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Media Calling for Jim O’Brien’s Firing

The Pacers are 23 games below .500, and things look bleak. Naturally, the coach is under fire from local reporters: “Maybe Jim O’Brien is trying to get himself fired. Maybe he’s gone in the tank, just as his team has done for the past few months, and is willing to take the cash for next season and move on back to Florida. I’ve written it before, with a mild bit of hesitation. I’m writing it now, with no hesitation, with major emphasis, with boldfaced capital letters. O’BRIEN HAS GOT TO GO. We can all agree, this season was stillborn before it got past the first two weeks. Even in that home opener, they played with no energy, no passion, no clue. And it hasn’t gotten any better all season. Maybe that says more about this current group of players than it does about O’Brien, but you can’t fire the players. Ultimately, they’re not performing for this guy. They’ve checked out, zoned out, quit hearing his voice. If it was just a matter of losing, fine, but they’re losing badly, losing by double digits, getting outworked on a regular basis.”

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  • AL29

    Thank you, Larry Bird, for ruining the Pacers.

  • Marty McFly

    Kevin McHale! as O’Brien’s replacement. Get ‘er done!

  • I’m not famous

    If the players have stopped listening maybe he has to go, but AL29 is right; Larry Bird has built a terrible team that cant make any significant changes for 2 more years, that type of “leadership” should get someone fired. But then again I thought the same thing about Zeke in NYC for a long time too…

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Double R

    I wonder how the writers and talking heads would feel if they were in a coach’s position and had people asking that they get fired.

  • k

    I wonder how Double R would feel if he was in a player’s position who is playing his heart out every night for a coach that’s thrown away three years of the prime of that player’s career with all of 92 wins to show for it, and NO ONE was asking that he get fired.

  • unrel

    i think it’s reggie miller’s fault.. cause his sister’s breath is said to be stankonia..

  • LA Huey

    “stillborn”? Wow, that’s an interesting choice of words.

  • JoeMaMa

    The most unknown team in the league. They don’t even get press in their own city on account of the Colts. But I guess after Jamaal, Captain Idiot, and Ron-Ron, they’re happy with little news.
    Bring back Mark Jackson as coach/GM!

  • http://twitter.com/PDXGayBBall dma

    the team is constructed like doo doo. but you can’t fault bird too much for trying to rid themselves of a thug image. they just went too white, and crappy white at that with Dun and Murphy’s contracts. they just lucked out with Granger producing. the only good news is they are set to have Dun, Murphy, Tinsley, Foster and Ford coming off the books next summer. $40M in salaries to use as trade bait. One more year of suffering…

  • OneStep

    The fallout from the Malice at the Palace is still being felt by the Pacers. The front office may not have helped since but never has one incident played such a huge part in the fortunes of one team. Unfortunately, they currently have a raft of players built of glass. If they could get healthy and stay healthy I’m sure they’d be making a little playoff noise by now.

  • slammin

    AL29: No, I’m pretty sure Ron Artest ruined the Pacers.

  • k

    dma, it’s one thing to try to rehabilitate the team’s image, but it’s another thing to completely disregard talent in the process. I agree they are potentially in a good position when it comes to next year’s deadline and the following summer, but Larry Bird has given the fans no reason to think he’ll be making moves any smarter on that day than he’s made in the past.