Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 2:36 pm  |  17 responses

Chris Paul Joins LeBron’s LRMR Marketing Company

Could this week have been any bigger for the King? From Adrian Wojnarowski: “After working for years to lure him away, LeBron James has finally attracted a star athlete to his LRMR marketing company: New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul. James and LRMR CEO Maverick Carter have been recruiting Paul for more than two years to join their fledgling marketing company, and the All-Star guard finally informed his agency at Octagon that he had decided to leave. LRMR has yet to make a formal announcement that Paul will be joining them, and sources believed they might have been waiting to use James’ Thursday night free-agent announcement as a backdrop to release the story.”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Matt Lawyue

    CP3 wants to join after watching this espn hour special disaster that’s unfolded over the last couple of days? Does he not understand LRMR has created an image problem for LeBron right now? Puzzling.

  • http://albayanos.com LeoneL

    LeBron via sign-and-trade to the Hornets?

  • The D Train

    Has to be asked: Is Maverick Carter quickly becoming one of the most powerful men in the NBA? Apparently riding Lebons d1ck pays pretty well.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Matt: LeBron and Chris would LOVE to play together. My long-shot theory right now (which you probably saw on Twitter) is LeBron staying in CLE on a short-term deal and waiting on Chris to join him in 2012, if not sooner. Like I said, long-shot…
    D: They’ve known each other since before LeBron was in high school. Not every one who is tight with a famous person is automatically a dick-rider.

  • http://aspov.blogspot.com Cheryl

    Ryan, it would make a ton of sense in your scenario, i.e. signing a shorter term contract with the Cavs and trying to get Chris to join him in Ohio. Chris on the Heat would also be awesome. I’m just sayin’…

  • The D Train

    Ryan: I knew that Mav has been around since the jump. He’s not automatically a dick-rider, but your Mostly Legend post, specifically the part about knowing Lebron and the dudes in his crew, but not being to even approach them, coupled with the perception (right or wrong) that Mav is making a power grab, could lead one to believe that he’s riding Lebron’s jock to the top. Of course I don’t know the cat, so I may be way off base. I think we can at least all agree that his handling of this situation, and of course Lebron is the major part of the equation, has been less than ideal…at least to those not named Lebron James, Maverick Carter or ESPN.

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    I hope LeBron re-ups with Cleveland for a short-term deal and joins the Nets when they land in Brooklyn…along with CP3.

  • The Philosopher

    One day we ALL will concede to the fact that… LeBron is THE KING.

  • Aaron


  • cp3fan

    King of what? lol. God is THE King. LeBron may one day be A king. Going to have to start winning very soon though.

  • T-Money

    hard to argue that he’s ruling the nba, rings or no rings, all eyes on him. matt lawyue: judging by the way they sold ads for the hour special in like 3 days (2.5 m) and the marketing opportunities he’s enjoying right now and the jerseys he’s selling… i can tell you for a fact that lebron has no image crisis right now. internet commentators and spors journalists are fed up with his antics but guess what? people don’t really care if wojo or skip bayless hates lebron.

  • Severus

    Breaking News: Chris Paul is joining the miami heat making the greatest team ever!

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    To any and every reporter, writer, talking head, media memeber who has taken every possible oppertunity to comment about “Lebron 2010″ over the past TWO YEARS, who are now so utterly offened that he feels his decision deserves somthing more than a drop on Twitter, understand: its YOUR fault. F*CK YOU!

  • peter

    The D Train: If one of your best friends who you grew up with your whole life became the biggest athelete in the world and you were along for the whole ride, wouldn’t you enjoy the opportunities that presented? I don’t know much (read anything) about Maverick Carter, but I’m going out on a limb and saying the chances of him being in his position without Lebron are pretty slim…so good for him for making the most of his opportunities in life. I sure would.

  • lupe

    Man I’m from Winston-Salem (I remember when his brother was supposed to be all that as a freshman at west forsyth) and it’s just crazy to see CP3 doing all this stuff. HONESTLY. Inspiration to all those out there!!! He has always been good, but not great, just always understood the game real well. Not the fastest, not the quickest, just in the right spot at the right time. Anyone can make it! Honestly, just gotta be focused!!!

  • http://yahoo Ddub

    lebron may be the king and he has earn the right to go and play wherever in nba,however,if he indeed leaves for any of those other cities,it would be ashame to watch him humiliate Cleveland in this way,on national t.v. for the world to see for an hour.If you are leaving an anouncement or press release would have spared those fans! Those fans have been through enough and they deserve a better way,if he is leaving?

  • ab_40

    CP3 needs to join LBJ in cleveland. oh and i’m with boing on this one. this shit on espn is too much no matter how good he is.