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Allen Iverson Sued: $2.5 Mil

Why, yes, it’s another legal battle for The Answer: “An Ohio resident has filed a civil lawsuit against former Piston Allen Iverson that seeks $2.5 million plus damages stemming from an alleged incident at a Detroit nightspot last spring. In an eight-page complaint filed in district court, Guy Walker claims he ‘suffered severe pain, emotional distress and mental anguish’ from injuries suffered during an altercation at the South Beach Pizza Bar on the night of April 11. Walker claims Antwuan Clisey, a Virginia resident, was working as a member of Iverson’s security detail when Clisey initiated an unprovoked attack that cleared the bar, and Iverson, who was escorted away from the scene, did nothing to stop the altercation. The complaint says Walker suffered ‘an orbital blowout fracture of the eye’ as well as other injuries.”

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  • Jmoney

    I hope he gets paid

  • JoeMaMa

    Detroit strikes again. Can we just call Michigan a terrorist state already?

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Here we go again…

  • riggs

    they really need to strike out the words emotion distress and mental anguish from the lawbooks.

  • tavoris

    so he’s filing a civil lawsuit ONLY against Iverson (and not the guy who broke his face)? Seems his motivation is VERY clear.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/media/slam-tv/2010/02/video-taj-gibson-dunks-on-chris-kaman/ oinestep

    really, 2 mil for not even throwing a punch……….AI should go and get his monies worth and punch this bum if this is going to go down

  • http://www.basketballnonsense.com marky

    I’m calling bullsh*t.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Anybody with good sense is calling BS.

  • Hussman25

    @tavoris… exactly; just like a Civil suit we seen eye to eye on previously… People are getting real lazy… just looking for a quick pay day!

  • bakers’ dozen

    The reason he’s suing AI is the because the bodyguard is hired by AI. You sue the company, not the individual, when the ‘attack’ is commanded by the owner.
    However, I see two sides here: 1) AI is always getting sued which makes me wonder if he’s REALLY doing this stuff, or 2) This guy was drunk and the bodyguard was justified in breaking his face to protect his employer.

  • Raul the Hawk

    Orbital blowout. I don’t know if this suit will stick, sounds like a pizza showdown, the guy has to show extreme anguish and link it to AI. Tryin to get somethin for nothin.

  • Stillballin

    Why da sue only came now.. Why not during that time.. I smell bulls***!!! 2.5 million for getting punch in the face..ai didn’t even lay a hand on this guy..just want easy money.. Bulls***!!!

  • BackInBlack

    That’s more than his salery

  • michael scorn

    I like how only celebrities and athletes are able to inflict $2.5 million worth of emotional distress and mental anguish.

  • michael scorn

    That guy’s emotion distress and mental anguish was a pre-existing condition because his life sucked long before he got punched in the face.

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Big Ben

    You know, if he’s getting sued all the time, maybe he’s just a huge ass. You know he got a lifetime ban from one of the casinos in Detroit? Do you have any idea how much of a piece of crap you have to be to get banned from a casino when you’re regularly coming in there and dropping 20 grand in one night? I imagine you could drop trou and lay your nuts on the card table and they would look the other way as long as you kept coming back and spending that kind of money. Especially in Detroit – a city not exactly known for its abundance of “high-rollers.” So just what do you think you’d have to do for them to tell you to take your thousands of dollars and your gambling addiction and go elsewhere? But since it’s AI, I’m sure it was just another HUGE misunderstanding, right? You AI slappys crack me up, I swear. You’d defend him if he shot his own mother.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Everyone who immediately calls BS on storys like this are just as silly as those who immediately assume it’s 100% true…do you guys realize this? There are 2 extremes that most people seem to fall into when it comes to negative media about AI. 1) Automatically assume that it isn’t truye because the media is always evil and never tells the truth. 2) The media is always right and AI certainly did do this. Why is there no middle ground on this?

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    as a caveat, I am admittedly guilty of falling into the second group in these situations…

  • http://www.sixers.com 360

    “Guy Walker claims he ’suffered severe pain, emotional distress and mental anguish’”

    Guy Walker is a money-grabbing c***.

  • http://theurbangriot.com/ NUPE

    AI is not getting sued for doing something, instead he’s getting paid for not stopping his security force. Sucks for AI. If AI instructed the guard to attack the guy without any provication, then it makes sense to me. I wonder if the security forces a lot of these athletes get are direct employees of the athlete or are they hired through a third party security firm that assigns a detail to the person they are guarding. I agree that the employer is often times appropriately sued for what the employee does but if the employee – in this case the bodyguard – acts outside of the rules of engagement for such an incidnet, isn’t that individual (the guard) accountable and not the employer? I understand why to bring the suit against AI (deep pockets theory), but I really wonder if AI is responsible. I don’t know any of the facts but it seems like whatever happens could be a precedent for other athletes with security forces.

  • tavoris

    @BigBen-you do knw that was an unsubstantiated rumor that the casino manager publicly DENIED, right? Also, celebrities routinely face lawsuits from fans who overstep the boundaries of fan-dom. It happens ALL the time in every venue of entertainment.
    @wayno-there is almost always some truth to most stories in the news. The facts we know of this situation make this seem like a fleecing tho. We wouldn’t even be questioning this if it was one of Jordan’s bodyguards.
    @bakers’dozen-these type of situations usually result in ALL responsible parties being sued, not just the ones with the resources to settle.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Because he didn’t file a criminal complaint…
    If somebody attacks you, guess what? That’s a crime. Simple or aggravated battery. You can call the police, get them to investigate, and then use their investigation to buttress your civil complaint. It makes it easier to win.
    So, if you didn’t do that, I’m automatically suspicious of your civil complaint. Plus, you’re suing Iverson for the actions of a private contractor, again, that’s a problem.
    Private contractors are independent companies. You can sue them without suing the main company. In fact, most corporations have private contractors carry their own liability insurance to cover these types of suits.
    This dude included Iverson cause Iverson has money. Period.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Of course Big Ben didn’tknow that about the casino story. That would make him have to question his whole worldview.

  • Guy Walker

    But we can settle out of court for dem blue toe and white answers and $30,000…in 5′s and 10′s

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Right, but MJ didn’t have a reputation that would call the events into question. Naturally, a person’s reputation is going to be a factor in how situations like this are portrayed.

  • michael scorn

    I just don’t like the idea of being able to sue someone for mental stress, unless ALL of that lawsuit money goes directly to counseling.

  • http://JoshDrake Josh D

    2.5 mil is like 5 times his salary in Philly

  • tavoris

    @wayno, MJ’s reputation is more the result of shrewd marketing than a higher moral standard. Nike, Hanes, & David Stern kept all those weasels at bay for two decades in order to maximize their profits.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    And what exactly do you have to substantiate that claim? Sounds like a statement concocted to make your argument sound better…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Actually, we as society were not as concerned with the private morality of our athletes. Plus, sportwriters had a virtual monopoly on news about teams, which meant they didn’t HAVE to break certain stories because if they didn’t break it, nobody would. And they wanted to maintain access to players and the feeling of being part of the team.
    With the internet and more competition for information about sports, sportwriters have begun to compete with other entities for adverstising and readers. Thus they can’t get beat on stories they would have previously ignored. Also, we as a society have become far more interested in the private lives of celebrities, and we believe their salaries entitle us to that information.

  • tavoris

    @Allenp-I agree, and I’m also sure that MJ’s ubiquity made it unlikely that unsavory news EVER surfaced. It’s also not far-fetched that the NBA-as well as MJ’s biggest business partners-had a vested interest in keeping things quiet about the “chosen one”.
    @Wayno-I assume u never heard about MJ’s massive gambling problem (or how many felt it contributed to his father’s murder). Also, he was a notorious philanderer. No real surprise that as soon as he left the limelight, Juanita divorced him.
    I don’t say this to paint AI in a different light. I’ve just learned to take the “stories” with a grain of salt. Athletes are humans first & foremost, and it’s crazy to think that a story is true just because it’s thrown to a guy without a glowing reputation.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    I did know that actually…so if a new story came out about a Michael Jordan gambling related incident, you’d be a little more likely to believe it based on his past, wouldn’t you agree? I’m not saying he did or didn’t have anything to do with this, I really don’t know, but I wouldn’t be suprised it it was true. That’s all I’m getting at.

  • tavoris

    @wayno-not until I got more info. I’m ALWAYS skeptical about the media-especially when their article has a GLARING inaccuracy. (AI didn’t sign with Philly during the summer, as this reporter claims).

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Ok, so you’re saying that regardless of the fact that someone has had past incidents that are similar, you are no more likely to believe the story than you would be to believe a story about someone who has no record of doing anything like that? I’m calling BS on that…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    What past incidents that are similar?
    You know of past lawsuits Allen Iverson has lost because his security guards beat people up?
    The same Allen Iverson who is a club hound and has ample opportunities to have his security beat people up?
    Point us to another example of Iverson’s security beating somebody up. Matter of fact, point us to ample examples since you claim they are out there…
    As for MJ, Sam Smith, who I don’t trust at all, wrote about Jordan and damn near got blackballed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Dude, he got sued in 07′ for almost the exact same thing, look it up man. He and the body gaurd were ordered to pay out $260,000. A similar incident was recorded in 2004, not what happened in that one though.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    should read “not sure what happened”

  • wilz

    dont f around in the D

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Why is Iverson being sued and not the bodyguard who ACTUALLY beat the guy up? Oh wait, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Not that getting beat up is a joke.

  • tavoris

    wayno-same incident. we know the details of that involved a guy who got roughed up by security after refusing to leave VIP. personally, i think he deserved the ass whippin he got, as thats sorta security’s JOB

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    LOL Iverson bein sued for not even touching the guy? Wtf

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    There were two seperate ones actually, one I know the victim won and got the $260,000, the other guy sued for $750,000, but I have no idea what happened in that one. Two different guys though. Still, I think that counts as having a history of similar incidents.

  • tom

    2 milli, what a joke, for every wealthy athlete there’s ten greedy low life’s trying to take advantage of their public image.

  • http://slamonline.com dmonz

    what’s A.I. got to do with that?!?! this guys doesn’t have a chance.. Get a LIfe GUY!

  • Jonny C

    that Greek dude didnt make any comments in this thread yet?

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Big Ben

    Ok, sorry – he got banned from a casino in Atlantic City for pissing in a trash can. But I’m sure that was a made up story too. I’m just saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It’s not a big conspiracy that always in the news doing some stupid crap – he’s most likely just a dick. It’s like that Chappelle’s Show skit, When Keepin’ it Real Goes Wrong: he’s successful and rich as hell, but he still feels the need to prove to everybody how gangster he is, which is dumb, cause he’s in his mid 30′s now. But everybody is so quick to defend him, I guess because being a 35 year old rich gangster is really cool for some reason? I don’t know, I guess I just never understood the whole A.I. love affair. He’s supremely gifted – or was – but teams just can’t seem to win with him… and it’s always somebody else’s fault. I can’t remember any other player getting the benefit of the doubt for this long – it’s mind-boggling.

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    tavoris & allenp: to correct your assumptions, Allen is definitely banned from the casino. The casino owner didn’t want bad press and denied it, but all the employees claimed they were told to not let AI into the casino anymore.
    That’s the only thing I’m going to comment on this story.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    “I don’t know, I guess I just never understood the whole A.I. love affair. He’s supremely gifted – or was – but teams just can’t seem to win with him… and it’s always somebody else’s fault. I can’t remember any other player getting the benefit of the doubt for this long – it’s mind-boggling.”
    LOL Okay then. Charles Barkley could never win so people shouldn’t have liked him, or given him the benefit of the doubt for those DUI’s.
    Wait, what the heck does winning have to do with ANYTHING?!

  • Justin

    Is orbital blowout the actual medical term? lol Another frivolous lawsuit to jam up the court systems instead of actual cases that need the court’s time. What a joke!

  • Randy Brown

    Orbital Blowout should be a band name

  • Ronald

    sigh…i love how you all are hating on the person for suing iverson directly.

    every client is advised to sue the employer and never the employee. this is law101. don’t call them money grubbers just because he is doing the logical thing.

    just because the employer (iverson) is known individually does not mean that he is not prone to comitting mistakes/legal wrongs as much as any other employer (i.e big companies that all of you would jump on when something goes wrong)

  • therighttoremainsalient

    @Randy Brown – It’s probably already on mySpace somewhere…

  • tomtom

    REAL PEOPLE. REAL CASES…JUDGE JUDY…Mr iverson your playing in the allstar game SIR? BALONEY!!!! case dismissed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Do you have a source for that Jukai? I didn’t hear that part of the story.

  • tavoris

    @Jukai-I’d be inclined to believe that if the casino didn’t IMMEDIATELY deny banning while also stating that he also doesn’t have a record of bad behavior at the casino. Granted, the casino probably is desensitized to “bad behavior”.

  • tavoris

    @wayno & big ben-where are your sources of these instances? Not only have I never heard those rumors, I also couldn’t find anything online referencing an AC incident.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno
  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    When the link clears you’ll notice there were two plaintiffs for the incident in 2005 then there is just a little blurb about another incident in 2004 at a different location with a different person. Again, I’m not certain what happened with the 2004 case, I didn’t really do any follow up on it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    here is some follow up on that second incident. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/reliable-source/2009/02/rs-update3.html

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Thanks, wayno.

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    2004: On February 24, 2004, Iverson, a noted regular casino patron, was spotted at Bally’s Park Place in Atlantic City urinating into a trash can in full view of staff and patrons. He was told by casino management not to return.
    2005: On December 9, 2005 after the Sixers defeated the Charlotte Bobcats, Iverson paid a late-night visit to the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. After winning a hand at a three-card-stud poker table, a dealer overpaid Iverson by $10,000 in chips. When the dealer quickly realized the mistake and requested the chips back, Iverson refused and a heated, head-turning argument between began. Atlantic City casino regulations reportedly state that when a casino makes a payout mistake in favor of the gambler, he or she must return the money that they did not legitimately win by playing.
    Feel free to google this

  • tavoris

    thanks 4 the link…but reading this gives no indictment on Iverson other his responsibility for his security personnel. I’ll reiterate that if it was two broke dudes fighting, no civil suit would EVER have been filed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Very true, opportunism is a big part of this, and I’m not denying that. My point is that people were immediately writing the story off as BS and that’s somewhat ignorant to do, especially knowing that the person in question as had similar incidents. Bottom line, as Ronald pointed out, is that you don’t sue the empolyee, you sue the employer. The person who hired the offender is the who who ends up fronting the bill.

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Big Ben

    @tavoris –

    If the guy got in a fight with Iverson directly, there might not have been a suit. Imagine being in a bar and getting in a shouting match with some drunken guy, and then he has his humongous bodyguard whoop your ass. You’d sue the guy even if you didn’t know who he was, just because he had somebody else beat you up for him. It’s not like getting in a fight with some guy at a bar and losing, and then suing him – now that would be messed up. But some guy talking ish to you, and then getting his buddy who’s three times his size to stomp on you? Every single one of you would sue, so stop acting like you’d just go home and say, well, I guess tonight wasn’t my night.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    There was no record that I know of any of the victims even talking to AI Big Ben.

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    Wayno: The 260,000 lawsuit loss that Iverson had involved Iverson telling his body guards to ‘clear his table so he could sit down.’ So they never talked to AI, but Iverson was directly involved in starting the altercation.
    I highly doubt this man will get 2.5 million dollars. More likely he will be awarded a fall smaller amount to cover his medical expenses and be denied punitive damages.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Got it, thanks.

  • tavoris

    @BigBen-if I get into a fight in a bar/club, I’d be suing nobody. My health insurance will take care of medical bills, and I’m man enough to not suffer “mental anguish” from a lil asswhuppin.

  • tavoris

    @wayno-not writing it off as BS immediately, but the opportunism is evident to me. Plus, we all know that some people start ‘ish with celebs just to try to sue. We’d like to believe that weasels like this don’t exist, but lawsuits like this make it hard to accept.

  • b

    This guy won’t win this settlement due to the simple fact that he didn’t file a criminal complaint. That’s just it he is a punk for tryin to get money like dat from a “celebrity” anyways. And everybody prolly sayin that oh ai is a bad dude butsecurity was prolly doin they job and they worked indirectly for ai then the ai couldn’t say nothin but get to safety anyways. So the dude was prolly to drunk and realized that he had to try and do somethin since he got his a$s kicked.

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Big Ben

    If this all has nothing to do with AI, and just has to do with some drunk guy trying to take his money, than how come this stuff seems to happen to AI so much? I’m sure just about everybody in the league spends a lot of time going to clubs, and I’m sure a lot of them have bodyguards. This has never happened to about 95% of all the players in the league – do you think people don’t recognize them in the club and know that they’re rich celebrities? I mean c’mon, it is what it is. Do you think he’s just cursed with bad luck? I used to work with this girl who would always come in on Monday with some story about how they got kicked out of a bar because her boyfriend got into a fight, but she was convinced that people just were always picking fights with him, and that he had nothing do do with it. I’m thinking, ok, maybe – or maybe your boyfriend is just a dick. I go to the bar all the time, and nobody ever picks a fight with me. Maybe I’m just lucky…

  • tavoris

    @big ben-u do know that athletes that go to clubs get into altercations quite a bit, don’t you? People are always coming for them. Paul Pierce got stabbed in a club, remember?

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    Tavoris: but an IDENTICAL incident JUST happened and the judge ruled in favor of the plantiff and forced AI to fork out a quarter of a million dollars. You can look at the opportunity angle, but you must also acknowledge the angle that AI has bodyguard issues… it’s entire possible AI employes people who are less than ethical in their approach to dealing with others.
    And Paul Pierce is a very well known dick. I have read three separate stories about Paul Pierce getting angry at people in clubs.

  • BostonBaller

    #1 I believe it was proven that MJ’s fathers’ death had nothing to do with gambling but everything to do w/ 1 guy shooting him when they were only going to tie him up. One or both men had a history of violent crimes and robbery. I write this b/c when a fan doesn’t like a player and puts out unproven and/or lies some people will take it as the truth and themselves spread it as truth w/out any facts. I believe if anyone has a gambling addiction regardless of how wealthy they are they will be broke within 5 years of retirement not gaining money..especially after a costly divorce. LOL

  • MoNiQuE

    everytime i read about the emotion distress part i ctfu

  • tavoris

    @Jukai-every basketball player who goes to a club & refuses to spend their free time signing autographs is labeled a dick. I don’t have a problem with security beating the crap outta unruly fans in clubs_ as that’s what they’re paid to do. In response to the lawsuits-it’s better to deal with opportunisitic fans with security than with paranoia (like Delonte West). Plus a dude with pride will take the L in stride & NEVER sue. Anyone who advocates otherwise is a pu§§y

  • str8 from samoa

    fuk this is bullshat!

  • Sambo Italiano

    I don’t understand what Allen Iverson was supposed to do to stop it if he was ESCORTED AWAY FROM THE SCENE.
    Just another excuse to pick on AI because he’s hip-hop!