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Will Michael Jordan Hire James Worthy?

“Big Game James” tells the Gaston Gazette that, should MJ call with a job offer in the Bobcats’ front-office, he’d be happy to consider it: “With his former University of North Carolina teammate and close friend Michael Jordan recently becoming the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, Worthy says he has talked with Jordan about just such a possibility. ‘He’s really interested in helping some people I know,’ Worthy said of Jordan. ‘He’s talked to myself. He’s talked to (former UNC teammate) Sam Perkins. When he gets ready to hire, he has our numbers. And I’m sure he’ll call people that are interested. I’ll never say never. I’m still in Los Angeles primarily. But the more I get back here, I would entertain the thought.’ Since Worthy has recently done work for the Los Angeles Lakers’ television network shows, does that mean he’d like to do the same in Charlotte? ‘It wouldn’t be TV,’ said Worthy, who was in Gastonia promoting his foundation and other charities last Friday before the Lakers’ loss to the Bobcats. ‘It would be more front office-type stuff – player personnel, assistant GM (general manager), anything that he needs community-oriented. Michael’s busy, so he’s not going to get out as much. So those are the type of opportunities that he might offer up.”‘

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  • Yann Blavec

    Will MJ hire the Georgetown guy who threw the ball to Worthy in the 1982 NCAA finals, too ?

  • http://myspace.com/thestrangestsecret TheTalentedMrRangel

    Please MJ, take Worthy from his duties as LTV personality. The man is tipsy half the time and seldom has any game inside for the fans. Worthy was a borderline good player that benifited from Magic’s greatness but Jim Hill is no MJ32 so therefore Worthy shows an extensive amount of flaws. Please Worthy, go away!

  • Marty McFly

    Sure, we all know how automatically successful former NBA players are in managing NBA teams (right). McHale, Thomas, etc.

  • doom

    God its like UNC is a farm team for the man lol

  • The D Train

    Finally, Rick Fox can now retire from his pseudo-acting career. And JR Reid, call him up, MJ. I’m sure Eric Montross would love a job. Maybe while he’s at it, MJ could try to resurrect the career of Mighty Joe Forte, too. And maybe he should just go ahead and change the team logo to a likeness of Dean Smith droppin’ a deuce on Coach K’s skull.

  • http://inthepen.wordpress.com/author/mlundy2/ Matt

    Man, a Joe Forte reference. Those were dark days in UNC history when Forte was top banana.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com Dutch Rich

    Anybody remember King Rice. He really sucked, can’t believe he was a McDonalds All American.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Hire James Worthy? Sure, why not!

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  • ComputerDude

    @Dutch. Yeah I remember King Rice. He had the worst high top fade known to man..lol. That had to be in the late 80′s….

  • rainman10

    Yo Marty Mcfly…Yes, former NBA players like Danny Ferry, Danny Ainge, Otis Smith, Kiki V., and Jerry West are terrible at putting teams together. Hello…McFly…

  • robb

    Tar Heels assemble!!!

  • Bballfanatic

    rainman10 Danny Ferry and Danny Ainge arent terrible at putting teams together.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Go find Ed Cota!!!!!!!!!!

  • MikeC.

    @ robb – after the Tar Heels assemble, will they fight a family of Kodiak bears? I’d love to see Montross fight a bear. I’d also love to see Stackhouse pull his hamstring jumping into the bear pit. Sheed would get a double tech and get tossed from the bear fight before he even left the parking lot.

  • rainman10

    Bballfanatic…I was being sarcastic, as evident by the other guys I mentioned. Some of the best in the business.

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  • OneStep

    If they’re not careful, MJ will assemble a front office that’s better than what goes out on the floor each night.

  • Michael

    a boderline good player? jesus, some people have no idea

  • nastierthanu

    Borderline good player/hof’er. Get a clue and the joe forte era wasn’t the dark times this season is as dark as I’ve ever seen

  • Alvin

    wow!!!!! Ed frickin Cota……now thats a name i havent heard in a damn while lol

  • Alvin

    wow!!!!! Ed frickin Cota……now thats a name i havent heard in a damn while lol

  • fLAV


    boderline good player??? u must be 12

    “Big Game James” was GREAT!
    Top 50 Great
    Hall of Fame Great
    NBA Finals Game 7 Triple Double Great

    Now he may not be good at what he does presently, but his status as player is cemented.

    Get it straight!

  • DS

    trade him for SHAQ!

  • Rob

    Borderline good player??? Do you know basketball?? The guy was a perfect fit for showtime no way the lakers would win those banners without him. Period.