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Ben Gordon Tries to Explain His Struggles

Like everyone else, he can’t. The Free Press has the details: “When asked whether he ever had experienced anything like this season, Ben Gordon’s answer was simple and to the point. ‘Never,’ the shooting guard said after Wednesday night’s home loss to the Jazz. And, really, there was nothing more to say. Gordon has never missed 19 games because of a sprained ankle and groin strain. He has never averaged less than 15 points per game. If the season ended right now, he would be at a career-low 13.7. A career 40% three-point shooter, Gordon is shooting less than 30% this season. Definitely not what fans were expecting when the Pistons signed him to a five-year, $55-million deal last season.”

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  • tavoris

    is it a surprise that every Pistons player fell off once they traded away Billups? I’ve said it before….I like the guy, but Stuckey is NOT a pg.

  • Sparty’s Law

    Do they have anything to do with his exaggerated sense of self-worth?

  • Rich

    Detroit’s system is a joke. Their coach doesn’t play Gordon or Charlie V enough. He’s acting like they’re shooting for the playoffs, still playing Rip and Tayshaun 30-32 minutes a game, while $55 million and $35 million contracts are on the bench. How could anybody feel comfortable coming off the bench for just 23 minutes a game. And Stuckey might be done for the year, but now Bynum getting all Stuckey’s minutes, while BG still on the pine? Their coach is sorry. Don’t blame Gordon’s contract. Not his fault he can’t get in the game.

  • The D Train

    really, really glad that Chicago did not re-up BG. i was before the season for financial reasons, but now I’m really glad. not that the Bulls are playing great, or anything, but at least they’re not on the hook for 55 million for a cat who does nothing else but shoot, and cant even do that right now.

  • underdog

    Money well spent.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    @ Rich – you’re debate is a debate simalr to “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” BG hasn’t been playing well since his injury when he has been getting decent stretches of playing time. Should a coach throw more playing time his was in hopes that he performs better, or should he start performing better so he can earn his minutes back? IMO, I think players should be earning thier minutes and he simply hasn’t been. Granted, the same philosophy did not apply (although it probably should have) when RIP and Tayshaun came back from thier injuries. As far as Will Bynum getting hte Minutes at PG, that’s because HE’S A PG, and BG isn’t…at all. He’s 100% SG stuck in a PG’s body. Don’t get me wrong here, The coaching and management of this team is been questionable at best this season, but if BG isn’t scoring like crazy, he’s not just useless on the floor, he’s actually hurting the team because he can’t play a lick of defense either.

  • Rich

    Any Piston fans out there? Wayno, I feel you, but I’m one of the guys that truly wished the Bulls woulda kept Gordon (who played well with Rose) and got ridda of “I get hurt every February/March” Luol Deng. At least Gordon tries to play through injuries. You see the Bulls might not even get one of the big free agents this year. They still might not have any guard that can consistently give you 20 a game.

  • Forrest Crunk

    As a Bulls fan, not signing BG was addition by subtraction. Ben Gordon could have become a cult hero in Chicago, revered for his clutch late-game antics and destined for many years in a row as the league’s Sixth Man Of The Year. He would come off the bench and explode for 35 pts, 15 of them in the 4th, it was amazing to watch, and he was loved here for it. Instead, he (and his trusty agent of course) thought he was a bonafide starting two, regardless of his 6’2″ height, his all-too-often stat lines of 7 pts on 2-9 shooting, and his propensity for playing terrible defense. The Bulls offer him a extremely generous contract and he turns it down, they offer again and he turns it down again, only to accept a LESSER deal with the hated Pistons…. uh, to come off the bench??? What part of the game is that Ben? Who did you think you were screwing? If only some of these players could see the forest for the trees, and realize what they have before they let their agents screw it up for him. Oh well, he got his money right? Hope it was worth it. And not to be a complete hater, I really do hope he gets traded to a contender someday and is able to show what he is capable of once again.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    wild stab in the dark, but does that have to do with another shoot-only SG already on the team?

  • The Philosopher

    Some guys, when they sign those kind of deals, they lose some hunger. You take Andre Iguoadala, Gordon, Villanueva, the list is long. some guys become content. Millions upon millions of dollars can have that effect on someone. It must be nice. And Charlie Villanueva was never really hungry anyway after he got to the League.

  • The Philosopher

    I think Rudy Gay will maintain that hunger, though. He comes off to me as a guy who has something to prove. You never know.

  • The Philosopher

    Josh Boone is my guy. And that’s for real.

  • Jalepino Sausage

    Yeah . but BRON IS DA MAN B!T(H !!!!!!!!!

  • cramzy

    Dumars…. From the moment he pulled the trigger on the Billups/AI swap,its been one bad decision after another. To sign Ben Gordon for 5 yrs 55 millie when you just gave Rip an extension..where were the minutes for Ben gone come from? You just had this situation with AI! Then you sign Charlie V, the poor man’s Rasheed. Dumars is tripping. The players have to play, coaches have to coach but this team is horrendously built.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    BG took cash made a mad dash and now has crashed because he was never was worth the cash, so he tried to make a splash like he did in the Chi, but realizes that his game is predicated on hitting treys, and nothing else, so people who thought Dumars made a mess, realizes this is the same Cat who drafted ______. Ani’t no way this dude is GM of the Decade more like GM who picked Darko over maybe four Hall of Famers and BG needs to be traded all ready.

  • Aaron

    The enigma of my fantasy roster…

  • http://slamonline.com Jacob J

    Its not coach Kuester’s fault, its really all on Ben Gordon. He’s played this many minutes before and he had no problem with scoring at all, so I blame it on BG. I think Joe D would like half of his salary back this year and give it to Big Ben,Joans, and Rodney the players with small contracts that deserve the big bucks more than he does.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    Should have drafted Melo or Bosh or Wade in 03 when he had the chance. Shouldn’t have traded Billups. Shouldn’t have gave BG a 55 Million dollar contract and should have waited till this years free agency to make any moves.

  • The Philosopher

    Gordon must have a great agent. Great, great agent. I’m going to call his agent and see if he can get me a deal.

  • TD

    May sound negative but, too bad he is having the worst year of his career right after signing the biggest contract of his career. Coincidence? And agree with above ^ , I too hope he gets traded….I’m a Piston fan.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    dot dot dot dash

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    These arguments against Joe Dumars I am reading about never appeared when it was Iverson, did they? But now it’s someone else and people are suddenly seeing what’s what. Funny. I’m not defending Iverson as much as I used to but it makes you wonder.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Joe Dumars has continued this trend of signing All-Star caliber (or close to it) shooting guards, while refusing to trade Rich Hamilton. Since Billups left town it’s been one starting-caliber guard triangle after another. Nobody wants to come off the bench and nobody deserves to come off the bench, so the player that DOES have to come off the bench is going to suffer. Period. And the team is not going to win like this.

  • tbizzle!

    im always wondering why they’ll never trade Rip.

  • ab_40

    joe dumars had a definit brain fart last summer. charlie V and ben gordon hahaha I still don’t know how he sold those signings to management a soft 4 who likes the 3 even more than sheed and an undersized 2 guard who’s a streaky shooter

  • reidz

    joe d has the be the most overrated GM of all time. He could attribute extremely much of his success to Chauncey. Slam even rated him best GM of the decade…..

    Some of his actions: drafting Darko ahead of three ALL-nba players, trading AI for Billups, and now these two signings…

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com TADOne


  • http://p p

    im from the illinois area and a big billups fan. it angered me when they traded him and could have kept that team together another 3 or 4 years from the core members there