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Paul Pierce on the Celtics’ Lofty Goals

Pierce had a great reaction when asked about how proud his team was of beating the Cavs in the Playoffs. Paul said the Celtics’ aim is much higher than simply taking down LeBron and co.: “I’m really not that proud of this,’ said Pierce. ‘Because our goal is to win a championship. We didn’t say we were going to come into this year and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. Our goal is a championship. We can be excited for one night, winning a game and a series, but I don’t look at this like it made our season. The only thing that’s going to make our season is winning a championship. We have those type of goals around here. You look at some teams, they get moral victories for hanging around in a series or winning one series. Not here in Boston. We get excited when we put that banner up.”‘

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  • clockwork

    Anyone else notice that Rasheed Wallace always seems to be in the Conference Finals? He’s been there like 8 times since 99.

  • vtrobot

    The Truth speaking it. Bring that sh*t home!

  • Chris

    He’s just step, step step, stepping up.
    Heart of a champion and what not.

  • http://www.mauricegarland.com Maurice Garland

    i loved that answer when i saw it last night.

  • BostonBaller

    After game 5 it was KG saying what needed to be said, now it’s Pierce doing the same thing. Both were right on point. Big props for Perk and Davis for NOT backing down against Shaq. Big props to TA, Ray & Paul for not being in awe of LBJ. Big props for Sheed for not getting shook and coming thru with his veteran presence and game. Big props to KG for playing within himself and still bringing the intensity. Big props to Double R for not backing down from anyone and not being afraid to take the jumper. We have 17 and want # 18..

  • http://bugshots.info LeoneL

    Tom Thibodeau didn’t do it all but I think he deserves a lot of credit for this series win.

  • LA Huey

    The Celtics absolutely handled Cleveland. The series was not as close as it seems. SLAM needs to recognize this and give the Cs a write up.

  • d’bri

    Huey, everyone everywhere are simply too busy following the LBJ “failed” storyline to recognize the rejuvenation of the Celtics, the fact that KG is playing near 08 form after dying earlier in the season, and to notice that over the course 6 games and 24 periods of play, the Celtics dominated 18 of those. it’s more important to start 3-4 months of continual coverage focused on where LBJ might sign, than to notice that the Cs have quite perplexingly put together 4 amazing weeks of playoff basketball after a half season of disinterested play. maybe sometime during the next series, people will focus on those teams still playing, just not right now…

  • rafael

    “I BELIEVE”Lets go CELTICS!!!! like i’ve saying all along LBJ is not a king, he’s still a prince. He’s not the chosen one ’cause to me he’s a prophet. Last night we were all witnesses to his to failed attempt for the throne! What more can be said from what THE TRUTH is. It takes a good player to win a game, it takes a team to win a series, but it takes a lot of teamwork and expeienced to be a champion. UBUNTU is the CELTICS motto there is no I in team. CELTICS vs SUNS- the C’s takes it in 6!!!

  • Elias

    @rafael Celtics?? SUNS?!?!? the C’s takes it?!?!?
    It’s Orlando vs LA- La in 6.

  • giogolo

    @ LA Huey
    strategically speaking,Slam is not a hip-hop b-ball mag not a coaches,purists mag.

  • rafael

    @elias really, Orlando got lucky last year cause we have banged up players n still took Orlando to a 7 game. LAkers seriously? not this time around with a healthy Phoenix suns. Even if they beat Phoenix they’re still to soft to beat the C’s. watch your lakers get serve!

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    i’ve gotta say, while orlando may be the favorite in this series (and rightfully so, they’ve played phenomenally), there are certain things that give the celtics a good chance as well. for one, you’ve gotten perkins and sheed guarding dwight. perk played howard very well last year, and when sheed’s motivated, he’s one of the best one-on-one big man defenders in the league. also, garnett might be able to take advantage of rashard in the same way he took advantage of jamison (if shard is the guy guarding him). at the 2-spot, will vince be able to chase ray? he’s not historically the best defender. of course, he won’t be an easy cover either.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    Vince will prolly check Pierce, while Barnes chases Ray around and tries hassling him with his length. Off the bench Pietrus will check Pierce/Tony Allen and Redick will take Ray Ray or a Michael Finley/Daniels when they get the minutes. Redick played Ray alright last year.

  • http://www.youtube.com/ The Promise

    Even if the Celts did win it, ESPN would still make sure LeBron got more coverage. I dread it. It will be Bron 24/7, and by the times its over, whether he stays or goes, most of us will be sick of hearing his name. I wish he would just get it over with so I didn’t have to hear about it all summer long.

  • ClydeSays

    C’s just kept their heads in the Cleveland series and ground out their wins. I though the Cavs started to believe their own hype sometime back in October.

  • BostonBaller

    It’s just basketball folks, I’m not worried or concerned about what LBJ is going to do. He will get his millions and there will still be hungry & homeless children in the streets across America and there will still be an economic problem. I watch for entertainment only so therefore I never get stressed if my team wins or loses. On that note Green for 18!!!!

  • http://wildcat4life@live.com The Promise

    If Boston can take out the so-called “best team in the NBA” in 6 games, why can’t they beat Orlando? One prediction is, Orlando is gonna have big issues guarding the Big 3. Their only player that is known as a top defender is Howard, so the rest of those guys are gonna have trouble. Rondo is gonna smoke the shorter, slower Nelson, and I think Vince’s best shot is guarding Pierce, because Ray Allen will give him fits. And Vince is gonna have a really tough time scoring on Boston’s excellent team defense. They will force him into tough fadeaways most likely. To hurt Howard’s effectiveness, all you gotta do is foul him before he dunks it and send him to the line, where hes, what 60 percent? If Garnett guards Lewis, which he most likely will, Lewis will have no driving lanes whatsoever, though he don’t drive much anyways, hes more of a spot-up shooter. If Orlando goes cold from 3, Boston will blow them out of the water. I gonna go out on a limb again in this series and say Boston in 6.

  • BostonBaller

    Again…Is that a promise Promise? lol. I wish it were as easy as you laid it out there. It should be a good series as will the Suns Lakers I hope.