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Pressure Getting to the Hawks?

Listening to Hawks players talk, The AJC isn’t entirely convinced they’re in the right state of mind heading into what could be the last game of Atlanta’s season tonight: “After a crushing loss to the Bucks and a trip to Milwaukee that recent history suggests won’t end well, it might seem as if the Hawks already are finished in the playoffs. Truth be told, that’s how Hawks players looked after they blew a nine-point lead in the final four minutes of Wednesday’s Eastern Conference playoffs loss to the Bucks at Philips Arena. ‘I don’t think anybody slept,’ forward Marvin Williams said before the team departed for Game 6 at Milwaukee on Friday. ‘I personally didn’t get to sleep until about 5:30 this morning. I tried to lay down, and couldn’t.’ The Hawks, down 3-2 in the best-of-seven, first-round series, are feeling the kind of pressure that can cause tossing and turning. They are a third seed facing elimination by a sixth seed after they led the series 2-0. They are 1-10 in road playoff games in the past three postseasons and never led in the second half of the two losses at Milwaukee in this series.”

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  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    We’d be moving forward if not for a season ending win in New Jersey. Damn.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com TADOne

    Poor coaching is getting to Hawks.

  • Brickshooting J

    Come on now, we all know the infamous SLAM cover jinx is getting to the Hawks. Sorry Lang, but you know that’s the truth.

  • ramnb21

    can’t be the cover jinx, the thunder are rolling(pun intended). but they did just get blown out, so maybe…

  • justin

    ATL is like the team full of all black guys you play in high school or rec leagues. There is a lot of athleticism and they talk real loud, but 4 minutes into the game they are arguing with each other, not listening to the coach, and blaming everybody else. Then they get beat. Not a damn thing different, a lot like Denver, too. Plus who the hell is Mike Woodson anyway?

  • Brickshooting J

    @ justin: I have found that pattern of behavior in teams “full of all white guys” too.

  • lol @ Justin… Wow… A man full of tact… Although I DO know what you mean, I’ve seen a team full of white guys or mexicans do the exact same thing!

  • ripslam

    @Justin: Teams with any dominant ethnicity can act like that.

  • RayRay20

    Jennings >> tyreke >> curry

  • justin

    I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW that a team can act like that regardless of their race. But we are talking about NBA basketball and Atlanta of all places at that, so I kind of had to compare them to a team full of black guys. For one thing, that’s what they are. Everything is not racist, most of the time it is just observing. I hate Duke, and I hate most everything about them. They are predominately white, but they do not argue with each other, make excuses and dismiss the coach (or for try to fight him like Josh Smith did).

  • LA Huey

    The Spurs are pretty much a team full of black guys (one more white guy than the Hawks) too.

  • jedi420

    Watching these guys playing tonight is painful… no heart, no desire, and an unbelievable amount of stupid plays. Then after that it’s just guys taking turns going 1 on 1 and shooting low percentage jumpers.

    They are getting outcoached, outhustled, and more than likely will be eliminated by the Bucks. I couldn’t stand watching them play last year, I thought they have improved this year, but it’s pretty much the same story.

    As much as I like Joe Johnson, I think he lacks the killer instinct that superstars need to be successful in the league..