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NBA JAM Elections, Week 4

A Bobcat, a Buck and a Pacer walk into a bar…

by Brad GrahamHawks & Bulls

In case you missed it… The (second) greatest arcade machine ever conceived (after Street Fighter II, for those keeping count) is heading to your place in 2010. NBA JAM will soon be unleashed on the Nintendo Wii, thanks to EA Sports, and the best part – we get to elect the NBA players who will appear on the game’s final rosters. Up for consideration (and currently on the clock) are the Milwaukee Bucks, the Charlotte Bobcats and the Indiana Pacers.

Players eligible for the Brewtown Bucks include:
C – Andrew Bogut
PF – Hakim Warrick
SF – Ersan Ilyasova
SG – Michael Redd
PG – Brandon Jennings
PG – Luke Ridnour

The Indiana crew will be running with:
PF – Troy Murphy
SF – Danny Granger
SF – Mike Dunleavy Jr
SG – Brandon Rush
SG – Dahntay Jones
PG – TJ Ford

While the Bobcats will feature:
C – Tyson Chandler
PF – Boris Diaw
SF – Gerald Wallace
SG– Stephen Jackson
PG – DJ Augustin
PG – Raymond Felton

You only have to select three players but if you wanna have your say, you better be quick because voting for these team’s closes in a few days… at which point the next three will become available. To vote, visit NBA-JAM.easports.com.

For those interested, you can also read my NBA JAM Remix selections here.

Brad Graham is a hoop culture aficionado attempting to flee the once proud Australian basketball scene. He can be reached via email at brad.graham.creative@gmail.com.

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  • LA Huey

    Bogut, Redd, and JENNINGS!
    Stack Jack, Crash, and Chandler
    Action Jackson, Miller, and Smits

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    I’m boycotting Michael Redd. Please do not vote for players who don’t play! Oh, and Jennings gets my vote only if his avatar’s rocking a fade.

  • stevenashjr13

    Bogut Warrick Jennings
    Jones Granger Murphy
    Wallace Jackson Chandler

  • $tev3

    No Roy Hibbert?
    Im NOT gonna vote no wii no vote from me

  • k

    If this is going to be the last NBA Jam then I think this particular season has to be less important than the next couple — Bogut, Redd, Jennings ; Wallace, Jackson, Felton ; and I’ll boycott picking the Pacers for leaving out Hibbert and including a guy that they’ve been trying to trade all year and are now planning to DNP:CD for the rest of the season until they can find a better way to get rid of him.

  • IndyB

    Indiana needs Hibbert!

  • http://slamonline.com JL

    pains me to vote for him but I had to get TJ Ford just to see a super speedy little guy run around the court. Outside of Murphy and Granger the other pacers just aren’t exciting!

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    I was thinking the same about Hibbert’s absence. Then I realized I wouldn’t want to play with him anyway. Too slow.

  • T-Money

    What, only for Wii?! Why?! They should release that for x360 and ps3 too.

  • davidR

    bogut, jennings, redd
    jack, crash, felton
    granger, murphy, dunleavy

  • Jon

    lebron melo dwade
    kobe shaq glen rice (1999-2000)
    kg allen pierce

    who’d win?

  • Orlando Green

    @ Jon .. when did LBJ, Melo and Wade run for the same team?

    But the Shaq team would win hands down, no one on either other team can stop him, and you can’t really double in a 3 v 3.

  • Robbi

    WTH why not Felton instead of Tyson?