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Stan Van Gundy: Leave Dwight Howard Alone!

Or something to that effect … the Orlando Sentinel captured SVG’s inimitable rage when it comes to Dwight’s perception in the media: “A question about Dwight Howard’s composure and ability to avoid frustration caused Magic coach Stan Van Gundy’s own personal frustration to emerge Wednesday morning after the Magic’s pregame shootaround. That Howard’s composure, or lack thereof, is an issue annoyed him. ‘There isn’t a guy in this league that doesn’t seem frustrated but when it’s Dwight everybody jumps on it. From the media at least, the national media, he gets a lot of criticism. A lot more than other guys who are no better than he is. I don’t understand it but he’s the whipping boy of the national media. I saw Tim Duncan come into our place and lose his composure. Nobody wrote that story.”‘

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  • Murphy

    good call, but its what happens on a championship caliber team man. its a part of the game, its always gunna happen when u got somebody that talented on your team. jus get back to the finals and do ur thing magic

  • S. Ward La Flair

    Alright! This again! Come back next week for the “nobody respects us” soundbite.

  • cramzy

    he’s got a point tho. Dwight is constantly reprimanded for not being a leader or serious enough …no one seems to realize this man was in the FINALS last year, his 5th year, being the so called goofball he is! And he ran through Lebron to do it. 3 years leading the league in rebounding & blocks…just a little respect people. Just a little!

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    a coach defending his franchise player; don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • http://dsfjklf.com Jukai

    I gotta agree with him, give Howard crap for his offense, MAYBE his leadership, but his COMPOSURE? What? His composure is fine. This ain’t Rasheed we’re talking about here.

  • S. Ward La Flair

    These guys are just the 2010 version of the 2001-2003 Kings.

  • Kendrick is God

    Dwight is maybe the most composed guy in the world he gets hacked constantly but very rareley loses his cool, if i took that abuse i would kick off

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    LOL @ La Flair.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    Stan was really mad because the crumbs on his jacket fell to the floor. That was supposed to be the midnight snack.

  • Rob

    I don’t understand why Dwight gets that treatment.Probably because he’s such a nice guy.

  • http://twitter.com/PDXGayBBall dma

    I’m just waiting for Howard to go Hulk on somebody in the playoffs. Maybe take out a referee too.

  • The Philosopher

    Solution to Howard being frustrated: Making 70 percent of his free throws. I like Van Gundy. He goes to war for his guys.

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