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Phoenix Suns Looking to Find their Defense

The Suns’ improved defense was something people were seriously talking about prior to Game 1 of the WCF. Now? Not so much. The AZ Republic reports on Phoenix’s search for stops prior to tonight’s game: “The Lakers scored 40 points in the paint in the first half, but it was not due to just the expected problems with the Lakers’ size. Upon game review, Suns coach Alvin Gentry counted 21 times that the Lakers penetrated the middle of the Suns’ defense Monday. That is triple the usual tally of a team that had held opponents to 43 percent shooting since late January. ‘We’re disappointed, not discouraged,’ he said. If the winds of defensive change truly took hold with the Suns, tonight’s Game 2 would be a pressing time to prove it before the challenge becomes any more trying. Lakers coach Phil Jackson won all 46 of his previous playoff series that began with a Game 1 victory. The Suns have not lost consecutive games since January, but they also had not been beaten that badly or scored on that much in a loss since January. But the perspective at Tuesday’s Suns practice at Staples Center was that this series is no Tour de France setup. They will not start Game 2 down 21 because of Game 1. ‘We’re not going to roll over and say, ‘Well, Phil won his first game, so the series is over,’ Hill said. ‘We’re still going to compete. We still believe we can win this series.’ Inquiries about zone defense or doubling Kobe Bryant, an expectation Jackson offered, did not pique Gentry’s interest. Gentry figures 10 of the 13 field goals Bryant made were tough shots, the type only a $23 million player makes even if there is a second defender.”

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  • LA Huey

    Can’t find what you never had. Their D just upgraded from “embarassment” to “not-worth-mentioning”.

  • Ianny B

    Try all you wanna Phoenix. y’all just can’t handle tyhe lakers. Another Lucky game A’mare?????????????????

  • Elias

    …for like the 10th year in a row.

  • Dubli

    keep talking

  • http://slamonline.com JL

    amare just needs to man up and say he needs to play better defense. take the first step amare!

  • T-Money

    why does nash get a free pass? he’s the leader of that team and he has never cared for defense. why would you expect the soldiers to think differently? he got rid of the guy that wanted to talk defense (questioning his system BEFORE training camp).i love nash, he is one of the best shooters of all-time but winning at all cost is not a priority for him. it just ain’t. he wants to win but he’s not willing to sacrifice anything for it. he wants to stay in his comfort zone and play the style that makes him look the best. if your leader is not commited to defense, you’ll always be a sh-tty defensive team. (and please don’t bring me the physical limitation, he’s as quick as they come with the ball, has no problem bending his knees or his back to stay low when he is dribbling and has excellent footwork).

  • J-Bird

    If nash plays aggresive D, the Suns lose guaranteed. If he relaxes on D, he conserves energy making the Suns offense that much better. But in this series none of that matters, the lakers probably sweep.

  • T-Money

    J-Bird: that’s cute. Nobody asked him to play agressive D, just any D. It’s not like he’ll get a tough assignment. Does playing defense stop CP3 from running NO’s offense? What aout DWill?