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Contest: Most Memorable Playoff Moment?

Win some straight gear from LRG.

Inspired by the NBA Playoffs, LRG and DrJays are giving away two Playoff Packs (each with a mini basketball, string backpack and t-shirt). To bring a piece of the the action to your house, leave us a comment describing your favorite moment of the 2010 NBA Playoffs.

Even if you’re not chosen as a winner, you can find the gear solely at DrJays and still be a champion.

Good luck!Playoff Pack

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  • http://slamonline.com GotHandles?

    Brandon jennings puts up 25 in a game 5 win to give the underdog Bucks a 3-2 lead in their round 1 series against the heavily favored Hawks. Despite losing the series, BJ proved that he can rise to the occasion. Fear the DEER.

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  • j4zzm4n

    As a Lakers fan it pains me to say it but Rondo’s performance against the Cavs 19 assists and some ridiculous plays show me that he has improved so dramatically in such a short period of time from being a questionable p.g to being the Celtics’ best player is remarkable but the show he put on against the Cavs was just too cool.

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    Joakim Noah’s comments about the city of Cleveland. Priceless trash talk from an emotional and honest player who is not afaid to speak his mind.

  • http://thacorner.net/forums Kevin

    Dwyane Wade’s 46 point game against Boston in Game 4 of their first round series. Dude was just pulling up and wetting 3′s in the 4th, dunked on KG, just unstoppable, the talking to his hand thing and just won that game all by himself

  • stevenashjr13

    Sitting mostly silent through game 5 of the Bucks/Hawks series while the youngest player and future superstar Brandon Jennings seemed like the only one who came to play…until 3 great hustle plays by Ilyasova and a indecisive corner 3-pointer by Delfino caught nothing but net and lifted me out of my seat to practically high five the television set as well as causing me to instantly log on to ticketmaster and purchase game 6 tickets two rows from the Bradley Center ceiling.

  • Scott

    This is a no brainer. Flew back to PDX from NYC for game 4 of the Suns-Blazers. As my brother and I walked up to the Rose Garden, we hear people around us start murmuring about Brandon Roy potentially playing. I check all the sites I know on my phone, nothing. However, see him suited up, and when he gets in to the game for the first time, it was nuts. But what was better was that HUGE 4th quarter three he hit. I’ve never seen an arena so electric, and to be there in person was amazing.

  • http://alan.george@gmail.com Breeze

    it has to be dwayne wade performance against the celtics he is incredible!!!!

  • Cliff

    Lakers vs OKC game 6

  • Kevin

    Andre Miller of Rip City. Game 1 against the Suns. Miller had 31 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and drew a huge charge on Amare Stoudemire late as the Blazers ended the Sun’s eight-game home winning streak despite 25 points and 9 assists from his counterpart, 2 time MVP Steve Nash. Scoring 15 points in the fourth quarter and tying his career playoff high with 31 points as Portland made Phoenix the only home team to lose in a playoff opener.

  • ENDS

    The PLayoffs have SUCKED so far! You can keep your shirts

  • http://facebook.com Smell

    lebrons huge dunk on james johnson

  • http://www.twiter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    Cant we wait until the playoffs are over?

  • Cizzo

    KB24 becoming the LA LA alltime playoff leading scorer!

  • marc

    when russell westbrook straight disrespected lamar odom in the game 3 dunk. dude is a problem

  • http://search.drjays.com/search?cmd=main&chain=K-4c5247_RON-6361745f3138324044724a6179737c3232344044724a6179737c53657473&sb= euhn

    I’m a Laker fan, so my loyalties (still) lie with Kobe in The Great Debate, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind or unable to appreciate what a player does. The moment that made me jump was when LJ yammed it on James Johnson’s head. And when I say “LJ” I don’t mean Grandmama, though Johnson probably felt like he just got a good spanking. That was the moment I knew that particular series was over. Cuz the deserved 2010 MVP was not going to let them lose to Chicago. Just like the 2010 Finals-MVP Kobe is not going to let the Lakers lose to anyone. (C’mon, you knew it was coming.)

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    I am going to go a different way here. Because everyone hates on Fisher.
    DFish was playing for Utah, just arriving back from the airport where he was with his sick daughter. He came in the game late, and never even warmed up. He played a huge roll for the Jazz that game. The 3 in the corner, overtime, it was amazing.
    The announcers last game for the Lakers were mentioning this, and I agree with them, it is one of the greatest playoff moments in recent years. Very emotional.

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    And yes … I know it’s about 2010… but nothing has been crazy about these playoffs. But I haven’t been on the site lately. So I though I would give a good playoff moment.
    Good luck everyone.
    Oh… and Riggs/Meloman/MVP … : D!!! Where is Dallas and Denver at?

  • bouncyman

    my favorite moment of the playoffs was when kobe spooked russell westbrook into a turnover by *faking* that he was going to play defense on him. effing hilarious

  • blackice87

    My favourite moment of the 2010 was the ovation given to the OKC Thunder by their fans. I’m not prone to sappy moments, but the way those men played their hearts out, gave their all for each other, the reaction was fitting. It shows a lot about the character of the team and the city. It seems that they have taken on each others personality, that’s amazing.

  • cheire

    My favorite moment in the 2010 playoffs is when the thunder won game three and four. Because their crowd was loud and behind them and give them the energy to beat lakers when everyone was picking the lakers to sweep them. So lakers really had to beat them to move on.

  • Valentin Faure from France

    Ron Artest’s defense on KD was amazing !!
    KD shot only 35% and his efficienty fell to 18.5

  • MeloMan222

    Melo scoring a career playoff high… even thoufgh they lost, it was good to see Melo playing hard and passionate throughout

  • Roberto

    How about Rasheed Wallace actually doing something in the playoffs? That should be more memorable than anything.

  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    I MUST have that black and green pack! My favorite moment of the 2010 playoffs so far has been Paul Pierce’s buzzer-beater to beat Miami in Game 3 of their 1st round series. As a Celtics fan, this has been a year of doubting, insecurity and frustration. To watch The Truth score 22 points in the 2nd-half, the last 3 of those for the game-winner, was a HUGE relief. I stood up in my living room and screamed “YES!” at the top of my lungs. Paul Pierce has given me alot of great postseason memories, but that was one of the best. Please let me rock the black/green LRG gear to the Garden for Games 3 and 4 of the Cavs series, where more great moments are bound to happen!! Thx.

  • Heals

    Come on it has gotta be Noah asking a reporter “Do you think Cleveland is cool!? Has anybody ever told you they were going on vacation to Cleveland?” Instant classic!

  • Jordan Loesl

    My favorite moment from the ’10 NBA Playoffs is the Milwaukee Bucks mascot, Bango, and his backflip dunk off a ladder in Game 4. Mostly because the Bucks players were all watching the dunk instead of listening to Skiles…

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3umtw179KA

  • Yusuf

    Age is something that is misunderstood by society. The media protrays the older ones in sports as the elderly that should retire soon, as if they are 65+. They make it seem that their skills such as hand eye coordination diminish. To hell with that. With that mentioned, my favourite part of the playoffs is the rejuvenation of Steve Nash. 33 and 10 sounds like the line of a 26 year old. Nash is 36. Oh yeah, about the hand-eye coordination talk; did you see that dime bounce pass to Richardson?

  • Jacob Menhinick

    The one game the bulls won, and made me believe that they could make it a series…

  • Paddy

    Without a doubt Dwyane Wade`s Game 4 against Boston. It was one of the most dominating play-off performances of the last 10 yrs along with Lebron`s 48 Special and Iverson`s game 1 against the Lakers in `01. He knew he would have to have one of the greatest games of his career if the Heat were going to win and he did just that. The four threes in a row truly said it all.

  • Holladay

    Most memorable playoff moment has to be LeBron blacking out on the Pistons back in the 06 Conference Finals. He shot 55% while scoring 48 points, 29 of the teams last 30, 25 alone in double OT. To go along with his 9 reb, 7 assists, and the game winning layup. And he wasn’t just driving the lane and crab walking. He was lights out from everywhere that night.

  • Adam Hausen

    My favorite moment thus far of the 2010 NBA Playoffs has to be Pierce’s step back game winner on Dorell Wright in Game 3 in Miami. With all the talk of Kobe, Lebron and Wade being the best closers in the game, this was Pierce’s way of reminding us he’s still one of the top 5 closers in the league. “The Truth,s” game never lies. He is fearless with the ball in his hand when the games on the line.

  • JayChau

    I can’t say this year that I am a loyal Raptors fan. But I can say I’ve followed them close enough to recall some of the greatest moments. 2002 Playoffs, Toronto Raptors defeats NYK 3-2 for their first ever playoff series win. History was made.

  • andrew

    Okc wins were memorable. Others news were just so 2009.

  • http://Slam Jasmine

    When Michael Jordan got his first MVP or Lebron James got his first MVP. Also when Magic Johnson won MVP in 1979-1980 and his team Lakers also won the championship. There are many NBA great historic memory’s but those were just some great times.

  • http://Slam Aubrey

    I think the best NBA moment in 2010 was at game 3 Cavs vs Bulls there was only 3 seconds left in the game and Lebron James was a little more past half court and made the basket. Wow i sure screamed my head off.

  • AdrianC513

    Pau Gasol’s tip off Kobes missed pulled up to seal the win. I was so exicted I almost dropped my Kid outta my lap.

  • Logues

    russell westbrook yamming on lamar odom like he was still playin with the clippers. the crowd went crazy, russ went crazy, led to a huge run and eventual lead by the thunder who end up winning the game and even tho they lost the series let everyone know they came to play and that they are for real and will be a contender for yrs to come. westbrook was overlooked by drose, beasley and mayo, but showed hes right up there and has scary potential and one of the most explosive players in the league

  • ai come back

    EY imma say this cuz it was absoloutley sicked out i mean for real its enda third quarter rite? and outa nowhere lebrons comin already up by like 18 and bam in droses face a 40 footerat the buzzer HOLY SHT welcome to the 2010 playoffs baby amazing truly does happen

  • ai come back

    take taht back unless slam wants that one cuz som1 alrady did taht and im to blind to notice lol
    but anyways no one seems to notice that bj put up 34 pts…2 shy of tying the record fo playoff opener by rookie

  • Dan Ilika

    When Manu Ginobli came back in the Mavs series with a broken nose looking like the hitman from ‘The Untouchables’ and tore apart the Dallas D.

  • kashdef

    I can’t believe Mo’s Dunk hasn’t been mentioned yet. Well here goes my most memorable moment from the 2010 NBA Playoff series was Mo Williams dunk on Paul Pierce in Game 1 in the Cavaliers Second Series, and first as a Cavalier. As a student on the East Coast it’s hard for me to watch most of the playoffs, but for the game’s I do catch, this moment was spectacular. Rooting for the Cavs in this series I was disappointed as they were down in the third by nine, much to the performance by Rajon Rondo. However, as they began playing dominating defense and forcing turnovers it was apparent Mo was going to lead the charge, and with this slam on Pierce he proved just that. As Mo put up 14 points in the third quarter sparking the Cavs to a 101-93 win over the Celtics.

  • u-dee

    absolutely: Mo’s dunk!!

  • James

    Mo williams dunking on Paul Peirce…..I was watching it with 4 other friends and i looked around the room straight after the dunk everyone was in shock jaws dropped. Straight up “where amazing happens”

  • Rockies

    Grant Hill’s block on Jerryd Bayless was the best moment of the playoffs. Grant showed he could still get up and that play sparked the Suns and led to a fastbreak.

  • peter

    deron williams dunking on pierce. I remember jumping out of my seat and screaming at the top of my lungs causing all my apartment mates to run out and see what’s wrong

  • Mitch

    my favorite moment by far was when STAT dunked on dejuan blair last night in game 1. as a suns fan, i grew tired of seeing us get eliminated year after year after year, it was great to finally see amare absolutely DESTROY someone on the spurs. Though, he doesn’t have any acl’s or any jumping ability whatsoever, this will provide us suns fans with enough satisfaction until amare finally gets one down over Timmy

  • Zach C.

    The lakers thunder game 2 when the the thunder had 17 total blocks against a bigger lakers team.
    and they werent just little tip blocks, they were solid blocks,

  • Josh

    Reporter: Do you regret anything you said about Cleveland?
    Joakim: Not at all. Do you like it? You think Clevelands cool? I mean I never heard anybody say I’m going to Cleveland on vacation. Whats so good about Cleveland?

  • benny

    the spurs avenging last years season ending series against Dallas by bringing out their secret weapon: George Hill.

  • Elias

    Joakim Noah vs the city of Cleveland.

  • J

    as of now, oklahoma city’s playoff run. franchise’s first playoffs. two wins against the defending champs. college atmosphere in a pro playoff game. great run for the league’s youngest team.

  • Diego

    The best moment was when LeBron shot the free throw with his left. Why? Cause it was hilarious to watch peoples reactions. LeBron tends to exajerate a little some times and when I saw it happen I knew it was nothing. It seemed that no one else did though. People everywhere panicked, sat in front of their TV or Comp. just to see if he was ok. Sort of reminded me how easy it is to rattle people. Funny sh*t.

  • UnRel

    it wasn’t really a playoff moment.. but happened during the playoffs.. but the unveiling of a Chick Hearn statue at Staples Center.. who knows what our basketball language would be without him.. but the moment was when his wife gave the statue a kiss.. and seeing all his fans out there in the rain..

  • robert stewart

    My favorite moment of the NBA Playoffs is when Kevin Durant had 19 rebs against the Lakers and he blocked Kobe Bryants shot in the 4th quarter. At this very moment I began to believe that Durant was a REAL SUPERSTAR. At that time he joined the exclusive/elite group of Kobe and Bron. At this moment I realized that Durant can win multiple championships and be considered one of the Greates of All Time if he continues to mature as a player

  • http://slamonline.com AlbertBarr

    My favorite moment of the 2010 NBA palyoffs was on Monday night when the Chuckster was asked who the three best point guards in the NBA were. With Chris Paul sitting right there he said “Deron Williams is the best point guard in the NBA…” (to Chris), “you would have been my number one but Deron is Bigger. He is just Bigger and Stronger.” CP3 looked like he had just been run over by the shame train. He then said CHris was two and Derrick Rose was three. Chuck has no shame. Awesome.

  • David Seerup

    My most memorable moment was when the Thunder lost game 6. The standing ovation given from the oklahoma city fans to encourage their fallen heroes was simply amazing.

  • ampd

    how rockin the ford center was when the thunder traveled back home. for all the hate against clay bennet for uprooting a storied franchise, it was crazy to see the love pourin out of these fans. reminded me of the msg of old, a great moment for a rising franchise

  • Ashley

    Even though they couldn’t pull through enough, my favorite moment was the OKC/Lakers series. OKC finished last years season with a 23-59 record and they were at the bottom of the list. But this year they came back with a record of 50-32 and just made it into the Playoffs. When everyone heard the underdogs would be playing the returning champions in the first round, majority of fans thought it would be a sweep. But with Kevin Durant leading the team with his scoring title they were able to tie the series 2-2 after losing the first 2 games in the series. They were able to pull to a game 6 but just came short and lost 95-94. It was definitly a shocker not only to myself but others fans as well but at the same time a total excitment to watch.

  • Jonah

    Kobe “Bo Peep” sheep-herding photo shoot, and all the photoshop jobs that came after.



  • http://www.superstrongjohn.com superstrongjohn

    My most memorable moments of the playoffs has been the Miller siblings’ amazing commentating. Well, mostly Cheryl’s hairstyles and Reggie’s commentating.


    “mo williams trying to be mo betta with that dunk opportunity…”
    “.. the coaching of george popovich.”
    “an injured lebron is still better than 97% of the league. the only players better would be kobe, dwyane, and dwight. yes, i am saying there are only 100 people in the league.”

    ok, so the last one wasn’t an exact quote, but if you heard what he actually said, you’d understand.

    p.s. plz fire reggie miller.

    also, finding out mo williams could dunk was another memorable experience.

  • Al

    Gotta be Grant Hill dunking and blocking shits like it’s 1996!!!

  • http://Slam Jasmine

    Who won?

  • http://springbored.net letsmotor

    for me, it’s definitely seeing ray catch fire in game 2 against the heat. nothing like seeing one of the best shooters of all rime really get it going.

  • vic21

    Chris Bosh tweeting at game 2 of the Utah/LA series!!!!!!!

  • Y

    Pau Gasol rebounding Kobe’s shot and putting it in the basket, in what would later be the last shot of the game.

  • http://itsgotabethethunderanlakersseries.anwhenrusselwestbrooksmashedonlamarodem cup
  • J-O

    my favorite moment so far in the 2010 playoffs has to be game three of the dallas and spurs series, just seeing manu go down with a broken nose and not only return to the game but continue to play the whole series without any protection just shows what type of player he is. He doesn’t play for money he plays for pride and the game

  • Ken

    I’ve been a Grant Hill fan since the Sprite commercials, dunks on Zo, and playing through pain in his last playoff series as a Piston. Watching him hobble in Orlando for years was painful. Watching him get up, up, UP! and stuff the living crap out of Jerryd Bayless’ dunk attempt…and finally win a playoff series in the process… I was reduced to just screaming at the TV as I jumped up and down. I can’t recall anything in the entire season, let alone the playoffs, that made me that happy.

  • Jordan Weinberg

    My favorite NBA playoff moment in 2010 would have to be Miami vs. Boston in game 4. I was at the game and was the best Basketball/ sporting event I have ever been to. The crows was outstanding. The atmosphere within the AAA Arena was just….undescribable. I had chills. Boy did Dwade put on a show! He dropped 46 points, being unstoppable. His best playoff performance in his career. He just couldnt be stopped. He made 4 three pointers in a row in the fourth quarter, that being 12 points right there. After his 4th three pointer he just stepped back and started yelling at his hand. He’s a beast!! Him and his hand have a relationship and when they’re both on fire, anything could happen. Plus, adding to the excitement, he had 2 of his best dunks in his career, in my opinion. One being a steal from Mario Chalmers and then dishing it to Wade on the fast break. Dwade took that ball, double clutched it, and threw it down! Behind his head, might i add. That dunk being voted the best reverse dunk he has ever committed in his NBA career. Then to add on top of that, in the 3rd quarter, he had the ball ands he decided to drive in through the lane. He handled the ball perfectly and then all of the sudden he just lifted off. The crowd went silent everything just froze. He cocked his arm back for what seemed like a mile. And then it happened, he SLAMMEd it down right over Kevin Garnett. The best facial i have ever seen. KG got a taste of hw it feels to be dunked on. The crowd went absolutely nuts, including me. I flew out of my seat and just screamed and hollered and went ballistic, as did the whole crowd. It was amazing. DWade and the Heat just couldnt be stopped. It was the best game i have seen and ever been too and it will never be forgotten.

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • the_baller20

    Isn’t LRG a skateboarding company? Oh yes it is. SO WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH BBALL AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS?????

    P.S. Question? Did they just pay you a lot of money so that they could sponsor their products?

  • Nathaniel Ramirez

    Fear the deer game 5 bucks go up 3-2 and Jennings who I thnk should have been Roy but up big points and assist against the atl hawks the funny thing was that the hawks always lose when wearing their alt atl jersey which they weren’t wearing hope to see a bradon Jennings poster thanks Compton in the house

  • http://2145THST James Hernandez

    I’m a cavaliers fan,I think the cavaliers are going to win the championship with Shaq and Lebron.I think the most memorable moment is Lebron James winning the MVP award for two straight yers.THE CAVALIERS ARE THE BEST TEAM!

  • http://2145THST James Hernandez

    I’m a cavaliers fan,I think the are going to win the chamopionship with Shaq and Lebron.I think trhe most memorable moment is Lebron James winnning the MVP award for two straight years in a row.THE CAVALIERS ARE THE BEST TEAM!

  • http://2145THST Uriel Hernandez

    I think the Lakers will win again for two straight years they beat the OKC Thunder, they’re 2-0 with the Jazz.Kobe,Gasol,Ron Artest,Fisher and Bynum are getting the Lakers into the Finals.

  • Taranvir

    My favourite moment of the 2010 NBA Playoffs has to be the Phoenix Suns in all of the Second Round. Right now they are sitting at 3-0 and are about to beat the storied Spurs. It is a big moment and special one, because Phoenix has always been seen as less than the Spurs and the Spurs always come out on top in playoff matches. This year the Suns are playing with heart and teamwork. Younger players such as Goran Dragic are really stepping it up. As a long time Phoenix Suns fan and a Steve Nash fan, I’m really enjoying this and I hope to see them go all the way!

  • fernando323

    all i have to say is that every playoff game has a moment

  • http://itsgotabethethunderanlakersseries.anwhenrusselwestbrooksmashedonlamarodem cup

    its gota be the lakers an thunder series. an how bout when russell wastbrooks throw down on lamar odem sh!t was sick

  • Jordan Weinberg

    one word:DWADE!!!!!!!!

  • John Villanueva

    Steve Nash Game 4 against the Spurs. With a cut right eye thanks to the elbow of Tim Duncan, everyone thought that Nash will never play 100 percent. But once he had closed up his cut, he came back to the game with more confidence and finished the game with a 20 points and 9 assist and finished off the Spurs!

  • amrit

    my favorite playoff moment of this year will have to be when kevin durant shut kobe down in the fourth quauter in round 1 game 3. When kevin durant blocked kobe with 5:27 left in the fourth, that changed the game. that was the play that let me know that kevin durant is something special. Even when offense wasn’t rolling he still helped his team out by playing defense. That one quater changed my prespective of kevin durant. Even though they didn’t win the series, they still left some people breathless for whats to come in the future.

  • Sweetness

    The playoff was returning back to Chicago after the lost from the Celtic in first round of the playoff last year. I had big hopes for Chicago even though almost everyone written them off to the Cavaliers before the series even started. The third game in the series down by 2 lost we need to win. From the press conferences to the games were heated and it was all coming to Chicago; what I been waiting for. As soon as the first period started everything just seems to be clicking; their shot were falling, they were crashing the boards, it looks mighty fine. I was going crazy on the couch when D-Rose sneak in and laid it home, Hinrich shots where switching through the net especially when he finally started knocking down threes, Deng taking it to the hole and Noah hustling and playing with heart as always. The potential I saw was being display, throughout almost all of the game I was on my feet. The heart of the team was display on the court with their team work and passion to win. Showing exactly what it takes to win a playoff game. They overcome the odds and all the critiques; just giving there all and achieving the goal in the end. Giving hope for me, it made my NBA playoff worth wild.

  • Michael Urcia

    My most memorable moment in the 2010 NBA Playoffs so far has to be the revealing of the “All Hope is Lost” headline of the Salt Lake Tribune. I mean what kind of newspaper would be so negative about their home team. The Utah Jazz deserve the respect of their fans and NBA fans in general for the great season they had this year. No one expected them to get out of the tough Western Conference this year, but they stuck together through injuries and beat the Nuggets, who many thought would be a contender to win the West. In my opinion, a team like the Utah Jazz, who stuck together and fought through even their own fans negativity, is most memorable to me.

  • Joel Sandler

    My favorite playoff moment was when Robert Horry hit that huge three in the Finals against the Detroit Pistons. “Big Shot Rob” as they call him, has had many great playoff performances. He is arguably one of the best playoff performers in NBA history.

  • http://greensweet259@gmail.com Daniel Segura

    7 seconds on the clock, game 2 of the eastern confirence finals 2009, cavs vs. magic! hedo has the ball taking his time to think it out. hedo drives,hedo turgolue pump fakes and goes under lebrons arm. swoosh, makes it in with one second left on the clock. timeout cavs with 1 second left, magic leading the series 1-0. mo williams telling lebron quetly to go for the quick three pointer, lebron hesetates him and mo is stressed out.lebron says its going to be all right. mo has the ball to inbound the ball hedo guarding lebron, lebron goes left fakes right and throws hedo off guard,lebron is free and yells to mo,mo inbounds to lebron and lebron jacks up a three from the center coart, lebron has doubt in his face and leans backwards and gets readdy to start getting mad but the shot banks in and lebron turns and starts running like reggie miller when he makes a game winning shot(you know like a screaming little girl that just got her new toy, yes that kind of celebration)he starts to make a mosh pit with the whole team and you see hedo’s face that looks like he is saying(again?I wounder how many times i have witnessed these kinds of shots)the crowd goes wild and the series becomes a 1-1 series!! lebron has done it again!living to his nickname”the witness”

  • Aviel Shirian

    While Horry had a career full of pressure shots in big games, a moment during the 2002 Western Conference finals solidified his status as one of the most clutch shooters in NBA history.

    His Los Angeles Lakers were attempting to win their third consecutive NBA championship but trailed the Sacramento Kings two games to one, coming into Game 4 in Los Angeles.

    The Kings led by 20 points after the first quarter, and the Lakers were busy chipping away at the lead the rest of the game. Los Angeles trailed 99-97 and had the ball with just less than 12 seconds left. Kobe Bryant drove into the right side of the lane and threw up a shot that bounced off the left side of the rim. Teammate Shaquille O’Neal collected the rebound at the rim, but Sacramento’s Vlade Divac appeared to deflect O’Neal’s put-back layup attempt that fell short. Divac then batted the ball out to the top of the key as time was running out.

    The ball, however, went to Horry, who hoisted a shot behind the three-point arc that went through the net as time expired to give the Lakers a 100-99 victory. Los Angeles went on to win the series in seven games, and swept the New Jersey Nets for its third straight title

  • ai come back

    leave us a comment describing your favorite moment of the 2010 NBA Playoffs.

  • Noah Stuart

    “The Block”
    When Tayshaun Prince blocked Reggie Miller in the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals!!!
    But 2010
    When the blazers Lost

  • DePaul

    My favorite moment was when Mo Williams dunked on Paul Pierce on a fastbreak and changed the momentum of the game and brought energy to the Cavs. Then to put the icing on the cake he turned around and looked at Pierce as he was running down the court. The incredible part about that moment was that it was his first dunk as a Cleveland Cavalier. What a moment to get your first dunk with a team in the playoffs.

  • Christopher Thomas

    Ball gets tipped out into Big Shot Bob (Robert Horry) makes game winner over Kings. Only player that only plays to his potential in the playoffs and gets away with it.

  • http://wildcatwarrior1@aim.com Justin Chandler

    Steve Nash taking an elbow from Tim Duncan and still putting up ten points in the fourth quarter with one eye.Leading them to a 4-0 sweep against the spurs breaking their losing streak to them in the playoffs.
    NASH IS A BEAST!!!!!!!

  • matt

    With a few ticks left in the quarter, a young and athletic Jerryd Bayless of the Portland Trailblazers had momentum and was ready to flush it down for an empathic dunk, but was met at the height of his jump by the ageless Grant Hill of the Phoenix Suns! I jumped out of my seat and replayed the action over and over again. The block summed up the series…

  • Josh Southgate

    After going off injured, Paul Pierce returned to the game to win the Finals for the Celtics in the 2007/08 season.

  • Julio Hermosillo

    Cavs vs. Celtics. The celtics have been dominatng the game Rondo goes off making one of the most memorable playoff performances. Rondo gets the ball races up the court and fakes a layup. While he is in the air he makes an incredible behind the back pass forcing Lebron to go stumbling into the crowd, Rondo makes a clean pass and the celtics get a big play.This was the most memorable play of the playoffs this year.

  • Georgiy Khristov

    Lakers vs. Suns Game 2
    When Shannon Brown tries the “super man” dunk and fails!

  • Chris Arcos

    Magic vs Celtics. Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Boston’s Rondo steals the ball from Jason Williams. As the ball is rolling Rondo dives for it, gets up, makes a crossover on Williams, and scores the basket.

  • Josh White

    Brandon Roy’s return game at home. Fans show him their love, and in return the Portland Trailblazers give their fans the win.

  • Deep

    Goldenstate vs Utah Baron Davis , taking flight and giving Andre Kerilenko the buisnezz, Baron comes off the screen , hesitation move blows by his defender , and THEN the unthinkable happens he takes flight soaring right over kierilenko and smashes it over his face. He then looks over lets him know he just took his food n then Jackson Brushes off the mans shoulders

  • http://theofanos3211523Athens,Greece John Villanueva

    Spurs vs Suns Game 3 in WC playoff 2010- Goran Dragic takes over the game in the 2nd half and finished the Spurs with 26 points surprising the Spurs with 3-0 lead into the series. The kid can control the game just like Nash does.

  • Marvin Ong

    Boston vs Los Angeles – Game 4

    The noise is deafening.
    It looks like tonight is going to be a piece of cake.
    The crowd cheering on, the familiar purple and gold all around, and the little smirks from the side of Kobe’s mouth. Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.

    The noise is defeaning.
    It looks like tonight is going to be a nightmare.
    The crowd mocking, there’s no green in sight, and the blank stares from the bench. Signed, Sealed, and Delivered?

    3rd quarter starts.
    The aged Truth, Ticket and Shuttlesworth huff and puff up and down the floor, while the Mamba shows just how smooth he is.
    “This is how hard it is to win” says Doc from the sidelines.
    Tom barks “Just get it down to 10, Just get it down to 10!”

    Shot. Make. Back on D.
    Shot. Make. Back on D.
    The endless repetition, like a ticking clock.. and they don’t even bother to look up.

    The repetition continues. It’s just routine.
    4th quarter. Critical possession.
    Jesus stares at Sasha. Sasha is mesmerized. Jesus makes a miracle. Sasha is dazed. Sasha tries to comprehend.
    Sasha is left staring at Jesus’ Ascension.

    Greatest comeback?
    Naw, its just routine.

  • dylan

    Against the bulls learn put on a show. Game two with a huge dunk on them. Then later in the playoffs lebron duncked it on four of them it was huge.

  • mohammad rashid mustafa

    dwight howard block on brandon roy who was shooting 3