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Derrick Rose Likes Chicago’s Chances in Free Agency

Rose tells ESPN Radio that Chicago is the place to be for top free agents: “Everybody wants to know A. if you recruited any of the free agents while you were down at the All-Star game and B. what are the chances that one of the top three guys come here next year, either Wade, LeBron or Bosh? ‘No I couldn’t go after them like that.  I told them Chicago is a great place, if they wanna come we’ll be more than happy to take them.  It’s huge if one of them comes here.  One of the three, either Lebron, Wade or Bosh, one of them comes here.’ Do you believe that you have a real chance to get one of them? ‘Definitely, we definitely have a real good chance to get them.  Chicago marketing is unbelievable and I don’t see any one of the three passing Chicago up if they can come here.”‘

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  • arthur

    Plus, they get to play with Rose.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Hmm.. Can we just fast forward to the summer yet?

  • http://fdjslfl.com Jukai

    I know Lebron and Bosh are probably more desirable, but I just love the thought of Wade playin’ with Rose. That would be such an epic backcourt.

  • AL29

    The Clippers of the East don’t deserve any big-time free agents. They prematurely ended their dynasty by chasing Phil Jackson out of town. Then they burned through scores of high draft picks by either making sloppy choices, or giving up on talent (ie. Ron Artest, Tyson Chandler, Elton Brand, Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, etc)… and now they think they can get Lebron or D-Wade? Who would coach them… Vinny Del Negro???? Get real.

  • Airswade

    @Jukai- I totally agree dude.

  • underdog

    Co-sign Jukai. C’mon DWade, play for the home team, like Rose does.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    As good as Rose and Wade sounds, I kind of want Lebron to play with Wade. That sh!t would be epic. Just look at the damage they did in the ASG..

  • http://theurbangriot.com/ NUPE

    Unless 2 of the 3 have private conversations with each other and agree to go to NY, the only one I see switching is Bosh. Riles and the Heat will almost certainly sign Stat or Bosh to play alongside D-Wade. Unless Bron has already made up his mind to leave(regardless how the Cavs finish), Ferry and the Cavs will pull every string they have to give Bron no excuses to leave. It wouldn’t surprie me if they pay the Luxury Tax to get Stat or make some other big move to bring in an All-Star that keeps Cleveland as a likely favorite to win a ring after this season. Bron is concerned about his image etc, and if it doesn’t somehow make ‘public sense’ for him to leave, I think he tries to continue to be the ‘loyal’ guy and stay home.

  • mems

    rose+bosh=championship sometime in the next 5 years

  • Shadojoker

    Rose & DWade will sell tickets like hotcakes!! Pair them with a decent power foward, and you got championship calibur!! We all know Lebron is more likely staying with Cleveland meeting ALL of his trade demands..now as for the HEAT…Dwyane is just trying to claw out of the cellar of the East!

  • Exile

    I think Wade is more likely to leave than Bosh right now. Although Bosh in Chi would make Rose even Scarier.

  • Fat Lever

    Wade is ending up in Chicago. I can’t imagine him being happy about carrying a bunch of Tito Jacksons in Miami, no matter what Arison says about Wade staying. And Chuck is right, no matter how much Beasley catches feelings. Beasley is a Tito.

  • doyouwantmore

    There’s still a championship to be won this year.

  • http://www.behindtheb.blogspot.com Sam Raphael Chadwick

    Rose & D-Wade would be an awsome back court and plus Derricks assists will go up crazy without effecting his scoring too much

  • Rob

    Wade would be cool, but I think Chicago needs more muscle. Lebron, I don’t think he would play there, let’s just say MJ’s shadow is just too big, I mean LBJ is changing his number to 6 for a reason. He knows there’s only one 23 and one Chicago legend everyone will always remember, he wants to build his own legacy somewhere and in Chicago would be impossible. He’s staying in Cleveland. IF he leaves, he’s going to NY. Bosh would be the best choice. Drose+Bosh. That would be sick!

  • PJ

    Rose is 21 and a rare unselfish all-star, Deng is quitely having a strong comeback year puttin up 18 and 8 a night, Noah is having a breakout year 2nd in the L in boards, Taj is the steal of the draft and is leading all rooks in double doubles and playing like a veteran, and Kirk is a great complementary glue player. Add a big market and max contract, who wouldn’t want to come play in Chicago?

  • dookie

    @AL29: You do know that LeBron is currently being coached by Mike Brown right?

  • I will miss AI

    lol @ niQ and that just the ASG man! if they were serious itd be over idc who the hell kobe gets his hands on

  • Shem

    Rose and Dwade would be awesome, both the small guards that can THROW IT DOWN

  • http://bulls.com airs

    clippers of the east???

    gotta be $hitting me.
    i dont even think i have to defend that one.
    and yes, wade and rose would be quite ridiculous, i wouldn’t rule it out.

  • LetsGetIt

    yea for real clippers of the east? wow. Lebron aint going anywhere I just hope D-Wade comes to his sense and realize the heat will never go anywhere and D-Rose is the future

  • Jon

    they might just end up with grump soon-to-be-old carlos boozer who will take almost max-salary for 4-5 years and avg abt 15-8, hence ruining rose’s chances for a genuine title bid.

  • Taisen

    Wade is from Chicago…he might want to play there…I would if it was my hometown..

  • Harlem_World

    Riley will spend to make sure Wade gets at LEAST Bosh in Miami. But Bosh plus Wade isn’t enough. I think the only names going anywhere this summer are Bosh and Stat, and one of the cap free teams are going to end up with Boozer and mediocrity, most likely the Knicks. IF Chicago could get Wade plus Boozer (which I doubt as he’s always gone for the money), then Chicago would be on the rise, no doubt. Rose, Wade, Deng, Boozer, Noah is a good look for as long as Boozer can go. With Rose and Wade on perimeter, Deng is perfect compliment player as he doesn’t need ball in his hands and gets a lot of his off of kick out jumpers and cuts to the basket. I see Bron back in Cleveland, joined by STAT.

  • mikeyv

    wade coming to chicago would be great, however they still wouldnt have a dominant big. joakim would be better as a guy coming off the bench. only problem is if they sign wade how will they afford to get someone who will help in the post?

  • hillbilly

    Wade to Chicago is a no brainer. As for Bosh, I’m guessing he’ll end up in either Dallas or Miami. Nowitzki’s days in the Big ‘D’ are numbered and Bosh would fill that gaping hole quite nicely (especially if Dirk decides to finish his career in Europe). As for LeBron, I’ll quote the incomparable Bob Dylan & say, “(He) ain’t goin’ nowhere.” Cleveland has shown time and time again that they’re committed to doing whatever it takes to keep him on the payroll. If Bron’s smart, he’ll stay put.