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Grant Hill: Doug Collins Can Make Sixers a Playoff Team

Doug received a nice compliment from the superstar he coached back in those star-crossed Detroit days. The Philadelphia Daily News reports: “After 7 years away from coaching, relaxing in the relative solitude of the TV booth, Collins is back to try to turn around the 76ers. He is the seventh since Larry Brown to try. ‘The Sixers are getting a coach who puts every ounce of his energy into making the team better,’ said Hill, who has fought through an agonizing series of foot and ankle surgeries to resurrect his career with the Phoenix Suns, currently fighting for their lives against the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference finals. ‘With Doug, they’ll be prepared, they’ll be in great shape. He’s an unbelievable motivator. He’ll get them to play. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re a playoff team next year. My experience is, when you haven’t made the playoffs there are issues, problems. Doug works to change the culture. I was with Dumars, Houston, Lindsey Hunter, Theo Ratliff, Michael Curry, Aaron McKie in Detroit. We grew up together. We all learned a lot; we all had long careers. Some of us are in coaching, some are still playing, some are working in the front office. The point is, Doug teaches you to be a professional. I had had some success at Duke, then won 28 games as a rookie. I found out that you can learn how to lose. Doug breaks you of that, demanding a lot from the players and from himself. He has an ability to communicate and to teach.’”

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  • http://www.nba.com/suns Dacre

    Yeah, I wonder if he talks as “high brow” to his team as he does on his commentary… he could get a few guys falling asleep there in class for the first month or two.

  • kobesBESTfriend

    big deal…i could make the sixers a playoff team…they are in the east 4 goodness sake

  • ripslam

    Well, they made the playoffs last year, so it’s not THAT far off.

  • Robb

    Hey I love Grant, he’s a personal idol, but he’s no superstar. Former superstar It’s more like it.

  • http://Twitter.com/pdxgaybball Dma

    Grant hill and doug Collins sure do really like each other.

  • Illydiva

    I hope he doesn’t motivate this team the way he motivated Kwame Brown with the Wizards. But like kobesBestfriend said “they are in the east…”

  • scompson

    possible playoff teams in the east next year assuming lebron leaves cleveland and joins chicago and bosh goes to miami with wade and avery johnson coaches the hawks:
    1. bulls
    2. magic
    3. heat
    4. 76ers
    5. hawks
    6. celtics
    7. bobcats
    8. pacers

  • scompson

    i left the bucks out, so replace them:
    1. bulls
    2. heat
    3. bucks
    4. 76ers
    5. hawks
    6. magic
    7. celtics
    8. pacers (finished 2010 very strong, and i see the bobcats falling out of playoffs)

  • scompson

    2011 playoffs east 1 – 8:
    bulls, heat, bucks, 76ers, hawks, magic, celtics, pacers

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    Grant stays classy.