Friday, January 29th, 2010 at 11:29 am  |  19 responses

Lakers to Face Regal Barcelona in Preseason

MARCA is reporting that the Lakers will play an exhibition game against Europe’s top team, Regal Barcelona, this October. Pau Gasol played for Regal before the Grizzlies selected him with the No. 3 pick in the 2001 Draft. It’s also a chance for NBA fans to see Ricky Rubio up close.

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  • http://www.behindtheback.webeden.co.uk Sam Raphael Chadwick

    Wow will this be played in the USA if not im going to Barcelona to watch that?

    Barcelona is probably the best team in europe and the Lakers are obviously one of the best in the states so should be a great game

  • http://myspace.com/rsaenz24 RoG23

    wow! sounds cool

  • LA Huey

    Greek dude, get on this.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    I bet Ricky impresses. We might get to see him guarding Kobe, which would be dope as far as preseason matchups go.

  • th3darkhors3

    ricky rubio on kobe….that sounds fair.

  • T-Money

    i have no doubt that he will impress being guarded by derek fisher.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Could get some nice crossover highlights on O without much trouble. Can’t wait…

  • Brickshooting J

    Sorry to be picky, but Pau Gasol was chosen in the draft by the Atlanta Hawks, then traded to the Grizzlies.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Ricky Christina Barcelona drops 50, applies for “warm weather” clause.

  • kudos

    If Fisher still is starting pg, rubio will have a field day. If phil was smart, he’d stick shannon on him all 48min, then the lakers would murder rubio, not to mention barcelona

  • ab_40

    it will probably be played with nba rules where european teams have lot of trouble at the halfway point of the third quarter they’re out of gass most of the time. but as far as preseason matchups go it’s great. If it’s in spain with rubio, gasol and kobe bryant on the same court it’s gonna be berserk.

  • Aristotle

    Let’s be honest here… Regal Barcelona are not Europe’s top team, but they are going great this season. It’s really all about Rubio and his future to the NBA, and a great welcoming back party for Gasol. Throw in the Lakers who have been the team of the noughties and you have yourself a great game full of hype. If it’s in Europe that they will be playing, then I suggest the Lakers to go play CSKA Moscow, Panathinaikos, and Maccabi Elite. Teams that have been in the final four and winning titles for this past decade. Barca made it and won it in 2003. That’s about it for them.

    P.S If the Lakers go to play Panathinaikos, maybe the bosses of Panathinaikos and Olympiakos can show him what all those $80 million talks were about.

  • Paasilinna

    Aristotle, you’re a little out of date in European basketball or maybe you’re biased. Regal Barcelona is the top team in Europe right now, no doubt about it. Panathinakos? They lose at home this week against Partizan and they also lose 2 times against Real Madrid (third in the Spanish league). Maccabi is not even one of the best eight teams in Europe this year. And CSKA, though a hard team, is not so dominant. How many games has Barcelona lost this year? No one in Euroleague (and winning with a 20 points margin) and 2 in the Spanish League. The last one with a buzzer beater.

  • A l a n

    the link states the game will be played in Barcelona, undoubtedly. October 7th. Hope I can get tickets.

  • nastierthanu

    Stern keeps chasing that international market and he’s going to play a large role in guys taking it over the pond. Its only a matter of time until a big name player takes that over seas moola

  • JoeMaMa

    nastier, you got me thinking: when the new CBA come rolling through, there’s talk of second tier superstars (several first options on a squad, most second options, a few thirds…) getting what, an $8-9 million a year contract? Everyone, it seems, stands to lose alot of money after, it also seems, a long lockout. There’s bound to be some big names hightailing it overseas to get that Josh Childress money.

  • Chris

    How do I get tickets for this..?

  • UnRel

    i wonder how much kobe will play compared to a rubio vs morrison matchup..

  • Kamil

    I Have two VIP tickets