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Josh Smith: Not a Fan of Milwaukee

Smoove took a page out of Joakim Noah’s book — who was at it again last night, by the way — and ensured that good folks of Milwaukee will be booing him lustily during games 3 and 4.

From the AJC:

“A reporter mentioned that Milwaukee is different from Miami, the Hawks’ first-round destination last year (and lemme tell you, this is another reason Hawks management was happy to draw Milwaukee instead of Miami this time). So what will Smoove do in Brew City? ‘Maybe go to Ruth’s Chris or something,’ he said. ‘There’s pretty much nothing to do,’ Smith said. ‘Miami has some really good restaurants. I never really did anything in Milwaukee. I would be happy to just find a restaurant. I’m not bashing the city but I’ve never actually did anything in Milwaukee so I really don’t know what is around there.’

By now Hawks PR Man Arthur Triche, seeing where this was headed, had creeped in to try and break up the party. But, Smoove being Smoove (‘I don’t care!’) he wasn’t stopping. Someone picked up on the Noah thread and asked Smith if he’d be taking any vacations in Milwaukee. ‘Would you go there?’ Smith asked. ‘Everybody knows there ain’t nothing to do in Milwaukee, man. Everybody knows that, (even) the people that live there.”’

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  • JOE!

    I live in Milwaukee and I know what he is really saying and he’s RIGHT!

  • Jon Riggs


  • http://www.myspace.com/freedmusic fredd

    haha … nothing if you want to realize yourself in low party things maybe .. but if you’re a lil more on the spiritual realization, you don’t care if it’s miami or milwaukee …

  • mj23

    Milwaukee had a cannibal (aka jeffrey dahmer).

  • no id

    I have no problem wit Josh or Noah expressing how they feel..but what kills me is when ppl wanna bash them and come up wit say crazy things about them when there only stating there opinion. So what if they say they don’t like it…y sugarcoat?..he’s not talking about the ppl who live there but just the city has nothing do from his point of view.

  • Sparty’s Law

    It’s pretty classless for high-profile players to bash cities to the media. On the other hand, both Cleveland and Milwaukee and sh*tholes.

  • Dirtybird

    The reporter should get a promotion.

  • T-Money

    The thing is… why even bring it up? Being correct does not prevent you from being civil. What I don’t like is when people are not upfront about their motives; in this instance, trying to provoke. Which is cool, just be upfront about it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/freedmusic fredd

    a player should not fall in that trap, the journalist doesn’t care of the opinion of the guy but just make some lil buzz for the website, mag’ he works for … lame …. …. i hope one day a player will say ” we’re here for basketball, so .. next question please “.

  • mike

    When Joakim Noah did it, it was cool and funny. When Josh does it, its corny and played out. shut up josh smith!

  • Jake

    Even the airport in Milwaukee has nothing to do.Usually there’s an arcade,or at least some half decent over priced restaurants to eat at…In Milwaukee,you best bring a lunch.

  • Joey E.

    im going to quote Joakim here. I know I’ve never been to the Milwaukee, but “I’ve never heard anyone say I want to on vacation in Milwaukee”

  • Sparker

    luckily for josh, the milwaukee symphony orchestra is performing tchaikovsky’s “pathétique” at the moment. (and even more weirdly, for slam fans, they played “lang lang” a few days ago

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Since when did NBA players start working for Fodor’s?

  • ray-ray


  • Rob

    This was lame. Blame the reporters who tried to get the “Noah reaction” once again. Josh just answered the questions.

  • Diesel

    I blame the media that make huge stories of it…its reporters trying to create controversy where there is no controversy. Both Milwaukee and Chicago aren’t going to provide Atlanta and the Cavs much of a fight in the series so reporters need to find a story somewhere. Somehow this qualifies.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqSwZgpOad8 SMK

    he could visit Latrell Sprewell’s yacht.

  • Orlando Woolridge

    I used to enjoy smoking up and cruising the lakefront when we would drive up there on a nice saturday evening. Its actually quite nice.

  • Bsmooth

    Hey Bro Josh smith is right there isn’t anything major to do here in Milwaukee so the Brother is right I’m not mad at him I’m from Milwaukee.

  • http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com Tarzan Cooper

    Idont fully unerstand what ray ray means, but its still funny as hell. And when milwke comes up, I always think of point place wisc and that 70s show. All there is to do in wisc is smoke and hang out in formans basement

  • Atrain

    I’ve been to Milwaukee in the summertime and honestly it’s not bad. Great bar scene, multiple music festivals, some good restaurants.

    The reason most NBAers dont like Milwaukee is probably because they are there in the dead of winter when it’s 30 degrees out. Summer is a different story

  • doyouwantmore

    There is no such thing as boring places, only boring people.

  • http://www.myspace.com/freedmusic fredd

    EXACTLY ( doyouwantmore)

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    He wasn’t bashing the place. He was just saying that he hadn’t seen enough of it to judge.

  • http://jamirich@gmail.com jamisonaka brandon jennings3

    im a brandon jennings fan i cant wait till his new under armour shoes coe out i cant wait hes my favorite player

  • Coney Islander

    If I had a black card in my wallet I’m pretty sure boredom would be something I’d have to try to attain!

  • RedRum

    would players stop this crap with “I like this city, I dont like this city, what is there to do in that city…”. Is this a new fad in the NBA dishing opposing cities?

  • http://springbored.net letsmotor

    maybe if he showed up at yesterday’s game that would’ve given him something to do.

  • TheFro

    Ruth’s Chris? Real original. Sounds like Josh Smith is the boring one…

  • http://slamonline.com Dave

    >> There is no such thing as boring places, only boring people.
    Funny, though, how boring people coincidentally group together in their thousands and millions and they give those groups a city’s name.

  • Marty

    You could just get really hammered josh

  • steve

    f you josh smith.

  • http://www.nba.com/suns Dacre

    Didn’t this all start with ‘Wayne’s World’? Hey I’m in Delaware…. thats right…Delaware…

  • alice cooper

    In Wayne’s world both characters were excited to go to the city of Milwaukee for the upcoming Alice cooper concert Dacre. What does the “Da” stand for in your name Dacre? Is it Dumb A$$? because you are trying to rip Milwaukee when clearly in the movie Wayne’s World they like Milwaukee in the same movie. Plus Josh Smith can learn to read if he doesn’t like Milwaukee so much, Oh wait he can’t read because someone probably passed him through high school for his athletics.

  • Dwayne B.

    I live in Milwaukee and it is not boring here!! It be crackin to hard!! So all you haterz needs 2 fall bak!!!

  • Dwayne B.

    And 2 josh smith i live right n tha hart of tha hood if i ever caught u n milwaukee im not gone even say wat i would do!!!! Lolz Lowkey!!!! Smh…..

  • Dwayne B.

    Michael Redd #22 SG

    Brandon Jennings #3 PG

    John Salmons #15 G

    Andrew Bogut #6 C

    Luke Ridnour #13 G

  • meghan

    i’m from milwaukee and josh smith knows sh*t, obviously. there’s tons to do here. and anyone who is saying otherwise, either has never been here or is looking in the wrong places.

  • Chowder

    J Smith is an idiot. Ruth’s Chris? HAHAH!! That is a chain pal. Go back to Atlanta and eat at your chains.