Monday, February 8th, 2010 at 10:30 am  |  31 responses

How Long Will Kobe Sit?

There are indications that Saturday night’s decision to sit out may be the start of a short little break for the injury-riddled Bryant:  “It’s a surprise Bryant has lasted this long, with a broken finger and an ankle injury that he aggravated Wednesday. He has played through those injuries, as well as back spasms and a strained elbow, with varying degrees of effectiveness. ‘He needed that day,’ Ron Artest said. ‘He’s been working really, really hard, playing through a lot of injuries. Even if he’s healthy, he needed a day off. He’s the only player in the NBA that’s playing through every injury. Everybody else is taking the time off.’ [Phil] Jackson hinted that Bryant might extend this break. ‘We have an opportunity here with two games before the All-Star break, and there’s some time there if he does need to take a longer time,’ he said. ‘We’re trying to give him the liberty to do that.”‘

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  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    The Lakers are the best team in the West, they can afford to let Kobe sit. And besides, with him sitting in Portland they even won.

  • http://Slamadamonth.com Mvp23100

    i would give denver that crown in the west so far this year they destroyed la twice and lets not disregard that half of portlands squad is injured including Roy so that might’ve had to do with yall winning that game

  • T-Money

    DEN crushed LA at home and snatched one at Staples without Melo. They’re for real. They also beat the Cavs without Melo. They still need a big to be their 9th man. I don’t know if you can take it all by riding 8 guys all year long.

  • socal.s

    we`ll see what denver can do in the playoffs. the regular season is exhibition for the Lakers….

  • http://www.yahoo.com Logues

    ^ i love watchin denver, i hope they make it to the finals this yr, jr smith is incredible when he gets hot, those step back js were ridiculous he was hittin vs LA

  • riggs

    it all relies on j.r. leading the bench but man do they have a great back up point guard.

  • riggs

    anyways i dont think they should have bryant decide on whether he wants to play or not, i dont like the dude but if he doesnt sit out til after all star break then he’s as big an idiot as i thought.

  • Yesse

    I really hope, that he will rest untill playoffs. I want him to be 100% and if they face Cavs in finals he has to be 100%.

  • http://nicekicks.com meloMan2.0

    keep playing kobe, it helps us all… muahahahahaha

  • T-Money

    Kobe is clearly trying to model his game after MJ in the 2nd 3peat. But there are two problems: (1)he’s not strong enough to consistently seal his man near the paint for the tunaround J. He’s often near the 3-point line when he’s fading. He did the same thing against Cle: starts out very hot but gradually as the legs get heavier he starts to miss those long 2s. (2) jordan never played with someone that demanded the ball down low. kobe got two low post scorers in the starting 5. i know that’s not phil jackson’s offense at all but i’d like to see some weakside action for kobe bryant running off screens for catch n shoots à la ray allen. he’d be automatic.

  • heartlandG

    Kicc ya feet up till after All star break Kobe…((side note)) hit me up on that 2010 Live->> NEBLASTYA402

  • rob

    Kobe sitting for a while will definitely benefit both him and the Lakers.

  • kobesbestfriend

    who cares about the regular season?the lakeshow has basically already sown up #1 seed in the west…mamba should just rest until april when the games really count

  • J-Ro

    @T-money. Last I heard the bulls were shopping Tyrus Thomas. Do u think he would be the 9th man the nuggets need?

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    EXACLY WHAT MVP23100 SAID. kob sat down but without Roy Pryzbilla Oden and Trav Outlaw that game is a matchup nightmare due to the height of LA. Denver gets the nod right now.

  • http://www.inbox.lv smiles

    what I truly believe the everlasting problem with kobe is he will try as much as he can to surpass mj and with that in mind he will force things and won’t let the game come naturally
    as a result most likely he won’t be able fulfill the team potential he is given,for example, to understand where my point is, if it’s the finals most probably he’ll be too obsessed with getting Finals MVP, that from time to time he won’t pass the rock where it’s obviously needed to be done and shoot another contested one, and I’m confident to say that it won’t be the Orlando Magic of 08/09 on the other side again

  • http://www.inbox.lv smiles

    haywood the nuggets by fair means or foul

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    im sick and yuckin tired of hearin bout hurt lil kobe! his finger, his back, his ankle! so what!, everyone plays hurt. when he has a good game, its, o hes fine. when the other team shuts him down, its, o, hes hurt. so yuckin what?!!!!

  • AliBaba

    I can not recall the last time a team with as little basketball skill in the starting line up as Denver with such a good record! excl. Billups & Melo (JR Smith) the rest of that team are just athletes! Martin, Nene, Birdie they have not bball skills! they could play football or soccer just as well! Its a joke that nene is a starting center in NBA! but hey good luck to them!

    whilst I am venting.. love the Celtics! could not have happened to a more deserving team! at the time I thought to myself, they are manufacturing a NBA title, not build towards one; and it wouldn’t last beyond one season! The finals wasn’t a basketball game, it was a mugging! Its not tough, just dirty, with poor referring! But hey, they got one (good for KG) and now they are done!

    On Cavs, and how good James is! Please! James gets less contact than the fans in the front row seats at any NBA game! At this rate, he’ll play till his fifty! No one puts a body on him, till his run-up from 30 feet away is finished and he is two feet away from the basket, by then its a slap or small tap on the shoulder:basket and1! Every time Kobe takes a shot, there is about 3 people hanging off him, or been shoved and grabbed 5 times!

    Every one raves about the Gasol deal! Bynum was doing great before he went down! They needed a center! Who knows what Lakers would have done that season with a healthy Bynum!

    Cavs getting more help via a trade! what else do they want!!! Another Boston (KG, Allen scenario): Boston did it, Miami did it, Suns tried, but failed! and now Cavs. they might get one ring with Shaq, but that will be it!

    Miami didn’t build a dynasty, Suns couldn’t do it, Mavs won’t do it, Cavs won’t do it (because of the way they are going about it), and sure as hell Boston won’t do it!

  • the LA man

    Nuggets will continue to be the same old Nuggets in the playoffs. Lakers will continue to be champs in the playoffs. Stop wasting your time hating LA, it will do you no good in the end. Another 3 peat in the making.

  • Tony

    @Tarzan Cooper please tell me any NBA player currently playing with 3 injuries?

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    @AliBaba: youre a joke, sorry, but Nene is an excelent center with bball skils. better than him on both sides of the floor combined? D12, Yao, Gasol(when at Center), maybe Bogut, Kaveman…youre looking at averages stats, his value goes well past that.

  • kennyrocks

    @AliBaba ‘s right, Boston completely manufactured a championship team that Could only do it once, at most twice. i cant see (nor could hold the stomach to) boston winning another championship. they didnt build a dynasty, some very very short term thinking.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    @ Tony – Greg Oden: injured knee, ankle, and premature ejaculation.

  • Josh

    Tarzan Cooper, your a dumbass. No one plays through injuries like Kobe, no one. Dude has a broken finger, a sprained ankle, had back spasms, who knows what else. Man is a warrior, and if you don’t like hearing about a man who loves the game that much, then why the hell are you reading this article you dumbass hater.

  • http://www.inbox.lv smiles

    hey, josh, I try to realize how much you love kobe, but this is not fantasy insider, your not Rick Kamla and obviously in reality kobe has never been the warrior of the week, he’s faking, just as you are now, so just stop!

  • http://slamonline.com Anjoe Intal

    @Smiles, How could you say that kobe’s faking, you dumb ass!? Just try to observe his performance the last month. His stats went down, sometimes he scored less than 10 points. He can’t even dunk the ball now because of that finger injury. And now you’re saying He’s all doin that just for fakin?? Please think first before postin’ a comment. Kobe is not as stupid as what you think b*tch!

  • http://www.inbox.lv smiles

    so not sharing the ball and playing through “injuries” nowadays means loving the game I guess
    this is not fantasy insider, josh, and you’re not rick kamla, so plzzz shut it

  • http://www.inbox.lv smiles

    I know it useless to counter the kobeheads, but
    if he’s not faking then I assume he’s a complete idiot cos the lakers are loaded and are 2-0 against some pretty good teams and won by double digits without the ultimate warrior and bynum

  • kennyrocks

    MAYBE he really likes playing

  • eric

    I saw this movie last season…. everybody criticizing the Lakers for not playing well, saying the’re too soft and too many things…. saying Denver was going to beat them…. that the Cavs were the best etc etc etc. And what happened?? Everybody knows, a RING. Cause when “the time” arrives, LA plays at 100%, Kobe becomes and assassin, Mike Brown proves he doesn’t know hardly anithing about coaching and Lebron hardly anything about winning. And sure LA will need to play 7 games to beat someone on the playoffs, and probably Denver is going to win a game at Staples in Conference Finals, but you know what?? Anyone is better than the Lakers.