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Jerry Stackhouse Is Headed to Milwaukee

The Bucks hope the veteran guard can dull some of the pain from losing Michael Redd for the rest of the season: “According to a league source, veteran guard Jerry Stackhouse will sign a contract for the rest of the season and join the Milwaukee Bucks following their six-game road trip, which ends Monday against the Houston Rockets. Stackhouse has not been in the National Basketball Association this season after being traded by Dallas during the summer and later being released by his new team, the Memphis Grizzlies. It is expected that Stackhouse will sign a contract for the veteran’s minimum salary either Monday or Tuesday and be with the Bucks when they host the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night. The 35-year-old has been working out in Atlanta and hoping for a chance to get back in the league. The opportunity came after Redd suffered torn ligaments in his left knee during a game in Los Angeles on Jan. 10, leaving the Bucks thin at the shooting guard position.”

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  • Jerz

    Good. Welcome back, Stack……

    And First….

  • Brickshooting J

    Not exactly a contender, but hey, business is business.

  • riggs

    couldnt they just sign a d-leaguer? damn there are some dudes that would like to play.

  • underdog

    I’m happy he’s back. I’m curious what kind of role he’ll have in the team, and how this thing works out for the Bucks. They have not much to lose on this situation, Stack is a vet.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Before Dallas, Stack was an instant 20 point guy per night. Hopefully he can get somewhere even near that.. But he IS 35, so…

  • http://Vikturus Vikturus

    14-16 ppg is my guess!

  • http://myspace.com/weezyleezy337 GametimeWeezy

    Stackhouse used to be the MAN at UNC and in Philly before Iverson. He better wear #42

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    SOMEONE SIGN WILL CONROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wilz


  • Joe

    They STILL should had traded Redd for T-Mac.

  • http://www.twitter.com/PDXGayBball dma

    really stackhouse gets a job in the league why? and why with the bucks? they’re not going to be making a push for the playoffs. they’re 2 games out so i guess it’s feasible.

  • JoeMaMa

    He wanted to go to a contender; he said that specifically. I’m thinking that A) He needs money B) No one else was biting and/or C) He absolutely loves the ambiance of Milwaukee.

  • therighttoremainsalient

    Stackhouse to Milwaukee, it’s a little like washing the red training jersey with your whites; a bit of a gamble – if it goes okay, you just might have got things done but if it all goes horribly wrong everyones going to tell.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    He’s still alive?

  • OneStep

    Oh dear. Hopefully, Stack has been putting in plenty of time working on his broken j. He can’t rely on getting to the basket any more so this could be the final nail in his NBA coffin if he can’t knock down the open jumper.

  • ball4life

    @Wayno Lol. yeah he has to stay in the league a little longer so he can get back at John Wall for dunking on him. hahaha

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