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Raptor Failures a Reflection on Chris Bosh?

Bosh tells the Toronto Star that despite he being the unquestioned leader of the team, the ugly win/loss record is absolutely not a reflection on him in any way: “But note Bosh’s answer when he was asked on Monday if yet another failed season would be a reflection on him. ‘No. What else do you want me to do?” he said. “Do you want me to score 30, 40 points a game? Twenty blocks a game? That’s not my game. That’s not what I do. I try to get these guys going, and that’s pretty much it. I’m not weak-minded by any means. I know that we’re going to be good this year. I think we have time to turn it around. That’s the plain fact.’ He didn’t sound convinced the resurgence was imminent, not with Atlanta and Oklahoma City next on the schedule. And he added: ‘You can’t put the emphasis on one person … it’s a team sport.’ The problem is, an annual average salary of about $21 million (U.S.) – which is what Bosh has said he expects when he opts out of his contract this summer – is some serious emphasis, and Bosh is fine with that. He just isn’t into having his name attached to his team’s win-loss record, which is, you know, completely out of his hands.”

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  • Justin

    Of course he’s right. At least half of the losses in this bad streak the Raptors are on he wasn’t even in the lineup. He’s already starting to get his legs and wind back but the problem is most definitely the players around him. Turk has just not gotten the job done that he was brought in to do, although that’s also a side effect of him not having the ball in his hands as much as he did in Orlando. Bargnani needs more consistency at the defensive end but he’s still very young. Hardly any team gels in just one year unless you get a megastar on your team the way Miami did with Shaq. I know Bosh is frustrated and he has a right to be. Maybe he needs to get more in their faces in practice and in the locker room instead of a “lead by example” approach.

  • i hate bosh

    bosh is good, but not someone who can be built around. Do a sign and trade, get a defensive minded center in return, and move on.

  • http://www.Twitter/notebooknick NotebookNick

    The only thing they can question is his ability to motivate other guys. He’s been more than expected this year, and he’s almost the only reason they’ve won games. Hedo was a terrible pickup. He hasn’t done anything of consequence.

  • Bruno

    maybe raptor failures are not a reflection on him just maybe … but a “leader” does not throw his teammates under the bus

  • justin

    I agree with bruno.. If he really wants to take that next step and be “the man” .. The responsibility that comes with it is being a leader and lifting teamates up on and off the court.. Not putting them down to the media.. As of right now, maybe bosh is better off being the second fiddle to a guy like lebron and wade.

  • Sparty’s Law

    The Raptor’s failures are first and foremost a reflection of their coaching.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    I blame Bargnani and his (only) 6 rebounds per game.

  • adams

    And the answer is “YES”! I think he’s nothing more than David Lee or David West (which is good) while at the same time thinking he’s a top ten player in the league. He’s always praising himself and blaming others. Toronto hasn’t done anything in the last couple of years and is one of the worst defensive teams ever. He should be the main anchor in that defense but he’s not getting it done at all. I don’t know why he’s getting all this attention.

  • adams

    As long as he’s the best player on a team that team is going nowhere. If some team decides to build around him that team will go down the same road as the Raptors the last couple of years. Great numbers from Bosh early in the year (coupled with Chris declaring himself an MVP candidate) followed by the inevitable first round exit or not making the playoffs at all.

  • AL29

    There is endless blame to be distributed in T.O. Colangelo for building an international squad that isn’t tough enough for the NBA, Bosh for being too soft, Bargniani for not being a true centre, Calderon for being fragile and inconsistent, Turkoglu for being a huge disappointment, and Triano for not commanding enough respect. The problem with this franchise is that they haven’t had consistency at any level, ever. The roster, coaching staff, and front office are all transient. Teams should start looking at the Hawks as a model for patience with the process of developing players and coaches. Bosh wants the max contract but does not want to stay in Canada, so sign and trade, and watch his numbers dip next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have McGrady-style “injuries” next year as well.

  • T-Money

    There are maybe 6-7 transcendent players in the league who can actually make others better by osmosis. Bron, Kobe, Wade, Dirk, TD, Dwight (on D), CP3.. and that’s about it. Chris Bosh is the 2nd best PF in the league but he’s not in that group. He needs other borderline all-stars around him to succeed like a Joe Johnson. He’s in that weird Pau Gasol situation where you’re not a contender if he’s your best player but you might win a championship if he’s your second best player.

  • Adrian Zapata

    T-Money… add Durant to that list.

  • Joe

    I blame Jose Calderon…..what happened to that guy?

    clearly, everyone one else has forgotten him too, because nobody mentioned him yet. Has anyone ever regressed that quickly in the L?

    Just last year people were saying he got snubbed fromt the All-Star team.

  • k.a.

    t money is on point. I like dudes game but don’t like his passive aggressive/evasive attitude. Suck it up rupaul!

  • T-Money

    Adrian: Durant is on my top 10 list of BEST players. Notice I said transcendent. Melo also makes top 10 list of best players. Neither of them can raise the level of play of their teammates though. For Durant, it’s just a matter of time, the boy wants to lead and wants to develop. For Melo, he is who he is. An assassin with the ball in his hands with no leadership (it’s Billups’ team) who can’t create for others.

  • i hate bosh

    anyone thinking maybe a sign & trade of bosh for okafor this summer? toronto gets a real pivotal center, with two european forwards to carry the scoring load. while in the meantime, develop the sh*t out of derozan.

  • i hate bosh

    oh ya, and New Orleans gets a orgasmic boost!

  • http://thegoodpoint.com Sam Joynt

    @ Joe…No ways Jose deserves the blame for this. He’s been amongst the most consistent players during this skid. Turkoglu is the real problem, if he was playing at last year’s level we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Last year he was a threat every night for 25+, this year he’s just been a threat to the Raptors every night.

    Bosh is gone this summer. Hopefully Colangelo can swing us a better return than we got for VC, and we can move forward with a defensive center and Bargnani playing the 4.

  • Buschfire

    to be honest when Bosh said what he said I don’t really think he tried to put the blame on everyone but himself, I’m sure he is including himself in the equation…just wouldn’t make sense based on my perception of his character, but then again maybe i’m wrong…

  • Buschfire

    @ Sam Joynt Jose consistant?!?!? are you crazy? I’ve always respected Jose as a player, I admire his heart, because he brings it every night. but honestly consistancy?!? his jumper and energy is so inconsistant, one game he scores 24 the next 4 in terms of his offense though i don’t care as long as he can be a floor general and control the tempo and the game…and well he can’t even do that very well all the time. but most of all its his lack of defense, and i’m not saying he doesn’t try, I just don’t think he has the physical capabilities within him to be able to keep up with other guards in the league like Curry or Paul or Rondo etc. TRADE JOSE!!!! TRADE HIM PLEASE!

  • http://thegoodpoint.com Sam Joynt

    What I meant is that Jose comes to play every night, while the rest of the Raps Euro Squad seems to check in and out as they please. We all know Jose isn’t the greatest defender, but effort wise no one can put this slide on him.

  • neaorin

    Bosh this, Calderon that, Turkoglu something else. Wake up people – it’s the DEFENSE that’s not up to scratch. The Raps offense is not the issue. Maybe some of the players need to learn what “weakside help” means.

  • Kent Kanada

    @Sam Joynt. You sound like an elementary school coach. I dont care if he is giving 110 or not. He has brutal D and often it hinders our team. Flat out. Jose Calderon? CUT.

  • http://witnesstheking.blogspot.com Witness

    When you’re the leader its all supposed to fall on you. We wouldnt hear this from LeBron Kobe or even KG. those players are starving for a title.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    This translates as “I’m gonna forget all about these sorry losers come this summer” to me. Personally, I blame Triano. Weak coach = weak team.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Jose or Hedo? The answer is BOTH! LOL

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You’re exactly right, neaorin. But who is the player who has to guard the LeBrons, the Kobes, and the Brandon Roys? HEDO TURKOGLU.
    Antoine Wright dos a much better job but Triano gives him unreasonably sporadic minutes.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    Triano practically just got here. He’s not without blame. But he inherited a team with no pride. I wish they’d just put some f*cking Leafs on the court for goodness sake.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Trade Turkoglu for Ty Domi!!!

  • The Philosopher

    Chris Bosh is the player that Vin Baker was supposed to become. Good player, not great, but very, very good player. Would be the best second option in the League, in the ideal situation.

  • The Philosopher

    In my humble opinion, the problem with the Raptors is that they don’t have undisputed “tough” guys. And since Bosh isn’t neccessarily great, players like him need “tough” guys to protect him night in and night out.

  • Michael

    this is what happens when u have 5 – 10 true franchise players spread across 30 teams

  • therighttoremainsalient

    this is what happens when a guy who wants 21 million goes up against a league full of guys that could be asking for 24 million.

  • Caff

    3-13 so far against the hawks… not his fault