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Post Up: Denver Downs Dallas

While KD’s awesome, and reaches 5k.

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

Wanna know how to take the fun out of a busy Tuesday night with 10 games on the schedule? Liveblog the Dallas/Denver game which was a 26-point blowout by halftime and had Denver up by 30+ for the better part of the second half. Yuck.

It got ugly. Really ugly, really fast. The final score was 127-91 for Denver. The good news is that Melo was back and he looked good. Didn’t appear to be too rusty or anything, took him a minute to get his stride offensively, but he finished with 19 points and six assists and was able to rest after putting in 30 minutes of play. Kenyon Martin sat out the game with a sore knee. Billups was great, with 16 points and six assists, Ty Lawson was fun and had seven assists off of the bench, but it was Nene that was the story here.

Nene was insane. He was strong, powerful and aggressive. One of his offensive rebounds that he slammed home was perhaps the strongest put back I’ve see all season. He had 21 points on 8-for-9 shooting and I wish he could have played longer because the Mavs didn’t have anyone who had any hope of guarding him.

The Mavs. They looked awful. Yes, they played the night before in Golden State and got the win there, but they’ve been in a slump for the past few weeks and the performance –or non-performance– against the Nuggets last night was just a different level of bad. It was painful to watch. I miss the old Josh Howard. He played really well in Golden State, but he just doesn’t look the same anymore. All of the little things he brought to the table that made him one of my favorite –the defense, hustle, diving, slashing, etc.– I’m not seeing it. I hope he gets it back.

In Charlotte, the Bobcats survived a close one against the Wizards, grabbing the 94-92 win thanks to Raymond Felton coming up big and hitting a fadeaway with 1.9 seconds left to get the W, moving the Bobcats to .500 again this season. Stephen Jackson had 22 and Tyson Chandler returned after missing 22 games, but played just seven minutes.

I’m a little bummed about today, because the Sixers are in town and I’ve had this one circled on my calender for awhile. It was supposed to be Allen live, but he’s not playing because he’s home with his family. Well wishes are being sent to his fam and I’m hoping he’ll be in uniform in Toronto on March 7th, so I can finally see Iverson in action, live. Of course, the Sixers won big against he T-Wolves last night, so they are probably all rested for tonight against the Raps. With how well Toronto’s playing, I’m pulling for them to get the W as they head into All-Star break.

At MSG, Omri Casspi got plenty of love and he got the 118-114 OT victory after almost losing the game for his team when he inexplicably asked for the ball, then made no move to go for it when Tyreke Evans passed it to him. Luckily for Casspi, the Knicks couldn’t save themselves with Jared Jeffries taking an awful 3-pointer that was just ugly. Evans was balling in the Garden, finishing with 27 points, 10 rebounds and six assists. Yes, this is a rookie putting up these numbers. Donte Greene also had a great game, finishing with 24 points and eight rebounds. Casspi finished with 19 and 9 boards. For the Knicks, Wilson Chandler scored a career-high 35.

Houston shot just 30 percent in a 99-66 loss to Miami where they had eight assists… to 16 turnovers. Eight assists total. In 48 minutes. Yeah. Glad I missed that one, even though my liveblog was a gongshow of a game.

Jamal Crawford has to be the sixth man of the year this season, right? He’s also looking like the best move of the offseason. Atl got the W against Memphis.

In Portland, the Thunder got the 89-77 victory and Kevin Durant topped 30 points for the league-leading 30th time this season. Pretty wild. He also scored his 5000th career point along the way as the Thunder pulled away in the second half after being tied with the Blazers at the half. Martell Webster took a nasty, nasty fall, landing hard on his back. Hoping he feels okay today, because that one looked like it hurt.

James Harden was awesome off of the bench in the second half, while Durant’s 33 and 11 boards led the way as Jeff Green added 17. The Blazers were just 3-for-20 from beyond the arc as they had 22 points from Andre Miller to lead them in the loss.

I think I speak for us all when I say that I want Brandon Roy back soon. Healthy, of course, but back asap.

Oh yes, the Cavs defeated New Jersey, 104-97 (seriously, these close games Jersey has been in lately is crazy), moving their win streak to a season-high 12 games. Bron watch: 32 points, 11 assists.

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  • BackInBlack

    jamal crawford is amazing, he is averageing more points than some starters

  • http://www.slamonline.com MooButter

    Sixth man of the year should be about more than just a high scoring average. The problem is how do you quantify intangibles? Anderson Varajao deserves sixth man of the year because he is the second most valuable player on his team who happen to be leading the league in the W column.

  • T-Money

    Boxscores can not accurately represent the impact of Andy V. The Cavs are just flat out better when he is on the floor. Now that KG has slowed down, he is probably the best big man in the league at showing and recovering on screens. He has mastered the verticality rule so he makes guys miss inside without fouling them. He dives to the rim like there’s no tomorrow opening up shooters on the weakside. He understands spacing. He gets tons of deflections. Opponents HATE him and get distracted by his ‘antics’. He has no regard for his own health and sacrifices his body on every play. All of those things are so valuable to a winning team and yet they are not captured by boxscores. Jamal Crawford is going to win 6th man hands down because it’s a scoring award, but the impact of Varejao on the Cavs is greater IMO.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    T-Money: I disagree. Jamal Crawford is the main reason why the Hawks are so much better than they were in previous years. He’s a sixth man but he’s as valuable as a starter. Let’s put it that way.
    Carl Landry and Jamal Crawford are the two biggest candidates for the award this year.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Also, Anderson Varejao will inevitable be overlooked the same way Shane Battier was overlooked for important awards like Defensive Player of the Year.

  • Buschfire

    AI i needs to pull out a vince carter and drop 48 till anyone is gonna remember him this season for somthing that actually happened on the court.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com TADOne

    The Nuggets appear to be getting in a stride right now.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Its actually a tough call for 6th man of the year. But on first look I’d choose Jamal Crawford. Sure it may not just be about scoring, but look at people like Jason Terry, Barbosa, Ben Gordon… Their roles were directly related to adding a SCORING punch right OFF the bench.

  • T-Money

    I guess guys missed my point. Crawford WILL win the 6th man award, that’s not debatable. The award is always given to a guy who adds scoring punch to a winning team. I think that Varejao is more valuable to winning NBA games. Crawford is essentially revolving door on D and doesn’t give you any so-called intangibles.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    What’s with John Salmons’ muslim beard? He should be detained indefinitely.

  • bakers’ dozen

    If 6th of the year is up for grabs, you need to look at JR Smith AND Ty Lawson.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Oh and anytime Jared Jeffries is taking your last shot, you might as well walk off the court before he takes it.

  • JoeMaMa

    6th man of the year – the fans. Come on, NBA, let’s make it happen. Because we’re worth it.

  • Buschfire

    Multiple sources report Toronto GM Coangelo is leaving this off season to be GM with the New Jersey Nets…

    If Colangelo leaves, Bosh is gone for sure… If we don’t make it to the second round Bosh is gone for sure… either way its gonna be hard to keep Bosh. If Coangelo leaves, it would be disappointing, but i like to put my faith in MLSE that they will not hire another Babbcock…. and if Bosh goes, to be honest our team is pretty strong… I’m sure we can get someone decent to replace him even though it won’t be at boshes full value…. we just need Bargs and Turk to step it up…. you know a zach randolf with Bargs and Turk sounds pretty good to me too!

  • LA Huey

    Crawford will win it. He’ll be credited with most of the Hawks improvement because journalists will overlook the fact that Josh Smith is playing much smarter, Horford became an All-Star, and the Hawks having an otherwise dismal bench.

  • Joey E.

    i know the nuggets are 2-0 vs the lakers, but i still dont think they can beat them in the playoffs. look, i hope they can, but something tells me that the lakers are way better than the way they played vs denver. what do you guys think? can they, will they beat them?

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I think reducing what Crawford is doing to “just scoring” is simplistic. He’s the best passer on the team, hands down. He understands tempo, he gets Joe Johnson key rest and can carry the load at the one or two when Johnson is having problems with his shot or fouls. He makes good decisions, he’s playing the best defense of his career. Crawford’s play, and Josh Smith’s decision to avoid three pointers, are the two biggest reasons why ATL could sneak into the Eastern Conference Finals.

  • J-RO

    @Joey I think the Nuggets will take out the Lakers. THe Nuggets just look hungrier out their. The Lakers are in cruise control. If they were driven like last year, then yeah they would take another one hands down. But i just dont see them that way anymore.

  • T-Money

    Allen: I agree with everything you’ve said except the sneaking into the conf finals thing. The only way they get there is if Orlando slips to fourth and they can have a 2-3 match up with Boston in the 2nd round. They can beat everybody but two teams who pretty much OWN them: Cavs and Magic.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    KEVIN DURANT HAs 5000 PTS ALREADY?!?!!!! in 2.7 years, he has 5000 pts. astounding. so, if he plays for 18 seasons at this type of level, he could be all time nba scorer. its very possible. hes young, and still getting better. this could get scary

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    18 seasons is ridiculously long.
    I’m thinking that Cleveland and Orland might end up in the same bracket. But, if Vince’s recent outburst was a sign he’s putting it together, I’m probably wrong.

  • rizzify

    Varejao is a flopping d-bag. How is he more valuable to the Cavs than Mo or, hell, even Shaq? If LeBron skips town this summer then Varejao will be irrelevant

    J-Creezy gets the award hands-down. He’s the best passer on his team, provides energy off the bench, and is just in general probably the 2nd best player on the Hawks right now.

    BTW: I thought JR Smith was a starter?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    T-Money: Again, I disagree. Andersen Varejao is NOT more valuable to winning games than Jamal Crawford. The reason why Varejao can just focus on intangibles is because the Cavaliers are already such a talented team.
    The Hawks DO need Jamal Crawford to score the ball, and he is also a full-time closer on games. He doesn’t start, but he closes out because that’s how important he is. He’s the best passer AND arguably the best scorer on the team.
    Put Andersen Varejao on a lesser team and they go nowhere. Put Jamal Crawford on a different contender like the Cleveland Cavaliers and they suddenly add another level of offensive fire power.
    Also, those crediting the Hawks’ success to the improved play of Horford and Smith are not wrong. However, part of their growth as players is due to the help that Jamal Crawford provides. Horford and Smith don’t need to jack up shots and score 18 points a game. Horford has become great on the glass and Smith has shaped into a very good all-around player. Just saying.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    I really like Landry, but Crawford is just plain better, not to mention more important to the Hawks.