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Should the Heat Get Rid of Michael Beasley?

With Pat Riley needing to do everything he can to placate D-Wade this summer, SuperCool Beas might not be long for South Beach, speculates the Sun-Sentinel: “If Wade returns, then Beasley never will get to move closer to the leading-man role he so craves. Considering his final act this season was being benched for the second half of Tuesday’s series-ending loss to the Celtics, it would appear that a parting would be in the best interest of all parties. While Beasley should be able to produce breakout numbers on a team less caught up in pick-and-roll offense and defensive efficiency, his value is such that the best net gain in a deal for the Heat could be additional cap space. Trying to continue to make this work could be very difficult for the Heat, especially if Erik Spoelstra is back as coach.”

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  • The D Train

    short answer: yes. long answer. hell yes.

  • kh

    I can’t stand when players think they’re better than they are. Play a role and WIN games, WIN rings!

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    If this article is attributed to Ira Winderman, it is slanted to a negative Beasley way every time.
    Not sure if there are a lot of guys with a rookie scale contract putting up 14 and 6, but he should stay and play with the more talent-laden roster that’s going to come to fruition.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Less pressure on him to perform at a high-level until there’s a decent trade partner works out better than just giving up his potential and upside for a dude in the mold of Hakeem Warwick or some OTHER bust like that with way more money to pay out.

  • JoeMaMa

    If he’s traded, whoever gets Beasley gets a player on the rise. You can’t expect every player to come in averaging 20/10; he dominated college and is adjusting to the pros, along with the lifestyle thta shook him for a minute. He’s grown alot already, and he recently took blame for his performance and said he’s going to bust his ass this summer. Riley wants to buy a player; that’s fine. But he’s savy enough to know that you don’t buy championship (exception: Celtics), but build them through a good system. Stick with the Beas. The Heat won’t win the chip next year; the plan’s for likely 2-3 years away.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    i’d let him go. maybe the talent is there, but we don’t see it when it counts. it just seems like dude has some mental toughness issues. maybe he’d do better in a place where they could forget that he was the #2 pick and the expectations that come with that.

  • cramzy

    He needs to be in a situation where the coach will loosen the reigns and not glue him to the pine for every mistake. He puts up 14 & 6 with little to no minutes in the 4th. Give the kid some time. I never understood why a team soooooo undermanned would constantly place their 2nd best player in the dog house.

  • The D Train

    I don’t watch enough Heat games, so I may be way off base, but is Beasley the new Zach Randolph? (potential)20 and 10 on crappy teams, doesn’t bring much to the table as far as defense, passing, intangibles, winning? And obviously I mean this from a total-output case…not the style of game they each play.

  • bobby

    cramzy i agree w/ you… it didnt make sense that beasley would get benched for anything while j.o. is putting up 17 ft fadeaways everytime he touches the ball…and they almost never run a set play for beasley either… the coach doesnt like him… remember game 4? Beas scored 8 straight pointas in the 3rd and he didnt touch the ball for the rest of the game

  • riggs

    send him to the rockets

  • JD

    Beasley to Raptors – Bosh to Heat, please

  • eldrickwoods

    HARD TO BELIEVE THAT HE HAS EVEN STAYED WITH ONE TEAM FOR 2 YEARS. HE HAS NEVER PLAYED FOR THE SAME TEAM FOR MORE THAN A YEAR…EVER. 6 high schools, 2 college commitments, 1 year at a place he probably has not returned to since leaving.

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    i like his game, if they send him away theyre stupid cause that team needs as much talent as they can around Wade…is he a SF though? i think he coulf produce and defend better than PF

  • vtrobot

    he needs to start playing consistently at a high level instead of just consistently high. it seems like scoring for him is pretty effortless. then you don’t see him again for a long stretch. as many have said, i’d keep him for now and help him try to get his sh*t together since he is worth the $$$, for now. i guess it all depends on what they can get. if it’s anything of equal value. pull the trigger. i don’t think having beasley back is really going to make d. wade happy about staying. the heat better make some serious moves.

  • http://myspace.com/dontdiecindy Bryan

    Once Beasley plays for a coach who loves him for what he is instead of trying to change him he will really blossom

  • Robb

    Beasley sucks.

  • T-Money

    Beasly needs to decide where on the floor he’s going to play. I don’t care if he’s undersized, he’s a 4 through and through. I remember Drew Gooden, Bargnani, LO and even Twan trying to make it at the 3 until a (wise) coach realized that they were all versatile 4s. I do agree with Bryan that Spo has to start looking at what he can offer instead of what he can’t do.

  • Flight

    Trade to the nets. New Jersey won’t get the number one pick anyway.

  • Khalid Salaam

    i’m not the one to give up on young guys in tough situations (young coach, inconsistent pg play, distractions of mia, etc) and beasley may yet turn it around but here’s the truth as i see it. When you consider everything, he’s been more disapointing than Gred Oden (and thats saying something indeed). Yeah Oden’s been hurt a lot but when he’s able to play you see the ability. If he can ever stay healthy he’ll be a good player (Big Z was injury prone at first then he turned it around so its at least feasible) but Beasley doesn’t seem athletic, savvy or determined when he plays. If the heat can get bosh for him they absolutely should.

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    It won’t help them if they keep him, so they might as well. Looking at the 08 draft, Mia with the #2 pick could’ve gotten Brook lopez, Mayo, Westbrook, Love, Gallinari, and Eric Gordon. Mayo with Wasde would’ve been an awesome backcourt. Lots of dreamers keep thinking Beas is gonna be a superstar, when in reality he’s going to be a mid level player at best, if he doesn’t get it together.

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    obviously if its for bosh is a nobrainer

  • funkdoc

    I think Miami should get rid of him and that’s only beneficial for Beasley. If he gets a new coach with a lot of attitude and perseverance, he will shine. Not 20/10, but a good, motivated role player. Spoelstra got no charizma. Beasley should play for a coach who lets him bust his ass, but gives him a chance to make mistakes. I think the Bucks can use a player like him. And Skiles is the right coach.

  • Hawkules

    Don’t know how many of you really watch him play, but Beasley is the type of player that plays better with his offense going. Miami is a defense first team. The issue is that Miami’s system is not right for Beasley. He is a good player and could one day be great. If he ever gets to a team that is offensive minded, he will blossom. Take away the stats for a minute and just look at him play. The boy has one of the sweetest jumpshots since Glen Robinson, he is a natural scorer and when motivated can get rebounds with the best of them. But he is being asked to commit to defense and he has NEVER been asked to do that. There in lies the contradiction in his game. NY, Golden State, Dallas and Phoenix would be the right system for him. But we’ll see. Will root for him if he leaves, but won’t miss him.

  • Jose

    Beasley for New Jerseys pick? or G-staes maybe.? idk. wont hurt to make an attempt at john wall.lol. We need to get rid of JO tho. i didnt like how he played since he got here. get bosh or Stat if stat even wants to leave. then get. then a good point gaurd so wade aint gotta take it up everytime. Solid point and a solid big man with wade should be a good core.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    Is Beasley the next Shawn Marion?

  • UnRel

    @Hawkules.. sounds like you’re talking about Derrick Coleman.. and we saw how that panned out for him.. hopefully Beas’ has better luck..

  • J-Ro

    Send him to phoenix so he can run and gun with Steve Nash.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    The Raptors will take him.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Just because Beasley isnt a super star doesnt mean he cant play. The Heat just need more quality pieces to take the pressure off him. Getting rid of him now is a mistake.

  • http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com Tarzan Cooper

    Hes fine. Hes a young player getting sporadic minutes with a very short leash. Hes not yet ready to be the second best player on the team, which is what hes been asked to be, even tho he gets jerked around with his mins. Of course he needs to improve, all young players do, it takes time. In 2010 everyone wants immediate results, but thats not how this works. If they sign bosh, then wade. And maybe kirk. Beas will explode as a third option, and he will improve. Pat would be retarded to give up on him so early considering how spoes has jerkd him around

  • Howard Roarke

    Let him go to the Cavs.

    Wade couldn’t play with Jamario Moon and he’s been a big asset to the Cavs.

    Of course, Wade can’t play with a point guard either – the Heat have been through at least 10 the past 4 years. The guy wants the ball all the time, but he doesn’t want the responsibility of playing the point.

    D-Wade is a nice player, if he has a lot of very good players on his team and they let him show off. Worked in the Olympics for him. As far as leading a team as Lebron does…..uh, no.

  • underdog

    I wouldn’t say this kid is pure gold, but as soon as he realizes his pros and cons, and start work determined on his development (for his own sake), he could be a very useful matchup problem against any team. So I wouldn’t trade him, but I wouldn’t spend too much money on him either. Gotta find a way to make him more consistent.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Allenp

    I’ll just add my two cents that it’s Spoelestra’s short leash and Wade’s overall attitude that are really hurting Beasley.
    I really think dude can be a 20 and 8 guy in the league.
    A trade might be best, but I would be shocked if dude is a total bust.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Beasley makes me feel all Tim Thomas-ish again

  • The Philosopher

    If the heat can get a real point guard, Beasley could at least approach his vast potential more quickly, in my opinion.


    I think MB is one of those guys that looks at himself and says “You are cool as hell”, but when other people look at him they say “he looks like an idiot”

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Worst pick for the heat, who is a weed head and plus stated his favorite show is spongbod square pants, COME ON, the weed kills brains cells and his wack game, I TOLD people on the site, OJ MAYO was the better pick. Imagaine Flash having some Juice to back him up. Miami just lost Dwade, unless Bosh decides to save Dwade’s career.

  • Robb

    @DMV Beasley looks like an idiot and plays like an idiot too

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib Michael NZ

    How come its always someonelses fault, Allenp?

  • ClydeSays

    He’s short at his position and has a short attention span. The only cure for that is to outwork everyone. See: Udonis Haslem.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    You guys know my take on Beas and his lack of “fire in the belly”. But I will say this–the Heat should keep him if they can. He can score and his contract won’t break the bank. Besides, if he does work his butt off this summer and improves, he could be used at the deadline for a missing piece that’s revealed in mid-season. Don’t trade him for nothing, but if he’s a needed chip to get a coveted player that fits this system, then by all means pull the trigger.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib Michael NZ

    Cheryl, I think you summed it up perfectly. I will say though, going into his third year, he has one more chance with the ‘if he works his butt off this offseason’ thing. Probably shoulda happened by now – some guys need a little more time I guess – excuse time is running out.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    I do remember another young man who had some “growing pangs” but was given a second chance by Pat Riley (no less) and who turned out to be an integral piece on a championship team–Lamar Odom. It can be done and Pat has experience with reclamation projects. So, I guess we’ll see.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Allenp

    What the hell are you talking about?
    Beasley clearly has talent. As Eboy pointed out last year, his coach had a very different standard for Beasley than he had for Mario Chalmers based on his coaches idea of what’s important for players to do.
    If Durant had been told that he had to play great defense and mistake free on offense his first few years in the league he would have rode the pine as well.
    I’m not a Beasley “fan” but I’ve watched enough of the due to knowt hat he has the tools and his main problem is a lack of confidence in his game. He’s always looking over his shoulder.
    If you can’t see that, then you don’t know ball or people.
    It’s not about him not “working” in the off-season. Basketball, like almost all sports, is overwhelmingly mental. The skillset and physical talents of NBA players are often fairly similar.
    It’s about the mental toughness to go out and do what you need to do every night, and have confidence that even when you’re struggling, you will still have success eventually.
    Beasley, who has been a beast at every other level, is not used to having his minutes cut, or having his team and coach doubt him. Thus, he’s playing like somebody who is thinking too much and reacting instead of imposing his will. That’s why he looks tentative and like he’s not fired up. The reality is he’s often trying TOO hard because he’s constantly worried about failing and sitting the bench.

  • wildcat98

    Beasley needs to get out of Miami. It is hard to imagine a player being handled worse than Spoelstra has handled Beasley. It is frustrating to see a player that has the potential to be one of the top players in the NBA, be continually thwarted. His confidence has been seriously damaged by the poor coaching by Spoelstra.

  • salty

    Sign and Trade with Raps for Bosh… Him + Some Overpaid Veteran = BOSH

  • http://www.nba.com/suns Dacre

    He’s a young guy that feeds off of the energy of others and if he doesn’t feel the love it most certainly affects his game. Trying to play at a level DWADE is expecting, I would imagine would be VERY daunting…akin to playing along side Kobe, ripping into team mates and expecting the absolute BEST of them, Bird, Jordan, Wilt, Isaiah Thomas among others…I’m sure they all gave their up and coming rookie/young team mates a very clear idea of what they needed to achieve very quickly in the L…. Don’t forget Beasley was a 2nd pick, Wade a 3rd pick… MIAMI and infact the players themselves should be expecting full development. Top 5 picks shouldn’t be about ‘potential’ they should be about immediate gains for your ball club.

  • http://www.nba.com/suns Dacre

    STILL…Do you move him? The question should only be an issue if they see an immediate upgrade to the structure of their team as an entity – Wade wants to play with a fellow-all NBA superstar. Period.

    As good as Spoels’ may be for a young coach he doesn’t strike me as a ‘team builder’ – This is Pat Rileys offspring – So if Pat is able to make some big signings/trades/moves in the offseason it is worth considering, but to move a young player for the sake of it is not necessarily right. Beasley’s best playing years are ahead of him; YET will he be the superstar Wade wants to be around next season?

  • Clutch2142

    Beasley needs to stay with the heat he will grow into a all star he already has a melo game

  • Hangtime Hec

    Just because you were picked top 5 doesn’t mean your a top 5 talent. He shows flashes of being a competent offensive scorer. Its not like he is incapable of going for 20-28 points a game. With extended minutes and more plays run for him ill see him progressing as a player.

  • flash

    poor beasley. trade him before his confidence really dries out. if he stays in miami his talent will fade. let him shine in other teams that’s the least mia can do for him

  • Son of Shawn

    Beasley is in the same position Tim Thomas was some years ago, he is talented, he is young, he has upside, but he hasn´t the hungry, nor the attitude.

    He can change that, but in the worse scenario he´ll be an underachiever (just like Tim) and get a lot of money for playing basketball till he turns 35.

  • Wendy

    To the Rockets with him. Like, right now.

  • Danny W UK

    Send him to Sacto. With no one watching him, and Westphal letting him play whatever game he decides is his, he’ll do fine, he’ll do 20 and 8 in his sleep. But they won’t win, and if they do start looking like contenders, he’ll be trade bait. It’s a trust issue.

  • coggie13

    how can u even be considered a bust when u average 14 and 6. those are decent numbers. most teams wouldnt mind having him on his team.. trade elton brand for him, itll make my day :D

  • coggie13


  • Rikson

    @DMV: everybody is like that…

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    i keep hearing Houston–sure I’d give up Beas for Batier and Scola. Can that get it done?

  • Young C

    Well, he’s still pretty young. They need to start building for the future. People expected him to dominate ASAP but it takes time to develop longer for some players. Keep Beas.

  • NBA kid

    @dacre, melo was 3rd, Wade was 5th

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    So what if Beasley has “the tools”? Spoelstra, probably hasn’t done wonders for Beasley’s confidence, but it ultimately is on Beasley himself, and not his coach. Allenp is spot on regarding his coment that “the reality is he’s often trying TOO hard because he’s constantly worried about failing and sitting the bench.” Yet, I think we can’t blame Spoelstra too much for his treatment of Beasley, because if Beasley was mentally stronger it wouldn’t be an issue.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    I think the “he’s got the tools/talent” argument is moot. Truthfully, Kwame HAD the tools as a rookie (athleticism) and people are still making arguing that Darko “has the tools” and someone should pay him and play him. Irrelevant – what matters I think is if the Heat think they can afford to wait for him to develop in a year or two, and if he’s worth the wait.

  • hushabomb

    Another thing to look at is Jermaine Oneal and whether he resigns as well. Everyone knows that its DWades world and he will get the ball 90% of the time. The problem is that with ONeal there, it clogs up the post (jus like when Bosh was wit him in TO)
    If the Heat resign Oneal, I’d look to trade Beasley for Hedo or Bargnani as it also give another playmaker and outside threat! For Beasley to be effective 1) must be included in the offence as in Wade needs to iso/post him. 2) better outside shooting (QRich aint gonna cut it) 3) Give him time without DWade on the floor so the onus is on him to score/make plays (Like Antawn and the Cavs)

  • Bill

    You cannot coach someone into being a hard worker. B-EZ has not shown Sufficient effort. If Miami has an opportunity to trade him for cap space AND Miami can get a good players are available to put that cap space to use,I say trade BEZ.

    He has great talent and potential. But, he is too unstable and inconsistent. I hope he will blossom into a great, successful player in the future

  • Bill

    Cut losses and get rid of BEZ. It will be better for him and the team. Yes, his numbers are OK, but, He makes too many blunders on the court in the form of turn overs,missed assignments, rushing shots rather than driving, driving without concern for defenders who end up punching his layup into the stands. His attitude is terrible if his offense is not productive. He needs character and motivation to improve and those things cannot be taught. His size is also too small for PF. He is not developed enuf, yet, to play SF. He could lose his career if he does not fight to drastically improve. His IQ is LOW too. Playin next to DWade should help him improve, but, it hasn´t. Let BEZ go

  • OneStep

    Beasley played for the Heat this year? Wow! Who knew?