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Is Amar’e Stoudemire Done In Phoenix?

It’s probably too early to say for sure whether Amar’e's “done,” but a source was quoted by ESPN’s JA Andade saying Amar’e isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with Suns owner Robert Sarver: “‘Amare’s done,’ according to the source. ‘He’s gone.’ That will be the final breakdown of the team that won 62 games in 2004-05 while ushering in a new era of scoreboard-straining ball. It started when Shawn Marion was the featured piece in a trade for Shaquille O’Neal in 2008 and continued when Mike D’Antoni left after a first-round loss to the Spurs in the playoffs that season.”

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  • Fat Lever

    How effective will Amar’e be in an offense that isn’t predicated on the pick and roll/pop. That’ll be interesting to see.

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    He’s not done just yet. If the money’s right he’ll stay. This is all about money with Black Jesus. He needs a top PG to be successful though, he really cant create for himself. Oh, and he needs to get rid of that lounge chair he sits in on the defensive end.

  • http://deleted KH10

    that would be a huge mistake on his part, please god let the suns sign the Diggler!

  • Nigel

    It actually started when Joe Johnson left.

  • twahc

    >LDR4: isnt nash a great PG already?

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    I feel like Amare changes his mind every week just to keep his name in the media…

  • http://Twitter.com/pdxgaybball Dma

    DWade and STAT is going to be fun to watch. Until Wade slaps Amare for coasting.

  • mister8

    Amare can’t create his own shot? Funny, it sure looked like it when he was playing Gasol.

  • anti-crust


    The abiltiy to creat one’s own shot you made between Amare and Pau is ludicrous. Pau is one of the most gifted offensive big men ever. He’s able to score in numerous ways, despite not even utilizing his weight advantage. He is working on that still. That came from playing European style/World style so much early in his career, and not playing brutal “call your own fouls” as most NBA players did growing up playing the game in their neighborhood playgrounds, before moving into high school gyms. Amare’s offensive success was the result of the ball ending up in his hand and him sinking the shot, the luck of the ball , but no use of skill to create shots consistently. Answer me this, if it’s the end of the game? Who whould you rather give the ball to on a deep post isolation play, Pau or Amare?

  • rainman10

    Any team that gets Amare, will start using the pick and roll/pop. He is the best big man in the league at the pick and roll. And I know, Nash is probably the best point guard for the job, but there are other point guards who can play that 1-2 game. I want to see him go to the Nets or Bulls if he ends up leaving.

  • http://www.slamonline.com JL

    agree with anti-crust… amare has like 1 or 2 good games, and struggled mostly against length. as tall as he is, he’s not a 7 footer, and didn’t have the offensive repertoire to take the slower gasol off the dribble consistently. Plus he has a slow set shot, doesn’t pass well, and is subpar on defense. I don’t think he’s terrible at defense, meaning he can guard the not so elite PFs, but when he faces an elite PF, then he’s having major trouble. if you try to build a winning team around Amar’e, you’re going to fail because of his shortcomings. He would be an awesome 3rd banana on a championship team, but he doesn’t want to get paid like a 3rd banana. I think he’s very fairly paid at 10-13 mil.

  • http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com Tarzan Cooper

    Anyone who says amare cant create his own shot is smokn rocks and doesnt really pay attn to the game

  • http://slamonline.com Jeff Fox

    Sarver is proving to be a cheapskate, so if it really does come down to money for Amar’e then he really is as good as gone.

  • flash

    we will take him in miami but im worried if he can stay healthy, so i want the doctors in phoenix to come too as a package. they seem to be doing a great job keeping their guys in good condition

  • http://fklf.com Jukai

    Amare can create his own shot. It’s not 2004, people. Yeah, he does have problems against bigger defenders, but he also dropped 43 against Bynum/Gasol too. He did average well over 20 points in that series.
    Trust me, Amare can get his. I know longer think Nash helped his offensive game in anyway. Sure, Nash got him a lot of easy buckets, but Amare would have gotten his points one way or another.

  • 573

    everyone thinks Amar’e can’t create his own shot only because he doesn’t do it like a traditional big man. While he doesn’t have a go-to move, he possesses the best quickness and first step of any big man. The only thing I see lacking in his offensive game is a back to the basket game so you would not isolating him on the post consistently. His best one on one move is probably his running floaters/layups.

    If you don’t watch the suns play a whole, I could see why ppl say Amar’e can’t create his own offense. But it is only because he is a unique big man. He seems to genuinely try to improve and work on his game each summer.

    Maybe he needs to get like Kobe and do some work with Olajuwon! Amar’e developing his own dream shake would be amazing to see!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    People who say Amare can’t create his own shot make it harder for me to give Nash his proper due.
    Amare creates his own shot just fine. He will put up 20 a game with or without Nash.
    And the reason he didn’t dominate the whole series against the Lakers was because the tried to get him shots off the pick and roll initially, then realized their best bet was just posting him up. Gasol couldn’t stop him, so the Lakers started triple teaming him. If you didn’t notice this, it’s becuase you’re a hater. Nothing else.

  • giogolo

    Amare and Lebron would be like Magic and Worthy during the 80′s lakeshow. Man, i’m salivating over this. sorry..
    and Bosh should play with Dwade. end of story.

  • DD

    I agree with Allenp!Why do you want to explain a thing what is not true..?Amare is one of the best(in my oppinion the best) in one on one in the paint,nobody can stop him alone..and he can create his own shot,look at the 43 point game against LA!MSot of his points,were created by himself..