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Sir Charles on Steroids in Sports

Barkley gives his typically unique and hilarious take on the situation: “First of all, I don’t care to be honest with you. It’s funny how the public wants to think that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I grew up on welfare in Alabama. If somebody told me that they could stick something in my ass to get me making 100 or 200 million dollars, I’m gonna be the first in line.  First of all, this stuff wasn’t illegal at the time. They weren’t even testing for it supposedly. If I could take a needle and start making 15 or 20 million dollars a year, of course I would do it. It bothers me when everybody wants to act like they’re so sanctimonious and so martyr. If some of these people are out there at the job and they know like I can get an injection, they’re not testing for it, it’s not illegal and I can make 10 or 20 million dollars a year or 2 to 300 million dollars of course they would do it!”

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  • J.Deneer

    The Best.

  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    F*ckin a.

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE


  • LA Huey

    Amen. The problem I have is the general public doesn’t know anything about it except that it’s considered taboo but they’re willing to take a stance on the issue.

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    Real talk. It wasn’t banned nor tested. What bothers me is the lying. In hindsight, woul have McGuire or any other slugger been worse off by fessing up right away? No.

  • riggs

    theyre so martyr?!?

  • tavoris

    Barkley is like that drunk uncle that’s always offensive, but also mostly CORRECT. Respect.

  • ball4life

    Does anyone think Charles took steroids himself??

  • Homie

    ball4life: the only steroids Chuck took would be the ones that were used to fatten up the numerous chickens, pigs and cows that gave their lives to make him the man he is today.

  • ball4life

    @Homie so i guess he technicaly did take steroids. if he gave them to the animals he ate. aha

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    Oh and high school kids die and get emotional issues from them when they take them to be like the pro athletes that take them. Not a role model indeed

  • Hussman25

    He tells it like it is! U got to love Chuck!

  • tavoris

    @Sam-@ least Charles has been consistent on his stance.

  • Forrest Crunk

    Hey Sam, looks like you’re the same sanctimonious type Charles speaks of. If you knew anything about steroids, you’d know that high school kids aren’t exactly in the market to be able to purchase even one cycle’s worth of them, much less killing themselves with them. The notion that kids are running out and shooting up steroids because an athlete has been found to have used them is unrealistic at best. If you’re going to attack Charles with passive-aggressive fervor, attack him for the DUI, as alcohol has claimed the lives millions more of our high schoolers than steroids ever have or will.

  • http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    Chuck is pissed at the system. He’s not hating the player, he’s hating the game. And he might be onto something.

  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    Pro athletes take steroids to heal better from injuries and increase stamina to be able to work out longer and harder. But they’re already pro athletes a 15 year old kid who takes steroids to bulk up to be like said pro athlete is a damn idiot and you can’t shirk the responsiblity onto pro athletes because they’re an easy target. Teach your kids common sense and to be realistic, and then we won’t have so many fools in the world running out to get a cycle of steroids at 15. Educate them on the cons of steroid use, but also discuss the very real pros, like how doctor prescribed steroids can do a lot of things for you. There is a time and a place for these things to be used, but in high school “to get an edge” is not one of them. This isn’t cocaine or heroin or even meth we’re talking about, which is funny because no one seems to b*tch about geezy calling himself the snowman and how that affects kids. Well I take that back people do b*tch about it but the built in excuse is “I’m not condoning it just spreading the news about it”. That’s the kind of sh*t we should be more concerned about, and again that falls on the parents and adults actually in the kids life to push him in the right direction. Celebrities of any stature don’t have the right be reckless but I don’t think they should be held to any higher standard than anyone else is, its unfair and its only done by people who are jealous that they don’t have the same life.

  • tavoris


  • Peter

    What about the fact that its cheating…Charles is neglecting a little thing called ethics, which are inherent in business too. Some things are just ethically wrong even if they aren’t illegal…plus the guys he’s talking about were already making millions of dollars a year so his example isn’t exactly relevant.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Right or wrong, you have to love Chuck.

  • robb

    @ball4life that was some hilarious sh*t

  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    You’re cheating yourself, fans the team that pays you and everyone else if you don’t do everything in your power to stay healthy and earn the money that’s being shelled out for you. I don’t care what anybody says steroids did not help Barry Bonds hit .370 it may have helped his inflated HR totals due to more energy and better health but he hit .370 at 40 years old because he was that f*cking good. Roger Clemens did not throw the ball harder because of Steroids and Rashard Lewis did not shoot the ball better because of steroids. These things are talents that these people are blessed with and the only thing ‘roids did was keep them healthy and feelings well enough to compete at the highest level of their already inherent ability. I’m a pretty good basketball player by amateur standards, I can take a million cycles of steroids and hgh and works my ass and it won’t change my actual basketball ability to nba levels. I will never be any more than a good local rec league player and steroids or anything else will not help me be a better shooter,ballhandler, rebounder, passer, scorer or shotblocker. So exactly how is it cheating? Because you’re able to recover from injuries faster than your average third baseman? Because you’re able to stay healthier into your 40s and be able to compete with 25 year olds for a job that’s been yours while they were on their mothers t*t? Just like Chuck said, if someone came to you , Peter, and said if I inject this in you , you would be a millionaire you would sit on that needle so f*cking fast it would require surgery to get it out. Fortunatley steroids don’t work that way and guys like you and me will never be on that level no matter what the “experts” tell you. Where would your moral compass be then?

  • gigolo

    SIR CHarles: and this goes out to Floyd freaking f***ot Gayweather.!!!!

  • Los

    If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.

  • gigolo

    sir charles:this goes out to floyd gayweather.

  • Los

    @bryan you dont think roids make football players stronger? Increasing the probability of injury?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Bryan: Steroids didn’t help Barry Bonds bat .370, but they sure helped him knock 72 f*cking steroid-enhanced home runs. Steroids are bullsh!t, and I don’t give a sh!t what Charles Barkley says about it.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Bryan, obviously the athlete has to be at a reasonably good level to be successful as a pro with these drugs, but that doesn’t change a damn thing. A forty-year old NBA player has already played for a long time in the league–how does it not make sense that a 25 year old get a shot in the league? How is that unfair?
    And you and Chuck can pitch whole “You’d use steroids too” bullsh!t to take away from the reality of the situation, but bottom line: steroids ARE cheating. People aren’t paying money to see who can MANUFACTURE the best athlete. Athletes aren’t training their @sses off to see who can chemically and artificially create the best player. Are you actually trying to defend the use of performance-enhancing drugs?
    Sh!t, if GM’s were given the option of genetically engineering athletes, or better yet CLONING them, we’d have twelve Michal Jordans on each team. Hey, why should prime Michael Jordan leave the league that’s “HIS” (as you put it) when some 22 year old rookie hasn’t played a full season yet? That’s your logic, right?

  • Cizzo


  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    Luckily you have no credibility teddy sooo yeah.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    That made me laugh.

  • Peter

    If someone told me I could take steroids and make the NBA, sure I would…but you said yourself, Bryan, that this wouldn’t happen. So if someone told me, you’re a great baseball player making millions already(I don’t believe steroids help in basketball, aside from injury recovery maybe), take some steroids and you could be even better…I would think twice about it…which is how these things have played out. And you can’t argue steroids didn’t help Barry’s hitting…I mean come on.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    No offense intended by the swearing, of course.

  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    Did it really help him hit the ball more? It improved his :eyesight, hand eye coordination, timing brain?

  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    This is my point about steroids. Everyone has a peak level of ability they can reach. You can’t be any better than your peak physical ability which is why its a peak. So the fact is Bonds and everyone else had the physical ability to do these things at peak physical health and conditioning. Steroids helps with those two things, not grants you extra ability or superhuman strength. You can disagree I don’t really care there isn’t a substance that can push your strength or ability past your bodily limitations there just isn’t.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Interesting discussion.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    I don’t begrudge an athlete for taking steroids, for the same reasons Barkley mentioned. The pressure would be huge. But, the flipside is that they better be willing to accept the sh*t they’re gonna get from the public – and the stain on their rep after they retire. That’s part of the package. I don’t wanna hear any more athletes whining and crying on TV, acting like a f*cking victim. You can’t have all the benefits and none of the downside. Thinking that you can would be stupid and immature.

  • seppo

    everyone should be allowed to take steroids. it´s a free country. it´s as simple as that, in my opinion.

  • tavoris

    Teddy-you DO know that this discussion has very little to do with the NBA, don’t you? That changes the dynamic tremendously. Basketball has a completely different culture than other amatuer sports(some of which do encourage & promote steroid use). That difference (coupled with the ineffectiveness of steriods to basketball-type athleticism) makes is unproductive for players to use them.

    Chuck’s problem with this is that it was banned after the fact, which makes erasing the culture not only difficult, but also unrealistic.

  • tavoris

    @M Cho-your opinion is exactly what Chuck is saying. Do what u do, but be prepared to own up to it if u get caught breaking the rules.

  • http://dfinney0415@yahoo.com KR

    I ain’t injecting nuthin in my ass…

  • L

    Chuck is my hero….

  • Peter

    Bryan that doesn’t even make sense. Right now my bodily limitations stop me from bench pressing 300 pounds…if I did strength training for a year straight I would increase that limit. If I took steroids while training, I would increase it even more. Obviously it will plateau at some point, but in terms of strength, steroids push the ceiling higher. Barry Bonds obviously had enormous talent already, but there’s no way he’s hitting 70+ home runs without the roids…it’s not that his maximum potential was predefined at 76 or whatever and he just needed steroids to reach his max…steroids increased his maximum.

  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    I had this whole long response typed out but instead ill stick with I disagree. Wholeheartedly.

  • LA Huey

    Since Anton isn’t around…”If somebody told me that they could stick something in my ass to get me making 100 or 200 million dollars, I’m gonna be the first in line.” Out of context, sounds like Chuck would be an eager male prostitute if it paid well.

  • pb

    Hey Bryan, I’ll give you this: You write a well-formulated grammatically correct sentence.
    That’s about all I’m gonna give you though because your arguments aren’t even worth arguing – they’re that absurd.

  • http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    Reading comprehension, people. Chuck is not saying steroids are good, or that it’s OK to take steroids, he is saying that the incentives in place and the risk/reward ratio do not deter people from using them. Until there is enough of a disincentive to take them, certain people (not necessarily evil people) will continue to take them.

  • ilovekemp

    You all actin like fools with they pants on the ground, Kemp would never do this. Love.

  • http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    Kemp needs to learn how to use contraceptives.

  • http://www.luketynan.blogspot.com litetitan

    I’ve seen the commercials. I KNOW they straight up manufactured steve nash.

  • http://www.luketynan.blogspot.com litetitan

    @EVERYONE: sorry, i try to read through teddy-the-bears comments and i can’t understand them. can someone translate?

  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    Pb: ha I can respect that.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    If you seriously think Barry Bonds could have batted 72 home runs in a season without steroids, I do not know what to tell you. That’s just absurd.

  • http://myspace.com/mavus15 Mavus

    PREACH!!!!!!!! Barkley always on point…

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Chuck is complaining about the hypocrisy in the public’s response to steroids in sports. HOWEVER, this does NOT make the use of steroids okay. That’s what I’m arguing about. I don’t care what sport it is–steroids are just wrong. I don’t want to see athletes competing over who can put the most crap in their bodies.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Here’s a translation for my comments: litetitan is a dumb@ss.

  • reald


  • reald


  • http://www.twitter.com/PDXGayBball dma

    ethics? this is professional sports. there’s NOTHING pure about in professional sports.

  • http://www.everyjoe.com/nbaobsessed/ James

    You gotta love Charles. He says exactly what is on his mind whether it contains any brilliant thoughts or is just plain ridiculous. Most of us would not take steroids because we know the dangers. Hard to believe Charles took them with his round mound of rebound body.

  • MikeC.

    I wonder how many home runs Bonds could have hit if he’d had the Suns’ medical/training staff. With the miracles they’ve worked lately, I’d bet Bonds would have doubled the record.

  • nastierthanu

    In such a cut throat business like athletics where everything u do is broken down by analyst who make 6 figures roasting u if u miss a shot blow a save or don’t make a play. In an industry where, 1 athlete can make or break his legacy on performances in the post season. Why would anyone be bent out of shape about steriods. the ncaa has set up guidlines for recruitment but they aren’t followed by organizations and stockholders. U think 1 athlete and a trainer are going to follow the rules because of ethics. Every one of us on this site love sports period but none of us have the ability to play in the league and steroids won’t change that. Think of it this way though. Right now there is enough information out there about the dangers of steroid use if a player wants to risk his life and his future with his family to bring a title to the city so be it. When boston finally won the series and broke the curse of the bambino big papi was completely beastin. He was also juicin so what! Have any of u heard the sports world say that their title will be taken away. How proud did that win make that city? How happy were the red soxs fans? As a culture we love winners and we stampede our way to movies like gladiator and the last samurai where heroes give all they got for glory for victory. I had a chiropractor say to me that playing in a pro football game is like getting into 5 car accidents. Take 16 games and finally u are in the playoffs where it all matters. Win or go home. Why do u think bellicek had those tapes of other teams walkthru’s. Our culture don’t care about ethics we care about winning. How many here have whined about vince carter’s injuries? Maybe if vince took roids he would recover from naggin pain but we label him as soft. Gimmee a break. Whether we like it or not steroids are part if the game and in many championship banners there has been someone who gave his all, including possibility of death, for his team. I am glad to watch I’ll just rock the jerseys

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    WNBA players = dudes who are living the side affects of steroids.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    In a cut throat business where athletes get paid MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to hit a ball with a bat, most people don’t want to see them getting doped up. If you want to see people on steroids, watch the WWE. LOL @ trying to victimize these athletes. That’s a new one.

  • Justin

    Bryan is 100% correct here. Steroids do not make you a better athlete. They help with strength and with healing injuries. Like Mark McGwire recently said, they do not help your hand-eye coordination to hit a baseball. They do not help your jumper fly straighter, your pitch location better. And yes, doing steroids is considered cheating but only recently. When McGwire and the rest of them were doing it, it was NOT illegal and therefore NOT cheating. I can see why they’re illegal in the Olympics, where so many events are speed and strength reliant but not so much the other sports. Yes there are health ramifications but these guys are adults and know the dangers of it. I say let them all juice up. For any of you baseball fans out there, you can’t deny being caught up in the Sammy Sosa/Mark McGwire home run chase, or even Barry’s chase a few years later. You tuned in to see if they got one that night as much as I did. Barkley is right about all of you doing the same thing if you thought it would help you get an edge and would pay you millions of dollars. It’s just how we are

  • JoeMaMa

    If you want honour in your games, go watch pick up basketball. In the pros, you have gambling, performance enhancers, adultery, dudes focusing on stats, cheaters, liars, and more. It’s been seen over and over in all the major sports. Racism, sexism, steroids, Spitballs, uppers, downers, payoffs, bribes, illegal recruiting, fixed games, dirty players, and more. We keep deluding ourselves into thinking our professional sports are somehow A cut above the world we live in. I think they simply mirror it. Truly….hate the game.
    And love Chuck.

  • rikson

    Well, I saw a documentary on steroids the other day. They made a test, comparing a professional runner to a guy like you and me, who took steroids for like 3 month -> guess who won? Chucks all wrong! Its not about a taboo or health issues and of course NOT about the money! Its about the fairness that athletes, who come from the SAME conditions, compare themselves on the court. Sure, youll make your millions chuck, but youll loose the sport you are supposed to love…. Not a good deal, IMO!…. Oh, and pleeeeaaaaase shut up, just for once, will ya?!

  • Peter

    Ok for all of you arguing steroids don’t affect your hitting…we can all agree that they increase strength right? So while they won’t improve your hand-eye coordination, they will increase the distance you can hit the ball…how many of barry or sammy’s home runs would have fallen short without the roids and become fly outs, run outs etc reducing their batting percentage? No one is taking Boston’s championship away, but it’s definitely tainted…as are all those records. The home run race was exciting at the time, but when was the last time you heard about that being a great display of athletic prowess…if I found out Jordan had been doping up in his later years, I wouldn’t consider his feats as amazing. Wouldn’t everyone be disappointed to discover Usain Bolt had been doped up? Of course you would. It’s not all about winning.

  • Michael

    I agree with Sir Charles. It wasn’t a bad thing when they started doing it. And I know it hepls make them stronger, but they have to hit the ball. Does it also give them super eye sight too? And one more thing, we all have been taking steroids because it has been put into animals to make them bigger and the last time I checked, animals have been at the top of our menu’s for a long time.

  • somedude

    Bryan insulted somebody’s credibility after writing multiple posts on the benefits of steroids.
    What people never mention is how badly some steroids mess up your endocrine system, and they’re why there were 40-50 year old former pro wrestlers dropping like flies a little while ago, and why people think flo-jo only made it to 40-something.
    People using steroids to max out their peak means they’re sacrificing years, maybe decades of their life, which is their choice. But, they also force other athletes to use them to keep the playing field even, costing other people years of their lives, or their jobs.
    Steroid users are scum.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Talk to a baseball player who hasn’t played with someone they know was on steroids. I played baseball in HS, and 4 of the kids from my team were either on steroids by their senior year, or freshman year of college. And most baseball players (outside of the public eye) could give a sht about steroids. They don’t help that much, as bryan said, Steroids can’t help hand eye coordination, or fundamentals. And steroids are not really dangerous if taken properly. Which is in cycles, unlike former professional wrestlers who were doin it almost every day

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    There are some sports where steroids are dangerous no matter what, like the NFL where steroids actually increase the likelyhood of injuring another player. For the most part, steroids should be legal, but only as a tool to recover from injury. But as we always do in our society, we abuse a substance before we completely understand it, ruining any benefits it would have given if it were researched properly

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Co-sign Peter.
    Baseball is a joke though, BECAUSE so many players use steroids.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    These comments have been entertaining to read. A few points:
    - Yes, steroids do push the ceiling of what a player can achieve. Not even steroids, nitric oxide helps dilate your blood vessels so your muscles receive more oxygen, and thereby increasing your strength. You WILL be able to lift more on NO than without. That is FACT.
    - Obviously, professional athletes are gifted. You can’t be a star in the league without real talent. Steroids do not get you talent. But to bring up “hand-eye coordination” as a counterexample to the benefits of steroids, is straight silly.
    @Bryan– you don’t think steroids helped Bonds hit .370? Steroids make you stronger. Strength leads to bat speed. Bat speed leads to greater force, which makes the ball go further. Instead of routine fly-outs or grounders, steroid-enhanced strength makes those flyballs go out of the park, and those grounders hit a lot sharper and through the infield. So yes, steroids helped with the 72 homers and it did CONTRIBUTE to his .370 BA.
    This is not to say talent is not also required, but I don’t know how anyone can deny the effectiveness of steroids.

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    bryan, your as dumb as the great sir charles. ITS NOT FAIR TO A STRAIGH GUY WORK HIS A$$ OF ONLY COMPETE WITH A JUICED MOFO. but i get barkley comment, its understandeble guys take it, but then deal with the consequences, which are horrible to your health and rep.

  • BostonBaller

    Did Charles endorse steroid use? No. Did he say he would take it as a poor young man in order to get millions? Yes. Does a pro athlete & entertainers have some responsibility as a “role model” whether they want to be one or not? Yes. Does the parents, coaches and other adults have an even bigger responsibility in this matter? YES.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Co-sign tealish two times.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    My point about how much baseball players don’t care about steroids is because every pitcher out there is looking for a way to get ahead. Home pitchers are given a few balls before every game to get in “game shape” – In high school I used to pinch the laces of the ball so that they would be raised giving me a few extra inches on my curve ball–for example. – And the majority of baseball players who use steroids do it before they are professionals. It is a joke, but it also is not as important as the media makes it seem – (w/ guys like bonds, who won the mvp in like *(89?)* its different, because he is obviously already “enhanced”

  • Maya Laku

    That what i like about Charles Barkley,he tells it like it is

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    I swear, the majority of the commenters here don’t ACTUALLY know what a steroid IS, or DOES.
    Most of you are talking out your @ss.
    Google ‘steroid, definition’.

  • Vikturus

    Steroids sure make inside players in basketball more effective.