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Contest: Win A SportsEnemy Tee

Just tell us your favorite Ron Artest moment…

LA GUN SportsEnemy Tee.

by Maurice Bobb / @reesereport

Admit it. You were one of the hundred thousand, trillion fans who thought, “WTF?” when the L.A. Lakers swapped Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest before the season began.  With every mistake or misfire Ron-Ron made, the doubts and regret mounted in the minds of the L.A. faithful like BP’s problems to where Mr. Make ‘Em Say “Queensbridge” wore the fate of the Lake Show on his broad but embattled shoulders.   If Kobe & Co. did not repeat as champs, all fingers were to be pointed at the new kid.  Fast forward to Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals and it was Artest who delivered the biggest game of his career when the Lakers needed it the most.  There was Ron committing 211s, harassing Paul Pierce on D, weaving through traffic for layups, shooting Js and nailing the biggest dagger of them all: the wing trey at the one-minute mark despite literally millions of viewers begging him not to hoist it.  Artest’s redemption was so astounding, he couldn’t hold back the jubilation, thanking his ‘hood, his family, plugging his new single, “Champion” and big upping his psychiatrist during the post game interview with Dorris Burke.  He trumped that with the over the top post-game presser where he gave perhaps the most entertaining commentary in the history of the L.  Make no mistake: whenever Ron Artest is in the building, hilarity ensues.

All of us here at SLAM loved Ron’s honesty and we definitely dug the L.A. gun tee he wore on Jimmy Kimmel.  No comment on the pants.  The tee was made by our good friends at SportsEnemy, an L.A.-based company that plans to extend its penchant for making killer tees to other cities.  In the meantime, they want to give our readers the opportunity to win the same tee worn by Ron-Ron.  All you have to do is leave a comment (only one per person, please) about your favorite Ron Artest Playoff moment (during the Finals/Conference Finals/press conferences/interviews/tweets/Etc.) and voila! One of you will get the tee off Ron’s back.  Sorry, psychiatrist not included.


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  • riggs


  • riggs

    shouldnt they have a pillow instead seeing as how theyre soft?

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  • JR3

    When he had tht interview after tha 2010 championship game!!

  • amir

    not a good look…having an ak in your city logo? guns don’t need glorification.

  • deano

    you couldn’t pay me to wear that shirt….Ron taking this thug stuff too far lol

  • deano

    agreed amir

  • Patrick Simpson

    nuthin beats Ron’s interview yelling “i cant believe Kobe passed me the ball!!!!” lmfaoo

  • Patrick Simpson

    nuthin beats Ron’s interview yelling “i cant believe Kobe passed me the ball!!!!” lmfaoo

  • Adrian Dolinay

    The Pistons-Pacers Brawl! I saw it live and i saw how Jermaine and Artest took out the fans. It was insane.

  • kaboom

    With less than two minutes remaining the Game 7 of the 2010 Finals, Artest essentially put the game away when he buried a 3-pointer to put the Lakers ahead, 79-73, with less than a minute remaining. That is my favorite moment of the Lakers playoff run. That sequence sums up Artest in all his quirkiness and awesomeness. The confidence to take a shot so big, that many would be too nervous to remember to breath. The zany side of blowing kisses to the Staples crowd as he ran back down the court. And the fire on the defensive end when he switched back to locking down RuPaul Pierce.

  • spit hot fiyah

    When he said in the postgame interview that his shrink told him he was going to make a 3!!!

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    Ron-Ron breaking His Airness ribs in a pickup game. Need I say anymore? Just shows Ron doesn’t give a flying you know what about anyone on the opposite end of the ball. MJ even gave him props after: “I love Ron Artest,” says Michael Jordan, who developed an appreciation for his physical style when Artest broke two of Jordan’s ribs the first day the two played together last summer in Chicago. “He’s got so much intensity and such drive. I wish I could have played against him six years ago.” Adds Chicago coach Bill Cartwright, “When somebody brings that much energy to the court, it’s beautiful.”

  • Neon

    First offensive possession, first quarter of his first NBA Finals game in his career. The Lakers had been desperately trying to shed their label as a soft team that won’t have the muscle to contend with the Celtics. Ronron instantly sets the tone for the series and sends a message to the Celtics: it is 2010, this is not your VladRad’s Lakers anymore. He bodies up on Pierce and takes him down by arm-locking with his back turned, and continued to grapple with him on the floor. TruWarier took all of 27 seconds to announce to the world that Queensbridge was in the building.

  • Scott

    “I’d like to thank my therapist…”

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/42594-hoops4life Overtime

    Late regular season game against the Mavs in ’04. Held Nowitski down for the entire game, and then switched onto Nash late in the fourth. Basically saved the game when Nash had a breakaway layup, and Ron ran him down from the other end of the court. He didnt exactly block the shot, but he showed near perfect D, going up straight, making Nash miss the shot.
    Not the most eccentric moment, but definiely showed why he was Defensive Player of the Year

  • Ali Saadat

    My favorite Ron-Ron moment has to be in this years WCF when he made the game winning lay up in Game 5. That was a really big shot and gave the Lakers to momentum to win game 6 and not be forced into a game 7. Ron was clutch. He is definitely one of my favorite players.

  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Are you serious with this shirt? C’mon SLAM.

  • Kap

    When he asked his daughter why she was staring at him in the game 7 post game conference of Finals.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    When Ron knocked turned the ball over with a bone headed play, then immediately knocked the ball off of Glenn Davis’ leg the next play. The over-celebration was CLASSIC

  • Bruno

    finals game 7 press conference
    when he said Phil’s the zen master and was tellin don’t shoot don’t shoot

  • Timothy Pete

    um when he won the championship n said this is for my hood lol um when he brung his whole family up on stage to the press conference and malice @ the palace…yup saids it all

  • bbal4lyf

    when he pulled down pierce’s shorts was funny

  • JayChau

    I will put the humour aside for this one. When Ron Artest took the “coach’s nightmare” 3-pointer of Game 7 and made it, with Artest himself kissing it off to the crowd, that sealed the deal. Not something the most popular amongst Youtube viewing, but that’s the greatest moment of him.

  • JasonP

    I LOVED when he said Phil Jackson is like the Zen Master! He can talk to you w/o talking to you – dont shoot the ball Ron, and ron says whatever and takes the shot! LMAO.

    That shirt is AWESOME btw, I wanted one since i saw RA37 wear it on kimmel that day, just had no idea where to get it!!

    Thanks for such an opportunity SLAM

  • jumpman3224

    acknowledge me! – Post Game 7 Press Conference

  • http://twitter.com/SportsFanPJ PJ

    His 3 pointer in the closing seconds of a regular season game in Novemeber vs Houston. He hit a three pointer from a pass from Kobe and then proceeded to run to center court and put up a “Timeout” sign to the crowd. It was his first game in Houston since leaving them and burned them. EPIC MOMENT

    Here’s video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrFKjteMCjE

  • AutoRyan

    Artest’s glowing eyes at the game 7 press conference, surrounded by his family, knowing he was the difference of this Lakers team. As a Laker fan it was an inspirational story, and Ill never forget that interview.

  • http://kb24.com DreXnaW21

    Ron Artest made me LMAO!!
    Dude he really did make a difference in game 7 though that was amazing and you know he’s good i’m glad lakers got him in a trade with ariza

  • Justin

    When he said his son was with Kobe after the game instead of him, that was hilarious!!!

  • Henry Chow

    when he was at the press conference and said to the ppl on the laptops to acknowledge him?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I’d rock this shirt if it said “CHI” instead of “LA”, in support of the gun ban in Chicago being overturned!

  • David

    Lol when they asked Ron last year who was the toughest man he had to guard and Ron admitting B.Roy was one hardest but this guy from Queensbridge who got stabbed with the leg of table was the toughest.

  • Jose

    Best Ron Artest Moment that sums up him,the season, and the chip…
    “I GOT WHEATIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • http://Yahoo Dwayne Daniels

    My fav artest moment,ahh!! when he paid 9,000 per seat to allow 2 fans to sit court side at game 1 of the cham. series, a man of the people.

  • Tom Lonsdale

    My favourite Ron Artest playoff moment was his post game 7 press conference. He was funny with quotes like “I just totally forgot your question”, “Wheres my wheaty’s, wheres my wheaty’s box” and “hey people over there on your laptops, acknowledge me please!” He was also very sentimental when he revealed how grateful he was that he got another chance to go for a championship, after he jumped ship on indiana.

  • Tom Lonsdale

    My favourite Ron Artest moment was when he had an interview with Jimmy Kimmel after he joined the Lakers and he wasn’t dressed in anything other than his boxers, and he explained that he didn’t want to be late!

  • http://winstonandthetelescreen.com WinstonAndTheTelescreen

    When he threw Trevor Arizas shoe into the stands

  • http://Yahoo Dwayne Daniels

    winston!! Not the shoes???? Thats cold!!!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    My favorite moment, is when Artest played for Bulls and he tried to get a job at circut city. I remember watching sportscenter and they all were laughing about it. That is funny, even though I didn’t see it, just imagine Artest, NBA player trying to work at electronic store to get discount on the merchandise after signing a million dollar contract. PRICELESS!!!

  • robert stewart

    When he told his daughter she couldn’t have the WHEATIES because he had already given them to his mom. You can see this at the end of his postgame newsconference session.

  • ciscokid707

    During a game 2 years ago,while he was with the Rockets, he was complaining to the ref about a call and his fake tooth in the front came out but he caught it and slid it back into place. I was disgusted and cracking up at the same time.

  • Robb

    Winston wins

  • Jesse Dunn’s Ghost

    Him in a fans house singing “My HEart Will Go On” by Celine Dion….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpHOVO0aS1U

  • Abhishek Duggal

    Ron Artest’s Clutch 3-Pointer in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals

  • Mrkicks

    After game 7. Press conference…. Yells ” I got wheaties” while holding the championship boxes of wheaties cereal

  • Darryl Hemmatipour

    Ron dying his hair purple & gold. Now that’s just classic Ron Ron, or is it Dennis Rodman. LOL

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    My favorite Ron Artest moment is two season ago, when he played for the Houston Rockets and redeemed not only himself, but the entire Rockets organization. Everyone counted Artest out, and after his tenure is Sac-Town didn’t go the way it was supposed to, he was labeled nothing more than a thug. It seemed people forgot just how good he was in his Pacer days. Artest’s defining moment, besides breaking out of the first round with the Rockets, was Game 1 of the Round 2 series with LA. Sporting the Rockets fade/mo-hawk, he went to work, and beat LA on their home court. Game 2, when he stood up to Kobe, was just icing on the cake.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    That, and “Why are you staring at me, daughter?”

  • vlad

    Man, Ron Artest is special, he has so many great moments, but I think “the one” is when he finally won his ring. The emotion , the true joy that he had at the press conference was outstanding.Bringing his fam at the press conference just shows how supportive the were and how important they are to him.. He was so happy, he was like a child winning his first basketball game. You can pick a great moment of Ron Artest but his entire career is what`s best about him.. I have to say that I didn`t like the Lakers until I saw Ron being so happy, and so grateful .. That moment made him my favourite player..Thanks Ron

  • serevei

    After winning his first NBA title his first thanks went to “his hood”

  • Yesse

    When Phil Jackson told Ron not to shoot in game 7 and Ron shoot’s and makes it. I even thought it wasn’t going in and when it did i just jumped off my seat.

  • Matt

    How do you pick one Ron Ron moment.. I’m a Boston fan from NH and the only reason I am OKAY with LA winning is b/c i get to watch Ron Ron on TV more… i hope my favorite Artest moment is excepted even tho it comes from last years postseason but Ron was asked asked a question and his answer was along the lines of “one time in queens we were playing outside and this guy broke the picnic table threw a piece on the court it hit a guy in the chest and he died!” then Ron paused looked died serious and i never saw any media coverage about untill after he punked Craig Saiger into sayin queensbridge then Barkley made a reference to the quote from after that Houston game and i knew i wasn’t crazy and i knew why i loved Ron Ron because he is the craziest man in the NBA but he loves this game

  • vtrobot

    Neon’s post is the best. However, the shirt is f*cking lame. Add a 40 and some weed and some dice to it too. The kids will think it’s the coolest. It’s too bad the gun just promotes general violence because i’d like to see some imagery that specifically promotes violence against women. That sh*t is hot right now, and I’m pretty sure that Ron Ron has been down with that in the past (my bad if that was just an accusation). Yeah really, one moment? This idiot’s entire life is a “moment.” Get better, Ron. See that shrink every day of the week.

  • JermareoDavidson

    “say queensbridge”

  • Logan

    the game-winning put back and jump into Kobe’s arms after missing two three pointers the posession before with 20 sec left on the shot clock. That just personifies Ron-Ron’s irrational and exciting style.

  • hooper

    my favorite Ron Artest Finals moment was when he drained that game and series-clinching three-pointer late in Game 7. Staples was dead-silent while the ball was in the air, but subsequently erupted when it went in. Ron remained true to his words that it was ‘on him’ if the Lakers didn’t repeat, not to mention the other, more awkward promise to Kobe.

  • Jake

    My favorite moment was definitely in game 1 when Artest and Pierce got tangled under the hoop.I thought(and hoped) Ron was gonna tear him to pieces.It just set the tone for the whole series.Bitter rivals laying it all on the floor.

  • Elmer C

    “I signed for 5 years 33 million dollars…. My defense is worth more than that” nuff said!

  • Joel

    my favorite Artest moment of the playoffs is the block he made on glenn davis in game 1. To me it basicley showed the celtics they were not playing the same lakers team from 2008 and it was an amazing play because he blocked the shot and then the way he used his active hands to knock the ball away was amazing it he just kept chopping away at the ball and was not gonna stp untill he knocked the ball loose.Then it led to the gasol dunk. The whole play just had so much energy to it.But I have supported Artest through it all when others were hating on him I was cheering him on And the shirt would mean alot to me because im a true fan and It only makes sense to give the shirt to someone that would realy appriciate it and I realy would so please consider.

  • Tredders

    HEY, you on the laptops! ACKNOLEDGE MEEE!!!


    absolutely when he got that crazy hair with the word DEFENSE in 4 languages. it was yellow and purple. amazing ron ron

  • http://counterkicks.com Q-Tip

    Dude where’s morrison he was crucial give a diabetic love man

  • Jack Schlabach

    Pacers v. Pistons @ the Palace
    The brawl where he got suspended for punching the fan that threw a beer can at him.

  • Jesus

    when he pulled paul pierce’s shorts down, then he made a video to apologize. classic!

  • Jesus

    when he pulled paul pierce’s shorts down then made a video to apologize. classic ron ron!

  • http://ijustwantmynametolookbig.com Chukaz

    in the post game interview when he said that when he said that he could hear jackson tellin him not to shoot the 3 but he still did. that post game interview was awesome. he deserved a ring just cuz of that

  • Nathaniel Ramirez

    Wen artest was talking about his rough games in his hood and his friend was killed with the leg of a table. Last year lakers vs rockets

  • deep

    The favorite moment has to be when that dude threw a beer at Ron Ron, n Ron rushed up their and let them know not to play with a boss from QUEENSBRIDGE.

  • deep

    The favorite moment has to be when that dude threw a beer at Ron Ron, n Ron rushed up their and let them know not to play with a boss from QUEENSBRIDGE.

  • KennyD

    Ron Artest pulling down Paul Peirce is Shorts and then Peirce draining the jumper after it and Ron saying “Why didn’t he miss?”

  • MVP_032

    When Ron said :“I’m going to continue playing hard and out of control, like a wild animal that needs to be caged in. I’ll let the referees handle it.” Ron “The BEAST”!!!! glad that he is a “LAKER” :)

  • zion davis

    the game winner catch and shoot against the suns in the eastern conference finals in 2010,awesome

  • http://www.twitter.com/dillanstraight Dillantradamus

    Mine would have to be how Artest actually admitted to drinking during halftime. And, I quote from his years with the Bulls,”I used to drink Hennessy … at halftime. I (kept it) in my locker. I’d just walk to the liquor store (near the stadium) and get it.” He ever admitted to slipping out to his car and driving to get it. Simply, no one noticed. Touche Ron Ron, well played indeed.

  • Valentina

    Omg..I stayed up all night here in Italy to follow game 7 but in the end I was definitely paid back..not talking about victory, but Ron press conference.Amazing really happened..here.I will never forget his facial expressions hitting off Kobe about his three point shot “pssst, pass me the ball..pleeease pass ME the ball!” and then then final: “…whatever…shoot…boooom…I made it…we win!”. Too funny, too real.

  • Weston

    Game winner against Phoenix in Game 5

  • antny ross

    when he had the post game interview with the press and he brought up his whole family.

  • Zach C.

    In the 09 playoffs, when he started to go at kobe.

  • Ismael

    Two words:”Say Queensbridge!”

  • Clarice

    Either that interview after the Game 7 – NBA 2010 Finals or when he tried to strip Paul Pierce’s shorts a long time ago && Paul Pierce gets a 3 right after it. xD

  • Thomas Maiden


  • Jens Christian Auken

    My favourite playoff moment with RonRon, is without a doubt his interview after game 7, when he gave a shout out to his therapist, I couldn’t stop laughing!

  • Haywood Brandon

    My Favorite Ron Artest Moment Was His 3 Point Shot That Set The Anchor For LA To Win The Finals With A Minute Left

  • peter d

    “check out my new single!
    its called CHAMPION!

    one of the most entertaining players in the game haha atta boy ron

    either that quote or the old slam pages “being ron artest”
    -peoples champ with the kid on the bike staring awestruck
    -gym rat with ron ron skipping in the boxing ring

  • the_baller20

    when he started a fight in 07 with the pistons. he also got the fans involved and punched an innocent fan in the face. that tells you what kind of guy he is…

  • http://rayinthebay707@aol.com RAYintheBAY

    I have 2, when he tried to get a look at paul peirce’s “big 3″ by pulling his pants down, and the second, when he was on ESPN trying to promote his new CD he was producing, that was hilarious!


  • frank rivera

    nothing better than thanking your shrink after winnign the chip…priceless…and watching him host a f*&^ lebron party in nyc this week

  • d-rav

    Favorite Artest moment, no doubt has to be when he absolutely blew his mind off by destroying a TV camera at Madison Square. Though i’m glad he’s finally made peace and became a champ.

  • http://Slam Jasmine

    Ron Artest is a crazy and talented guy and I would do anything for that shirt. Well lets when Ron Artest totally posterizes Rasheed Wallace and dunked that basket.

  • LeftyLee

    I think my favorite RON RON moment is when he fouled KG in the finals and rondo apparently didn’t like the way he fouled KG so he pushed Ron. Keep in mind it was Rondo(the guy who is about the size of your regular go to the YMCA and shoot around guy). If there was ever a consequence for flopping it would be given to Ron. He moved like he had just been pushed by Shaq or someone. #overreacting

  • http://www.cmoney116.blogspot.com Cyrus Mehrfar

    This is TOO easy. Ron Artest in his rookie season applied for a job at Best Buy…not because he blew all his money, hammertime, but because he wanted a discount on cd’s!! This is a guy making multi-millions of dollars and he worked at Best Buy to get a three dollar max discount on CD’S! I love everything this man has done, but I must say they will be showing that post-game interview from game 7 on ESPN classics for many years to come.

    “…cause he’s the zen master he could speak to you without saying words, “Ron don’t shoot” but i thought “WHATEVER!”"

  • jad abdel massih

    my best ron artest moment is at the staples center when he alley ooped kobe’s missed shot at the 4th quarter in the last srcond to win in game 7 of the 2010 nba finals against the celtics

  • http://slam.online isaac waggoner

    my favorite Ron artest moment was when some fan threw a cup of beer at him and the team started hitting everybody

  • Amro Manaa

    When Ron told TNT about his friend being stabbed by a table leg during a pick up game

  • Amro Manaa

    when Ron told TNT he could cover Charles Barkley in his prime, with his eyes closed

  • http://yahoo.com j.wheel

    ron artest RAPPING. need i say more?

  • Raymond Owens

    When Ron Artest sexually harrased Paul Pierce and sang an apology on ESPN. CLASSIC RON ARTEST

  • Chris Pendas

    My favorite Artest moment was that dumn press conference after they one the nba championship.
    When he brought his family with him.