Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 at 12:45 pm  |  41 responses

Polladaday: Who Will Win The Championship?

Pretty straightforward question. Whether it’s a sweep or 7-game slugfest, who does SLAM Nation favor?

Who will be crowned 2010 NBA Champs?

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  • memo

    celtics in 7

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Lol it’s 50/50.

  • Nigel

    I didn’t know Slam had polls

  • mike


  • http://www.hbo.com/the-wire/index.html jasondolemite

    Celtics in 5

  • jose

    Someone in 6.who? idk

  • http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:OzhW3M1GBSKkgM:http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    Either the Lakers or Celtics will win, but no one will win in fewer than 4 games.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Cavali….I mean Celtics in 7..

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I don’t know, but it’ll be a fun series to watch.

  • Fat Joe


  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    C’s in 6.

  • Chris

    Lakers have this in 6. I think people are underestimating Ron Artest’s defense and how his actions will affected Paul Pierce on both the offensive and defensive end; which, will allow Kobe Bryant’s offense to really flow.

    Kobe no longer has to guard Paul Pierce. He can concentrate on Ray, who is a lot easier to guard. Then on top of all that, Celtics have no answer for Odom. Big Baby will not be able to keep up. KG will be spent trying to guard Gasol. Perkins will be spent trying to guard Bynum in the post.

    If Ron Artest shows up even a little bit offensively this series can be over in five.

    The Celtics are going to have match-up nightmares.

  • BostonBaller

    Chris, both teams will have match up nightmares….Everything you wrote can be mirrored on the Celtics side. Ray is not an easy cover, kobe will have to chase him around endless picks and Ray never stops moving. Ron Ron has good D but don’t forget that PDouble will make him foul which may get Ron Ron pissed which means he takes himself out of the game…oohhh it, lightening outside…gotta go!

  • Deano

    Lakers in OT in 7

  • John Starks

    Lakers in 3

  • J-Ro

    Chris: I noticed you forgot to mention some guy that goes by the name of Rajon Rondo.

  • vtrobot

    Anything could happen in this series. Nothing would surprise me at this point. I will say … C’s = usually underrated. Lakeshow = usually a little overrated. Should be very interesting. Might get a little bloody.

  • JD

    Just cant see Celtics winning theyve lost momentum after the orlando series

  • kobesBESTfriend

    This is where the ariza 4 artest swap will cash in

  • kenNY

    Lakers in 6. F*CK CELTICS.

  • http://SLAMonline.com GotHandles?

    cosign KenNY. F Boston

  • Chris

    J-Ro. Raja is wonderful, and you’re right, the one position the Lakers will be guaranteed to have some trouble with. But, look at Utah and Phoenix series. The Lakers were able to handle two point guards, who in my opinion, are well above the talent and abilities of Raja Rondo.

  • Javy

    True basketball lover’s here we go!….
    My heart says Lakers in 6 but reality says Celtics in 7. Bynum, please wake up….Please give us a reason not to trade you .

  • jOck JayZ

    I say home court don’t matter. Gonna b a back n forth series,x. Lakers win 1st, C’s take, Lakers take 3 and 5 come home and close it, and we’ll b rocking that Celtics bus like a concert yO!

  • jOck JayZ

    I say home court don’t matter. Gonna b a back n forth series,x. Lakers win 1st, C’s take, Lakers take 3 and 5 come home and close it, and we’ll b rocking that Celtics bus like a concert yO!

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    @ Chris ^ – maybe. But neither of those guards are known as “defensive”. + They aren’t as physical as the Celtics (except for Utah). And Utah lacked depth.
    The Celtics have scoring, and stoppers at every position.

  • Logues

    celtics in 6 once again.

  • gayallah

    Hmmm. As always- its about matchups. And i gotta think that matchup wise it def favours the C`s. With Bostons `new ` additions ( Sheed, Robinson ) as well as RR`s emergence the C`s go deep. Rondo will outhustle Fish, causing KB24 to play him, meaning KB24 getn tired..etc. RArtest can play PP, but not fo 48 mins.. and he knows when to put point up when it matters. Baby can body Odom, Bynum and Gasol ALL nIGHT… Perkins to start a fire when needed.. and garnett ( healthy`ish) i mean hey it`ll be a series and prob go 6 or 7, but I know Bos can win in LA!! see ya then….

  • ripslam

    The Celtics have “no answer for Odom”? Odom doesn’t have an answer for Odom! He hasn’t shown up all postseason. The Celtics are rolling right now. I cannot see them coming all this way and losing, it’s just not the way it’s meant to be. IMO Artest is a GOOD defender, but the dude had been guarding guys like Grant Hill and C.J. Miles. These teams are actually really even. Rondo will flatten Fisher, and Kobe will get his (although Ray Allen has done a good job of defending him in the past). Truth vs. Artest is a push. KG vs Gasol depends on if Gasol shows up and bodies him up or not, otherwise advantage does to KG. Perkins and Bynum cancel each other out. The Lakers bench is basically a bunch of white guys and Lamar Odom; The Celtics bench is a wounded Rasheed Wallace, an on-and-off Nate Robinson, and an equally on-and-off Tony Allen. It’s gonna be a great series, but the Celtics take it in 6 games. History trumps all.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Cavs in 80

  • Chris

    IMO, Ron Artest is an amazing defender two or three games of great offense in a series.

    I think in the end that Laker’s bigs dominate the glass, Odom does show up, and Kobe is what pushes Lakers over the edge.

    No matter what, one thing we can all agree on is that this is going to be one fun and great series.

  • Chris

    eh, sorry… meant to put: “*Ron Artest is an amazing defender and can give two or three games of great offense in a series. “

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    LAKERS IN 5. BOOK IT!!!!!

  • http://nationalhighway.blogspot.com jaywalker

    Celtics in 7

    Ron Ronz gonna hold the key. Hez gonna try smothering PP and gonna get himself T’d out …

  • chris c.

    Lakers in more than 5. Rajon Rondo maybe a hard matchup unless you have kobe on him and give Rajon some space to shoot coz he aint got a real jumper. ppl might say im stupid but d.fish should guard ray allen cuz d.fish is known to be a good flopper so when theyre setting picks for allen fish can flop. plus Lakers got a deeper bench than Celtics. oh and RonRon got that lockdown d on PDouble

  • chris c.

    p.s. @gayallah Kobe??? BLack MAmba?? KB24?? tired?! never

  • Ali

    “Take a picture, write it down, I don’t give a f***”
    Lakers in 6! Back to Back…..

  • Proudly Rwandan

    Lakers in 7

  • BOOMdot

    Chris: Remember how Russell Westbrook troubled L.A.? Rondo is a lot better in every other statistical category (besides having a J).

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Th3_R3al_Chris

    So much talk about putting Kobe on Rondo. Does that mean Derek Fisher will chase Ray around? #20 might drop 50 if that happens.

  • Josh

    @Th3_R3al_Chris.. that has been the Lakers strategy every time they play Boston, and Ray hasn’t had a great game against them yet. I think you are under-estimating Fisher’s ability to get through screens. Expect multiple illegal screens to be called on the C’s in this series thanks to Fish. Also, Lakers in 6. I think Boston will take games 3 and 5, jacked up about their first Finals home game and their last home game of the season, but I think in the end, LA goes beast mode in the paint. Perk will definetly get suspended for a game somewhere thanks to his 6 techs, and that game I see LA scoring like 60-70 points in the paint, and perhaps getting some real vengeance for that loss in 08.