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The Steph Curry vs Monta Ellis Debate

Pretty soon, the Golden State Warriors are going to have to make a decision on who to keep between the two guards. CSN takes a look at the inter-personal drama: “It’s been out there since Day 1 of training camp, and it hasn’t gone away: The whole Monta Ellis-Stephen Curry relationship thing. On the court or off, compatibility is the issue. We all know about the playing together part, and how that’s going to be a challenge. But what about whether they like each other or not? I’ve been asked plenty by Warriors fans whether or not Ellis likes Curry. Others have told me flat-out that Ellis doesn’t pass to Curry much — and sometimes even looks him off. Some point out Ellis and Curry don’t interact much on the court, except for perfunctory gestures. Anyway, nobody’s saying the two are in an icy feud, but it’s obvious they’re not tight, either. And you know what? I could understand if Ellis is struggling with the whole Curry thing. In Ellis’ place, I’d likely be, too. Think about what Ellis’ point of view might be. Not saying it’s right, just saying what it might be.”

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  • Ken

    Is this really a debate? Look at the money they’re owed…not much of a decision.

  • Ed

    I’d choose monta over curry anytime.. He drives to the hoop better. You can’t teach athleticism, but you can teach a person how to make a jumpshot.

  • lucas

    Ellis is an egomaniac who views anyone with talent as a threat. Great skills, but he would drive me nuts as a teammate. I’ll take Curry.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Yeah, I always kinda got the feeling that Monta’s not 100% right in the head…Plus I think Steph can run a team alot better than Monta.

  • Ace

    Curry all day. Curry is more of a team player, better shooter, athletic, can drive to the hoop, he’s cheaper, and you can’t teach someone how to shoot like him.

  • http://jdfkslld.com Jukai

    Are we talking talent or who I’d rather have? Ellis, in my opinion, is twice the player Curry is. Curry’s jumpshot is wet and his passing is great, but Ellis is a scoring monster, a superior defender (which, in itself is sad, cause he’s not that great) and a clutch player. I’d rather have Ellis on my pickup team.
    But this is the real world. Ellis is a 60 million dollar player. Curry is a 3 million dollar player. Talent be damned, if I want to have a guy on my team, I’ll take Curry so I can take another guy on my team.

  • http://jdfkslld.com Jukai

    I wonder if Dale and Dell are going to get into a fight over their sons. And I wonder if that will be settled on the court. Father-son pickup game?

  • http://slamonline.com MooButter

    @Ace: If you’re making comparisons between Curry and Ellis, you can’t use “Athletic” as one of Curry’s strengths…I’m just sayin’.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Without moped-gate this wouldn’t even be an issue!

  • http://www.google.com t-dog

    Have you heard Monta talk? I think he may have taken the short bus to school. He is selfish, views anyone with skill as a threat, and turns the ball over way too much. Curry is going to be a premier point guard while Monta is too small of a two guard and not skilled enough to be the point.

  • davidR

    jukai, curry’s defense is actually pretty good.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    They should just stick together. I mean, if Monta changes teams, he’s just going to be 2nd fiddle anyways. So why not have a guard duo and make it work? Curry has already passed everyone’s expectations. Everyone thought he was the next JJ Redick. But lo and behold he’s now 2nd running for ROY.

  • davidR

    anyway, the bay loves drama. and scapegoats. and creating a villain. i doubt it’s an issue. sounds more like media sensationalism to me.

  • Jahi

    This cat Stephen Curry is a star in the making. I viewed the Warriors vs. Lakers game last night and he was impressive. He drove to the lane, gave a ball fake, and kiss a jumper of the glass with Shannon Brown in his laces. You saw Kobe say wow, that was nice on the bench.

    Stephen Curry is a better player than Monta Ellis. Ellis said himself, we can’t play together, and he was right. You can see a lack of rapport between Ellis and Curry on the court. Monta Ellis is a gunner, underrated player, but he doesn’t make his teammates better.

    I’ll bet that Monta Ellis is shipped out this off season.

  • MikeC.

    Having two undersized shooting guards playing in the same backcourt, being coached by Don Nelson had disaster written all over it. I blame Stern for this. When Nellie was drinking beer during his post-game interviews, the Warriors were tearing it up. As soon as Nellie was forced to coach sober, the wheels fell off. For the sake of Bay Area fans, let the man get wasted on the bench!!!

  • AL29

    Ship out Monta Ellis because you have 10 other players just like him.

  • Citizen X

    @ Jukai I don`t think that Dale Ellis is Montas father.Anyone correct me if I´m wrong.

  • T-Money

    Why not just keep them both? If they could stop playing guys like CJ Watson at the 3, they might win some games. It’s time to dead that small ball sh–. Ellis/Curry is an explosive but tiny backcourt. Surround them with a rugged, physical frontcourt. Monta is actually a very efficient scorer when you take away some of his freedom. 2 years ago he was at 53% fg (which is OUTSTANDING for a small 2) with only 2 turnovers a game. Now he’s down to 45% fg with over 4 TOs a game. He basically needs a coach that doesn’t drink on the job. Watch him go to San An next year and score 18 pts a game on 60% fg lol.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I agree with T-Money. Play the two of them together, it works. The problem is Don Nelson’s refusal to develop any of the big men Golden State has with talent. You telling me the Warriors can’t figure out how to turn Anthony Randolph, Brandan Wright and Andris Biedrins into a decent front court?
    That’s some bull. Those three, with Monta and Steph should be a problem for the league. All of them can play.

  • T-Money

    What Nelson is doing to Anthony Randolph is criminal. I don’t like to talk about upside and potential but that guy is just too damn talented but doesn’t have a clue. He needs to be coached. He has Chris Bosh-type talent at the 4 with MORE athleticism and a better handle. FREE RANDOLPH!

  • J-City

    I view Randolph more like Lamar Odom than Bosh. With that being said… FREE RANDOLPH!! (After he comes back from injury)

  • Jess

    Monta really struggled last night against the Lakers but his defense was excellent! He can strip a ball away in the blink of an eye and can beat anyone to the basket. If he has just a decent shooting night then we beat the Lakers with a bunch of D League guys too. I can’t wait till Randolph and Wright are healthy. We are gonna be a team to beat next year. Curry gets all the respect for his ability to shoot but his passing is equally impressive. If Ellis can’t play with this kid then he can’t play with anybody.
    If I had to choose I would choose Curry because of his passing ability and his shooting is Hall of Fame type stuff.

  • T-Money

    J-City. You’re actually right. LO with out of this world athleticism.

  • http://thegoodpoint.com Sam Joynt

    I say the Raps sign and trade Bosh and Turkoglu to the Warriors for Ellis, Randolph and Biedrins…Move DeMar to the three, and the Raps run and gun…

    For the record, Curry is for real. Once he adds some muscle he’s an all-star in the very near future.

  • JD

    keep Curry, he’ll be better than Ellis in the long run, and trade Ellis for a high draft pick or a rising star

  • elowe0

    This is a crap conversation. It’s true Monte may have to get a grip but is he doing what Nellie asked him to do, SCORE. And the argument about Curry not being athletic is BS. If you ever played the game you know it takes alot of athletic ability to be able to not only run the point the way he does and find cutters at top speed(ala Steve Nash) but to be able to get his shot off against much bigger guards. This kid is the truth but if I had to decide give me the baby-faced assassin.

  • The Philosopher

    Curry is better than Ellis. Curry has more upside. Curry is more coachable. Curry is a better point guard. a Better shooter. Curry is more cerebral. Curry has NBA genes. Ellis is nasty, but with Ellis, one has to give him free reign in order for him to reach his potential night in and night out. Ellis’s rookie year was nothing compared to what this kid Curry is doing.

  • The Philosopher

    Currry, it doesn’t matter who is on the floor with him. He’ll still be effective. Can we say the same about Ellis?







  • Rico

    Curry is the truth. He shoots more consistently from 3, he’s a better facilitator, and he actually HITS his free throws.

    How is this such a bid debate between the readers here? Curry is a ROOKIE and look at what he’s done. I think he’s better than Ellis TODAY, but think about where he’ll be in his development 3 years from now?

    You can make the argument that I’m wrong about who is the better player today, but just think about where Curry is going to end up. He’s playing like an all-star the last 3 months of his rookie season.

    Ellis is injury prone, and he’s such a good leader that Golden State sucks… congrats to Ellis for his strong resume…


  • davidR

    yea, golden state’s bad record is all ellis’ fault rico. it’s his fault azubuike, randolph, bell, biedrins, vlad rad, and wright missed significant time and are now out for the season. don’t forget turiaf and morrow, they missed a lot of time cause of monta. it’s his fault cj watson contracted swine flu and almost died the beginning of the season. it’s his fault the warriors called up more than 5 d-leaguers to replace the injured. it’s his fault they regularly play 3-4 of them, often at the same time. yea, it’s all monta’s fault.

  • Logues

    curry makes his teammates alot better, he is an awesome passer.. that behind the back lefty pass he had was crazy, too bad hunter missed the dunk, hes also gonna be a better scorer. id take curry all day

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Golden State should keep Curry so Morrow can start. Curry is obviously the better player to run a team too. Ellis thinks he’s a point guard That being said, Ellis deserves to play for a better team. 26 ppg ain’t no joke, and he’s one of the best 2 guards in the league.
    I also don’t see why they couldn’t co-exist… They’ve proven they can both drop 30 on the same night and pull out the W, so why not? Oh yeah: egos.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I do think they can get it to work. Maybe:
    1. Curry
    2. Ellis
    3. Morrow
    4. Randolph
    5. Biedrins.
    6. Maggette
    Not bad at all. Except we all know Nellie will never let Randolph start for some inexplicable reason.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Maggette is pretty d@mn underrated, in my opinion. Guys like him, Al Harrington, and Stephen Jackson are all gifted scorers and good teammates who don’t really ever get the props they deserve.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Co-sign Jukai 8:28

  • B16timeBaller

    Curry is hands down the better keeper for a team like the Warriors…however…If Ellis could get his attitude straight and Curry was the team leader they would be, hands down, the most exciting backcourt in the league(if they aren’t already). It’s all on Ellis though. He’ll never be the #1 guy on any other team so he needs to except his role and work on his offball game.

  • Sarah

    Think I’d take Curry too.

  • Shem

    I don’t see why they there’s a debate. Obviously Ellis said that him and Curry can’t work which is awful for a player to say before the season. That’s like the Nets saying oh we’re gonna win 7 games and get John Wall before the season. Anyways, they’re both young talented players that have different playing styles. Both can play D (except Kobe would bully Ellis on the post). They have a young core and once either Nellie gets the rotations straight or Nellie gets fired, they might not be half bad

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib Michael NZ

    I’m taking Curry any day. You only get to a certain point with players like Ellis in your backcourt. And hopefully Jukai was kidding about the Dale/Monta thing.

  • foolio_iglesias

    As it stands,Curry is better for the team overall.Ellis is starting to develop the same attitude that got Capt.Jack shipped outta there….By the way,who Evans?

  • currycrotchfire

    I have to say, this whole CURRY-MONTA DEBATE IS BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION. They are probably the most productive backcourt in the NBA and have a future together. Monta was concerned in training camp last September about having two small guards in the backcourt… understandably. But I think he’s realizing it can work. PLEASE, STOP SPINNING THIS TIRED OLD STORY. The media blows that comment way out of proportion. Lets hope they keep together… it could really be special.

  • http://pickandpop.wordpress.com Tripset30

    They need marriage counseling. It works…

    Seriously though, it’s a one way roadblock to a good relationship. Ellis needs to stop hating. Curry is the future of the Warriors, and it’s really up to Ellis if he wants to be a part of it, too.

  • Dre

    Steph Curry. No contest. Not only is Curry a better shooter and passer, he’s a way better teammate. Who do you guys think the other Warriors like to play with? It sure as hell isn’t Monta. He went 3-21 last night. And he stll kept jackin em up. He’s mad cause Curry came in and took the team from him. Get rid of Monta for a bigger two guard that can matchup with the Kobe’s, and give the keys to the car to Steph and they’ll have a future. Monta is threatened by any kind of talent. And you can’t say anything about defense, it’s Curry’s first year in the league and until Don Nelson retires he or Monta won’t be expected to play any.

  • nora

    a lot has already been said, but it’s worth mentioning that Curry even now looks to Ellis when they both are on the court because, it seems to me, he knows the team chemistry will stay in tact if he does. let Oracle Arena make the decision: when Curry has the ball, we are more comfortable; when Ellis does, that trust isn’t there.

  • Rob Tron

    Curry’s game is natural…he’s not that much qiucker than stockton back in the day, but sees the floor better, and distributes the rock like he has been playin the point his entire life. great cision…you cannot teach that. now, on the other hand, ellis has nasty athleticism, complimented by his score first mentality…should be a natural 2 guard, unfortunately hes without the size for it. ellis doesnt have the court vision curry has, a desire to score more, and an ego that will seriously rub a lot of players/coaches the wrong way. monte should be happy to play with another guard that is so willing to play secondary option on offense. because anywhere else, monte is a 1 guard due to his size and quickness.

  • http://slamonline.com RayintheBay

    Curry in a hurry!
    2.Best rookie in the L!!!
    3.Best passer that rubs off on everyone when monta is hurt

  • The Philosopher

    Now, one thing I can say about Monta Ellis is that he has major heart. He is tough. No fear in him whatsoever. Every team in the League needs a player like that. He has a little John Starks in him.

  • http://www.buttonmasher.co.nz TimProvise

    Monta ellis needs to remember back when baron was mentoring him and giving him advice

    i say ship Ellis for a big to help downlow he is becoming a cancer in the lockerroom

  • kb

    curry all day. trade ellis to the sixers for iggy or to the suns for amare

  • grimmjow

    this would work. DRose, ME8 for the bulls back court…freakin athletic!!!! trade Kirk for Ellis and go for stars by free agency come 2010

  • Will Brennan

    curry absolutely no question is better than ellis. He is more dominate than ellis and he is only a rookie

  • NBAknow

    I hope Warriors do trade Monta, he’s a great guard that a lot of other teams would love to have. Top ten in scoring avg, Top 5 in steals!!! Playing with Warriors is not giving him enough national exposure…and never will. He would make several other teams Championship caliber. Warriors please keep Curry. We’ll (???) take Ellis.

  • Nom

    Lol, Ed, what a stupid comment. You can teach shooting but not athleticism? Players spend decades learning how to shoot. Developing an athletic body can be done by putting in time in the gym. Seriously, what kind of comment was that? Lmao.

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  • H0ly Ph3n0m

    Monta Ellis is a much better players. Defensively and offensively. He is a better scorer, and a better defender. The only thing Curry has over Ellis is shooting and flashy passes.
    Monta Ellis, averages more points and rebounds. Steph Curry averages more assists.
    I’d rater take Monta Ellis who is a better scorer and averages one less assist, than Steph Curry who can shoot.

  • Chicken

    Ok Steph Curry is good, but Monta is a better player. He dunks it from the free throw line, can make threes, and flat out is a junkyard dog when it comes to defense. I’d take Monta, but he’s to much money so that is the only reason Curry has a chance.