Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at 9:00 am  |  11 responses

Phil Jackson Ready to Take a Paycut?

Phil finally relented last night, and admitted that Jerry Buss has asked that he accept a paycut next season. Whether he accepts this or not, remains to be seen. From the Press-Enterprise: “Referencing PTI’s Mike Wilbon (who was standing right beside him) Simers asked mentioned to Jackson the rumor that he would take a pay cut from $12 million to $5 million dollars if he coached next year. After a few lighthearded exchanges, Jackson was again asked he was told about a pay cut. Said Jackson: ‘Yes, it’s been indicated that there will be a salary cut. I’m not going to say down, it’s kind of weird to say stuff like that. It’s still a ridiculous salary no matter what it is.”‘

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  • Fat Joe

    7 million? really?

  • larrylegend

    everybody please welcome new jersey’s 2010-11 head-coach: phil “10 rings” jackson!

  • J.C.

    @larrylegend: 11 rings*

  • larrylegend

    @J.C.: hell yeah, the 11th is deleted from my brain ;-)

  • Dardano

    He brought them 4 Championships and just about to deliver #5 and the owner wants the coach to cut his pay? What in the world is he smoking?

    Phill ask Buss to raise your salary to $15 Mio. if he wants to keep you otherwise you’re bouncing, LA will never see an other Championship again in the near future if you leave. Trust me Kobe will fall back to his old ego again and try to do everything himself and fail miserably like in the past till you came in. Buss knows that and he needs to keep you if he wants the dynasty to continue.

    Go coach LeBron and DRose in Chicago, I’m sure they would welcome you with open arms and a $15 Mio. paycheck. Or the Knicks, get LeBron to come there and maybe CBosh or JJohnson, I’m sure the Knicks would fire D’antoni in a second if they knew they could get you there.

  • Dardano

    @J.C.: 12 rings

    2 Rings with Knicks

    6 Rings with Bulls

    4 Rings with Lakers (about to have 5)

    12 :D

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com Dutch Rich

    No way his creeky hips want to handle the cold or the potholes around here for that matter. But I hope you’re right larrylegend.

  • jay

    i think both will come to a compromise in the end and it will be 10mil or something. he is negociating as he always does. if he does coach next year it will be for the purple and gold!

  • Marco

    co-sign dardano. Jacson has 12 rings, not 10. Although he was injured during one of the two knicks’ title runs, he never gets credit for the other

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