Monday, June 21st, 2010 at 11:02 am  |  15 responses

Celtics, Paul Pierce Schedule Meeting

The Boston Herald reports on the Boston star, who is due to make $21.5 million dollars this upcoming season–if he chooses not to opt out and become a free agent: “According to a source, the team will not passively sit on the Celtics captain’s situation. The team has scheduled a meeting with Pierce’s representatives following the draft. Though it’s unclear whether it will involve a restructuring of Pierce’s deal, which has two years remaining, or even an extension, his camp hasn’t sent a proposal or a plan to management.”

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  • http://www.lamarodom.com LamarOwedThem

    Why in the world would he opt out?!? He would be lucky to get $12mil. Oh and PP was right-I aint seen him come back to L.A. for games 6-7…

  • ray ray

    Time to head home home now Paul – go to LA. Take a pay cut and finish on top.

  • Vince5

    @ray ray: No way Kobe is going to let him play with him, they hate each other. Unless you were talking about the Clippers.

  • james

    if he opts out he can sign a new contract with the celts at say 15 mil a season for maybe 3 years, ensuring him throughout the lockout in 2 seasons time, whereas if he takes this now he will be an unrestricted free agent next year without a contract in a lockout and probably looking at max 12 mil and maybe only for one year.

  • http://www.threadsandkicks.com.au Eduardo

    Would like to see Ray Allen finish in Boston, unfortunately his game wasn’t on besides in Game 2 of the Finals. He could come off the bench if the Celtics pick up a stronger SG. Celtics still have a strong chance to rebuild considering that Allens contract has finished. Wallace is retiring. Might not be able to pick the big names this offseason but could surround themselves with effective role players like the Pistons in the middle of last decade.

  • kenNY

    Stay with the Celtics, you think of the C’s, you think of Paul Pierce, and I don’t think I can take my hate for PP down a notch just because he isn’t a Celtic.

  • http://kb24.com DreXnaW21

    I wanted Stephen Curry to win the 3 point contest, not paul pierce :(

  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    P-Dub will retire in green. And what does Lamar owe them? (and who’s “them”) lmao

  • Thedon

    6 words.. “Gasol’s Left Foot Touched The Ground”

  • james

    i’m a celtics fan, but does gasols foot matter, they won by more than 2 points so big deal.

  • Trevor

    @james: and when garnett got fouled in the first half and hit the shot it should have been continuation and an and 1. If he hits the free throw celts win by won lol

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    “celts win by won”? Wow. Anyways, James got it right, this isn’t about Pierce opting out to join another team, he’s just trying to ensure he’s set financially in case of a lockout or whatnot.

  • Javy

    Hopefully Paul stays because I want to keep listening to his predictions and his barking. On the other hand, that wheelchair can actually be used by somebody who really needs it. One more handicap space in Boston. Shrek Davis learned quick from Paul as he predicted the win.

  • truthteller

    paul pierce will and should stay in Boston!

  • LA Huey

    Funny how the Cs could be on the hook for two $20 million salaries for guys that worth half that.