Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 at 10:30 am  |  16 responses

Twitter Moaning Gets T-Will in Trouble

One of the great things about Twitter is that it allows players to vent. This is great for fans and casual observers, not necessarily for the players: “Williams, the Nets’ top draft pick out of Louisville, used his Twitter account to voice his displeasure over his shrinking minutes and playing for the Nets in general, posting a message on Monday about what it would have been like had he been drafted by another team instead. ‘How would it be if Mr. Stern called my name 10 min earlier,’ tweeted Williams, who was chosen at No. 11 in June’s draft. “#9 or 5 min later #12 hmmmmmmmmm to bad I can’t live off what ifs.’ Toronto had the No. 9 pick in the draft and Charlotte had No. 12. In a different message, Williams wrote, ‘Up early to the gym before practice to practice before practice, because NOW practice is my games.’ Against the Knicks on Sunday, Williams played just 9:24, his least amount of time this season. It was also his only scoreless game so far, as he finished 0-for-5. Williams did not play last night.”

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  • riggs

    lmao great way to earn it smh.

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    When will these rookies ever learn?

  • Sparker

    twitter’s weird. even when you know the sh*t’s being published, it feels like you’re talking to yourself

  • http://www.manutd.com Z


  • Coach Walt

    He should be able to voice his displeasure..sounds like he is still going hard in practice, and working out before practice. Lets talk about GM’s and Owners who dont care about winning when they are in big markets b/c seats are still being soldout, or merchandise is being bought at a rapid rate. Bulls, Nets, Clippers, Knicks, dont care about winning, they are content with merchandise and ticket sales

  • Clark

    What’s really weird is why would he fantasize about going to Toronto or Charlotte? I know they have more wins than the Nets, but I still think the Nets have a much brighter future. Not to mention, do you think T-Will has looked at Gerald Henderson’s playing time lately? I don’t know why he would want to be with the Cats…

  • Rob

    Wel, Chris Douglas-Roberts has a better game rook, so keep workin’ hard if you wanna play more minutes.

  • Coach Walt

    At least its not in post game interviews, the media and the NBA sure knows what it wants to make a big deal of. WHEN I WAS 7 I KNEW IT WAS CHEATING OR SUSPECT CALLS MADE BY REFS IN NBA GAMES, AND THAT WAS ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO…THEY STILL HAVE THE LID ON THAT…

  • George

    Bucks will trade Michael Redd for T-Will and a bunch of other contracts

    If only….

  • NJ4Life

    Hey Terrence, how bout you get off the damn computer and work on that jumper. You’re killin us with those missed looks…

  • K-Nasty

    Twitter is the devil

  • Tommy Patron

    K-Nasty-That’s for real!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Douglas-Roberts was on lockdown on the bench last year… It happens to the best of rookies. Now he’s balling out of his mind, after being glued to the bench literally like 5 months ago. Dwight Howard also warmed the bench his rookie year. Relax, T-Will, you’ll get your chance eventually.
    Unless your name is Joseph Forte, and in that case I will not know where you are. Forte was great in college, though.

  • JD

    Can’t blame him

  • LA Huey

    sounds hawt

  • Da Hood

    he’s an ass and been an ass, and its evident in that NBA Live article for Slamonline.