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Derrick Rose Wants Bulls to Keep Vinny Del Negro

One of the few people in the entire city of Chicago who wants VDN to continue coaching the Bulls is the team’s best player. Unfortunately for Vinny, that more than likely will not be enough. From the Chicago Tribune: “If the Bulls are prepared to close that gap without Vinny Del Negro, the head coach likely to lose his job any day, it sounds like the franchise will ignore the franchise player’s endorsement. ‘I would vote yes,’ Rose said late Tuesday night when asked if Del Negro should stay. ‘That’s a guy where we both came in (in 2008), he let me have my freedom, he still coached me, let me make my mistakes, watched film with him every day, taught me a lot on offense and defense. But the decision isn’t up to me. It’s up to the front office.’ Given the chance to reflect on his two years on the job or lobby his bosses for another season, Del Negro sounded like a guy who knew the decision had been made even if he outcoached the Cavs’ Mike Brown in this series or scared the No. 1 seed with an inferior roster. ‘I don’t even think about that stuff,’ Del Negro said after the loss. ‘All those things will take care of themselves. How anybody wants to judge that, they’ll judge it.’ LeBron James was asked how he would judge it from the perspective of a team that escaped. Does the opinion of potential future Bulls matter? ‘I think they were well coached,’ James said. ‘There wasn’t one point where they laid down.”’

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  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    Rose’s request to keep Del Negro may have been enough to keep him as coach long ago t

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    Rose’s request to keep Del Negro may have been enough to keep him as coach long ago but not today. Del Negro took them to the playoffs two straight years without a winning record. Skill or lack of depth in the east? John Paxson should sholder some blame for the playoff loss this yeah as he traded away Salmons to free up cap room for free angency. This isnt all on Vinny, but he did cause a riff between himself and the front office.

  • heartlandG

    Del Negro took them to the playoffs two straight years without a winning record….Wade is coming

  • http://myspace.com/rsaenz24 RoG23

    did the bulls REALLY scare the Cavs? i know they almost beat boston last year, but come on now. give them credit for not getting swept. but dont give them credit for something they didnt do

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    I want Rose to sit down and watch film of Kirk Hinrich guarding LeBron James in the 4th quarter during pivotal streches and then come back and say that with a straight face.

  • AL29

    It’s not Vinny’s fault- it’s the permanently incompetent ownership and management. Let Vinny and his young players develop together instead of just throwing in the towel. The Bulls dispose of their staff way too easily. Case and point: Scott Skiles. Other cases and points: Tyson Chandler, Elton Brand, Ben Gordon, Ron Artest. I know Paxson wasn’t responsible for all of that, since the end of the dynasty (which their ownership/management forced to an end), the Bulls have constantly changed players and staff. It’s been 12 years- what gives?

  • http://www.alloutblitz..com Cordeazy

    just like Hoosiers! except with less white players.

  • http://big11mel@yahoo.com Big Mel

    The Bulls play hard for Vinny he didn’t put the team together with no outside shooting or trade all their players away hoping to get a free agent.

  • http://www.solecollector.com NDP

    As long as this team has Luol Deng’s massive contract on the books, they’ll be held back.

  • Robb

    Vinny’s developing as a coach, the same as Chicago as a team. I agree with AL29, let them develop together.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Allenp

    So how are we giving him “outcoached Mike Brown”?
    Just curious.

  • Diesel

    Come now Allen. I understand your need to always play devils advocate, but when does Mike Brown EVER coach? The cavs singular play call consists of “give lebron the ball and you guys wait at the 3 point line.” Cavs killed the bulls with the pick & roll in game four and then barely go to it in game 5. I think the fact that the Bulls even won a game is reflective of Brown being outcoached. The cavs should never be down 20 to the bulls at any point of any playoff game.

  • JD

    Keep VDN he’s got them to playoffs for two yrs running with a young inexperienced team, as a young inexperienced coach

  • ClydeSays

    Not sure how much credit or blame VDN gets for the rest of the Bulls being afraid to take jump shots down the stretch in Game 5. No one but DRose seemed willing to put the ball up.

  • Logues

    dwade to the bulls would be awesome. drose and wade throwin oops to each other like francis and cuttino back in the day, except way better

  • http://www.slamonline.com Allenp

    I’m not playing devils advocate.
    Cavs seamlessly integrated Shaq back into the lineup.
    Brown handled his rotations quite well.
    His team played fairly hard for the most part with one hiccup in Chicago.
    What exactly did Vinny do that was so groundbreaking?
    I mean, did he figure out a way to get Bron in foul trouble?
    Did he get Rose better calls from the ref?
    Did he figure out how to use Hakim Warrick?
    Did he draw up good last second plays?
    What exactly did Vinny Del Negro do to outcoach Mike Brown?
    His team played hard? That’s it.

  • Diesel

    I’m not saying VDN did anything groundbreaking. Both guys are mediocre at best. You glanced over it, but I think getting his players up for a series where it was perceieved that they had no chance…amungst all their internal turmoil, is a sign of good coaching. Other than the rotations, I would disagree with all of your points for Brown. Shaq played about a quarter a game and was generally slow, in foul trouble, and ineffective outside of game 1 and about 2 minutes of game 5. His team didn’t play hard (you’ve said it yourself in previous posts that lebron was coasting). If the cavs played to their full ability they would have won every game by 15+. Those are the major reasons for my opinion. That, on top of some very subtle coaching decisions like doubling bron at the end of game 5 and rotating defenders on bron are why I give VDN the nod.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Allenp

    Cool. I just wanted to hear the argument. I still think Vinny did pretty bad as far as coaching, but I wanted somebody to at least make the argument for why he didn better than Brown instead of just taking it on blind faith.
    Honestly, I thought Shaq was a problem. Shaq and the refs pretty much won Game Five with getting the Bulls bigs in foul trouble.
    Jamison had some decent games. Mo Williams had some decent games.
    Outside of Lebron, everbody else played pretty hard in my opinion, plus Brown did really well getting minutes for cats and using the right matchups at different times.
    I still can’t understand why Vinny couldn’t find ANY minutes for Warrick. That just felt stupid. And it’s a damn shame that he can’t find a better way for Drose to score.

  • Diesel

    I’m with you on Warrick. The guy is a veteran, long, and played well enough on both ends of the court leading up to the playoffs to earn himself some time.

  • whitey

    bottom line if your star player likes the coach maybe you should think of keeping even tho he may have saved him earlier this year. when they get a new coach itll already be his third and hes only in his third year

  • http://www.myderrickrosejersey.com Justin

    Derrick will like the next coach too, he’s not a primadonna who is going to dog out a coach or say that he’ll only play for one coach