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Shaquille O’Neal Wants To Play in 2010-11

by Tzvi Twersky

It wasn’t a great week in the NBA for Shaquille O’Neal.

And before the media even had a chance to speculate, Shaq’s made it clear that he doesn’t want it to be his last week or season in the NBA.

First, appearing as old as Bill Russell if not older, O’Neal covered SI. Usually that’s an honor…but go back and check our homepage again. Then, on the court, his team dropped their Playoff series to the underdog Celtics, 4-2. A series where he didn’t have much of an impact.

So it’s not too surprising that, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Shaq’s not ready to call it quits after a failed season in Cleveland: “‘Of course,” [O'Neal] said. ‘I missed 360 games because of injury in my career, so by my calculations I still have 3.7 years left. That means I’m going to play until I’m 41. I’ve been here 17 years but I’ve missed a lot of games, so I still feel I can play this game.’”

So O’Neal wants to continue playing next season. That that begs the question: Does any team desire his services?

The other question: If missed free throws counted towards his “calculations,” how  many more seasons would that add to Shaq’s total? By my math, if free throws were factored in, Shaq could play ’till he was 50. Alas, they don’t, and he won’t.

Let’s just wait and see where he lands this summer.

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  • slamfan4life

    the dude SUCKS!

  • slamfan4life

    the dude SUCKS!

  • Shu

    whats with the SI cover? ewwwwww

  • I’m Not Famous

    He looks like Bill Duke’s older cousin in that SI cover shot.

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    He looks like Greg Oden.

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    However, if the Lakers acquired Bosh by trading Gasol and Bynum, it might make sense for them to sign Shaq. Or, if Chicago doesn’t get Bosh, and uses the bulk of their cap space on Dwade or LeBron, it might make sense to sign Shaq in order to move Noah to PF. Eh?

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  • Yesse

    Lakers could probably have room in the bench. If LeBron stays, Cavs could make another run at it. Ofcourse there are many other teams out there too, but i think he wants to be a championship candidate.

  • http://slamonline.com dsp pledge

    Man its so sad for me to see shaq like this, i remember watching him dominate during the time he was with the lakers,with kobe, people forget so quickly,one thing shaq can say is that there was NO ONE in The NBA when he played that could have stopped shaq at his prime, i hate to say this but i think its time to hang em now

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    The Celtics could really use him against Howard…hahaaa

  • JOE!

    The real question is how much money does he think he’s gonna get?

  • Elias

    Come back to LA Shaq, you know it’s a threepeat. And you could teach Bynum a couple of things.

  • Phil Dailey

    well 1st of all ain’t gonna be dis on Shaq but…a promise is just that ring No.5 at this rate well he should go somewhere & re focus his will to get this, 2nd get into better shape to last the entire season, & start to take a lesser role for the team by saying all the right things now cause he hopes to-be back if LBJ stays , it took MJ the same to get his 1st ring say….the magic was waiting for the Cab’s now DH would make people feel very sorry for the big fellow cause his speed & fading power will fail him, when you miss a score under neath the basket at 7’1 335 no-more lift, so do something about it show it for next year get ready if you want that 5th ring.

  • http://www.nbaballhog.wordpress.com God in Basketball Shoes

    There are too many backup centers in the League worse than Shaq for him to be left off a roster somewhere. If he’s willing to work for a lower salary and play the backup, then there are many teams who should try to obtain his services.

  • Justin

    Elias, if Bynum doesn’t want Kareem teaching him anymore, he’s not going to listen to Shaq. Can I please get a translation for what Phil Dailey just posted please?

  • OneStep

    The first thing he needs to do is lose some weight. He looked bigger and slower than ever which just won’t get it done any more. Hell, he made Mark Eaton look athletic!

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    He needs to put on the head phones and join one of the ESPN studio teams. He’s doing just what he said he wouldn’t do-end up like Pat Ewing playing out his days and tarnishing he “sterling” legacy (that last was sarcasm). I know he’d like a David Robinson kind of send off, but he did nothing in the last 6 or 7 years to secure “beloved” status. Go quietly into that dark night, Shaq. But you do nothing quietly, now do you?

  • bashmo

    yup..its about time shaq ended his tenure with the NBA..been here since 1992!! lol but really, he’s turning 39 next year, he didnt perform as expected by the cavs in the playoffs, he slows down the break, sometimes slows down their offense, and he also failed to step up when lebron wasnt going well. he averaged good numbers, but he wasnt very effective on the floor, and putting him on KG even for a bit was a baaaaad mistake by Brown. He’s not in good shape, he has a expensive contract, and he probably doesnt want to come off the bench next year, I know what your thinking “Shaq? Off the Bench?” Yeah, he’ll have to accept a bench role since young starting centers like andrew bynum, dwight howard, and andrew bogut, al horford, have that center position on lock. Face it people..SHaq’s time i sup. He can claim that he has a couple more years but his showing in Cleveland come crunch time was sub-par.

  • The Philosopher

    Shaq is the most dominant (more dominant than Wilt AND Kareem) of all times. Not the best, but most dominant. That being said, he, we all know, had a brilliant career. But…it’s over.

  • http://wealwayswin.net Hersey

    Please no. Shaq you’re done.

  • black pinoy

    take me back to 2001.. when he was dunking on all 5 players of the other eam.. you can say alot of bad things about shaq, but during his prime, he was awesome and nobody would argue that.. he was a demigod.. unfortunately he aged and got lazy.. I really really want to see him do a comeback and score atleast 20 pts and 10 rebounds a game but i seriously dont think thats going to happen… adios mister O’neal (Say it in a mexican accent)

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Shaq still has a better offensive game than Dwight Howard, watching Magic-Boston and wondering how Dwight after so many years in the L. Still has NO go-to moves, doesn’t hold the ball high (gets stripped a lot), can’t score a lay-up when fouled. Embarrasing to watch the biggest strongest player crying to the refs every down court. As old, slow, fat etc as Shaq has become, he’s still more of a basketballplayer than Dwight (a lesser athlete however). Dwight as the best center in the L, Pau is miles above him. Dwight is an amazing athlete and a great defender, but really he is more like a Ben Wallace 2.0 than the HOF centers he reguarly is being compared to.

  • penny

    finally shaq to dallas can come true

  • Th3_R3al_Chris

    I’ll take him on the Celtics.

  • Logues

    co-sign The Real. he would fit in nice with the c’s.

  • T-Money

    Considering that Jamal Magloire and the Collins twins are still getting checks, it’s obvious that Shaq still has a place in the L. Considering that his ego won’t let him just protect the paint, give hard fouls and not demand ANY touches on the block… it’s obvious that Shaq as an offensive low post option has no place in the L. So, what is it going to be, big fella?

  • Jay-g

    Shaq is becoming a problem everywhere he goes. People don’t find it odd that he leaves places and things become better? He grinds your offense to molasses, is a defensive liability vs the pick and roll and has an ego so huge people are afraid to tell him to sit down and try something else. Thanks for the great years Shaq, but go sit down.

  • BostonBaller

    I think shaq has another year or two left in him with the right team AND coach. He does indeed have more game than a lot of the centers in the L. sorry, I’m too tired to write, the game wore me out….

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Win a ring for whomever takes me…-ing.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    By Shaq’s math, Greg Oden is going to play until he’s 55.

  • http://Slam Charles

    At least Shaq don’t send nude pics of himself to his girlfriend. Shaq needs to come as close to a vegan as possible, drink lots of water and work himself into a sweaty mess as much as possible and he will be back better than before.

  • pistol

    How ’bout the other LA Shaq? Davis, Gordon, Griffin, Kaman & Shaq would be a beast of a lineup, with Gooden, Outlaw, Blake, Butler and a lottery pick like Cousins or Aminu off the bench…..wishful thinking, but c’mon Shaq – at least you could beat Kobe on his home court, which would also be your homecourt!

  • zop

    if shaq played like he was 10 years ago, then the cavs would’ve won.

  • truthteller

    Shaq is the laziest NBA superstar ever!!!! if his work ethic was anywhere near Kobe’s work ethic, hw would still be dominating right now!!! he’s lazy and his terrible work ethic is paying off!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Shaq looks like Greg Oden’s younger brother in that picture…

  • Jose

    Go back to South beach and party it up again!

  • Mikey

    My favorite player of all time and I would hate to see him retire but unless he’s willing to drop down to about 300-315 and come off the bench he’s gonna have to kiss the game goodbye. The only place I see him starting is Cleveland again and only if LBJ comes back.