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Rafer Alston Skipped Town With Good Reason

After not showing up for Saturday’s game versus Atlanta (prompting the Heat to suspend him indefinitely), and after only being in touch with the Heat through text, Rafer Alston cleared the air yesterday.

As first reported by Ric Bucher:

Rafer Alston is content with his decision to leave the Miami Heat, because it wasn’t about losing his starting job. It was about being told he was no longer going to play and deciding that looking after a twin sister who tried to take her life just a few days earlier was more important.

“The way I handled it was wrong,” Alston said Tuesday in his first public comments since leaving the team last Friday. “I didn’t really tell [team officials] why I was leaving.”

He said he texted team officials that he was going to Texas to be with his family rather than call or meet face to face out of fear his emotions would get the better of him. He was already coping with his twin sister Racine’s attempted suicide when coach Erik Spoelstra pulled him aside and said he was being dropped not only from the starting lineup but also from playing altogether.

“It’s been a tough and long year,” he said. “I’ll be 34 in July. If I can come back and play one more season, that would be great. But if not, I’m still happy with my decision. I played 11 years and had a solid career. Maybe I didn’t leave Miami the right way. But I left for the right reason.”

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  • NAS

    he has his head on straight, best of luck to akip to my lou

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    Dang. Nobody wants to go through that.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    I’m sorry it was handled badly, but all the best to Skip and his family. Just another reminder that there are more important things than a game.

  • Stillballin

    He can still play for and1 mix tape summer tour..good luck skip..

  • peter

    I don’t understand how a coach can think its a good idea to take someone who was starting for 12 games and then just cut them from the rotation all together…if they were considered good enough to start how does this make any sense?

  • doyouwantmore

    He seems like the kind of guy who can bow out gracefully and with class.

  • Epsilon Nupe

    we’ll pray for you and your family skip


    Good Luck Skip

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ heatWONTmake_da_playoffs

    @peter: Exactly, it makes no sense. There is something else that happened that we don’t know to make Spoelstra take that decision.

  • Tweaks

    Skip will always keep it R E A L.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    @peter and heat. no one seemed to care when Duhon got demoted after a year of starting. Lol

  • http://fdksjlf.com Jukai

    peter and heat: He was a late season pickup, dudes. They figured they’d sign him late and try him out. They realize that he didn’t fit with the team, so they dropped him all together. SImple as that.


    I’m sure another team will pick him up because he is actually a solid ballplayer with a high IQ of the game…and I’m sure if he didn’t have such a serious matter to tend to, he would be playing for another team before the playoffs kicked off…let’s just pray for him and his fam…god bless…

  • Krazed

    Prayers to you Skip and your family….and Orlando should prolly take another look at him if he’s still eligible to make the play-off roster.

  • MikeC.

    Come to the Knicks Skip!!! Worst case scenario, you’re either throwing lobs to Lebron next year, or you’re NY’s big free agent savior when Lebron resigns with the Cavs.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Aww… Best wishes to Skip’s sister, him, and his fam.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    best wishes to his family in this trying time.

  • Dre Baller

    Eddie House just smiled

  • http://www.yougotdunkedon.com LilKDub503

    Good luck to you Skip.
    But what caught my eye was the title of this article. “Rafer Alston SKIPPED town?” Seems a little too convenient for me.

  • aL

    not a bad nba career for an and1 guy..

  • foolio_iglesias

    Skip if you’re reading this,if you’re ever in Harlem you have carte blanche to the Hansborough gym on 135th St.We could use another 6 foot ballhandler plus our 3 point line is mad short,hell I’m the best shooter in there holla Fallujah!

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  • http://myspace.com/weezyleezy337 GametimeWeezy

    Rafer Alston…skip to my lou…an all time great. peoples champ!

  • MBE18

    I’ll take him on the Knicks….Yeah it is that bad being a Knick fan nowadays!!!

  • chintao

    Always liked that guy….

  • mems

    still one of my favorite players, i hated seeing him leave houston even though brooks is ballin right now.

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