.teflinprague.com SAB

    what is all this whining about whether it’s personal or not?! they are 6-3 without him! clearly, he’s not too important to the team either way…………..

  • http://www.cracked.com litetitan

    Mike D is showing the Knicks roster that by concentrating your efforts on the court and not socially, ANY team can win in the NBA. This is the same team of guys from last year but you change the mental approach and viola…. wins on the board. To get to the NBA takes talent and effort, obviously you look at an NBA roster (generally) and all the guys come from winning backgrounds….to take that to the next level requires focus. Nate just doesn’t focus in the manner the coach expects.

  • Loqui

    Gallo is developing quite nicely and is driving to the hoop more and more. He should not go to the bench, he’s part of our future. About the rebounds, he’s avg like 5, not great but improving.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Allenp: Gallinari is a Small Forward; he can jack up perimeter shots. Now Bargnani? That’s different. He’s a center.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    D’Antoni is a jack@ss. He wants to get rid of Nate but he’ll let Larry “Six Turnovers No Wins” Hughes jack up shots all day. If they trade Nate, they should try and get something for Larry too.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Also, if the rookie Douglas gets Nate’s minutes (which he should), WHY DOESN’T HE FREAKING PLAY?! Sit Duhon more and PUT DOUGLAS IN THE F*CKIN GAME! Wow D’Antoni is an idiot.

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    people forget that in his rookie year nate robinson regularly got playing time while larry brown was coach. If nate’s attitude and play style were enough so larry freakin brown could stomach giving him heavy minutes, what the hell does mike d’antoni have to complain about?

  • http://www.twitter.com/PDXGayBball dma

    lmao at all these guys saying dantoni is an idiot or a bad coach. guess that’s why he’s a multi-millonaire and in the league and we’re still watching games on cable.

  • Tim

    I think its a personal thing going on, Nate has shown he can play and contribute in the past.. and d’antoni has shown if he doesnt like you that youll stick to the bench (Diaw, marbury, Nate)

  • http://slamonline.com Dave

    litetitan, coming in from Venus with the revelation that, apparently, any team can win in the NBA. Ya hear that, Jersey? You CAN win!

  • http://slamonline.com Dave

    @dma: because being rich and doing your job badly makes you a great person.


    if he wants to go to boston, he’ll be in the same position…unless he gets his game better than House.

  • chintao

    What Bryan said….

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