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JVG: LeBron James Wouldn’t Put Chicago Over The Top

ESPNChicago reports: “Many believe that if the Chicago Bulls land LeBron James this summer, they will instantly become a title contender. Jeff Van Gundy isn’t one of them. The former NBA head coach and current ESPN analyst says he believes that the Bulls will become much better, but not necessarily one of the NBA’s elite teams, by adding James. ‘Any team that gets him along with Derrick Rose and [Joakim] Noah, you’re going to have a good team,’ Van Gundy told ESPNChicago.com before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. ‘A lot depends on how much they have to give up to get him. If it’s a sign and trade, what other moves they’d make, but I would not think they would be a championship-caliber team right away. But I think they’ll be a top-3 or -4 team.’” Of course none of this matters if the Bulls don’t land James. Let the talk continue until LeBron puts an end to it by inking his name on a freshly drawn up contract.

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  • Joe A

    I think the Bulls should go after Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh. Lebron would just take the ball out of D-Rose’s hands, making him less effective.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    It’s LeBron or bust for the Bulls, IMO.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    And I gotta disagree with JVG. Come on now, even if they lose Deng/Hinrich/Gibson through sign and trades, the combination of Rose, LeBron, and Noah alone means you’ve got a title contender for years to come.

  • Brett

    I feel like your just going to need that big post player to get past Dwight/Lakers.. Noah isnt that

  • kennyrocks

    sign lebron, trade for joe johnson, and you got my nba live threepeat team minus garnett, but thats just ridiculous

  • kriz

    noah will give you the defensive effort. i like noahs D and think is servicable enough to win a series against a big man dominated team. dont usually watch noah but just my opinion

  • RedRum

    I am not sure how the Cavs finances are and their free-agent situation, but how the NBA is now, I cannot see him winning it without two more HOF calibre players. I think Joe Johnson and Bosh are the best bets to try and bring to Cleveland. Cavs need to be aggresive, it does not how good lebron is, his supporting cast is 2nd-tier.

  • ai come back

    lo @Joe A it would make drose more effective but ironically enough lebrons a better pt guard then drose, u make d rose do wat mo did and u watch- drose will prob stil be a AS, wait if they sign and trade to land shaq for somethin like gibson thatd be enough for one year and get them in as much as i love mo d rose is much more consistent and a better slasher minus the post up moves that mo can do ad the shot which rose can develop either way

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    JVG is an idiot and needs to check his facts. LeBron is a free agent. The Bulls wouldn’t have to give up anything except money to get him…if he leaves Cleveland of course.

  • whitethunder22

    wade to chicago = rings.

  • Captain Fantastic

    JVG is absolutely correct. I like Rose and Noah, but LeBron will take the ball out of Rose’s hand and Noah is not that much better than what comes off the bench for the Cavs. I don’t pity LeBron but supporting cast will always be an issue. LeBron’s halo seems to diminish rather than increase the contributions of his team mates.

  • http://slamonline,com fonz

    I agree with Joe A. Bosh and johnson would be nice, but that would require trading somebody.
    My solution would be to do a sign and trade with clevland for james and deng with possibly joe johnson, and pick up chris bosh.
    That would give you rose, hinrich, james, bosh and noah with gibson off the bench

  • Sean

    People seem to forget pretty easily that Luol was a near-allstar only a few years back….
    and Joakim Noah would of led the league in rebounds last year if it wasn`t for injury. Oh and the average of this team would be like like 24..if Lebron signs a three year contract i`m predicting 2 championships in those 3 years at least and if he stays longer alot more after that… The only missing piece would be a consistent 3 point shooter.

  • Diesel

    What’s with the Van Gundy’s commenting left and right about the bulls? Shut your mouths and worry about being the ugliest brother tandem in the NBA.

  • Noel

    Another thing missing would be veteran leadership. And who’s going to be their coach? I think JVG has a point

  • penny

    i actually like deng on the cavs – it makes them quite a decent team w/o james..

  • BrandonA

    Dear NBA fans,
    Chicago- Chicago’s priority is to land someone great and obviously, they would like Lebron. The fact that they have a nice roster already is enticing. Lebron, Bosh, Dwayne, etc. will all consider Chicago highly. Here is the kicker. Chicago’s move depends completely on Miami’s move. If Miami does not sign a big name (Bosh, Amare, Lebron) Wade is gone to Chicago, his hometown to join the likes of Rose and Noah. They will have an incredible team.
    Miami- It is obvious that Miami’s first priority is to resign Dwayne wade. He is their franchise player, enough said. Their second priority is to sign a 2nd max level free agent. They will try to woo Lebron James but will try equally hard to bring in Amare or Chris Bosh (will work better with Wade in reality) who happens to be represented by the same agent as Wade. Unfortunately for the Miami Heat organization, their move depends on the first move that the New York Knicks make.
    New York Knicks- The Knicks management will first separately contact Amare and Bosh. They will ask them each: If we bring in Lebron and a point guard would you come? They will both say yes due to the fact that they would have max contracts, an amazing chance for a title, instant deification, and New York City. Once this is established Donnie Walsh will contact LeBron James. Lebron will agree to play in New York under the condition they sign Bosh/Amare and a PG.

    Conclusion- if Walsh manages to work out a multi team sign and trade to land Tony Parker (by giving up D.LEE), Lebron and Bosh/Amare land in NY with the chance for a title being the brightest. If Miami signs the one who does not choose NY Wade stays and they have a power lineup as well. Chicago gets a bit screwed in a sense but will still have the choices of signing Joe Johnson or Carlos Boozer.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/03/paul-pierce-and-the-celtics-hearing-boos/ L

    @ KennyRocks Out of curiosity what was your starting 5?

  • Ali

    Don’t see Chi-Town or the 305 being the answer for Bron. Team chemisty and jelling together for an entire season is. Stay in Cleveland Bron! Everyone was so quick to jump on the Jamison and Shaq cavs bandwangon. They where better off without them! Adding a star player to a new team is never the answer to winning. I my opinion it take a least a full year of a team staying together to work through issues, losing, running plays, coaching styles, minutes, attitudes, etc. You can toss LeBron on any team and they will be good, maybe playoff good, maybe 60 wins good, but when the games really mean something all the clownin on the bench, dancing and claims of this and that stop. Stay and Ohio and work it out! All the great ones find a way to fight through adversity! not run from it!

  • Ronald

    @LDR4, Before you critize JVG why don’t u look at the mirror first. If lebron doesn’t stay in Cle the only way he is going to get the most money is through a sign and trade. Cle will do that because it allows them to get something in return.

  • James

    James will limit Rose’s developement, he’ll just degrade Rose to an off ball guard, spot-up shooter, but Rose is not the shooter Mo Williams is, he’s a way better guard though.. so I agree with the idea of getting Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh, that’s one hell of a nucleus.

  • Scottie Pimpin

    the scrappy ass bulls give elite teams a run for their money as is……….its obvious they are a couple of players away from making NBA teams wear diapers because when and if Chicago land some quality players to add to their roster…….opposing squads are going to crap their shorts when they see the Bulls on their shedule and realize they have to guard Lebron James and his mini me version teammate DRose………Van Gundy and his side kick marc jackson got spankd by Chicago before so his comments are suspect to me……….. GO BULLS !!…

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    Exactly. Although i explained why 4 days before JVG.(you win nothing important with Lebron&Rose’s outside shooting)

  • Yesse

    Well LeBron was gonna change his number anyway, lol, but who seriously cares about this situation? The time when i get excited is when i see him sign a contract somewhere.

  • gaber

    Cavs were title contenders=??
    Bulls with James will come to 2nd round …

  • hello

    You can’t have two guys on the same team that both need the ball in their hands for a lot of the time to be effective. Neither James and D Rose, nor Wade and D Rose would be a good combination.

    With all these players you need a guy that doesn’t need to dribble a lot or have the ball in his hands a lot to be effective, just someone who can knock down shots and move well without the ball. Someone with similar skill sets to Rip Hamilton and Ray Allen.

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    @Ronald If Cleveland resigns him there is no way they would trade him…no sign and trade offer would be good enough to let him go. LeBron is playing for a championship, not money. He is already paid and his endorcements just bring him more bank. A sign and trade is virtually out of the question, he’s not going to a team that has to give up key components just to land him.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    If LeBron would sign with the Bulls, JVG is right. They would be very good, but that team still needs a lot of work. They don’t have bench, and could use a guy like uhm… John Salmons at the two. Oh wait, they traded him to the Bucks. Oh well.

  • Diesel

    Lebron doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective. That’s the role he was thrust into on the Cavs. I actually think Lebron would be much more effective with the ball in drose’s hands most of the time. That way bron can’t be double teamed and defenses can’t really concentrate on him. As for everyone saying the bulls wouldn’t be championship calibur – you all are just haters. If we got bron in a sign and trade and had to give up hinrich, gibson, and deng…then guess what – we’d still have all that free agent money to go get others. if we signed lebron straight up without losing anyone – that teams comepeting for a championship. People tend to forget that our 4th option on that team would be deng, who averages 18 points a game.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    The only team that will go “over the top” is the one that signs both Wade and Lebron (and/or Bosh).

  • hello

    Yes, Lebron does need the ball in his hands. He’s a superstar and he’s going to score 30 a night, that means, he will demand the ball no matter what position he plays. He will be doubled regardless. Lebron needs Phil Jackson to win a championship.

  • kcuf

    sign the king, and trade noah, hinrich and deng for amare or bosh, to team up with establish star like rose…..