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NCAA Looking Into Bledsoe’s Recruitment, GPA

The New York Times reported last night that the NCAA is looking into Bledsoe’s academic history and recruitment. As the Times mentions, the investigation may tarnish Coach Calipari and others moreso than Bledsoe — it’s tough to blame Bledsoe for doing what he had to do: “Bledsoe’s academic makeover and the extra benefits he apparently received could be another blow to Kentucky Coach John Calipari, who led teams at Massachusetts and Memphis that had their records and Final Four appearances expunged after rules violations were found under his watch. Interviews with those connected with Bledsoe’s life in Birmingham revealed potential violations. • Brenda Axle, the landlord for the house where Bledsoe and his mother moved for his senior year of high school, said that Bledsoe’s high school coach paid her at least three months’ rent, or $1,200. By moving there, Bledsoe was eligible to play for Parker, which he led to the Alabama Class 5A title game. Maurice Ford, the coach, denied paying the money. • A copy of Bledsoe’s high school transcript from his first three years reveals that it would have taken an improbable academic makeover — a jump from about a 1.9 grade point average in core courses to just under a 2.5 during his senior year — for Bledsoe to achieve minimum N.C.A.A. standards to qualify for a scholarship. • A college coach who recruited Bledsoe said that Ford explicitly told his coaching staff that he needed a specific amount of money to let Bledsoe sign with that university. The coach, who did not want to be named out of fear of repercussions when recruiting in Birmingham, said Ford told him and his staff that he was asking for money because he was helping pay rent for Bledsoe and his mother.”

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  • Noel


  • Tyler Whitcomb

    Wow! Calipari cheating, no way he has always been by the book and when he is just about to get caught he will bolt to the next job and get rewarded for cheating.At Umass he cheated and went o the Nets for major money and sucked so he got fired. A few years ago he went to Memphis and did a great job and left for Kentucky to find out that he was doing some crap at Memphis, but was also rewarded to a big contract at Kentucky. Now I can see it already, just as he is about to get caught,he will get an NBA job making $50 million or so. I guess congrats to Calipari!

  • http://cnd_21@hotmail.com Caleb

    Yea Calipari should be kick out of College Basketball. First UMASS, then Memphis, and now he is doing it again with Kentucky. Last season will be vacated in a couple years

  • PHECKZ!!

    All the effin money the NCAA makes off these strugglin urban city youth, and you gonna get mad when a parent and her child need a place to stay even if that means the coach paying their rent??

    I understand the NCAA violations and “their” morals, but what about “survival” morals for these urban youth who are left stranded by their fathers, leaving these women to fend for themselves in the REAL WORLD. Is it morally wrong when tryna make the best out of your situation to better your own position in life first before others benefit off you? Having these NCAA schools come in and make millions on your kid, but that kid gets ridiculed for using his skills to help himself and better yet his mom to have a shelter over his head???

    “By any means necessary, and if necessary means to survive, then thou shall survive for thy family through skills god has given to better ourselves, and benefit others secondly”


  • http://IJustWantMyNameToLookBig.com Chukaz

    what does this have to do with Cal? Bledsoes HS coach paid for his rent. His HS coach paid for their rent. Not Cal. His HS coach. HS. Not Cal.

  • http://slamonline.com Rodger Bohn

    I was quite surprised when he made it through clearinghouse in the first place myself. Being involved in the recruiting scene, he was always known as a guy who had a “looong ways to go” academically. In due time, we will find out if he did it the right way or not…

  • http://Dsdfkjlsa.com Jukai

    There’s very clear that it’s not the colleges fault– it’s 100% Calipari. This is ridiculous.

  • e

    this is sickening how can a human being with a heart not help someone stay off the street im fed up with this and race is an issue if this was the case with a white player this story never gets out in fact they would praise the coach for having a good heart and they need to stop the one year college thing also a racist move who was the only kids coming out early blacks

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com CHRIS

    i agree with pheckz

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    Yeah, a high school coach paying a player’s rent is 100% Calipari.

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    How in the world is this a race issue? You have got to be kidding me! A kid cheated and somehow it is in Calipari’s program again. Do I blame Calipari? Not yet,but it’s getting old to see that it is his program again. Maybee he should investigate his players that he is recruiting a little better, so these things won’t keep happening to him. As far as it being his High school coach helping out,I have seen this before form players in my area from broken homes as far as letting them stay with them. I’m not judging the coach for that, but a bad GPA I am noting that it’s against NCAA rules to have a player that is ineligible play. If this was the case they should have pushed Eric Bledsoe into going to the NBDL for a season. The Players union also voted for players to wait one year, this was completely not a race issue. This was an issue of teams drafting players based on potential and developing them and them leaving or just not being ready and poluting the league. However some of the greats have left early like Kobe and Lebron and it worked out. I’m not a fan of staying out a year, but I definatley don’t think it’s a race issue.