Monday, June 14th, 2010 at 9:39 am  |  36 responses

Can the Lakers Come Back?

Despite a flurry from Kobe Bryant, the Lakers inabilty to rebound or defend cost them a crucial road win and now they trail in a series for the first time in these playoffs. Can they come back?

Can the Lakers come back to win the NBA Finals?

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  • Ganchan

    If the question is CAN they come back, then yes it is possible. However I don’t think they WILL come back to win this series.

  • Yesse

    Lakers really needed this game. Now they have a big battle ahead of them. Celtics are probably motivated alot for the 6th game.

  • vtrobot

    i’ve been saying C’s in 6 since before the series. kobe’s body language during the press conference agreed with me. it was funny when he answered super sarcastically about being not being confident in his team, but i don’t really think he is anymore. C’s are a better TEAM and played their best game of the series as one last night. not good for the lakers.

  • jumpman3224

    They have to get Gasol involved. I think it has been a combo of him not getting the ball enough and being involved early, missing his jumper and solid defense from KG and Perkins. But, if the Lakers can challenge the C’s defense from Kobe’s strike position and in the post they can put together two in a row.

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/42594-hoops4life Overtime

    The Celtics arent shooting like that again…hopefully the same can be said in reverse or the Lakers. They really just need to get their head in the game. Odom, Gasol, Artest, they just looked like theyd only just woken up

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    vtrobot, I have to agree with you….Kobe just seems so smug sitting at those conferences after a loss….not angry, just like “hey, ya’ll know I did all I could, point the finger somewhere else, I’m the best in the world”. He comes off as more of a douche than normal, which is a shame, since he’s played well throughout this series and has put himself in a better light with a lot of his naysayers. Even Phil last night looked like he didn’t have any other answers to figure out what to do to motivate this group of guys. Can they win the next two games? Sure, they could even blow the Celts out next game. Can they? I doubt it. The Celts have figured them out (and yes, it took 5 full games to get to that point) but the Lakers have been exposed yet again by a team that doesn’t play the finesse game with them like the Magic did last season. They can’t take the proverbial “punch in the face” and come back from it. It’s not in their makeup. The Celtics just have the right formula to beat them. It’s a matchup problem as a whole for their squad.

  • 2Dope

    They can come back and I expect even more help from the refs for the Fakers.

  • http://fklf.com Jukai

    You know who the Lakers could really use for games six and seven?
    Three time Finals MVP Shaquille O’Neal.

  • ripslam

    The Celtics will close it out. Just like Miami, just like Cleveland, just like Orlando. Rondo wins Finals MVP and banner 18 goes up in Boston. The Celtics are too close to the title to not win it.

  • http://joairphil@yahoo.com jojo

    To be honest,I am very sorry to say lakers fans but I think your team is already give up on this finals series,slim chance they win back to back againts celtics veterans specially close games…….

  • Kap

    Everyone does realize this was one game on the road that the Lakers had a chance to win…Boston played great and LA played tired with no energy. No one has been fgured out. The knockout blow will not come until 0.0 time left in Game 7. Also, Kobe tried to get his team involved the first half and no one stepped up. Gasol does get touches but when he does he holds the ball for fifteen seconds and does nothing with it. He was not being aggressive so Kobe was right to take the game over where he did go 7/8. The problem was the bigs giving up boards and easy shots. Yes Kobe had turnovers but he wasn’t the one who went 2/8 in free throws (Gasol, Odom, Artest) in final 14 minutes of action. If his team is not up to the task of stepping up what should he do??? Its always lose/ lose with you guys when it comes to Kobe. This will go 7 games with anything possible in the seventh game.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    ^Wishful thinker.

  • jumpman3224

    Cosign @Kap. Everyone is praising the Celtics for playing so well (as well they should, they protected homecourt admirably). But, by playing well in game 5 they won by six in a game that the Lakers were in position to win, save for a bunch of missed free throws and a couple bonehead plays. The Celtics won game 5 and I’m not trying to take away from that. But, to say that the Lakers have been figured out and are outmatched, I think is a stretch.

  • Kap

    Wishful? If this goes 7 games, how can you not concede LA being the favorite with them @ home and Kobe in uniform?

  • http://nba.com/cavaliers Stephon

    No doubt that the Lakers will come back to win this series. Or at least I hope.The performance from the Lakers except for Kobe was horrible.Bymum only had what 6 points and everyone else wasn’t in double figures except Kobe.All of them have to step up to win this series.

  • BlackNicholson

    ok that charge on lo in the first half was bs, and took pts away from us and momentum. That shot didn’t hit the rim and everyone knows it. THe blocks on gasol were phucking fouls, and the charge when pierce and big cry baby were moving while bean was in the air…..
    come on dogg…

  • bentherealdeal

    Lakers will win if the refs stopping calling any call like if we are at the world cup, PAUL pierce is the best basketball players for doing fake move and sell the deal, man this guy’s should play soccer because it kill the show, it’s anti-basketball and make the final borring!!

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    I love the fallout after the Lakers are facing elimination!!!!!!!!!! Must have been a LOT of sleepless nights.

  • http://fklf.com Jukai

    Isn’t Kap the one who told me Russell couldn’t pass?
    Haha, oh boy…

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    glen davis is a big cry baby? look at your post, BlackNicholson lmao

  • riggs

    how in the blue hell were the lakers favored to win game 5? my god some people are just stupid.

  • riggs

    @blacknicholson: obviously you have no idea how physics work, see when an object hits another object, it changes its course which the replay actually showed the ball doing after it hit the rim.

  • KB24

    I love the fact that people call Derek Fisher a flopper, yet he is 6’1″ & Paul Pierce & Glen Davis are like 6’8″ & Davis is like 500 pounds, that’s what you call FLOPPPERS, Don’t you guys think Perkins looks like a WALKING WET TERD, Davis looks like a FAT SHARK/SHREK, Garnett looks like an ALIEN, Ray Allen looks like an HIV PATIENT, Rondo looks like a GAY CRACKHEAD, Robinson looks like DONKEY, They are a team of weird bastards

  • riggs

    sup kobe? how that lost taste?

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    ^ that team of weird bastards as you call them destroyed the lakers two years ago and are in the process of beating them again.

  • heh8meN1

    Phillip, Cleamons, Shaw, Fish, Kobe- someone. IMPLORE pau-lamar-ron-drew to TRAP and/or DOUBLE Paul or Ray when they get the ball on screen and rolls. THEY DO NOT PASS.


    Time to make gangrene remember why Staples Center has been an opponent’s house of HORRORS.


  • http://slamonline.com JL

    you let the celtics push and shove post players when they’re shooting, the celtics win. lakers just need to learn to do that too so they have a chance of winning too. (see tony allen’s block when rasheed shoved gasol in the back hence his lack of elevation and flying out of bounds). the lakers need to recognize that they need to play the same way and exploit all the advantages to win. that’s why the celtics and bad boy teams are so good. when you try to get away with as much as you can, you have an advantage. gotta play to what the refs are allowing to maximize your potential.

  • http://brimartin13@gmail.com Brion

    This is my favorite time of the year….listening to all the Laker fans crying and resorting to name calling.

  • http://fklf.com Jukai

    KB24: And that wet turd, shrek, alien, HIV Patient, gay crackhead, and donkey will all have new 2010 rings while your favorite ballhog r@pist will have nothing but a smug look on a face and a dent on his legacy. Lovin’ it.

  • vtrobot

    yeah, the lakers have the C’s right where they want them. go for the KILL!! (after you play that 6th game that you’ve strategically arranged a couple days prior). wait, the C’s are pretty good in LA, right? i totally forgot about that. lakers after last nights game = lakers after the ’08 home game collapse when the real machine blew by the so-called “machine” to ice the game = DONE. i foresee more sad, dry-mouthed Kobe interviews, just like the one he held before he had to buy the big ring. gasol has lost some of his explosiveness. the lakers are so old. ha ha.

  • vtrobot

    @ riggs: is there a good replay of that shot clock violation shot? there was one replay where it looked like it hit it, but i couldn’t tell if it was an illusion. there were a couple where it looked like it was lucky to catch the corner of the backboard.

  • Kap

    @ Jukai…We love drama in LA, so we just trying to make this series interesting with the hollywood ending. Lakers in 7.

  • Kap

    @ Jukai…We love drama in LA, so we just trying to make this series interesting with the hollywood ending. Lakers in 7.

  • riggs

    the replay from behind the backboard clearly showed the ball changing directions once it reached around the rim, if it had only hit backboard then it would have bounced back out instead of hitting the bottom of the backboard. I was watching the game with laker and celtic fans alike and after that replay they all agreed.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    In LA this series, Ron Artest went 5-10 and 15 points in game 1 to help Pau and Kobe score a combined 68 points. Game 2 they combined for 52 and Ron went 1-10. The Celtics only need one more win. It seems quite likely the Lakers, other than Kobe, won’t be able to have 2 good games in a row.

  • Jose

    Well, the Lakeshow managed to force it so now we’ll see who wins it