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Baron Davis’ ROY Pick: Brandon Jennings

Most have Tyreke Evans winning the award, but B-Diddy tells the Journal Sentinel that his “little brother” Jennings should get it, largely due to his leading role in the Bucks’ surprising success this season: “Baron Davis knows a few things about playing the point guard position. So when the Los Angeles Clippers’ star says he thinks Bucks guard Brandon Jennings should be the league’s rookie of the year, you listen. ‘I think Brandon should be the rookie of the year because it’s all about winning in this league,’ Davis said after the Clippers’ practice session Tuesday. ‘He’s been winning, and he’s been doing a good job of leading his team. He’s had the numbers and all the accolades. He’s definitely the point guard of the future in this league.’ Jennings was the early favorite for the rookie of the year award, after he piled up 55 points against Golden State in his seventh game with the Bucks. But a prolonged shooting slump helped push him down in the rankings of many observers, and Sacramento’s Tyreke Evans moved to the front of the line.”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    dude is shooting 36%. that’s… pretty bad. Tyreke should win even though his team has a losing season. Lebron and Durant had losing seasons and they still won ROY.

  • Perk4MVP

    20 5 5 leave it at that

  • stevenashjr13

    He probably shouldn’t win it but he shouldn’t have fallen so far out of the race like people are saying. The Bucks went from preseason 15th to 5th in the East and although Bogut is a beast make no mistake, Jennings is leading that team.

  • LA Huey

    Evans has put up rookie averages that only Oscar, Jordan, and LBJ have done. Jennings doesn’t deserve the ROY over Reke but he’s ahead of Steph Curry in the race.

  • erich

    Co-Rookies of the year…..

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    LA Huey which Rookie Rankings are you basing that on? Cause Stephen Curry is playing a LOT better and more efficient than Jennings. People are even saying Darren Collison is ahead of Jennings now.

  • Shem

    I bet you if Tyreke were on the Bucks, they’d be a 3 seed

  • LeoneL

    Eastern Conference…

  • http://slamonline.com John D

    Jennings isn’t even in the top 5. Evans, Curry, Collison, Lawson, and Blair should all be ahead of him.

  • http://slamonline.com John D

    Jennings isn’t even in the top 5. Evans, Curry, Collison, Lawson, and Blair should all be ahead of him.

  • Joey E.

    west coast bias. but John D, calm down. i dont like Jennings at all, but Blair and Lawson over him? role players on playoff teams with stars over a rookie starting PG in the East, 5th seed, with no real stars? (Bogut is nice though). cmon man

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    i’m laughing because all those rookie point guards are great, and the knicks could have any of them not named curry and evans.

  • http://slamonline.com John D

    Jennings’s FG% by month. October: 51.6 (only 2 games). November: 42.0. December: 37.6. January: 32.4. February: 30.7. March: 37.9. Since the year 2010 began, Jennings has shot 50% or better in a game exactly 3 times, or approximately once a month. I’m sorry, but that’s putrid. For his next haircut, this guy needs to get the rookie wall shaved into his head.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/03/baron-davis-roy-pick-brandon-jennings/ oinestep

    Get off jennings back! he’s got his team in a position to win. Thats saying more than the others mentioned. It’s about winning not individual #’s, even if he doesn’t deserve ROY he deserves respect for his game to help put them in that position of playoff contenders. For all the haters, get off his nu!$

  • stevenashjr13

    Lawson? Really? I’ll be the first to admit Jennings FG% has dropped him easily below Evans and Curry, but does that really make his 15.8-6.1-3.6 worse than Lawson’s 9.0-3.3-2.1. Granted he gets a lot more minutes but that’s because of the leadership he’s shown putting the Bucks in the position they’re in.

  • DDB

    Oinestep – The GM has that team in position to win. He did a great job putting some pieces in place and then completed it with jennings. The Bucks would still be pretty good without Jennings. He doesn’t have the same impact as a guy like Tyreke.

    He is having a great year for a rook but Tyreke is definitely ROY.

  • http://missjia.com jrSwishh

    If Melo couldnt be co-rookie of the year with Lebron then no one deserves to be

  • Michael

    I am not sure hw anyone could argue for someone apart from Tyreke with a straight face.

  • onions baby onions

    As Shem mentioned earlier, imagine if Reke was on the Bucks..it’s a hypothetical situation, but I could see them being just as good if not better than they are with Jennings, therefore Evans > Jennings.

  • The Philosopher

    Milwaukee went from a sure fire lottery team to a team that is closing in on the opportunity to compete for a championship during the playoffs on Jennings’s watch. He may or may not get it. But, he is the Rookie of the Year. Period.

  • T-Money

    He does have a nice batting average.

  • Ed

    Oh yes, because when we think of all the great point guards of the past, clearly the first thing we think of is…FG percentage. Obviously, the first job of an NBA point guard is to lead the league in FG%. What are you dopes smoking? Quick, without looking, give me the career FG% for Magic, Isiah and Stockton. Cannot do it can you…but I bet you can ballpark their assist numbers. Tyreke’s job is to score, Jennings’ job is to manage the offense and assist; which he does wonderfully. We all know many of you have not seen more than one Buck’s game this year (if that). Sportcenter highlights does not a player make. Stop talking, you are embarrassing yourselves.

  • amir

    Baron Davis is maddening to root for, this year his Clips should have made some noise (even before Griffin got injured, no mention of him, Baron?). And Tyreke has been the best rookie all year long, fact.

  • Rusty

    compton connection

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  • davidR

    jennings definitely deserves respect for how well the bucks are doing. but i think rookie of the year will come down to reke vs curry.

  • B.J. #1 Fan

    Tyreke Evans is overrated. Period! 20-5-5, with a 48% FG are numbers for MVP’s in this league. And Tyreke is NOT AN MVP. He’s a rookie on a losing team. Who cares if he doubled his teams win totals from last year. He’s a fake. Anybody could could average those numbers in their 1st year in this league as a 20 years old if they wanted to. Let me repeat… ANYBODY CAN DO IT! That’s a fact. 3 others already have, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Oscar Robinson. Tyreke is NOT those players. Yeah, he averages the same as they do, and defenses plan their game plan against him the same way they did/do those guys, but that means nothing. And the fact that he’s averaging 20 points, 9 rebounds & 9 assists over the last 4 games is a fluke too. The other teams were letting him get those numbers because they don’t like Brandon Jennings, and they want Tyreke to be the ROY this year too. Plain and simple, a Rookie of the year should NOT BE BASED on personal stats. 20-5-5 has never proved anything in this league. All other ROY in the past were chosen based on how well their teams played, not how well that player did. AND THAT’S A FACT. Just look at Lebron’s rookie year with the CAVS. Didn’t they go super deep into the playoffs that year? And how about Durant and the OKC, they pretty much owned that season when he was a rookie, and went DEEP in the playoffs, and look at him now. Last thing… the fact that Baron Davis has said that BJ is the ROY should be enough to seal the deal on this race. Only Kobe, Darren Williams, D.Wade, Chancey Billups, Steve Nash, Lebron James & other nobody’s said that they think Tyreke is the ROY this year, and they all know NOTHING. They’re all overrated themselves. Baron Davis is dead on… Brandon Jennings has proved himself this year. He’s consistent. Team’s are afraid of him. He’s just clearly the best rookie playing right now.

    GO BUCKS & GO BRANDON JENNINGS!!! You know you’re the best, and we know it too! You deserve this Award hands down.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Okay if we’re looking at Darren Collison since he started in place of Paul, he’s better than both Jennings AND Curry. And possibly Evans. But we’re talking about the full season, and it’s unfair but he was sitting behind the best point guard in the league.

  • http://slamonline.com John D

    Ed, no one is saying a PG has to lead the league in FG%, but be honest with yourself and look at those percentages again. They’re not just bad, they’re abysmal. You can’t ignore the fact that when someone shoots THAT horribly, while taking over 15 shots a game, it’s detrimental to an offense. Jennings’s FG% is part of the reason the Bucks are 23rd in offensive efficiency. And you shouldn’t summarily dismiss the importance of a PG’s shooting percentage, because the stats show that despite what you may think, it’s crucial to the efficiency of an offense. If the PG can keep the defense honest, it creates so many more scoring opportunities for the rest of his team. There’s a reason Steve Nash has led some of the most potent offenses in history. By the way, just out of curiosity, are you a Bucks fan by any chance?

  • The Philosopher

    Kenny Anderson shot less than 40 percent his rookie year. And Anderso, in his prime, was border line Hall of Fame material.

  • http://slamonline.com John D

    Kenny Anderson was not even remotely close to being a Hall of Famer at any point in his career, unless you’re talking about some kind of NYC high school hall of fame.

  • http://slamonline.com John D

    Mr. Chibbs was a good player, as I’m expecting Brandon Jennings to be. I’m just saying, he shouldn’t be in the discussion for ROY.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Philosopher is right at 8:28.
    And John D: Not in the discussion? There’s a difference between second place and not in the discussion. Jennings is obviously in the discussion here. Come on.

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    teddy you gota man crush on AlHarrington and the “best backcourt in the league” Collison and thornton…you gotta restrain yourself dude, theyre nice but not THAT nice

  • http://slamonline.com John D

    I would argue that there really shouldn’t be much of a discussion about ROY, because Tyreke is running away with it. But even still, if we were gonna debate about it, it would be between Tyreke and Steph Curry, not Tyreke and Jennings.

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    i bealive youre some kind of rockets and knicks fan(whatever that might be)…Kyle Lowry IS A STUD and i have to agree with you on that feeling that jordan hill WILL BE THE NEXT CARL LANDRY

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    oh and in the game Collison “had 20 assists” some people with knolege review it and he had like 14 real assists, witch is very nice but those scorekeepers in NO are fools…and Reke is the ROY

  • Royal

    Ok Reke is ROY but please stop acting like Jennings sucks.Because we all know you were on his nuts when he dropped 55 and will be on his sack again if he has another big game

  • vanillagorrila

    Jennings is playing with a great handle for his years though and along with collison is one of the 2 players with a definite position. No offense to evans and curry but both their lines are inflated because of the teams their on(especially curry being on a nellie coached team)and lets face it collison is playing on a team built around the point so his assist numbers are bound to be a bit inflated with all of their great shooters. Jennings knows how to manage his to’s, where/when to pass, when he needs to take a shot even if he is 1-11 and overall is playing great basketball even if his numbers don’t show it.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    LOL okay then, Sporting-Lisbon… Was your comment about Kyle Lowry and Jordan Hill sarcastic? That was cold, Sporting. That was cold.
    Anyways, Collison and Thornton do have what it takes to be the best backcourt in the NBA eventually. Besides Joe Johnson/Bibby, Ray Allen/Rondo, and Curry/Ellis, there aren’t too many GREAT backcourts. Well since you’re a Blazers fan you’re probably going to tell me Roy/Miller, right? Fair enough.
    Not sure what Al Harrington has to do with anything though… but that one made me laugh.

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    no no sarcasm at all bout Lowry, to me hes the perfect back up PG…and Hill i kind of have the feeling that out of nowhere hell be avereging 15 and 8 of the pine very soon…Roy/Miller and Rondo/Allen sure are better than the 18 wins Warriors backcourt! its not all about numbers! (and i love watching Monta and Steph play)

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Well, Baron’s basketball IQ has never been that high so I’m not too surprised he got this way off.
    Right now, it’s 1.Evans 2.Curry 3.Huge Gap 4.Everybody else

  • Tyler

    Brandon Jennings is a dang good PG, and should definetly be in the discussion of ROY, but it’s obvious that Reke is going to win it. I think people get caught up in the debate and completly disregard Reke or Jennings accomplishments. Jennings brought confidence to that team, and now they are winning. Reke has been dominating, I mean 20-5-5 that’s crazy! And they have won more games this season. The ROY race is not even close, but people please don’t give too much praise or throw a guy under the bus in bias opinions.

  • vanillagorrila

    heh, baron davis has great basketball IQ its his emotions, mentality, and decision making that is such an enigma.

  • vanillagorrila

    Oh and 10-1 imo says somebody makes cap relief offer to the hornets for collison either this offseason or by the deadline next year. His trade value is too big to ignore for a backup pg even though keeping collison is probably a better decision team success wise paul’s name is too big to trade away for NO.

  • Lazarus

    steve blake > baron davis.

    bam. its out there.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/03/brandon-roy-wants-to-become-ruthless/ oinestep

    DDB I never once saw a GM go out there and run the point; sure he puts the pieces in place but its the players who do the grunt work.

  • kb

    jennings is not the roy but he will be the best pg in the future. he will get stronger and more consistent as a scorer and be a suped up allen iverson/ chris paul hybrid. he is already a leader and has his team in the playoffs

  • B.J. #1 Fan
  • FearTheDEER

    Hate to admit it, but Reke’s got this one
    But 55 for a rookie’s like, what, top 5(3?) all time?
    Bucks going to the playoffs may be Jennings’ chance to prove himself but the ROY would’ve been given to Reke by that time

  • Keltic

    For all of u who keep bringing up only stats, u don’t know ball. Jennings is the only rookie point guard actually running the point. Evans and Curry do not set up their teammates on a regular basis, they both look for their own shots before their teammates. Jennings has to run his team both offensively and defensively on the fly. Plus, Jennings was closely defended after the first month of the season, which is y his numbers plummeted. Once he puts some muscle on his light frame this offseason and improves his shot selection, he’ll be a force.