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Kobe Bryant Responds to Phil Jackson’s Criticism

Due to a rash of injuries, Kobe is a very frustrated man these days, and his coach is none too happy either. Last night, with his old man in the stands, Bryant put things together offensively for the first time in what seems like ages. From The Oklahoman: “His father, former NBA and Italian League journeyman Joe “Jellybean” Bryant was on hand to see his son play in person for the first time in five years — and he didn’t go away disappointed. ‘It was cool for me,’ Kobe said, ‘like I was back in high school.’ And just like back then, Joe’s pre-game instructions were simple. ‘Make the damn free throws,’ his son recalled. Kobe did just that, making 13 of 15, in addition to 12 of 28 shots from the floor in Los Angeles’ 95-92 win over Oklahoma City. He took over the fourth quarter, scoring 15 of his 39 points, twice restoring the Lakers’ lead and — if nothing else — tamping down speculation for the time being that a handful of nagging injuries have rendered him ripe for the taking. ‘He made the tough shots. He got to the free throw line and that’s what great players do,’ said Durant, who led the Thunder with 32 points. Afterward, Bryant was asked whether he needed a commanding performance to prove something. ‘No, not for myself,’ he told reporters, ‘probably for some of you inkers.’ So he knew there were doubts. ‘Well, yeah,’ Bryant replied, ‘but after 13 years, you’d think they’d know better.”‘

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  • http://Slamonline.com Mvp23100

    The inkers have to ask when your shooting 10-30s every other night

  • Jake

    Broken finger,strained knee,aching back.LeBron would be sitting on the sidelines in a suit right now.

  • T-Money

    It’s not like he was on fire: 12-28 fg. I’m REALLY impressed by the ft attempts though, he got his sh-t sent back a couple of times but he took it to them.

  • Michael Scorn

    LeBron could easily have a broken finger, strained knee and aching back if he wanted to.

  • JoeMaMa

    At the end of the day, he’s shooting with a broken finger on his shooting hand. That’s freaking tough to do. That’s like playing video games with broken thumbs, or having sex with a bent joystick. It upsets the balance of the motion!

  • neaorin

    LeBron will break his own finger, roll his ankle and bang his knee against a wall in an attempt to take everything away from Kobe.

  • Chazz Michael Michaels

    Not a LeBron fan but honestly, LeBron could have a broken finger, a strained knee, an aching back, and be sitting at home and he would still score 30 points. He is just that good right now!

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    True warrior. Broken finger, sprained knee, aching back, and menstral cramps.

  • http://www.nottherealmelvinely.com melvin ely

    It took you guys two posts to turn an article about Kobe into a Lebron hate fest? Wow.

  • slamfan4life

    He gettin that 5th

  • Logues

    anton, as immature as you are, that made me chuckle

  • Rob

    If Paul Pierce had all these injuries, he’d be calling a priest

  • Jake

    This is a little of topic,but why has there been such an emphasis on how many minutes Kobe has played over the course of his career lately? Not counting College,Michael Jordan played 11,000 more minutes over the course of his career than Kobe has played this far.Why is everyone expecting him to fall apart like a poorly built house?MJ held up very well for the most part and it can be argued that he didn’t have access to the same medical attention as Kobe does now due to advances in Sports Medicine.Plus he doesn’t take the same amount of physical abuse as players in the 80′s and early 90′s.I say Kobe has at least another 4 good years in him before we start to see definite signs of decay.

  • Jake

    Off topic*

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    This is off topic as well as its probably the father in me talking, but I wonder how it must feel to be the dad of one of the best pro athletes ever. i guess since Kobe’s dad play pro ball too, it might not be as significant to him, but like for Jordans dad(RIP) I wonder how it felt sitting in those stands watching.

  • T-Money

    from what has transpired over the years, they’re actually not on very good terms. it was the first in 5 years that joe had seen his son play.

  • UnRel

    pops didn’t approve of kobe’s marriage.. he knew how hard it was to be married and in the league..

  • Tommy Patron

    The Lakers and Cavs are totally unimpressive.

  • RedRum

    and this is exactly why Lebron is the better player. He is not a ball hog, even though much younger, since he entered the league there were never any issues with hogging. Kobe has constantly to be reminded that he has to pass the ball. Even his teammates come out calling him out (Gasol), his coach has called him uncoachable in the past (he still is).

  • Rob

    Lebron will never win a championship RedRum. Love him all you want, hate Kobe all you want.

  • The Philosopher

    For what it’s worth, I was dead wrong about the Lakers “are in trouble”, and what not… Kobe is a legend’s legend. They’re doing what they are supposed to be doing. Period.

  • Jake

    Yeah,Kobe is completely uncoachable…..that’s why he won a championship ring last year for the 4th time*rolls eyes*.Oh and am I mistaken or did coach K call him one of the most coachable plays that he’s ever encounter during the Olympics?He knows he gives his team the best chance to win when they are struggling to sink shots(like last night).

  • The Philosopher

    But, LeBron IS STILL THE KING.

  • Laker4Life

    If Lebron is King, then KOBE is GOD!

  • Mark

    When did Kobe ever walk off the court not shaking the hands of the winning teams members because he was to upset. Great show of sportsmanship, that it is not what a king???????? does.

  • karma

    I hate when people say Kobe isn uncoachable at this point in his career. The dude won a championship last year, and made it to the Finals a year before that. You just sound stupid.

  • http://djsfklrf.com Jukai

    Mark: Pretttty much all the time. He left without shaking anyone’s hands TWICE against Phoenix in the playoffs, one year after the other. Soooo… yep, stfu.

  • The Philosopher

    @Mark: When one is a king, he can do whatever he wants. He can say whatever he wants. I’ll give an example: LeBron’s rhetoric on Jon Amechi. Tim Hardaway’s rhetoric on the same topic. I mean…???

  • The Philosopher

    And to piggy – back off of Jukai, Kobe is merely a king. LeBron is THE KING.

  • 242LakerFan

    Frankly, yes, that is what a king does. A king is given his title not by merit, not because of accomplishments or qualifications, but by acclamation. He is pronounced leader before he has achieved anything significant at all. He is a child of privilege, treated with adoration by his fawning cronies (the press) and insulated from reality by these grovelling lackeys. Young royals and nobles often show a distinct lack of poise under pressure because they are constantly sheltered and shielded from adversity.
    So yes, Lebron is the King; the young, pampered, pouty, whiney little King.
    Long Live the Knight; the man of action, the guy on the front lines taking the slings and arrows, the one who gets it done. All hail Sir Kobe of Lakerville!

  • Kadavour

    very nice Laker fan. the uncoachable thing is nonsense. few have a head for the game like he does, and i think one needs that kind of hubris and killer instinct to really be on top of his game.

  • The Philosopher

    Laker Fan: Very nice touck. But fact is fact. LeBron James is THE KING of the basketball world. His clout is close to, if not, unprecedented. Especially for a player without a college degree. If he were to get one…..

  • Jake

    Let’s also not forget,Michael Jordan was dubbed uncoachable and selfish during his early years.No i’m not kidding. Why do you think Chicago went through so many coaches before Phil Jackson stuck around? An Alpha Dog,A master of the game, is many times viewed as uncoachable because sometimes they truly have a better idea of what needs to be done in order to win.Let’s not forget,the coach of a basketball team isn’t out on the court playing.Plus they are watching both teams play,not just their own.A player is on the floor,and he can see when his teammates are faltering,when he needs to pick up the pace and take over a game.This is what the great ones,the “uncoachable ones” the championship winners,this is what they do.I don’t care who it is,every high caliber player at some point has not heeded to a coaches advice because he knew of a better way to get the job done.Let’s not forget,those that can’t do….teach.Sometimes coaches cannot see the things a player can see and they get frustrated when they aren’t being listened to but there are many times when a coach is flat out wrong.

  • Jake

    and P.S. if Kobe was uncoachable he wouldn’t have stuck around the NBA this long.He’d go down the road of any other high caliber uncoachable player(Bonzi Wells,Isaiah Rider,Stephon Marbury,Steve Francis).If you’re in the NBA,there’s a reason.

  • RedRum

    calm down Jake… calm down buddy… nobody ever said that Kobe is not a great player. He is no Bonzi or Rider. And yes, MJ was a pain as well. But I don’t know… for some reason Jax never wrote a book devoting a chapter on MJ, calling him uncoachable… and no, you cannot compare MJ and Kobe. MJ shot 53% during playoffs… what is kobe shooting for his career again?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear


  • T-Money

    it’s funny that the media glanced over the fact that superstars not shaking hands when they get beat in the playoffs is a yearly occurence. so now, cats think that d-wade and kobe never pulled that sh-t off. ha. you know when players actually go and show love to the victors after a series? when they’ve been soundly beaten and had no shot at all. that’s exactly what bron did when he went to congratulate timmy IN the spurs locker room in 2007.

  • Philip

    Will one of you please break a finger on your shooting hand and let me know how your jumper feels? I’m assuming some of you actually play basketball.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    People like RedRum need to calm down when it comes to shooting percentages. FG% is a very, very misleading stat.
    Let’s say the average star takes 20 shots from the field a game. Do you know what the difference between 45% shooting and 50% shooting? ONE MORE MADE SHOT PER GAME. So chill with the whole shooting percentages thing, and no I’m not just talking about Kobe vs. MJ.

  • Jake

    Also,if you get fouled and miss the shot,doesn’t that count against your free throw percentage?

  • Jake

    Oh and I played with a broken index finger for 2 months in high school.It’s not very pleasant at all.I had it taped to my middle finger and shot 32% from the field and 76% from the free throw line.Normally those numbers were 47 and 93.Every time the ball touched my hand my eyes started watering.

  • http://Yahoo.com 3233569658

    Good one Philip I bet half of these people don’t even play basketball.

  • Justin

    This is how it really goes. At the moment, Lebron is King, Kobe is Hercules (demi-God) and Jordan is Zeus

  • RedRum

    Philip, Kobe has consistently shot less than 50%.. Actually I don’t even know if he ever averaged 50%! And anyone who says 1% is not a significant difference really has not played basketball… unless yo play in a great team that beats teams but and average more than 9ppg, then 1 made shot makes a great difference. Because 1 more made shot is actually 80% of the time mean one more possession from the opposing team, hence it actually means 2-4 points difference (minus 2 if you missed it, minus 4 if you missed and they made it). Imaging what happens if the whole team makes 1% more of their shots. And it is even more important for playoff basketball, since it is a lower possession game, hence 1 more shot, and 1 possession really counts. yeah, if we are talking about high school, where teams get blown by 20-30-50 points then 1% does not really matter. But in playoffs, You betcha it does!! MJ (I am just making an example…) has averaged 53% in the playoffs for his career. Kobe 47% (I think). This is a great difference, and Jax knows that, having played with both. This is why the 2000-2003 Lakers teams were much better and blew people, because Shaq was the main scorer with 32+ppg, and he was shooting more than 62%.
    I don’t want to brag, but I am lucky to be coaching on a relative high level (non professionally) and with a statistics background I have a good grasp of player efficiency (though I don’t believe in those Hollinger/geek number analysis).

  • Marinekn123

    MJ is the greatest hands down period, and thatcoming from a Laker fan. Kobe is in decline and yes much hurt, I think he should have sat about 6 weeks str8 during the season. The role players would have been much better and he would be much better physical. I hear people saying the Lakers are not focused, I think its Phil who isn’t focused. Lebron is a great player and it hurts to say that. Not fair to compare them at this stage of their careers. When Kobe was Lebron age the same people that are downing him were in aawe just as we are now about LBJ.

  • http://BleacherReport Marinekn123

    MJ is the greatest hands down period, and thatcoming from a Laker fan. Kobe is in decline and yes much hurt, I think he should have sat about 6 weeks str8 during the season. The role players would have been much better and he would be much better physical. I hear people saying the Lakers are not focused, I think its Phil who isn’t focused. Lebron is a great player and it hurts to say that. Not fair to compare them at this stage of their careers. When Kobe was Lebron age the same people that are downing him were in awe just as we are now about LBJ.

  • LA Huey

    @Jake, LeBron, as do others, sits out regular season games when he’s injured so that those ailments don’t get worse and he can play relatively pain-free

  • dj dexter

    all you lebroom & mj fans shut up!!!! kobe is the real deal & the greatest player of all time!!!!

  • hank

    Seems like Kobe got all that straightened out eh? Hopefully the conference finals will be more entertaining then the playoff series so far. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2905114/kobe_vs_jordan_using_statistics_to.html?cat=14

  • Kevin Jackson