Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 9:00 am  |  15 responses

Chris Bosh Backtracks on Twitter

Bosh’s Twitter page has become the place to get all the news and info Raptors fans need during the offseason. The Toronto Sun reports on the latest 140-character break in the story: “For whatever reason, Bosh was back at it late Thursday afternoon offering this olive branch/clarification via twitter for those fans out there that are reading adios into his latest posts. ‘Just to be clear. I never said that I’m not considering staying in Toronto.’ Bosh tweeted just before dinner time. In fact, that doesn’t make things any clearer for the fan base, but it might, just might, keep a handful from giving up on him just yet. Bosh can become a free agent as of July 1.”

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  • JoeMaMa

    A true Raptor fan 1) knows he’s leaving and 2) believes his twitter message anyways. That’s how we work.

  • bashmo

    Well, it certainly seems like hes going to leave…however you never know, til come july 1st. Bosh may be given the max contract, and can ask GM Colangelo to make a few solid acquisitions til then, and maybe he might stay for a bit, but depending on how win hungry he is, his future in toronto is still up in the air. Great player, and regardless, heres hoping hes succesful next season wherever he may be

  • Migs

    @bashmo – not sure what “solid acquisitions” can be made when he’s tied down due to bloated contracts like Hedo, Jose, and Bargnani. Rob Babcock and Isaiah Thomas are no longer GMs – are there any others out there that can be swindled? The Raptors’ only real tradeable assets are a S&T Bosh, DeRozan and maybe Jack, and trading the latter two won’t yield anything that can be considered “solid”.

  • LA Huey

    Raptor fans seems like an understanding bunch. I wish their team didn’t suck so hard.

  • Buschfire

    Jose is actually trading material…so i’ve heard….and hope for our sake…

  • Buschfire

    and i don’t know why but i have a funny feeling Bosh actually will stick around here in T.O yep i said it…. you can tell me i told you so later, but i think he’s staying… and if he does go I don’t wish him anything but a championship ring on his finger.

  • Migs

    @LA Huey – The Raps have been getting screwed from the get-go, when BJ Armstrong demanded a trade after being selected in the expansion draft. Then there was that ridiculous rule where the Raps and Grizzlies weren’t allowed to get the first pick in the draft for a couple years. Even if it didn’t really have any bearing, it was a pretty dumb rule for the league to impose. Couple that with the fact that the Raps will never be the #1 ticket in Toronto (The Maple Lafs earned that distinction by winning the Stanley cup several decades ago), and you’ve got the first of many reasons why we Raps fans have to be “understanding”

  • Jake

    Bosh will definitely stick around in Toronto if they can get him some legitimate help.Now that we all know the only reason Hedo did so well last season was due to the fact that Orlando had so many other weapons(you’d think Bryan C. would have considered that),it’s time for the front office to bring in a legitimate star.The thing they’re aching for most is a shooting guard,and that’s painfully obvious.Derozan isn’t going to be ready to take the reins for at least another season so why not pick up someone in a Hedo/Calderon trade?Jack can run the point as long as he has people to pass to on the wings and right now that isn’t the case.If they could have Jack,*insert high caliber shooting guard*,Weems,Bosh,Bargnani I think they’d make the playoffs as at least the 6 seed next year.

  • Jorge

    Bosh, welcome to LA…You’ll be playing for the 2 time champion Lakers, how you like that?
    Hopefully Toronto can use Bynum since we only have 2/3 years window of opportunity to win championships and we cannot wait until Bynum decides to play. That’s why we brought you here!!Come taste the glory!!

  • Jorge

    My mistake the correct term is “back-to-back champions” since we’re also winning this one. Sorry for not mentioning the other championships!…didn’t want to hurt any feelings.

  • ripslam

    Let me be the first to say the Chris Bosh will be a flop in L.A. He’s also a giant tool for dropping bombs about the summer on freaking Twitter.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    Hey Raps fans, stop kidding yourselves. JoeMaMa’s first post was prescient.

  • Jay-g

    People really think before they click or type when using twitter or facebook. If I was the Raptors, I’d follow along the lines of Chad Ford and try to get Bosh to do a sign and trade to OKC. I’d have to have Jeff Green and either Serge Ibaka, Eric Maynor, or James Harden and a late first rounder. Its a heavy ransom, but can the Thunder do better a core of Durant, Westbrook, Bosh and Sefolosha?

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    Why does LA want Bosh, or need him? They already have the European version of him in Pau. Doesn’t make sense to me. Do they need two big men with near-identical skills?

  • kc jensen

    Kris, join the Utah Jazz you plus D-will i see the ring!