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Devin Harris’ Uncertain Future With the Nets

If New Jersey lands John Wall in the Draft, Devin may be good as gone. Rod Thorn tells the Star-Ledger that he’s already fielding calls from around the L about Harris’ availability as a trade chip: “Still, it raises an issue that he has yet to address: If the Nets are ‘leaning toward Wall,’ as Thorn reiterated a few minutes later into a 30-minute chinwag, where does that leave Devin Harris? ‘Well, we have different things to consider, and we’re not there yet,’ The Boss said. ‘Can they play together? We have to discuss it. I know this, we’ll have the fastest backcourt anywhere. But you know what, let’s see what happens on the 18th first. We’ll answer that when the time comes.’ We brought this up, of course, because the calls about Harris have already begun. All of them from friendly folks in need of a point guard if Thorn happens to get the top pick, all of them from peers who are certain the Nets are moving Harris between May 19 and June 24 if Wall drops into their lap. ‘I can’t lie about it,’ Thorn said. ‘I’ve had calls about that.’ If we had to guess, they came from Miami, Indiana and Atlanta – though we don’t know how the Hawks feel about Jeff Teague. Our other guess is this: This will all be about creating more cap space – something that will push the Nets into the 35M range. The others can offer up draft picks, but forget about matching up salaries – all Devin suitors will have to go find a third team to take their garb….er, baggage. So don’t come offering up Michael Beasley or Jeff Foster or even Marvin Williams with the other considerations. Picks and room – full stop. Nothing else matters right now. At least that’s how we’d play it: In for a penny, in for a pound – and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be shooting for the moon when the calendar turns to July 1.”

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  • jwoo


  • http://www.myspace.com/freedmusic fredd

    once the draft is done, he has no more his place on that team … he better bounces back in a contenter …

  • Rene Artiga

    Nets won’t even get the number one pick.


    Devin can’t carry a team to the promise land. A real point guard is a leader and wins games no matter who they have on the team.

  • riggs

    lmao nets arent getting the number 1 pick knowing their luck.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Is Devin even a true point guard? I remember watching him play the point for Dallas and he seemed like he was a 2guard playing point. Looking for his shot more than anything else.

  • The Philosopher

    Shout out to Joe Barry Caroll.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    If I was Rod Thorn (BTW, the Chi still loves you for drafting MJ in ’84!) I would get rid of EVERYONE on that team except Lopez and Williams. For real.

  • http://counterkicks.com Q-Tip

    Look at all these Devin Harris haters! Harris can straight ball all the way back to the Badger days

  • riggs

    but he’s not a PG, and definately not one to build a future around.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    Don Nelson should get him back. Seems fitting.

  • http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com Tarzan Cooper

    Theres alot of ifs in these ideas

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    Q-Tip is right, when Harris got healthy later in the season, he showed Don’t be surprised if they will try to play Wall and Harris together, but it’s more realistic if Harris gets traded. Then again, only 25% chance on that no. 1 pick, it happened only 3 times that the worst team had the no. 1 pick, so it probably won’t happen now. Let’s talk about this again sometime next week.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Let’s put it this way: If the Nets secure the #1 pick, Harris bounces; if they don’t, he stays.

  • Aaron

    harris would be a great shooting guard for this team, bcause they dont have anyone else and he can get buckets… a lot of them.
    if they et a big time FA (i dont think lebron will leave cleveland, because they should name it lebronland now, and wade has something too hugh in miami to leave the heat : Gabrielle Union) like Johnson, then Harris could play the 2 and johnson the 3 and now the Nets are a great team with Lopez down low (the 3rd best center in the league, easy) and one super fast backcourt and an all-star in johnson.
    Theyll probably have 3 all-stars in the line up (Harris, Lopez and Jonhson) and the ROY. U can put anyone at the 4, doesnt matter, this is a playoff team

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    ^ Yi could stay at the power-forward, even. And you’re right… Although, Harris might need to handle the ball a lot, and What do the Nets do with Courtney Lee?

  • Michael

    The Pacers should trade this years draft pick to the Nets in exchange for Devin Harris!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/ The Promise

    If they draft Wall, he is gone.

  • Clipperfan

    Clippers winning the lottery!!!

  • bnets

    Nets will get 32 and draft Evan Turner

  • bnets

    i meant #2 hahah

  • scompson

    the sixers are gonna win the lottery. and since the sixers have nothing but idiots running their team now they will draft john wall. if they draft wall they are stupid because they have jrue holiday as the future point guard and is better than wall. bottom line if the sixers get the top pick, which is a stretch, but if they do, they better take either favors or turner.

  • don

    if clippers get the #1 pick, i’m thinking we’re going to have to watch john wall sit on the bench…. in street clothes.

  • Aaron

    to Teddy-The-Bear : Courtney Lee is a very capable scorer (he proved it when he was at WKU) and a very good athlete, so he would be the 6th or 7th guy coming off the bench (depending on how quick Terrence Williams can develop into the reliable point-forward (TRIPLE-DOUBLES!!!!) we saw late into the season). So Lee could sub either Wall or Harris and have an immediate impact in the game, like this season…that would be a good team with a lot of depht.

    And the Nets have the 31 st pick too, and they could add a guy like stanley robinson, Varnardo or Lawal for thoughness, rebounding and defense, or maybe get Lance Stephenson and give him a chance to show us why he was “Born Ready” (thats a strech though, but i loved his high school game)

    and Holiday will never be better than Wall, Wall is just too good

  • konvalium

    d harris is great ! i want him as shooting guard in olympiacos!

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    Send him to Atlanta! Then Bibby could play back up and mentor John Wall.

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