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Byron Scott on Taking Vinny Del Negro’s Job

VDN may not have his job for very much longer, but he still has it. Byron Scott, though, is more than happy to publicly contemplate taking it. From ESPN: “Former NBA coach of the year Byron Scott said he wouldn’t hang up the phone on the Chicago Bulls if they call him this offseason about a coaching vacancy … Vinny Del Negro, who has led the Bulls to playoff appearances in his two seasons in Chicago, has another year left on his contract, but it’s widely speculated that Del Negro will be let go as soon as the season is over. The Bulls trail the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-0 in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. ‘Chicago is a city I love,’ Scott said. ‘I spend time in Chicago during the summers, and coaching [the New Jersey Nets] in the Eastern Conference, I’ve been in Chicago a bunch of times.’”

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  • AL29

    That wouldn’t be much of an upgrade.

  • Ghost (of Roy Tarpley)

    actually that would

  • Drew

    That would give them a solid coach on the bench that the players can actually respect.

  • http://aol.com RUN’N'GUN219


  • http://futureprobe.blogspot.com Future Guy

    Man, is Byron having that much trouble paying the bills? Look was just happened in that organization: VDN was only there because his inexperience made him affordable and Reinsdorf is too cheap to pay for a real coach. Then, VDN’s boss physically assaults him, and when the story gets out the organization immediately lies and says it was Vinny who got violent! Who would want to work in that kind of an environment?

  • http://slamonline Bryan Crawford

    I’m SO for them bringing in Byron Scott. Not sure it’s gonna happen though. Byron Scott coached teams do have a history of quitting on him, but it takes a few years for that to happen. He’d certainly be worth the gamble for the Bulls. But you never know what they’re thinking or what direction they’ll go in. Look no further than the hiring of VDN as evidence of that.

  • LA Huey

    Kind of a d**k move of him to publicly talk about taking the job of a peer.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I would welcome it, I think a lot of us Bulls fans are tired of all these sub-par, “just happy to be here” coaches that the organiztion has brought in the last 12 years (with the exception of Skiles). Tim Floyd, Bill Cartwright, Scott Skiles and Del Negro have a combined winning percentage of .389 as Bulls coaches (it’s only 32% if you take out Skiles). Byron Scott’s is .498. ALTHOUGH, to be fair to Vinny, it’s tough to say how many games we coulda won this year if Noah and others had stayed healthy.

  • Rob

    co sign LA Huey

  • Orlando Woolridge

    Please let this happen. I’ve been hearing a lot of “Vinnie has done a good job…they’re in the playoffs” stuff lately, but I’m SO tired of settling for that BS. Every year, its the same story. Well, making it to the playoffs isn’t enough anymore, I expect more than that at this point. I still wish they hadn’t let Skiles go because that dude will light a fire under the his players @sses, but Byron Scott is proven and as Drew pointed out, the players might actually respect him.

  • http://brian@hsi.net Scott Lobbies For Chicago?

    I have represented Byron Scott for 25 plus years and know his feelings on most subjects. Byron was requested by an ESPN radio station to discuss basketball, not his interest in a coaching position, or problems in the Bulls management. If anyone reads Byrons responses to what were intended to be controversial questions, he avoid any direct answer, yet uttered a few statements which could still cross into internet traffic. In no way was Byron suggesting he was seeking the Bulls coaching position, and if this was misunderstood, apologives to Coach Del Negro, Bulls management and Bulls fans. The interview was requested by ESPN’s “The Waddle & Silvy Show” radio show, and Byron had no idea it would include mentioning Coach Del Negro, or the Bulls organization. It was a full court press, which he did his best to deflect,but words can be suggested to mean many things. Bryon is a former veteran player and now veteran coach, who would never stoop to such a tasteless method of promoting his services.

    Byron got caught in a full court trap at the end of “The Waddle & Silvy Show”, fellow ESPN commentators. Byron avoided direct answers about problems inside the Bulls or Coach Del Negro, but in his vague responses, said enough to earn some ink and controversy. Byron has always been known as a class act, and was not suggesting himself to fill a coaching position which is currently filled, and for a team which is doing well. Byron was a communications major at ASU, but once in awhile, can get caught off guard. Byron apologizes to Coach Del Negro, the Bulls organization and Bulls fans.

    Brian W. McInerney
    Business Manager, Byron Scott
    McInerney Business Management
    Irvine, CA.
    Web: http://www.macbd.com

    Brian William McInerney
    McInerney Business Management
    Irvine, California
    web: http://www.macbd.com